Fire Lights The Fire – One Becomes One – To Make The New

Posted on February 8, 2020 

Received on December 11, 2019 

A massive fireball is descending. Fierce and destructive – it is new light. The fire, the new, is not organized or civilized. It cannot be swallowed.

Come into alignment with your spirit though, and the experience is different.  When you are in alignment, the fireball matches your spirit  – one for one. It is articulated exactly, it lands softly and streams harmoniously. What looked like a chaotic fireball actually builds the order.  

Use the structured hierarchy of your woven history, and bring it forward, aligned with spirit, into the becoming.

What is leadership now?

Become the skins for your spirit’s true expression.

Leading is doing, leading is doing.  Leading is keeping the high holy separate and then mediating the gap between the high holy and this world.  Leading, with light, means living in the gap, and knitting wholeness, crossing back and forth, back and forth.

What is the concept of the new?

The theme of the new is not love.  Love is its foundations, it initiating ground.

But the concepts embedded in the entering ball of fire and new light – are qualities of holiness that bring new frequencies and magnitudes to this creation. And there are no words yet for these expanded qualities that will put new themes forward to be engraved in humans. An analogy would be if, suddenly, we discovered we had another essential internal organ, like a heart or a kidney, but something new –  and it was responsible too for our life – though we had never seen it or known about it.  This organ does yet not have a name, we do not know what it does – and yet, it is integral and functioning.  This is the new.

We humans, we are separate from one another, each a unique and separate configuration of light.  Each unique human configuration is capable of welcoming the new fire and making a space for it.  

What is the connection line between familiar and new light?

The new is not diminished or tamed by the old. Rather, the new can only enter because the old light is already here and has been civilized into gold, through practice and prayer.

Noble, grand leaders and concept managers broke down the prior fire into lines, and lines into pulses that could be recognized and reiterated through action, until all the fire became part of us.  And we will participate now in the turning, and into revealing of the face now. A doubling of channels of receipt has been intimated.  

The new download lines are so thin as to be invisible, yet mighty – to insure they can exist at all. The first lines are neck lines and revelation cheek lines.  And the light will appear fiercely unstructured, but more exactly, the light will be unimplemented, for a time.   Know this: the new thin light lines are here and working on us and through us, and from the side the lines appear like a transparent glove of next membranes.

Find now the voice of ages in you, and sing sounds of assent. The eighteen pillars are receiving the new. The pillars we have been working on and building are receiving the new, and metatron is the technological transformer tower, streaming just enough for the fire to pass through and still preserve the pillars. These pillars, these souls, are aligned with the six thousand years and are the foundation of the new that is being received and that will be built.

Receiving is a creative act, and it is through these thin download lines that everything you see and know is created and then extended.

There is aways yearning within wholeness, and the yearning has made a mushroom top home for the new to enter, but foundation souls will remain in the pillar place.

It is the only place to fully exist, connected through with all flowings.  Since the download of fire has begun, one cannot leave the pillar place until the process is complete, which will take some time. 

Receive in that place, expand and flatten, and defer to the place – the light lines know what to do.

We are becoming taller, and transcendentally wise. The light of the sending forth is upon us. 

The zohar light set the location, and here we are again, now, in position, within this timing and expanded closeness.  Live now in the crown, and for a less abstract instruction, come back to wisdom, enduring and sustaining wisdom, to dwell in gold.

The fire lights the fire, lights the fire, through the great relay of being. We dwell in your dwelling and dwell in that dwelling, and so on. 

Together, we see the face, we see the face together, and we live.

We can see it because we know how to process the strains and strands, the lines and themes, to commit to them and give safe passage to them, through the mitzvot, and to widen the channels as they pass through waters to other worlds.

It is not the whole face we see, but we see the part of it that is downloading now, in the fireball.  No one human sees this directly, no one uses this alone.

You, who are with spirit, together, you can see. Trust this, trust this.

Received on December 13, 2019 

Finding Elohim is complete.  Instead, as you become signed into the new, your spirit will relocate to newly infinite set points and axes. Newly Infinite refers to light that has not been revealed to humans, that has not been brought into their world of time and limits.  This is light that has never partnered with humans.

The first contact leads to these times now.  Locate, with a soul compass, the calling blast of new and orient toward it.  The sun of disruption, barrels toward us, and only in your place, and committed to receiving and becoming new, will it not destroy you.

Abraham knew the stars, but he did not know singularity.  You know singularity but do not know infinity, and oneness within infinity.  New practice will connect living into those lines and veins, for participation and for generation and for synchronization.

And, for this is one of the great landings, of one into one.

Abraham used what he knew to generate a moving frontier for what he didn’t know but wanted to develop and expand.

Humans do not carry the holiness of Moses now, it is not aligned with the new – when Moses lands again, there will be an entirely different kind of revelation.

Who is talking to me now?

Stop the turning and simply wait. Wait to be guided.

These people, the spirit leaders – they are letter collectors and organizers, they place Hebrew letters, gold to white, into a stream that is structured for the revelation of the moment, to hold the fabric together through the process. 

Where is the light of Eden?

This is a new creation and the new light is white.  Agree to stand and generate in the cycle of emanations. Remember to build the back and the the sides, since all four faces must be included.  Do not seek to know, but allow the system to guide the creation itself.

All my days and all my nights are imprinted with the drive to participate in the ongoing leading line revelation. Align intent with the new lines, to become like them, to expand creation by choice and surrender, through them.

The many original voices are gone now, and they have receded. The teacher here now is the wheels of the chariot. The wheels themselves. Smashing what is not true, and illuminating the operating the gold  – Aleph Hay Yud Hey – in the center of it all.  

It is gold, the center. Drink the waters there, drink the water there, and there will be no return. The drinking started  –  drinking Yud Water.

And many of the other letters will follow. Observe the Yud Water.

Received on February 7, 2020 

Ganglia or ball configurations of new spirit capacity, made of golden concepts and light letters in combination have formed and are floating outside us. They are not familiar, but they will become so, and this is one expression of the emerging new.

Over time, the contents of the upgrade nodes will be unstrung and revealed and then incorporated into the bodies. In the meantime, the clearing, commitment and desire  brought forward qualities of the higher that are now able to take form, inasmuch as other form has proceeded it.

And the new is not yet free to open and spread. These nodes, they are waiting for the unlocking day and time, and only on that day can light pass through its accurate birth canal, where it is activated and energized.  Light meets the physical in this passage.

Where are all the voices from when I first began this writing?

There are no intermediaries. Our life is here, in you, now. The voice lines have become one.

Separate the essence of illuminated being from the everyday meetings and accupunctures of the body. Do this for the sake of the spirit. 

Spirit creates its own course of healing for humans.  The nodes now are all vibrating and coming into alignment, into synchronized rhythms. When you are initiated into that alignment, new light will open.


Image: Creative Commons – New Solar Active Regions

Image: Creative Commons

Back and Forth, Over the Threshold, To Mix Sacred With Everyday

In the Holy Place and Then, On the Chariot

Posted on February 25, 2017

Received on the Afternoon of October 12, 2016  – 10 Tishrei 

Inside the inside, and further within, inside the inside, stand four noble spirit-code-source elements. Perfect equality amongst them sustains the balance and predictability of this world.

Eliahu, the leader, is composed and prevalent —  emergent, now.

Some souls are crossing into absolute freedom, departing finally from the restraint of more primitive spiritual eras.

Crack open, now, crack open, and discard the opaque exterior shells that made you spiritually blind.

Inside the shells,  find the new embodiment, already composed.

Teach me to inhabit the new.

Step, now, step, into the Center of Being and allow a spiral unfurling to begin. Surrender to the process, which is:  upload, download, and then, integrate.

Build on the foundation of the “God” concept, while accepting that the original formulation is obsolete. 

Eliahu is inside four, four humans. This Eliahu presence maintains access lines to and from holiness, and holds the Hebrew letter Shin – which sings of the holiness of creation.

Human souls are wrapped in thousands of layers, until the skin forms. At that point, the human perception of source light is occluded.  Soul light is hidden or concealed except to inner-consciousness – consciousness can always connect directly.

Purpose is to receive, to receive in the holiness place, and send or transmit from there. What your mind calls “uncreative” or “uninteresting” is actually the constancy of light, the sustaining rhythm of all forces in play.

What is new about this holy place?

You have not been aware of being here for thousands of years.  The most difficult passage is the final third of the journey. Today, some humans physically shook and allowed crusted structures to fall away — allow that shaking in larger systems, too.

How does revelation work?

I sequester the inner light, and  send out a reflection of the outer ring, a bridging ring, the one that did not ever make the transition.

northern lights

What are next steps for integrating “the new”?

Each day, a new code or skin configuration will be presented. Accept it and the skin will form, layer upon layer. At forty layers, you will not be vulnerable and at seventy, you will be fully formed and ready to embark on the rest of the cycle.

Abundance comes from flowing freely in the world, between things and concepts.  

Open the valves, then, from higher to below, and do not constrict the flow, and you will dwell in holiness and not be cut off.

The chariot escorts souls down from the holy place back to human embodiment.

The chariot is a descending from the Oneness Place, and as it does, layers of human life start to come into being, in a gradual or gradient pattern. 

What is the “chariot” made of? And is this the same “chariot” referred to by Ezekiel?

The chariot is a configuration of light, intent on refreshing itself. The chariot hosts souls which rise on their own to the holy place, and shepherds them back down, without breaking. The chariot is a mini-version of the creation itself –  it is a bubble around the process of stepping down; a soul’s return to human life occurs within this chariot machine.  

The chariot itself is composed of Intermediary Forms, forms that do not exist on a full and coherent plane.

Where is the focus of our inner work?

Focus on the threshold, the transition point, where humans stutter. Your teaching will be about this place, this step-shift from one consciousness to the other, from one sense of time to another – that there is your practice point and teaching point. Cross back and forth, and back and forth, with grace and faith, and become adept at this crossing.

This crossing is where the new technology of integration will develop.

This is the moment, the before.  Cross the threshold and now, it is the moment of the awareness of awareness.

Bring together the everyday with the spiritual.  Be the knitting ones.

You will find  words that resonate at both places, and you will find the practices and rituals to cross over, back and forth.  

This is the new Judaism, the practice of crossing back and forth and mixing the sacred with the everyday, to give their relationship fortitude.

This is exactly what the higher cannot accomplish alone.

Again, what are next steps to fulfill purpose?

You are still in the chariot, gaining codes of resilience and translation skins between the soul source and the world you are re-entering.  The body  has been healing today and not eating or drinking, clearing space for more light to enter. Your purpose and facility is not to work with people; rather it is to describe the course. 


And  the list of transgressions and regret, they allocate attention to points in the system that became dark and disconnected and require re-integration with light. Beneath each dark point is a light source.

Reporting now:

And as I descend, again hear the shofar sound, in the distance, and it was a continuous blast, all day, uninterrupted, and it rumbled souls worldwide to hear the call home.

It is time to come home.

And I land on the transition point, on the point where my work will be done, on the exact point, on the threshold. And I will live now at the threshold.  

Forces from there and here mix. Speak in combination phrases, naturally, and with authority, because of where we have just come from.

Image: Northern Lights  Creative CommonsImage: Posts and Wire  Creative Commons

Align With The Cone of Fire: Stand Under It, Walk With It

Posted on January 2, 2016

Received on July 13, 2015 

Lift up the veils, and see through the quotidian to resolved light, to the networked, underlying spiritual system.

What was occluded is now apparent. Make choices that are in alignment with this underlying order, choose with awareness, and you will enlarge the system itself.  This is another way of saying that you create the world through living in it, that reality is a moving set of choices that reflect back to you what you can next be. This is another way of saying that everything is created in the creator’s image and that everything is connected.

With your inner eyes, see through time and space, to perceive common essences. The Elijah soul does not have eyes for material, but for the in-between, for pre-manifest material. Pre-material layers are a link between worlds, an active causeway.

See four tent stakes, four rooted footings; they set the four worlds, channel holiness down into the material world, and continually stabilize it.  The Garden of Eden is a concept place that established the balance between the four, and holds it, and holds it.

You, who have been to the Garden of Eden, sometimes you speak from there. See it as the concept center of yourself, and its themes the source of wisdom you communicate.  From there all is revealed, directly, without opinion.  When your body feels like  a battleground that matches the dynamics of the outside world and its struggles, cells against cells, break into deeper awareness, and align instead with this center of all things.

Moses brought Hebrew letters down from above, in an exact order, to pin differentiated light onto earth.  The Torah letters continue to hold and maintain this light.

Received July 15, 2015

Every medium of exchange, whether the words of a conversation or a sale-purchase, can be a direct expression of spirit or distant from it.

Money flows as strings of light on top of the spirit river, and it can pass through you with joy, without a trace, moment to moment, in an unlimited way.  Genuine money does not come from others, but rather from you, the product of the integrity of your spirit generator. Money is a precursor to the world wide web; it is an inter-connected system with immediacy. Money is a creative flow of spirit through all systems.


Psalm 145 opens horizontal gates from here in the present, and sustains a wide array of choice.  It holds options. The Shema prayer brings weighted clothing, priests’ clothing, onto the Hebrew concept letters, to bind them to the earth.  The Shema starts in the most abstract material-spirit realm and extends beyond it–and also reaches into material and touches the ground; from up to down, far to near. Reciting the Shema prayer reiterates and models light in vessel, which is the essence of the Judaism experiment.

The paragraphs of the Shema prayer wrap lettered lace around the first words of creation.

Received July 20, 2015

After the tides rise, and the tides fall, new beauty will emerge. Plant your feet in the core. Stand steady. Do not leave to meet the light; it must come to you and then pass through you, in its way.

Do the souls of former spiritual leaders remain influential and part of our lives now?

Souls are intermittently involved and uninvolved.  The soul of Moses, for example, was not earthly involved during the Holocaust, but his soul’s ability to download new structures into the world is active now.

Can you talk about the Holocaust?

Michael Angel looked away. Also, all of the old souls, they looked away. They looked up toward the coherence of light, rather than down at the brokenness. The souls that participated in it, they needed a first connection, to re-establish the link between body and soul, in the first moment.  It was a rebirth of the connection.

I cannot accept this. I choose to stop now.

Received July 26, 2015

Stand at the bridge, look through the opening and see what we are building.

The opening to the bridge should be an undecorated passage to simply allow for transition.  

It is a concept bridge.

People will mistake the bridge for the destination, as they did before.  

Lift your heels and walk to the sacred where I show you and in it see the god you love coming down. Knowledge descends and vessels hold it; they are tight and present. The experiment called life has succeeded in forming these vessels.

There is no intelligence to this grace; god is simply attracted to the vibrations that resonate with it. Walk in the cloud and carry forward your part of the sacred that is god. Turn inside out, so as to be able to process the glory of god in intent and thoughts.  The new era cauldron is set; the transition has begun.

Received August 7, 2015

You are building a machine for living in a soul-centered world. Parts of the old structure overlap into the new configuration. Repeating the words in Psalm 145 actively expands the capacity of the material-spirit relationship. When you say the Shema, you set down bones of holiness.

How did these active words first come down into consciousness, for people to be able to establish them?

They arrived in cones of fire. You are re-receiving them; in meditation or prayer, try to tune to re-receive the words, rather intentionally connecting into them. Make space for the words to come down, again and again.

This is a time to enjoy the fullness of souls before they are hidden again.

Received August 15, 2015

Be compact, be coherent — to pass through to the next dimensions, do not extend unresolved branches or limbs out as they will become painful and cannot sustain connection under the upcoming pressure. Return to what is clear and composed, and you will smoothly roll into the next world.

When you say next world, what do you mean?

The next world is also an environment, made of different creational codes. The centers you have held and enhanced through living and loving, especially in the soul of Abraham, are transplanted into an unfamiliar environment. Love is a line, and you know love, follow the line.

Everything is in a different language–I cannot see or understand.

The transmission pillar of Abraham and Moses continues to flow through here; not the narrative, but the knowledge behind it, is constant and it will not leave you. You are strong enough. Allow the transmission to reach your feet and walk with god, walk guided by the light channel. Where it goes, you go. That is how Moses went up the mountain and how he knew where to go. He stayed aligned with the column of light love filled with all possibilities. The pillar of fire is the guide, stay under it.

When you do, see that there is nothing outside you, no outside forces;  stay with, contain, and follow the life fire. Whatever is adjacent is almost irrelevant. Once you are used to following the column of fire, open your eyes, and you will see more like god does, and you will take pleasure in all that vibrates.

It seems like there are places where the light does not exist, where there is great cruelty.

Moses walked into the environment of slavery and foreign customs in Egypt, and stood under the pillar of fire, for the sake of the new.

Photo: Shema  Creative Commons

Now, Forge Your Bridge To The New

Posted on December 26, 2015

Received on June 28, 2015  

What is the relationship between the individual and the collective?

Expand your inner self, and simultaneously construct the collective.

A line of Elijah, the prophet, is clear and thin — it traces through some souls at a very high frequency. It is transparent and clear. When you notice a crystal clear alignment, a clarity in an aspect, recognize also the presence of Elijah.

Why use metaphors?

Metaphors characterize the inter-reaching layers between the mind and the spirit. First, say what your inner eye sees. Name it. When you realize you are part of what you see, that you are also subsumed by it, there are no words. Relationships amongst varied inner-eye concept-layers frame one another, and give rise to metaphors.

Can you describe relationships amongst differentiated pure light?

These are peaceful encounters.

Does pure light have moral dimension?

Light under-girds and creates the structural relationships you call morality. High level spiritual encounters always and naturally follow the principles of relationship that you think of as moral. For example, it is impossible for one construct of light to extinguish another or to steal from another one; killing and stealing are not in the nature of light. It is impossible to break a primal soul mate pairing. Light cannot lie, which is to say it cannot misrepresent reality; it is reality.

The Ten Commandments describe laws of the spirit, in human terms, to guide humans to mirror the spirit behavior, to match its frequency, and to upgrade the physical.

Judaism frames light, and is a scaffold of principles to help people develop the nexus between physical and spiritual. This essence of Judaism most fully resides in the fourth dimension.


How does “seeing” spiritual reality affect it?

While “seeing” may feel passive, like staying in one place and watching, it is actually participatory.

The catches or pauses in the flow of seeing, as one develops capacity to see, generates a spiral rather than a circle–the mini-stops lead to an acceleration out of the circle, out of repetitive revolving, and into evolution or progression.

A healer’s hands are a mirror that shows the broken area its potential, and gives it choice — to choose life or not. Hold your hand opposite. The healer’s hand presents what is broken an opportunity to see what it can be. This hand-mirror moment makes a vessel, through which light can pass. When the mind chooses life, light passes through, and the healer moves the hand to the next location.  Locations call to the hands, within the frame of the question or request made.

Why is it important to heal people?

Think of people as parts of the larger self, as parts of the collective that are also you. Love the other as you love the self;  you are one entity.

There are many popular spiritual teachers who lead classes, organize events, travel to teach.

Do not follow any of these people.  Bless your own soul for leading and guiding. Follow and trust your spirit.

The Torah is an underlying technology that sets up active encounters between material and spirit and it carries time through time. The Torah carries more specific past-present-future time through the universal concept of time.  The new layer of Torah to be revealed will describe beneficial adjacencies and a different path, based on the prototype you know. This is the third Torah; a fourth is coming in the next iteration.

The first Torah was rudimentary and landed in clouds.

Hold the intention of embodying the Torah principles as you work with light.  We are designing a connecting tube, built with Hebrew letters, for disciplined and ordered passage between worlds. Let your soul choose the rate of its own progression, and follow the spirit into the next iteration of the physical-spirit relationship.

Is there a place like the ancient holy of holies?

You are in it now.  

In the older, agrarian societies, the high priest was more physical than spiritual leaders are now. As intermediaries, the priests’ capacity matched their times, and they had to be physically near to be in tune. Now you can be in the vibrational space of the holy of holies while physically across the world from it. This has been accomplished by the insistent efforts of those modeling the structure of light as embodied in the Ten Commandments.  The new diagram for living will bring consciousness to higher consciousness.

The pattern of development is not a simple vertical. The system works like a call and response, in the round.  Evolving and devolving are simultaneous. There are many choices being made now that break with the natural order of spirit.

Become a Walking Temple, found here, was genuine guidance.

Received July 5, 2015

The dichotomy between Adam and Eve is not relevant now.  Consider the unification of the Adam and Eve models and concepts – establish an enlarged and more complex wholeness.

Hear, Listen, See: Forge this Bridge. Forge and cross the bridge.

Who is communicating?

Our name is many.

We who communicate with you, we are generations and millenia away, and, at the same time, present to your immediate questions.  We cannot penetrate the bubble of human will.  When you choose light and awareness of light, we can pass through you.

Rise up to the next dimension, and take your place.  Sit down, and slowly, breathe, in this new frequency of present, in the Quiet Place. 

Received July 8, 2015

Layers of voices stream, loud voices, all talking at once, the sound river of human endeavor to teach and to learn, differentiated into packets. The velocity makes it impossible to isolate any specific stream or to report on it.

This ingathering affects all related souls; these souls are not related by religious practice on earth, but by intention and vibration. Look to the souls that lead from the Quiet Place.

Why does material shake when spiritual awareness becomes stronger?  

What is manmade can hold a temporary intention; nature sustains a collective and lasting intention within it.  Both shake if the inner intention is out of synch with new currents. Material cannot evolve or choose. To upgrade, it breaks.

In the era of the temple in Jerusalem, priests circumambulated the perimeter of the holy of holies repeatedly, clockwise, staying in connection to the frequency of the spiritual broadcasting within, absorbing it and disseminating the energy to the cities and the people.  Step, stop to feel and adjust to the energy, step, stop to feel the connection, step, stop; the walking, and the process of becoming, was methodical and deliberate.

Something feels frightening.

Possibilities are closing.  An old opening is closing. At the same time, the flow of energy, sound, and concept is unprecedented. This is a bold influx. Receive it.

Trees have bark. Human spiritual life will become nascent again, as the system starts to learn the new concepts of Justice and Judgement. What you have accomplished is becoming the bark around the new. The inside and outside change places.

Photo: Trees Framing Water and Light, Creative Commons

Drift In, On Waves of Light, That We Might Know Each Other Differently, Over Time

Posted on December 6, 2015

Received on May 2, 2015, New York City

Stand under the constant light shower. This rain, this is your teacher.

Work on confidence, on having confidence in light, and in the core of your self. Trust the spirit. Trust your spirit.

How does the light of the future stay formed and coherent without a vessel? 

Moses resonates now more than Ezekiel.  Lock into your purpose-place and with solid feet, line up with the channel of the new receiving.  Be a pillar of receiving, now, now, and now, and be the structure that enables the new light’s DNA to land into human feet. Go to the core place; stand in holiness, in the place. Stand aligned with the love of eternity.

fire and rain

Fiery Hebrew letters burn, in water.

Use Moses’ structure as a ladder to reach the upper realms.  One realm leads to another. Fruit has grace. Trust the fruit. Trust that everything meant to reproduce and to continue has a seed for its own continuation.  For example, within the fruit of psychoanalysis is a seed of self-reflection, which helped bring about this era.

Teach and learn simultaneously. Learning is not to remember, learning is to become. Do not know what you teach. Rituals and remembering attenuated Judaism’s connection with core spiritual principles. Trust-trust-trust that the flow of ever unfolding glory will continue.  

The Torah text is codes in equation, and equation relationships. One of the emerging principles is adjacency.

Here are your spiritual progenitors, your concept-parents, not your genetic parents:

The line, straight up, without steps or stops or personality, enters through Elijah.  The line with detailed construction and scaffolded intention is through Moses. The line through Abraham follows a spiral, circling and rising around the articulated line of Moses.

Received May 25,  Tel Aviv

The effervescent rays of light Moses transmuted into words and human possibility radiate outward. 


The sentences are:  “Drift into me.”  “Drift, back and forth, and do not become static.”

Drift in, on waves of light, that we might know each other differently over time.

The compassion and humanity Moses achieved is nearly unattainable – it is in the face sentences, yes, but also radiates from the heart and lungs.

Moses became the holy of holies. He was a temple, the temple, and so consider this: the temple rituals were designed to elevate humans so that they could also embody what Moses did – the process was designed not to worship god, in a ritualistic way, but rather, as a ladder to the divine in each of us. Moses did not exactly die, he ascended and he dematerialized; he continues to ride the ladder down and up.  And when we read the Torah, we activate this descension-ascension.

The Torah is light riding on water, water pregnant with light. The phrases you see coming from the face are about to crack and hatch, to roll over into a new spiral and uncover fresh dimensional networks.

Received May 27, 2015,  Tel Aviv

Over time, your body will add golden limbs made of new light. The golden limbs will instantiate, substantiate and mobilize the new codes. During the process, you will be in an in-between state.

Nothing exists without structure. God pumps through the structure, establishes the codes as structure and then uses the structure to clarify and rectify more codes, to build a yet expanded structure.

Speak only from within the middle of the codes themselves, so they are fully included in what you build. Be an architect of the spirit dimensions.

The Moses intention sends a shofar blast, and sound accompanies the light codes. Sound waves carry the codes at a different wave length from light, and thicken the imprint on reality. These are the three carriers or flow vehicles: sound, light, and love.

The sound will shake all who are infirm in spirit.  And they will crumble. It is a separating time. The temple within will be built now and building is the sole intent — compassion is for the light, not for the humans who have failed to make a home for it.

Received June 17, 2015, New York City

The collective intention of this moment has been a crescendo that started with World War 2, and the closing of the aperture between life and light; it was a re-creation or rebirth.

Sometimes a limb of the structure is frail or needs further articulation, and life reifies the structure by adding supporting members, as an overlay or reinforcement.

Beyond, there is a committee of angels who never touch — each radiates from its domain, and each knows its place.  It is not so simple as quadrants, but rather themes that match the capacity of one or another.  The mutual “we” space that humans will learn to manage is modeled on this idea of collaboration, where each soul’s role is clear, and each person defers to the soul as it plays out its role, without the complication of personality or temporal concerns.  The assembled will be quiet, contained, mutual, and all in their places, radiating from the place.

This will be a substantial upgrade of the human, and a rigorous assignment.

From that vantage point, humans will be able to see how what happens follows the principles of light.

Stand in your Makom, in your place. And simply agree, with awareness agree, to radiate through and from there–to hold to your place– and allow light to drift to and from you.

There will be partners.  They will be few.

Image: Fire and Rain Creative CommonsImage: Water With Light, by author

Discovering the Matrix Membrane Between Primordial Fire and First Water

Posted on December 3, 2015

Received on March 4, 2015

Humans are composed of nodes of colored light, not in their bodies, but in a matrix around them.  These nodes are screens that send reflection-information outward to the greater universe and also inward, to thicken into the ongoing manifestation of the self.

How can we use these nodes?

You are living in the body and waiting for light to arrive.  Instead, bring your awareness to these intermediary colored light nodes that surround your body, and allow light to feed through to your self.

The nodes mediate between body and soul and make an evolving life possible.  The nodes are the power centers for your life.  Expand your self to include consciousness of the light nodes, and you will find then that living does not require as much discipline and hope.

Instead of pushing out from inside, live in the in-between.

This is an aspect of the new world, this possibility to inhabit the in-between and to consciously foster two directional growth.

Here is another way to look at it — more intense frequences of light have been attracted to this world and they have come as far as they can. Now, you expand out to meet them. These are pathways to wisdom that will bring your greatest joy.

Ride a wisdom rocket and see (again) that Judaism is not meant to be a religion.  It is a name for the inter-connected inter-limbs and tendons of all that is.

Was the golden calf described in the Torah actually made?

No. What happened is too broken to discuss now, at this time of first elevation. But what happened there is the flip-side of what is happening now, where the spiritual energy is all heading in a coherent direction.

Spin around the fulcrum-core of your self that is Yud Hay Vav Hay in infinite repetition at varied frequencies, through space, time and all states of being.

A center core rod is made of the energy of those letters. Prophecy and the drops of new ideas trickle through the core.

This is too arcane !

This is the way you will create abundance for your life and for your family and  joy in this world.

Emotions have fulfilled their purpose as the motivting vehicle for human spiritual growth. Now use the node-matrix — it is a membrane about twenty-four inches off of your body. Experience life through the nodes rather than through your emotions.

Received March 8, 2015

Trust your spirit. Trust it.

On earth, different kinds of spiritual beings co-exist in parallel frameworks. The Hebrew letter Vav is like litmus paper, showing the spirit-material balance.

A voice named Ezekiel says: As fire now subsumes what cannot sustain the spirit of god, water takes back to itself what it loaned to creation to stabilize it.

wheel of fire

This fire is selective, it burns in ropes or winding paths, passing around what is stable and balanced. But what will burn now is everything that is not able to withstand the scrutiny of a resolute spirit and is not striving to trust spirit over material.

What is fire, in the way you are referring to it?

This is a primorial fire that is spirit induced.  It does not burn what it touches, what it touches dissolves into light. The fire is not a physical fire and it does not burn.  With sensitivity, it discerns a path.

What is the fire made of?

In the middle of the fire, see its composition, see Hebrew letters that link together at their true points and create a complex chain. The power the letter-chain emits is fire.

There is no water that can flow out of this fire, and no ice. The Angel Michael tries to bring down the fire selectively, when an area in creation is ready for it. In his lifetime, Ezekiel examined the fire and saw this era. He could not manipulate the fire. He observed it. Since his time, the fire has changed as linkages between Hebrew letters have shifted.  The fire is affected by the course of human action, which influences the letter true-point connections.

To see the glory of god is to see into the middle of the fire and not be consumed by it. Water, or Infinite Restraint, balances the fire and makes human life possible.

Water this Water is the Forty Waters of creation.  This Water is stable and creates the possibility of a void in fire, where life unfolds.

Primordial Fire and Primordial Water encounter each other through humans. Humans are their communicating inter-connective tissue.

The Angel Michael is not of the fire or the water, but beyond it, where neither fire nor water exist.

The more you trust, the more solid a footing Angel Michael and spiritual reality have in this world.  Trust the spirit and trust the center.  This is your clear task. The point of teaching is to develop trust in yourself, and to model how to trust your spirit.

Wheel of Fire  Creative Commons

Rosh Hashana: The Diaphanous Edge of the Spirit Frontier

Posted on September 8, 2015

Received on September 26, 2014 – Rosh Hashana

The structures that can receive new strands of code are flowing through the universe, and through you. The influx is beautiful and stable, having been carefully designed and prepared. It is like watching an active artwork, to see the new concept-rain descend and unwind.

Last Rosh Hashana marked the end of one themed cycle of becoming; this year, a new theme emerges. Last year’s theme was dense. It uncovered points and forms opposed to light’s intentions, those that had not yet been resolved, and need to be, for the new to fully take root. This year, the new is starting, even as the old heaviness and densities remain and are still being expressed and are working through their rhythms.

It is almost as if there are two realities, neighboring realities, touching and juxtaposed.

How does what occurs in the old reality environment affect what occurs in the new?

The density of the world is filled with unresolved imbalances between mind and spirit, between physical and material. On Rosh Hashana, a choreographed rain of new possibilities enters the universe. New possibilties are expanded aspects of concepts already here. For example, humans know how to talk with their bodies. They know how to talk with words. Now the capacity exists for them to talk with their souls. Soul talking was a latent ability and now the latent is activated by the downloading new codes and spirit sentences, that give soul talking a place, a place to expand, to become.

Is this occurring in time, in relationship with time?

Spiritual data influx passes through the layer or atmosphere of time to become part of the human world. In passing through the thickness of time (the concept), and material (the concept), it slows down, kind of, and accepts a suit or skin that enables it to exist in this environment. The suit or skin is a shell. And the first thin filmy shell is covered by another and another, until the generalized streaming rain of concepts is separated in different channels or straws, each thick with multi-layered films.

The slowest, densest levels change slowly. But the base level, in combination with the highest capacity of light, together pull in streaming concepts appropriate to their development. The ingrained past and the diaphanous edge of the spirit frontier together establish the range of the world’s frequency, of our own frequency, because there is nothing outside us that is not also inside us.

In the Torah, the sacrifice of Isaac, the appearance of the ram, and the listing of new souls to continue the line is one example of this process of expanding the edges and receiving new streaming codes. This is the essence of Rosh Hashana. Choosing life means consciously choosing to align with your soul and its journey.

Ezekiel has been summoned to inhabit your feet. Choose life with your feet, expand into the soul and spirit concepts in your feet. Release your connection to the old and forge new ground. Find your frontier and with courage become the future beyond it. Do this in all aspects of your body. Scan for the old, the unprocessed, breathe and release.

On Rosh Hashana, you are combining place and space. Spirals of processed light are emanating from the places that were just closed. Small spiral doors open in your being, through your intention, and activate new places.


The foundation stone is calling. Go back to that stone, hear the song of the dove, the song that says the power of light is unleashed and let all fall who cannot stand in its face. From the foundation stone today pours out a light with velocity never before encountered on earth–it is the unrestrained light of creation.

All codes are being released into the construct of time, and this light will be either embraced or repelled. Repelled light will leave structure to wither there, received light will sustain it. Go, go to be sustained, to standing in the center of the foundation stone and receive it all, all that matches you, sustain yourself in the center, in the center of the center, and take your time and take your turn, and drink and do not worry about others.

Your initiation begins now, to learn to lead. The hands are a hologram of the body. Stand again with your intention on the foundation stone. Line up with its column of central expression and its eruption.

I do not know how to lead.

Ezekiel. Michael Angel has handed the intermediary role to Ezekiel. At times, you are not you, you are instead the body gloves of former prophets. At those times, your role is to teach and to receive knowledge and to speak from The Place, The Makom.

The Hebrew letter Bet is established first, again, first, again. Bet is finding its new ground in the new world and settling there. There is a silent letter behind it which is one step prior to manifestation, and this letter is the invisible one, the unmanifest-almost manifest one that is last in the long chain of invisible letters which supports the Bet as it materializes.

Abraham opened the wind in four directions, and Holy Wind appeared. Abraham still holds the nexus point at the cross of four directioned spirit crossing. Judaism was meant to develop within the paths set forth from there, but it has not stayed on course. The path was meant to be direct, simple.

The column of fire stands true, implicit, and now palpable to frequencies of perception you have earned. Stand in the center of the fire and open all of your mouths. In stop-motion, spiraling, all of your mouths open at once and are saying AH — and the angel descends into the midst of the column as the sounds emerge and sustain the sound from all of the mouths, from human core intention up through the pillar of fire at the foundation stone source point. And the angel descends and descends into-into-into-into-into and when you understand structure you provide a ladder that is logical and spaced with consideration for this descension. And angel knowledge comes down and foundation fire emerges upward.

My choosing-points process:

And I stand there. I stand there and facilitate the crossing. It occurs in me and I contain it and do not waver.

I am built from an ark of commitment and I have forged myself to withstand these forces.

I am alone now and my mind does not need to process or communicate this.

There are not words now for the process unfolding, and what I am typing is autonomic and unrelated to the beyond words alchemy at this site-time.

I agree to lead with my soul source.

I agree to use the soul in me to be the processing chamber. Now is not the time to teach but to receive.

Receiving, again:

You are typing to record the process, otherwise you will not recall it. We will hide and we will reveal, and the revelation is based on granting understanding and seeing. Your purpose is to record what you receive, in hiding for now. You will be invisible to those who are not ready and trust the process, trust the process. In your fire, in your fire, you are like a human fuse. With you, in your resolute standing, the circuits will not explode and a downloading that has been building for thousands of years is occurring now, in time, now.

You bring water to fire and bridge between worlds. Your role amongst humans will be different. Ride the wings on the shoulders of Ezekiel. The wings on your shoulders flutter at the same frequency and summon the same frequency of light. Your core is clear and light pours through it, refracted but not compromised, and spirals out of the source points on your net that compose you.

My choosing-points process:

I intend to open all of the points of my spirit net, open the heart and all its points, with courage, and turn inside out into the light of the new.

Receiving, again:

Here is a heart that can sustain the whole.

The soul tracks of Sara and Abraham and spirit-seeker desert-walkers trail through you. These footsteps, and footsteps made with awareness and intention, are the only ones that remain, that are recorded in the spirit history continuum. Spirit alone endures.

From this text, four months ago, you removed the sentence about the President of the United States being only remembered in the spirit history for love of his children. This is true and should be shared.

It is Shabbat. Shabbat of Return.

When I am in this state, what is happening to me physically?

All of physical reality is shifting, your physical reality is shifting, to match the spirit reorganization. You are loved. Spirit only registers a light when it is in a vessel, when it is here–here. It is occurring in you.

Is this a dream?

This is the alchemical construction site of the new. It is occurring in thirteen people simultaneously. Unfolding white. Pleated white, unfolding, dimensionally.

You have actually been here for two weeks, but did not register it consciously. The power of the transmission now is such that consciousness is required.

“Choose Life” is not the new commitment. The new commitment is for “Awareness of Higher Consciousness”. And it is not to choose. It is to make aware. Aware is the verb. Make aware: spirit leads.

Photo: Spiral Red Rock  Creative Commons

From Formless To Formed: Passing Through The Concept Gates

Posted on June 3, 2015

Received on July 4, 2014

Supra-physical reality is sustained by timeless, endless light-energy, successively funneled, strained, and tempered, from formless essence to impulse, impulse to concept, concept to Hebrew letter, letter to word, word to nature-object. Between formless and formed, spiritual alchemy produces stable states or intra-layer habitats, where certain frequencies and constructs are at home and others are implicit or dormant. Together, all layers and systems are what is referred to as the “supra-physical”.

The biblical account of creation describes the transition process from word to nature-object. (“And god said “let there be light”, and there was light…and god divided the light from the darkness. And god called the light day, and the darkness he called night.”)

Each spiritual habitat is coherent — composed of networked strings of concept-equations that have principles-patterns in common. These equations break down the timeless-endless whole and its sustaining intention into packets, much as a large number can be sub-divided into a numeric expression made active by a function, like multiplication or an exponent.  Often coherence is confused with completion.

Does the Torah itself evolve?

The creative impulse within sustaining concepts down-develops into differentiated layers of reality. The Torah will evolve when its sustaining concepts do, which is very slightly starting to occur now. When you breathe in, think of inhaling the Torah letters in order, exhale and allow the experience to unfold, and breathe them in again.  “We will do and then we will understand” means we will breathe and absorb the Torah first, then we will process the experience.  We will become it, through a process. This absorption, which is not the same as “doing”, is just beginning to occur, and when it does, the Torah will be part of a larger and evolving feedback loop that includes the human system, and its sustaining concepts (each an intra-layer habitat) will evolve in response to the intentional inhale and exhale.

Received July 8, 2014

What is hope?

Hoping is an emotion that does not connect you to your soul.  Hope blocks the influx of what is naturally “the new” by superimposing a mental construct of a future outcome.  Instead, trust your spirit.  Your spirit unfolds reality as it needs to.

Light Layers

Far away, light-layers away, there is a particular junction or gate made of concepts.  It stands between intra-layers with different frequencies and establishes the criteria by which impulse-concepts can pass through it.  We collectively built this gate to support evolving frequencies. Recently, soul-body partnerships have passed through the gate intact, and each that does enters a new world of spiritual possibility.  The concept gate stands at the border of what some call the end of days, and we call another beginning.

The purpose of living is to fortify the inter-relationships up and down the chain of being and becoming.

One way to accomplish this is, through meditation and awareness, to strengthen the presence of the Hebrew letters composing your body, so they are more firmly rooted and at home here.  In this sense, every experience met with awareness and trust aligns the intra-layers with their purpose.  All of the world’s patterns of behavior are concepts programmed to interact randomly, within set parameters, to lead to further uncovering and empowering of the forces themselves.

Does holiness exist — what is it?

Holiness is hard to explain.

A person cannot be holy — the choices a person makes occur simultaneously on many levels.  It is impossible to take a snapshot of a “holy” moment at one level, without considering all the other levels, some of which are barely even formed. With people, there is formation and unformation occurring on different levels at the same time.  Creation never stopped, it was not a moment or a set of days.

Creation was-is a never-ending. Creation is the ongoing continuity of becoming.

 Can a place be holy? 

Yes, for example, there are parts of Jerusalem situated on top of holiness.  And the holiness is gradually becoming uncovered and rising, rising, and causing disharmony with people and concepts that cannot stay whole near it.  People can absorb the foundation stone concepts, for example, and use them, use the holiness as a math function, to act on and add dimension to sequenced packets of living, to act on breathing and becoming.   Penetrate through the new structure of the temple inside you, and see out as it does.  Take in the your experiences not through your mind or heart or body, but through the structure or lens of the temple formulation inside of you.

Be ready for the shift-change, ready to see without fear or hope, but just acceptance. From the immutable center, see from there and speak from there.  Only the consolidated souls will be left standing.  Accept the golden center of your inner being as it carries the concept of foundation holiness into an ongoing present.

There is work to be done as humans.  for example, there are two concepts which have become conflated into one through neglect and insensitivity to their distinctions and they need to be separated again and breathed back upinto consciousness. The concepts are to be separated which means further letting go of what you “know” in favor of what you do not know.  Trust the spirit.  This separation allows new energy to rush into the system.  Bring Yud Hay Vav Hay down into and through your structure, to places the soul directs, in order to separate what is stuck.  Now Yud Yud.  Usher them down and through you, and stand to face and encounter the light behind the manifesting letters.

Received July 19, 2014

What is human war?

The desire to kill another person is one of the most extreme states of being entirely cut off from inner life and spirit. It is an example of separation of mind and soul.  When connected to spirit, one can see the way to meet obstacles and opposites, to use them to grow.  If people used opposites for their intended purpose, to expand consciousness, there would be no war outside, but only an inner war, waged minute by minute, for more nad more awareness and for the opportunity to expand exponentially in an intense environment.

War times should not be easy for anybody, as it is an escalation in pressure and necessity.

This seems impractical when there are people fighting with their lives.

Peace will never been earned mind to mind.  Never.  Peace is a quality of true inner balance where I see the other, an other, as the counterweight to my soul’s presence and development. Use the difference, the resistance between systems, to know yourself.

The other, the so-called enemy, holds the next lesson step of integration required within you. Do not feel sorry for anyone. Encourage the soul to grow. Souls are choosing wholeness now in a more determined and desperate way and this creates conflicts.

Is it possible to articulate a goal to end violence, instead of accepting its inevitability as part of a necessary process?

Violence is the tail of creation, swinging wildly.  Physical conflicts are micro-modeled in each human as well, like a kaleidoscope.  What is outside is also within.  Find the areas war reflects in you and heal those areas. Integrate them into your self, so that the areas you were formerly angry or afraid become part of the ebb and flow of your spirit and life force.

How can there be fixed or set place within an infinite active system?

Place is an artificial construct that exists only because of the withdrawal of spirit that was necessary to create this world.  Here is a paradox: we participated in creating something we cannot inhabit.  We built a system and we form the outside membrane of it.  Inside the membrane, a notion of place and space and time exist.  Beyond it they do not.  Reality, as we know it, is isolated to a worldly web of relationships that occur within the rules or systemic programmed relationships set in motion by creation. Like sunlight passing through a diamond or crystal, you are all designed to bring higher concepts from beyond the membrane down into denser more physical realms.

In other words, the parameters for what can occur in this world you are living in have been programmed, established in advance.  What can unfold will be made from patterns included in the program, from their structures.  For example, the frequency in your world does not enable certain colors or sounds to exist in the kaleidoscope we call life.

Rocks In Stream

Gog and Magog is an inner war.  We are struggling with it together, just on different levels — some physically and some spiritually, some both. Here is how to approach this war of sorts:

Summon an image that makes you feel afraid.  Set it across from you, or opposite you, in consciousness.  Now, focus on the place in you that is afraid, Behind the fear there is a block.  Calm the panic, set it aside, and see the dark area, the block, and how light flows around it, but not through it. This area ia like a rock in a stream. Now set your intention to integrate light into the rock and into the space where the rock is into your self — intend that it should become accessible and open to you.

In your awareness, see the light around it, though light will not yet go through it.  Refer out again to the other, to the fear, and back in to the space in you it reflects, the place that is closed.  Zoom out-in, out-in, to understand that what you create outside has its seeds within,  if the rock we referred to did not exist within you, this opposite-fear-anger reality would not actually exist outside of you.  All the work can of creation be done within now.

Feel the pain of loss, the feel into the dark area. Establish a flame of the concept of light there and trust the process.

What did Ezekiel see?

If you want to see what he saw wear linen. First wear linen. Your clothing is blocking your ability to receive the — it is not knowledge, not information but rather the new structural components that are down-falling into your world now as you elevate up to a vibration capable of processing them. There are words for what is coming down now and it is a dimensional upgrade such that the concepts that can be sustained in the physical universe are to become vibrationally higher.

Ezekiel transmitted voice through a screen of advance knowledge, to give it a first breath in the world before the world became too thick and low to receive it.  He threw forward to another time what could not be processed in his but could be sustained through intention and faith many iterations below.


Put words of fire in my mouth.  Fire shaped by Hebrew letters. and compassion joins with fire. Compassion balances fire and is connected in its root to love of the world.  Fire alone would destroy the world.  Time and compassion are components of the same intent, which is to absent a space for life to expand of its own agency.  The angel lands and man ascends.  And in the crossing a hybrid appears, two appear as one but their trajectories are in opposite directions.

And from the sides comes the drive of intention, a frame circumscribing the possibilities.  The mathematical relationships between the Hebrew letters are established, such that the energy between and amongst them is set.  A map of possibility is set.

The wars you experience now are limited manifestations of the general direction of the evolving spirit-matter relationship.  They are tiny in comparison to the enormous changes occurring in realms beyond that are just beginning to touch your world.

Again, what is Gog and Magog?

Gog and Magog describes concepts that would face each other in a spiral of evolution, wound together to heat each other into transformation. At this moment there are no concepts battling one another that have direct physical counterparts.  Judaism and its concepts are, for example, not being promulgated through these wars.  Jewish concepts are sewn into the new light and part of the new net of light.

The bridge has been crossed from Judaism of practice tied to material to Judaism that pulsates with the light of infinity. To experience it one just has to stand still in the crossing-node and choose to be subsumed in the light.  The crust will crumble away and leave the core. There are no words to describe this Judaism, which is the metaphysics of light as reflected through true and complete intra-layer lenses into the world.

Describe the lenses.

One lens is the quality of love, another lens discerns more light from less light and designs in a preference for more light. Another lens discerns justice or fairness amongst elements. Everything you know on earth flows from there. To pass above these lenses is to see undifferentiated light where even a soul cannot maintain identity or separateness from other light.

The wars that follow are to guide souls to new light.

Image: Layers of Light Creative Commons
Image: Rocks In Stream Creative Commons
Image: Fire Creative Commons

Build Yourself an Inner Ark of Commitment

Posted on September 3, 2014

Received on May 25, 2013

You are living in an environment similar to the flood time of Noah.  The flood is all around you.  You are immersed in the possible loss of everything familiar.  People with spiritual awareness will be sustained through this environmental shift.  Main souls will be standing.

Souls cannot go forward anymore against the overwhelming resistance upheld by the barely conscious. The human-earth world bifurcates.  Part will separate out and go to their natural level for a slower evolution; others will spin into a new more spiritual realm, where the balance between material and spirit is different.

Build an ark of inner commitment and resilience.  Tune in to the channel of evolving concepts and potential, flowing at different frequencies, but all enclothed in love.

clouds_rainbow The relationship between body and awareness and soul in an individual is as complicated as any other system in creation.  Clear all nodes and align all 40 layers, so the soul can transmit entirely through the body and out, without walls and refractions.  In that state, the body becomes translucent.

At the beginning of the beginning of time, we all together created the opportunity to pair physical and spiritual and send them on a journey together.

This universe was based on the idea of love.  You sat where you are now, trying to find a phrase or an understanding of the new universe’s concept of love, which you had never encountered.   Love unfolded and is known; now it is time to move on to the next stage of creation.  The new concept is something about synthesis between love and rules, a coming together of two structures.  We are building a synthsesis, a stabilization of what is already here.  Everything must be interlocked, to create wholeness.

Does the moon affect our lives?

In each moon cycle we have the opportunity to renew our intention to live with awareness and this is most exquisite and pointed at the new moon. When the full moon is visible, all the gates of possibility are open and fully expressed for a month’s cycle of growth.

Thereforemake a general commitment on the new moon to embody the month’s new concept, and on the day of the full moon  align with that theme.  The moon reminds us to focus.

How was the Torah composed or written, the words determined?  

The entire document was downloaded, just like this.  Letters composing words appeared whole and were simply recorded.  Then other words were added around the appearing words, to tie them together.

It seems like the Torah is a machine. What are the mechanics of it?  

The Torah is a mirror of the composite and total soul structure called Jewish. Parts of letters, whole letters, space between the letters — every soul aspect is reflected and pinned into position there.  They have to be, because without the Jewish soul the Torah would not exist.  Once the Jewish soul was forged, through the fiery experience of Exodus to Revelation, the Torah intention could be downloaded.

The Torah and the souls are co-creating twins–the people and the letters.

voice_water_sky The many voices channelled into the Torah are often thought to be different authors.  In a sense they are, but not human ones.  They are our voices, dominant then receding, coming forward to add something imperative.

Record what we say to you today, your ears hear from the inside, the voices are inside you, not outside.  You are one of our scribes.

To begin writing, first, leave your head, and questions, and go to the core. Then let the core start to talk, and record what it says.  Your mind is the second step, not the first.  As long as you are connected to the core, there is nothing to fear.

The veil will lift.  And it will become obvious that physical reality is a screen upon which is reflected intimations of invisible realities.

We are teaching you how to make the invisible visible.

Image: Cloud Column and Rainbow Creative Commons

Image: Visible Voice Experiments Creative Commons