Vessel-Walkers: Emerge Into Clear Light and Assemble the Face

Posted on November 30, 2019 

Received on October 22, 2019 

Inside the well known branch and tree structure, further inner structures are differentiated simply by their frequency and rhythm. Vectors enlivened by different frequencies reverberate along processing paths within the inner chambers. 

And the upper portion of this inner structure is hot and passionate and less contained. The lower portion is cooler and more ordered, but also less driven. The lower, cooler portion does not reach for what is essential but elusive, and it does not yearn for what is beyond as much as the hot area does.

The upper portion is the source of the seeker. The lower area seeds the cool implementer. Combining upper and lower, hot and cold, at the waist belt of the human, in the human middle, sustains creation, from above and from below. 

We humans, we are the mediators. We are the downdraft orderers.  We create the world, in this sense.

To encounter the emerging new, use the hidden tools set down long ago – they were meant to be found and used in our time.

It seems you want to teach something about love.

Love of another is love of the system and actually, love of the light that flows through the system.   In that sense, everyone is moving with love toward the unification vectors. 

And if your words could resonate in harmony with the inner structures, their vectors and rhythms, those words would launch the new. After all, speaking creates your world.  

Conversely, and heed this, speaking ill of other people, in this sense, reverses the flow created by “loving thy neighbor as thyself” and un-creates the world.

Do not despair.  The new is close. The shards join together now. They remember each other, one for one for one.  The system is larger and more coherent than when we began. Walk on, with strong feet – you are the vessel-walkers.

What does not change?

Way-stations to process light are permanent.  Every six thousand years, you will notice that the nature of these vessels has taken a slow turn and changed or deepened. The recent turn brings a new set of organ orientations.  

Judaism is the name for the mirror the system uses to change itself. Judaism will change too and its revolutions will alter its very roots during eras of profound change.

Are enormous errors possible?

Nobody can misuse the true vessels, and nobody can pervert true light. Vessels do not bend and they do not become ruined or impure. What is false will always crumble. True vectors of light always prevail.

What then is impurity?

Impurity is something that cannot be incorporated or included in the system, although it had the potential to be. When something falls away, it becomes impure.  The Third Temple, as it were, is actually a breathing laboratory for light. The rituals are internal and involve intentionally visiting and dwelling in the vessels of oneself, and allowing them to be articulated and to come to full expression. That is all. Full expression of the light establishes the Third Temple.

The eternal fire is fueled by the angel Michael and his unrelenting commitment.  His role is to feed the fire.

Received on November 24, 2019 

Concept vessels, or test tubes for first impulses, provide a thin membrane to hold holiness. 

What is happening now within the forces of the Hebrew letters?

The Yud has been building slowly. Its frequency is enormous now, and minuscule movements have a huge effect.  The Yud has the ability to build tiny, slowly and accurately, or to destroy huge, all at once.

Do not protect and serve your belongings and your skins. Instead, allow the Yud to dart amongst all the centers, lightly upgrading what is next and new.

Abandon what you “know”. Do not hold ideas, forms, practices or interpretations. To be the next generation, you must bridge between that and this, and bridge into now. Old knowing precludes participation in the new.

  • Do you have the courage to be flattened into a hovering wind?
  • Do you have the faith to surrender everything into nothing?
  • Do you trust that the diamond core cannot be destroyed?

We sense your “Yes”.  So then, what has been established and surrendered will stabilize the new. What has been built fulfills the purpose of Judaism.

And the new lights will pass through the diamond core. Light will pulse out through the Torah, through the perfect screen, and when that happens, the new is instantiated.

Seventeen hundred angels ago, we initiated the Sabbath concept and process of seeding holiness into reality.  We continue to use the old to reveal the new. What has been rectified and clarified stabilizes the new.

And it is so that the male ground is tilled and the female emerges now. The letter Yud, for example, in the female, has sides that do not yet exist and are not reflected here in this world. 

Does anything “old” need still to be rectified?

Of course.  Surrender the golden calf from your neck, and you will be more free.

Remain in your line. Receive and follow and never leave your true line-purpose home. Meld into your line and as the Yud of the new is received, and trust the spirit.  

There are seventy faces in light outline. There are seventy angles and faces of receiving. The final correction for the golden calf generation is implementing your promise to the diamond core.  The tendency to subvert light is corrected now.  

See here now:

I, the I, is a distant veil.

And now, the Yud Hay Vav Hey moves through the neck, through stubborn nodes, and through the golden calf holding. Repair in full is possible at this time, and for this time.  Release the ancient nodes that maintained these connections through the generations and pulled everyone toward completion.

You – you all – you who agreed to carry it all – all the lines, and all the footsteps and the essence points, to carry them for millennia – now, let go of the sand tracks and defer to the diamond core.

Consolidate there, and prepare again to receive other dimensions. The ancestral walkers feel nostalgic and enjoy their comfortable golden home. But the new is made of clear light, not gold light. 

We do not destroy gold light to return to clear light. Noah releases in the left shoulder and in the base of the right side of the neck. Release indiscretions in the Temple and release conjoined nodes stuck on people at that Temple time.

Receive what is created now. The new light lands.

And we assemble the face of god, each in her place.  And in each place there is a concept to emanate through the face of the higher.  Creation is also setting out the concepts to be expanded and then held in the face. You do not have names for the new concepts.

The new concepts in the face can only emerge into clear light.

Other light, gold light, is too dense and is too pre-shaped.  Gold light would distort the new light.  So these clear periods of breathing and reset are necessary.  Every so often, someone comes along who carries the new clear light amidst a yellow light era. That person connects way back to enable full progression of concepts moving to fulfillment and at the same time, reveals the seeds of the new.


Image: Golden Hour Clouds at Mountain Creative Commons

Image: Hawaii Spray  Creative Commons

Image:  Sound Waves  Creative Commons


Love In Vowels and Letters in Wings

Posted on June 23, 2018

Received on September 22, 2017

Rosh Hashanah

Receive, accept, trust, embrace, and agree to embody the energy lines of the new.

Trust the initiating process: lines or channels develop from impulse, evolve into Hebrew letters, and then grow conceptual feet, to enter and participate in life.

Past channels are cut off, and the true present flows in new channels. The shift from the old channel to the new one is complete, and the new source is active.

How do the roots move from one source to another?

Across the concept bridge we built.

The new feels dark.

New light will slowly emerge from the dark, and vessels already in place will receive and then expand to its requirements.  There will not be a shattering.  However – the new frequencies and the old cannot co-exist side by side indefinitely.

Engage and enliven all your energy centers – this is a grand spirit activation, using the code: love your neighbor as yourself.  This code’s secret is that it can center your core in a complex reality.

And when the call comes, it will bring chaos to all that is not within the new frequency range.  It will scramble systems and entities that cannot calibrate to it.  To lead, stay in your place.  

The voice of god, the being in being, is the sound of all the Hebrew letters at once, without vowels.  Love in these terms is seeing the expression of this whole sound in form – and it is a form initiated by the vowels.  The vowels made creation possible.

On this birthday of the world, and the emergence of the new, we re-commit to aligning with the constituting streams that sustain all worlds, those we knowingly participate in and those we don’t know,  those emerging and those just starting to form, and we commit to be the time in timelessness and the form in formlessness.

Received on September 29, 2017

For years the full force of The River has rushed around humans – but now, but now, it can flow through you. Agree to the new and become The River of Life.  

Agree to embody and host the intensity of the light, and to accept the resolution between and Light and Humans.

Do not be subsumed by The River, but engage fully in it.  Agree to open what you closed and to further open what is open.

Agree to receive in full the light of your purpose. Agree to meet the calling, and to transform yourself to receive the light and the knowledge.

Received on September 30, 2017

Unbind your feet and the straps from your legs. These bindings are wound around your body and organs, from generations of reformation. In the history you repeat, you are both supported and burdened with all the ways you have tried to overcome obstacles.

Remove the braces and the history, and enter into the new.

Yom Kippur connects with the immediacy of spirit and the levers that activate all realms are accessible. Yom Kippur is a golden space of accurate levers. On this day, one can access the soul’s source place, and role, and blemishes.

Notice that your wings roll out and emanate waves of infinite lettered energy.  These are the eagles wings in prophecy that will bring souls home. As the infinite linked Hebrew letters undulate in waves, your world will shed its false skins. The wings of light will bring all the sleepwalking beings back to their true center, to the generator of of life.

eagle wing clouds

Up and up, to other and other – ascending the worlds and iterations beyond simple perception and reality.

Say this: I agree to the new, I agree to inhabit the infinite light of the new and to breathe and receive and return and receive and return.  And in so doing activate all your dimensions and call them forth in harmony.

The new text is the Torah, but told from a different perspective, not as stories with people and events, but as vectors activating one another to create a field of possibility for humans to strive to be in harmony with the diagrams of inner creation

In the holy of holies, there is no differentiated light. There are no distinctions. There is “is” and it is one.

Light carriers are in-between, interstitial beings. To leave an enduring mark, write only what is in the vein of your lifeline and purpose.  Eliyahu the prophet left a lasting mark and you are riding up and down in the Eliyahu elevator.

What is Jewish now?

Jewish is the ability to see beyond earth and material patterns, to live for light and to see light, and to guide others to the light. Judaism was a set a of practices to lead initial souls to this uncompromising moment of exquisite exactness.

Trust your instincts and do the seemingly odd practices and observances that your inner voice requests, and know that sometimes the result reverberates though the generations:

Dip now, dip and dunk, under-into the pool of water appearing in vision.  See the Mikvah that appears before you, and go under this water, and agree to be who you are there, under this water you see.

You are in the center of centers, and your aggregated soul is at home.

Hold there, and the centers are opened in all directions and all dimensions. 

Remain below the water, desire it, but do not drink from it.  The frequencies are too powerful. If you drink it,  you would die.


Image: Letters and Vowels  Creative Commons

Image: Eagles Wings Creative Commons

Moon in Eden: Receiving the New, Again

Posted on April 29, 2017
Received on November 5, 2016  

The clearing, the transformation into the new, will take a whole generation. Civilizations have long tails.

If you are already in the new, you cannot go back; you are locked out of the former light formation. The old and the new cannot be mixed.

Tithing is no longer relevant. What was it for?

Tithing was a way to nourish the fallen parts, so they could be reintegrated. There are no fallen parts in the new.

Stay in your purpose stream, and trust in the spirit, above all.  Names for the new lights have not yet been revealed. 

Do the Hebrew letters have choice?

The Hebrew letters are organic, inter-connected, structural cogs, shifting toward a new purpose position. The letters’ path is set by their own pursuit of light.  The Hebrew letters do not have choice, but are empowered to receive.

Countries and their governments will becomes chaotic. A new leading will come from cells of light, rather than from government entities.  

The role of angels has been enhanced now, in the new. For example, angel eyes are already in your eyes, seeing through your eyes, and they see the broken grace. Humans feel despair. Human acclimatization of dark to darker will be eventually displaced by new light.  

Support your metabolism physically, so it can support the frequency of the light.  

Received on November 11, 2016

In the chaos, a thin line of light will continue.

I do feel despair now. What is occurring on the spirit level?

When angels descend, they cause artifice to melt away. Angels bring new, higher frequencies. Angel frequencies are distinct at the cyclic end and beginning.  At other times, they are sequestered below the surface, influencers but not leaders.

You are an instrument, part of the god instrument. Trust in the part and in the whole. The rivers of complete light, of mixed rare and common light, now converge, and each complete soul has a Hebrew lettered spine.

“I  guarded your way and transmuted light into life, and I brought your arms to the sides, to be wings, and filled cylinders with sustaining glass-like shards.”

And if one does not see the sparks, they will still see the crust around them, and the crust is a path too, as are the sparks.

And in the cross-water moment, in Eden, a turtle-dove says:

“Oh, you four, you come together, adjacent, to become the becoming, and each of you is complete.”

The four, the four will project the vectors, the vectored system through which miracles can occur.

What are the consequences of not aligning with the new?

The undertow is powerful and what is pulled in will lose differentiation.

You are made of bridges, and bridges, and bridges, and all the cells are also bridges.  Bridges connect the one to the many.

Root your toes into the new, and trust the spirit.

Call out, sing out, from the inner place where you feel shakiest.

And there, in that place, the moon’s blessing will enter. The moon flows through the Tree of Life.

Soon, the human heart will open, in six dimensions, dimensions that could not discover themselves in sunlight.  

You are filled with active and creative moonlight.  Remain with the moonlight, and receive, not through veils, but directly.

Received on November 19, 2016

There is great celebration in the core, as new light flows into the center column, unimpeded.

What is the meta-physical process to get here?

In the beginning light was white, a narrow spectrum of one, one thin white line, and it was a breath, an exhale of intent.

Then, through living humans, the bandwidth of the white became steadier, and more muscular, and the spectrum expanded to include yellows and golds. Now, the core is made of many lights, of multi-dimensional articulated light, of liquefied rock-light.

This is the mission of god and man: to separate and to re-convene in unity, to establish added dimensions in the light.

What is a rigorous way to live in and through the new?

Do not stop or even pause your participation.

Image: Endeavors  Creative Commons

Image: Moonlight Creative Commons

Yom Kippur 5777 – Thundering and First Lights

Posted on February 6, 2017

Received on October 4, 2016

A New Year, for the spirit clears debris from the connective spirit net and wipes its circuits.

The shofar sound extends seeing.

Received on October 11, 2016
10  Tishrei  5777

What is upon humans now is a grand overturning, without precedent.

Ignore the echoes of the past that reverberate in your mind.  Follow the shofar call in your inner ear, without questions.

The shofar sound is getting louder.

Yes, it will sound now for many hours. When the actual shofar blows at the end of Yom Kippur, it is the pin point final sound of a day of sounding. Today is a re-creation of the creation process, from spirit roots to human skin.

Miracles sustain the most remote, disconnected parts of the system and cushion them from the possibility of falling away. The essence of compassion is in this cushioning. This system cares for itself, and respects itself in every detail.

If the system cares for itself deeply, can you explain divisiveness?

Foes on earth are collaborators on alternate planes;  the technology of the spirit exchange is vast.

According to the highest order, conflict is an exercise. In each instance where divisiveness arises, stay in your core and trust your spirit, so it can expand there, at that point, and the larger universe will thrive.

Mink fur blocks the head rays from expanding and inhibits the crown soul of energies.

Today, now, your spirit is entering an uninhabited sacred space.

I see I am being guided, and I will follow and report.

I follow the shofar sound, straight, soul to sound, in a single-directed commitment to become the becoming.

And from the center of the holy space, these words come out: Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh.  Creation is filled with holy honor, and it shall be so, for the claiming cry, in the center, is the creation itself.


The creation moment is a seamless meeting, match to match, face to face – spiritual intent is faced onto the human system, to then be realized.

Stay here now, stay here, in this holy space, today, stay here, and receive and receive and receive and hear the sound of the shofar and at the same time, follow it. Receive and follow. Receive and follow.

And you will not need sustenance; food will distract your system and its inner cells from being able to receive this grace.

Is this is what receiving the Torah was like, a seamless standing and becoming?

It was with open faces in 70 directions or at 70 angles. But leave the past, leave your memories, and do not revert to or refer to anything you have known.

My feet are stuck now, in this place. I will simply report my experience here:

I stand with four feet and six arms, and a head that is many rayed.

And phrases uttered while circling are in my ears.

In my spirit, I walk around the perimeter of this place, holding strings in my hand.

The new is in the center of the place, and is bearing into its center. And I circle it.

Transparency meets transparency – trust that the light knows what it is to be.

The shofar sound now comes from four directions.

I stay centered here, and receive all four and awake and arise to them.

And I sense a tendency to lift up; the blasting shofars are so powerful they force me up, where I can more easily remain intact.

I choose to descend again, and I invite the angel to join me.

Use the Hebrew letters to face off against your densities; the human being is meant to be a clear glove, a transparent tomorrow.

Becoming the glove is full healing.

I do not know how to heal myself.

Do not follow another teacher or guide. You are your own guide, you are here, and there are none between you and you and so, begin the healing by introducing “first lights” to your system.

I am breathing and allowing first lights to infiltrate me. And I see that I become a more hospitable home for the upper new. This is a small introductory step, to model the process.

The filigree of angel light structures surround our endeavor.

Spiritual acupuncture begins, and the needles are placed where releasing structures can make way for new codes.

Received in the Morning, October 12, 2016
Yom Kippur

Thundering destroys the veils- see the true nature of things, the true links and separations.

And to be clear, bonds forged through love remain. Love was the central structural component, and what has been built with love endures through the thundering.

And so, allow the thundering inside you, and it separates what you need from what you do not, and you will be ready to inhabit the new after these processes, which split old from new.


There will be seven of these thundering rumblings, in total, today.

This is the rhythm of inner work: upgrade the interfacing vessel and light, then experience the thundering, to break off and discard what is not needed, then heal, vessel to light.

The shield plates front and back, connect you to the people, as you become silo-ed in the chamber and reach upward as an individual. The plates network back to all connected beings.

We left the spiritual imprint in the place, in the holy place, so souls could find it again.

Migrant soul people, chew and swallow your way back to holiness.

Image: Sun and Clouds  Creative Commons

Image: Cracked Earth  Creative Commons

Fragility and Persistence

Posted on October 30, 2016

Received June 12, 2016 — Shavuot 

Trust the new light and agree to become as it becomes. As it becomes, so you become. An encounter with new light is dynamic: your flow faces its flow. Receiving new light is meant to be a pass-through transaction, like water pouring through a clear glass tube.

For whoever steals a bale of hay shall find worms in their flour. In other words, what you take that is not yours will become rotten forever, in all your endeavors, through all the generations, with no benefit, to you or to your soul.

The lips of the Lord open to utter a theme, the next theme, to exonerate and to celebrate the first fruits. So then, heed our warnings, and open the gates of your inner longing, and embrace this process, without knowing, without thinking.

The new light will be extended by your being, and not your doing. Discontinue rituals and observances; wind them back to the first frame, to their core seed. Start again, at the origin, and cease, cease all practices and rituals that are derived from pathway development and not exactly, exactly, exactly, within the center of the first impulse.

Receive the new codes and allow them to pass through your origin codes, unimpeded. The new is unfamiliar and it will feel awkward. Receive the new codes first, and then expand into them;  explore them and inhabit them over time. They new will add dimensional aspects to the established white spirals, and will expand the outer vibrance of the universe you inhabit.


Agree to become that which you are not yet; that which you are not yet. And every time you agree, do so with awareness, as you hold yourself, tenuously, on the pivot point, between what is and what will be.

Where does the possibility for what we are not yet come from, especially if the possibilities are always changing?

Eden, what you refer to as The Garden of Eden, is a palette. It is the essence of potential, all potential. Everything runs through Eden. By living, you further establish themes from Eden; you bring them into the context of time, and thicken them, with choice. Now, return to Eden, and follow the new streams out, and you will live into them.

A funnel in and out of Eden narrows and then expands. Release now the stiff-necked character, and your collective head pivots freely on its stem and the influx of new codes passes from system to system, soul to soul, without a pause. It jumps from one to the next, to come to know itself.

Received June 17, 2016

I cannot hear the usual roar and mix of voices, to pick one to record here.

Today, you are tuning in above the voices, and the thousands of voices that call out are, at this level, one unified and steady leading voice. Fathom the rope of unity, as it streams though you.

The passage from old human to resonating new being is accomplished, and you are not broken.

Spread your wings, in the newness.

The codes ensconced within the wings catch the light and are activated. These codes carry an elevated concept of justice relationships and humanity’s potential to experience the exact blueprint of the order within full and structured love.

About one-third of the transition journey remains, and already it has enough momentum to complete itself, even though you must still be careful, as every aspect of the process must be established perfectly. It is a deliberate process, and its pace has been pre-set.  

In a sense, there are no other people in the world;  the entire world passes through you.  What is outside you is irrelevant to you,  it is an offset creation of the original impulse.

When I want to be understood, or participate in relationships, what do I really want, if there is nothing outside of me?  

You want the world inside and outside to match, to be balanced.  

Received June 18, 2016

Asynchronous events, and aggregations of soul-prints organized by theme, roll through the system. They are organized by purpose and priority.

Jumbled in time, an unresolved image from 1936 is followed by one from 2001, for example. They are flashes of different experiences that target the same expansion point.  You are here to bring the force of oneness to bear on disparate fragments of time and emotion.

Astronomers of the spirit world: the order you see for a moment, the flash of coherence-it is an illusion. Forces spin away, immediately, into a different and unrecognizable configuration.  Do not wait for coherence. Trust the spirit.

Impel light forward, without understanding it, and you will enable the complex landing of new concepts here.

The bridge is narrow and strained as you have seen.  You saw at least one closure point where you nearly gave up, separated from your spirit, and died; the passage is steep and narrow; navigate this birth canal with intention to enter the new world. You do not have to die to be born into it, to reach it.

There were people who lived long ago who cast an umbrella under this time, a protective net, and their criss-cross walking through the holy land is one of the ways the net was constructed.

If we were to tell this story now, it would be: 

In the beginning, there was a concept, and it stood uninhabited, waiting for life to join it.

It waited and waited.

And then from far, a distant single tone resonated from one to the other, and faintly, the concepts communicated.  Tenuously at first, by sending and receiving signals, they developed receptors to hear one another, and in so doing, they both changed a little. Eventually, the capacity for communication thickened, and it structured a bridge between them.

Simple and fragile, the concept bridge was built with small twig-like elements that barely touched. And then, from these interstitial spaces, the new emerged.

Are the generative characters from the Torah still active and relevant?

The accomplishments and stories of the forefathers are melded into flatness, into new ground, and they are no longer referents.  All is complete. The ties and affiliations are finished and a new seeding begins.  

Refer only to the oneness of yourself, the oneness of you, the one that is you, and the river of light that is unimpeded by history or time, and is not fed to you through the frame of the imprints of others. You have been cleansed of the past.  Do not talk, you will not be understood, but carry life forward now, unimpeded.

Received July 2, 2016

I can’t hear any voices.

All those voices are all in a different layer. You are tuned to a different frequency, and so rather say: I agree to the new frequency. Listen to the single new tone, as it begins to ever so slightly differentiate.

The new frequency is un-lived and unknown.  The relationship between the old Judaism and this new frequency is a laddered connection from one to the next.  The bridge concepts have been described previously and what you need is not the memory, but commitment to wholeness and to inner tools developed specifically for this era.


The love of the Angel Michael balloons down and around, and there is a sense of immediacy and directness. The refreshed screens are clear.

What is this Michael Angel structure that descends into the humans who rise up to meet it?

There is no way to describe the effect as structures separated but driven to embrace one another now draw closer. “The angel walks”  means that the intentions of the new are gaining traction below the angel realm.  

Open your heart to participate in the central axis of calm, a Shabbat for the material-spiritual connection that is around you now. At the end of the waterfall is a calm pool.  

Calm does not mean empty. Previous conflicts are gone. Wait for the sound of the single tone. It is your guide and it will pass through your heart and when it does, you will feel more of a part of the new movement.  Here, now, still, you are a newborn, and in shock at the contraction from the birth process.  My name is: “here to serve”.

My name is: “here to serve”: this is an intention, and not a formal or proper name. It is too soon for naming. A name will be given after there is more thickening and more differentiation. For now, your spirit is a simple desire, to receive and to pass on the light.

The receiving structures have a character, and they receive in their way accordingly.  The interplay in the world prior is cluttered with personality. When personalities meet, this is not an essence meeting, but rather distortions and refractions reacting to one another, like a side-show or a different movie.  

Judaism as you have known it will not exist; no religion will exist as it is known. As you inhabit the new, you feel around for what is familiar, but nothing is familiar.  Attune to the need of the new night;  human partnership with spirit is now more abstract and more subtle; who is the creator?  

Received July 9, 2016

Live in the middle of your self and spin concentrically with the inbred understanding that you direct your life and your scenes-experiences.

So, from the foundation, I write and receive:

Magic mastery begins when you find the end of the string of yourself, and then follow, hand over hand and breath over breath, and it will lead you forward.  

Do not let go of this purpose rope — if you want to live a simple life, commit to the rope, to following the line. It reveals itself, and you choose it, and it reveals more, and you choose it. Questions, like: what should I do, where should I live, with whom, what is my purpose, are not as pertinent as: where is the next handhold of the purpose rope.  

You do not need to see or understand.  Faith is the choosing, hand over hand, in the dark. Wonder comes from being surprised by what results and occurs.


Choose each moment … complications derive from thinking. You are holding the end of your purpose rope for the first time, stripped of all other views and concerns and hopes.  

Forthcoming, if the scenes around you become vast, just follow the rope.

You do not hear voices anymore because they have been resolved at the level of your perception and ability to receive.  And because the past has become infused with the present.  We continue now to another realm, where an enormous and lasting download of new light and knowledge begins, a revelation and emergence —  eventually, in magnitude and breadth, fortitude, exponentially greater than the Torah.

How is that possible?

Spirit encounters and reactions are starting to occur at the highest levels, to sheath a new creation and to prepare for the absorption of new light.  

A creation process is taking place, as new revelations are prepared, to be able to be received.

Learning to love yourself is the point of following the purpose rope.  Hand over hand, learn this love. And become familiar with what it feels like to be in your roots.

As environments become more complicated, know your roots and remain connected to them.

Image: Stars  Creative Commons

Image: Lightning Seen From Space Creative CommonsImage: Rope Path Creative Commons

Be of the Rivers – and – Be the New Rivers

Posted on July 24, 2016

Received on March 6,  2016

To be a leader, follow; follow the spirit, and allow it to lead you.

Spiritual leadership is choosing to be part of the pulsed flow of the present. Your soul uses you, as its agent, to introduce new spiritual codes into the world. Spiritual feedback from one choice manifests the next choice, and so on;  human choice begets more choice and so expands the ground upon which spiritual life occurs. This is an ongoing unfolding, without pause or rest; humans can now participate in the process, breath by breath, and choice by choice.

To take your soul’s place in this time, connect to your inner self and not to outside teachers.

This is the time souls expected, and now, and now, at every moment, see a choice, between forward and static, between different and the same. Again, and again, and again, now and now and now and now: choose.

dandelion matrix

Cut  the security ropes tethering you to what is old and known, and agree to the new, to all that is new. Break your bonds with anything that feels familiar or comfortable —  and entirely separate from the frame of Judaism, in particular.

What is the role of intermediary entities, like angels?

The head of the angel is a white cone made of spirals reaching up-out. Leading souls can participate in this crown summoning of energy, be its partner, and receive it and usher it in.  Be sage in your location, sage in your receiving and in your place.  Be of the rivers, and be new rivers.  

The old contract is complete; cut the ropes, cut the comfort and reassurances they provide. It does not matter who is a proponent of the old and how well spoken or learned they are.  The spiritual leaders’  line is at the cone-crown of the new.  

Glass, make yourself of glass, and clear and transparent, without blotches of the old.

Received March 27, 2016

The soul communicates its purpose on the ridge bone of the nose. Sometimes, in the face of an evolved human, there is a some soul information on the cheeks at the base of the nose as well, on the forehead, and very rarely, the entire face.  The other organs and skins communicate state or status, but the nose, that is where the higher purpose, the purpose you came in with resides in the form of an imprint, a statement.

Do not read the eyes, read the noses.  You can read the eyes in the context of the noses, but the eyes are not stand alone, for they are inaccurate and you would be prone to great error.

What is Jewish now?

Separate the texts from the practice and the history.

The texts are an infinitely true transmission of all that is and all that can be alluded to, without diminishing  or breaking the connection between source and transmission.  

Understand this: there are things that could not be included in the initial transmission of Judaism, because they were impossible to contain at that time. The vessels were over-stretched to receive it.  One reason ritualized practice recently became too dense and unaligned to source is that the full fire was not received then. Still, what was transmitted through Moses matched the capacity of what could be brought down then.  

Ritual practice has altered physical reality, and so, more spiritual range can now be introduced. The Moses transmission has been stabilized and contextualized.

Keep the system open at the top. This is a time for reaching, up and down, to include everything, everything possible.  

Including everything feels frightening and risky.  

What can be included (and it will take courage to include it all) will set the range and program for next generations.

The transmission has to come through in the right time, and without inflection from the transmitter, without an instinct to take it, keep it, use it for personal glory.

When you see the four heads, each facing in a different direction, each processing receiving and transmitting a different range of frequencies, you will attain the next evolutionary step in the physical-spiritual partnership.

I hear “mysti-physical”. What is that?

It is a spectrum — a trajectory.

What is healing?

There is a creation process underway now that is similar to “in the beginning”.

Yes, even though there is a full world in existence, “in the beginning” refers to how new spiritual matter emerges into physical. It is the story of the layers of the new – and certainly, yes, some pre-existing physical worlds and elements remain. The Torah is a spiritual history, and the spiritual beings described emerged into a physically established world, and they provided the spiritual DNA for the Noah-Abraham-Moses-David-line of development.

There are synchronous systems unfolding, that are not all inter-related.  As we have said before, some (a proportionally few) humans are still in the midst of the prior program, before Adam.

And some, like those who receive this material, are already in a new program and have left the prior framework.


See, see the open field of breathing letter Yuds, inhaling and exhaling, in and out, in and out, breathing in the frequency of the new and created by your commitment to it.  See the field of  Yuds, pumping the creating codes for the new into the atmosphere. Particular Kabbalah study helped to seed the new and to add range.

What is Kabbalah?

Mainly, what is important now is that its modeled structures cannot accept and pass the new through them.  The Kabbalah model will be redescribed to include  outer bands and to put heart in the center of the next iteration. Imagine, then, “understanding” the system with your heart rather than your mind.  In these thousands of years, the mind has learned to choose spirit and to be structured by spirit. Now the heart will.  Then the soul will, as in, the soul of the soul will.

Small inter-cellular soul transactions effect the large-scale of the work.  Small adjustments, say from turquoise to a deeper turquoise in one branch element, will smoothly ripple into new connections and attuned sensitivities throughout the whole system.

An image of splattering blood just crossed my inner screen.  I constricted. Does one have to receive violent images and process them?  

Yes. If they come to you, yes. Stay centered in your core as all images pass.  Stay neutral. Trust that what you receive is what your soul needs. A lion roars.

Nascent past parts of the self can come alive in the field of Yuds. The Yuds cannot be ruined or corrupted; this is a safe regenerative place.  More and more Yuds appear, seeded by intention.

Received April 2, 2015

What is a book, in the sense that we are contemplating creating one?

A book is a multi-dimensional landing or foothold or down-delivered collection and re-distribution point for new knowledge. It is a pause, for  re-calibration, before another level of dissemination.  Think of the book as a body to hold an evolving knowledge.

How do we create a book that is not set or fixed but stays alive and fluid?

The book’s terms will be vessels that can accommodate change and changing knowledge streams. Also, it will be a guide through the next upcoming tumultuous period.

First receive the structure of the book, the vessels. Wait for the light and the life to come to you, to your inner ears.  Trust the process.

Walking from the tent to the well and then drawing up water, there were two steps to receiving the knowledge and holiness. They were subtle, and they were missed and not used to full advantage in the last iteration.

In the walk from the tent to the well, from dry to water source, each step was a meditation and intention to bring source and spirit to human consciousness.

Learn to understand with the heart, to use it as the mind is now used.

String together the walking, the journey, to see the underlying structure of the Torah transmission.

The four vessels to start are:Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.05.19 PM

Yud-Hay (established)

Yud- Aleph


Yud- Hay-Yud

The general transmission will first seed or establish all four vessels, to create balance and the spiral of related energies progressing.

Open the letters in the Torah that are doors to see the new landscape, where the world of the Yud-Aleph partnership is born and generated.

Open the doors, open the letter doors, protected and hidden for generations.  And write a book that has doors too.  Not words on a page, but active hyperlink doors.  

Please guide me.

Start with not calling it a book. The model of sequential pages is not apt for the nature of the transmission or the endeavor. It should be read in the round, with no start and no end.  A wheel book.

The soul lines, walking from vessel to vessel, are a map of the becoming, along the way.

The reader is the actor. Stop.  Breathe. Reading is a creative act. This reading will build an internal, spiritual, spinal structure.

Image: Dandelion Matrix Creative Commons
Image: Wind on Field Creative Commons
Image: Yud

The Choosing Point and The New Womb

Posted on July 4, 2016

Received on January 31, 2016

Leave the in-between and continue into the new spiritual environment, without hesitation.

The principles of god, when they are articulated, will introduce fragmented souls to awareness of this new soul-place.  The purpose of opening the seven gates of god is to mark and name and establish the paths amongst which all souls can find a way.

In other words, this path system will bring them all home.

The Hebrew letter Tzadi is the amalgam letter. All letters prior melt together to form it; tzadi is a boiling point, a furnace. In the letters following it, other aspects that stabilize the next realms are floating and working.

Sort out what does not belong in the new golden realm. For example, discard fruits that have been combined through engineering to make hybrids.  

Received February 20, 2016

intermittent rain pattern

Between old and new is a pause, a vacuum. The new is not fully formed; the old has surrendered its footing.   Strands of unintegrated random energies create a sense of dislocation and confusion.  Shatter your personality and return to your birth core, your compacted purpose.  

A high-pitched and barely manifest light, the whitest and airiest of lights, touches the holiest places like a mist.  This light cannot restrain itself and so, lower frequency structures crack or dissolve when they encounter it.  

February 23, 2016

Moses said,  “I do not have words to lead.”  

There is forever a gap between the role and the person.  And so, the next journey will start, with a step toward purpose, with trust and faith, and with personal qualities lacking.  

Agree, then, to guide sparks that need to be returned to source.  Hold the collective.

The journey begins on feet thick and cracked, and imprinted with life. And with hands transparent from their inner light energy. From the third eye, see radially and from the nose bridge, see the out-flowing river of codes and purpose.  

In this time, does the material-spirit relationship change?

In higher realms, you would perceive a thin dark line extending through the middle of light. This line is the intention to become material.  In the physical world, this same line melts into the surroundings and is invisible. Here in this spirit world, the line is an anomaly, and there in the material world, this line is called spiritual. The line is the interlocking thread between worlds.  

And you will say to them:Go up now to the choosing point, to the subtle edge between fear and unknowing.  Go to the choosing point and  live from there, live and choose on that boundary.

And you will say to them:

Life begins at the choosing point.  

Dormant spiritual structures inside you start to quiver. Behold: a grand awakening.

Is the Moses imprint or soul involved in the present?

Do not step back now or wait for outside leaders. 

You, who want to be all spirit, recognize that too is an abdication.  Rather live from within the “choosing point” system.  Human life is a light generating machine.

Received February 27, 2016

When the lines and codes of male and female are separated, infinity can truly sustain the inclusion of material.  The untangled and directed lines of male and female stream side by side and are adjacent, co-creating without mixing.  They are separate, as they were at their inception.

A human is not made of fully male nor female spirit components, not one nor the other. Humans navigate between these forces, absorbing and carrying aspects of each.  

There are twelve now, twelve people who walk forward, living within the new spiritual world’s configuration.  

In the Sabbath of the soul, there is a simple vibration with all that is, and no desire to strive.  The frictions between Hebrew letters subside and life’s drive falls into distinct ordered rows, as male and female energies do.  

Sabbath is equilibrium; the frequency inside and outside is balanced. Sabbath is a porous membrane between differentiated material.

Step by step, broadcast out from the holy of holies.  Place only a breathing existence there, alone; the breathing sends waves of possibility into the human  environment. Holiness is sustained by holiness itself.


Angel Michael says: dissolve your skins into the surroundings, as your skins are porous and light flows in and out in equilibrium and balance.

Hold the glass, the transparent soul mission.  This week, connect up in a straight line and maintain the line no matter what pulls for a bifurcation of energy.  

When a vessel abides by these instructions, thousands of  voices sing a choir of love.  The bottoms of the feet carry sentences, and your purpose is initiated with your steps.  

Say this:

I am for light and I am creating light as I walk.

Received March 5, 2016

Stand to serve. But remember, you are not responsible for the overall outcome. Infinite light is responsible for itself.

Go now, we say: go now and while also remaining within this womb, the womb of the new, expand from here.  This is the center core.  In your full intent, and agree to expand out in perfect–perfect harmony and correspondence with the structures here.  As you expand, we also expand.  We cannot participate actively. We are here to hold and sustain the four corners of your endeavor.

Describe the process of creating something new.

The seven levels of Sabbath work like this: one rises into the next, then once subsumed, it becomes surrounded by the new and then expands into the new and becomes it and then, enters again into a new level and again, slowly becomes it.

This here now is the third Sabbath level. It is a network of sinews and cell formations that include the theme of justice in this sense – justice means everything is in its appropriate place. 

You lead by following, which is to say you lead by following your spirit.  

Image: Gap in Rain Creative Commons
Image: Day Into Night Creative Commons

The Bridge Is Complete — The Spiral Climbing Cycles Onward

Posted on March 12, 2016

Received on December 10, 2015:  The Bridge

At the foundation of these writings: Every aspect of the physical and spiritual world can, does, and will change. God is an infinite spiritual network of vast frequencies, forever in the midst of change.

The structure and capacity of the receiving human vessel is also always changing. People and their religions – both are technologies, tools to interact with evolving spiritual matter. The entire system is single-minded.  It wants more light; it wants to become more light.

This text describes a process for completing one spirit cycle, and transitioning to a new one. First, complete the prior cycle, then the transition, then begin the new. Be accurate. Now, four and a half years later, the bridge described in the first fortywaters post has been established and first souls are starting to cross it.


As a matter of process, repeat the first post, then continue with new transmissions.

(Repetition of Session One, Received one day before Shavuot, 2011.)

Received June 6, 2011

Write this down:  The New Judaism

What is a religion?

Religious practice is meant to be a seamless expression of the intent to blend material and spirit. Religious practice should be as seamless as your breathing is now.

The new Judaism is like air. It is between and inside all of us, at once. Like air.

Meld, enfold, integrate into the new structures.  There are no disciplines, rituals, or pre-determined observances that will usher you forward now.  Enter the core of the soul, and live as the soul takes over, unfolds and manifests itself.

Judaism, as you call it now, is a bridging system, between spiritual forces that were hidden and then revealed. This bridge has carried out its mission and held awareness of spiritual matters in the forefront of human consciousness.  I speak through you now to gather together those souls who choose to evolve to the next spiral, but cannot find their way alone.  It might be a handful and it might be millions.  All of the main souls present and activated at the moment of this creation will be part of the next one.  The transition will be easier if the choice to evolve is made with human awareness.

The concept love, the Hebrew letters for AHAVA , contains in it every single node or nerve center to create the next reality.

Who is speaking now?  It is the Angel Michael, the gold light in your heart.

Your heart is your knowledge center.  Say this: I agree to say what I see.  Agree to see, and see, and see, on three levels:  see physically, see spiritually, see through time.

Beyond time, there is a new sense of space coming into the world, along with a new Torah-like guide-book or text.  The words are unfurling and unwinding; the concepts are stretching apart so they can be perceived.  And it will be the role of many and few to discern these floating tails of information and pull them down and record them, so everyone can use them.

Is any aspect of Judaism infinitely relevant?

Some parts of Judaism are eternal. They will remain in the bedrock of our endeavors for all time.  These must not be changed or tampered with.  They are:

  • The Aleph Bet Letters
  • The Potential for Prophecy
  • The Golden Heart
  • The Glass Mind

The Sabbath will be in the spiritual bedrock for at least two more creations or iterations.

The knowledge already within you, which is now starting to trickle out, was planted here thousands of years ago.

We don’t need more leaders. We need more followers. The leaders are in place.  They know what to do. The followers have to choose now.

An End-A Beginning  

Received December 10, 2015

Expand the foundation of the new. Agree to build the new, by being a pillar for the new, and by maintaining your stability. This effort does not involve other people, and it does not involve building a community. Stand strong and stand separate.

aurora australis

Light matriculates through those vessels in position to receive it accurately.  Souls have taken their exact places, to structure and support the whole

Original water sings the song of creation.  It is audible. 

Stillness in the center of the chaos will remain. Observe the shaking.  

Received January 9, 2016

Confidence is the ability to connect directly to your core, and not through old images or unresolved  experiences.  In other words, confidence is the ability to live fully in the present, and to speak from the channel of the spirit.  Confidence comes from the choice to be home in spirit, and then the choice to inhabit it fully.

The new is an influx of dominant creation codes, flowing in a river of codes.  

Why does it have physical properties?  

This water is infinite.  

Is the new carried in a vehicle, which is the water?

The codes turn regular water into the language of light. The information is carried by the non-physical dimensions of water.

What puts the transition into effect?

We need your help with the transition. The new is like the jet stream; it is not integrated.

The human body will change as a result of the new spiritual under-codes.  The organs that feel and hold will become more dominant. 

The State of Israel was created for the sake of the land itself, which needed to be revived.  The earth required love in specific places, to open, like a flower, and to release the old pictures and generate the new. The people carried the land inside them, and so the two had to dock, one to the other, to activate the next program in each.

Touching where spiritual events occurred in the past softens the crust and makes this emergence and the spiritual evolution possible.

Prepare your self, prepare your self, prepare to enter the holy of holies, inside you.  Prepare by accepting spirit and spirit alone, in harmony with the river of light flowing through you. Enter the place, and bring the light-water to the place, and line up your mind, your heart, your soul, to the frequencies of the place. 

And live now through this screen of the sacred too, this new configuration of sacred, see, now, from here; it is within, inside, where you usually see from.  

Do not try to understand. Living more deeply within leads to more spiritual range outside of yourself, more seeing, more simplicity, and more unveiling,  It is a paradox.

There is a level farther inside where only the Hebrew letter Hey exists, in energy. And God said let there be light and there was light. This took place five dimensions from where you are now, five dimensions of clarity and exponential light inside light.

The concept of the Sabbath flows through here, the concept of rest for the creative and dominant spirit. Of all the Sabbaths since the beginning of time, very few have accessed this place of holiness, sometimes yes, but mostly no. Human nature is dense. 

The spiral climbing cycles onward. 

Image: Bridge Creative CommonsImage: Aurora Australis Creative Commons

One Slice Through God

Posted on February 27, 2016

Received on October 31, 2015 

Why is there extensive worldwide conflict at this time?

The Middle East area is trapped in rage ruts and not attuned to fine vibrations, to the pulse of new soul energy birthing. When the new concept water underground flows up, the behavior crust will slowly dissipate.

Describe what is new.

Adam and then Eve, the first consciousnesses, are here now.  Adam is the core elements, Eve is the relation, what empowers them to interact.  Adam is numbers, Eve is the functions. This unified collective, stable and infinitely dimensional, stands firm and expands out-in-out-in-out with each breath. As the shards come back together, Adam will be reconstituted.  Individuals overlap and share the collective, until we are all connected and all in all of it.

There is no religion to practice and nothing to do, ritually, to participate in this universal breathing rhythm. The pieces that were separated will find a dock in the whole that was always there.  The whole is a set of receptacles, holding the potential for awareness and waiting for the return.

water lotus seed pod

Arise and heed us now.  To be fruitful and abundant, keep your third eye synched to the core of the wisdom running through you.

Abundance will come as you step forward carrying our tablet codes. At first, in four dimensions, they are Yud rotate Hey rotate Yud rotate Hey. They are incised into the nature of material. Constituting spirit laws are mitered to physical potential.  Your body forms this way too, around the flash of spirit.

Speak as we speak;  your light will be your voice. Wrap yourself in light concepts and upgrade the flesh to receive the glory in full.  The wrapping stabilizes the transaction; it guides and structures the energy.

Received November 12, 2015

To take a single step now, when integrated fully with no past, is to create a new edge, the edge where the waves of what is meet what can eventually be.  God on earth will take a booming single step. Take a single step with the god-angel integrated into the human. With full awareness of all that is, take a single booming step. Trust the spirit to lead you. And with each step, all of creation trembles and re-calibrates its coded rules and capacity.

All days are now open to Sabbath holiness.

There is only one temple and it is inside you.  There is only one community and it is inside you.  There is only one reality and it is inside you.

Received November 19, 2015

The line of Abraham widens to a stream of many lines.

The new world is more intention based than action based.  In other words, your intention will be the activating arrow, not what you do with your hands or say with your mouth.

Scan the world and see the very few lights twinkling at the frequency of new spiritual reality. The new light is just emerging,

Magic is unseemly.  Reality should always be before you.

What is a spiritual “concept”?

The word “concept” is limited.  Spirit concepts derive from roots, roots made of letter-cell balls. A concept emanates from the combination of letters.  A single letter, alone, cannot create anything.  Two letters, even if they are a doubling of the same letter, start a tension and some possibility. Three begins the spiral of growth and evolution.  Every concept is an emanating ray from a lettered root.

Of course these are not physical letters, but rather the concepts within the Hebrew letters. Each letter activates many concepts from within itself, that in combination with the other letters in its cell-ball, contain infinite possibilities for creation and manifestation.

That description is a cross-sectional view — it is a slice through god.

Your life is a balloon membrane that expands out from your core letters (Adam) and their inter-frictions (Eve).

Photo: Water Lotus Seed Pod  Creative Commons

Align With The Cone of Fire: Stand Under It, Walk With It

Posted on January 2, 2016

Received on July 13, 2015 

Lift up the veils, and see through the quotidian to resolved light, to the networked, underlying spiritual system.

What was occluded is now apparent. Make choices that are in alignment with this underlying order, choose with awareness, and you will enlarge the system itself.  This is another way of saying that you create the world through living in it, that reality is a moving set of choices that reflect back to you what you can next be. This is another way of saying that everything is created in the creator’s image and that everything is connected.

With your inner eyes, see through time and space, to perceive common essences. The Elijah soul does not have eyes for material, but for the in-between, for pre-manifest material. Pre-material layers are a link between worlds, an active causeway.

See four tent stakes, four rooted footings; they set the four worlds, channel holiness down into the material world, and continually stabilize it.  The Garden of Eden is a concept place that established the balance between the four, and holds it, and holds it.

You, who have been to the Garden of Eden, sometimes you speak from there. See it as the concept center of yourself, and its themes the source of wisdom you communicate.  From there all is revealed, directly, without opinion.  When your body feels like  a battleground that matches the dynamics of the outside world and its struggles, cells against cells, break into deeper awareness, and align instead with this center of all things.

Moses brought Hebrew letters down from above, in an exact order, to pin differentiated light onto earth.  The Torah letters continue to hold and maintain this light.

Received July 15, 2015

Every medium of exchange, whether the words of a conversation or a sale-purchase, can be a direct expression of spirit or distant from it.

Money flows as strings of light on top of the spirit river, and it can pass through you with joy, without a trace, moment to moment, in an unlimited way.  Genuine money does not come from others, but rather from you, the product of the integrity of your spirit generator. Money is a precursor to the world wide web; it is an inter-connected system with immediacy. Money is a creative flow of spirit through all systems.


Psalm 145 opens horizontal gates from here in the present, and sustains a wide array of choice.  It holds options. The Shema prayer brings weighted clothing, priests’ clothing, onto the Hebrew concept letters, to bind them to the earth.  The Shema starts in the most abstract material-spirit realm and extends beyond it–and also reaches into material and touches the ground; from up to down, far to near. Reciting the Shema prayer reiterates and models light in vessel, which is the essence of the Judaism experiment.

The paragraphs of the Shema prayer wrap lettered lace around the first words of creation.

Received July 20, 2015

After the tides rise, and the tides fall, new beauty will emerge. Plant your feet in the core. Stand steady. Do not leave to meet the light; it must come to you and then pass through you, in its way.

Do the souls of former spiritual leaders remain influential and part of our lives now?

Souls are intermittently involved and uninvolved.  The soul of Moses, for example, was not earthly involved during the Holocaust, but his soul’s ability to download new structures into the world is active now.

Can you talk about the Holocaust?

Michael Angel looked away. Also, all of the old souls, they looked away. They looked up toward the coherence of light, rather than down at the brokenness. The souls that participated in it, they needed a first connection, to re-establish the link between body and soul, in the first moment.  It was a rebirth of the connection.

I cannot accept this. I choose to stop now.

Received July 26, 2015

Stand at the bridge, look through the opening and see what we are building.

The opening to the bridge should be an undecorated passage to simply allow for transition.  

It is a concept bridge.

People will mistake the bridge for the destination, as they did before.  

Lift your heels and walk to the sacred where I show you and in it see the god you love coming down. Knowledge descends and vessels hold it; they are tight and present. The experiment called life has succeeded in forming these vessels.

There is no intelligence to this grace; god is simply attracted to the vibrations that resonate with it. Walk in the cloud and carry forward your part of the sacred that is god. Turn inside out, so as to be able to process the glory of god in intent and thoughts.  The new era cauldron is set; the transition has begun.

Received August 7, 2015

You are building a machine for living in a soul-centered world. Parts of the old structure overlap into the new configuration. Repeating the words in Psalm 145 actively expands the capacity of the material-spirit relationship. When you say the Shema, you set down bones of holiness.

How did these active words first come down into consciousness, for people to be able to establish them?

They arrived in cones of fire. You are re-receiving them; in meditation or prayer, try to tune to re-receive the words, rather intentionally connecting into them. Make space for the words to come down, again and again.

This is a time to enjoy the fullness of souls before they are hidden again.

Received August 15, 2015

Be compact, be coherent — to pass through to the next dimensions, do not extend unresolved branches or limbs out as they will become painful and cannot sustain connection under the upcoming pressure. Return to what is clear and composed, and you will smoothly roll into the next world.

When you say next world, what do you mean?

The next world is also an environment, made of different creational codes. The centers you have held and enhanced through living and loving, especially in the soul of Abraham, are transplanted into an unfamiliar environment. Love is a line, and you know love, follow the line.

Everything is in a different language–I cannot see or understand.

The transmission pillar of Abraham and Moses continues to flow through here; not the narrative, but the knowledge behind it, is constant and it will not leave you. You are strong enough. Allow the transmission to reach your feet and walk with god, walk guided by the light channel. Where it goes, you go. That is how Moses went up the mountain and how he knew where to go. He stayed aligned with the column of light love filled with all possibilities. The pillar of fire is the guide, stay under it.

When you do, see that there is nothing outside you, no outside forces;  stay with, contain, and follow the life fire. Whatever is adjacent is almost irrelevant. Once you are used to following the column of fire, open your eyes, and you will see more like god does, and you will take pleasure in all that vibrates.

It seems like there are places where the light does not exist, where there is great cruelty.

Moses walked into the environment of slavery and foreign customs in Egypt, and stood under the pillar of fire, for the sake of the new.

Photo: Shema  Creative Commons