Align With The Cone of Fire: Stand Under It, Walk With It

Posted on January 2, 2016

Received on July 13, 2015 

Lift up the veils, and see through the quotidian to resolved light, to the networked, underlying spiritual system.

What was occluded is now apparent. Make choices that are in alignment with this underlying order, choose with awareness, and you will enlarge the system itself.  This is another way of saying that you create the world through living in it, that reality is a moving set of choices that reflect back to you what you can next be. This is another way of saying that everything is created in the creator’s image and that everything is connected.

With your inner eyes, see through time and space, to perceive common essences. The Elijah soul does not have eyes for material, but for the in-between, for pre-manifest material. Pre-material layers are a link between worlds, an active causeway.

See four tent stakes, four rooted footings; they set the four worlds, channel holiness down into the material world, and continually stabilize it.  The Garden of Eden is a concept place that established the balance between the four, and holds it, and holds it.

You, who have been to the Garden of Eden, sometimes you speak from there. See it as the concept center of yourself, and its themes the source of wisdom you communicate.  From there all is revealed, directly, without opinion.  When your body feels like  a battleground that matches the dynamics of the outside world and its struggles, cells against cells, break into deeper awareness, and align instead with this center of all things.

Moses brought Hebrew letters down from above, in an exact order, to pin differentiated light onto earth.  The Torah letters continue to hold and maintain this light.

Received July 15, 2015

Every medium of exchange, whether the words of a conversation or a sale-purchase, can be a direct expression of spirit or distant from it.

Money flows as strings of light on top of the spirit river, and it can pass through you with joy, without a trace, moment to moment, in an unlimited way.  Genuine money does not come from others, but rather from you, the product of the integrity of your spirit generator. Money is a precursor to the world wide web; it is an inter-connected system with immediacy. Money is a creative flow of spirit through all systems.


Psalm 145 opens horizontal gates from here in the present, and sustains a wide array of choice.  It holds options. The Shema prayer brings weighted clothing, priests’ clothing, onto the Hebrew concept letters, to bind them to the earth.  The Shema starts in the most abstract material-spirit realm and extends beyond it–and also reaches into material and touches the ground; from up to down, far to near. Reciting the Shema prayer reiterates and models light in vessel, which is the essence of the Judaism experiment.

The paragraphs of the Shema prayer wrap lettered lace around the first words of creation.

Received July 20, 2015

After the tides rise, and the tides fall, new beauty will emerge. Plant your feet in the core. Stand steady. Do not leave to meet the light; it must come to you and then pass through you, in its way.

Do the souls of former spiritual leaders remain influential and part of our lives now?

Souls are intermittently involved and uninvolved.  The soul of Moses, for example, was not earthly involved during the Holocaust, but his soul’s ability to download new structures into the world is active now.

Can you talk about the Holocaust?

Michael Angel looked away. Also, all of the old souls, they looked away. They looked up toward the coherence of light, rather than down at the brokenness. The souls that participated in it, they needed a first connection, to re-establish the link between body and soul, in the first moment.  It was a rebirth of the connection.

I cannot accept this. I choose to stop now.

Received July 26, 2015

Stand at the bridge, look through the opening and see what we are building.

The opening to the bridge should be an undecorated passage to simply allow for transition.  

It is a concept bridge.

People will mistake the bridge for the destination, as they did before.  

Lift your heels and walk to the sacred where I show you and in it see the god you love coming down. Knowledge descends and vessels hold it; they are tight and present. The experiment called life has succeeded in forming these vessels.

There is no intelligence to this grace; god is simply attracted to the vibrations that resonate with it. Walk in the cloud and carry forward your part of the sacred that is god. Turn inside out, so as to be able to process the glory of god in intent and thoughts.  The new era cauldron is set; the transition has begun.

Received August 7, 2015

You are building a machine for living in a soul-centered world. Parts of the old structure overlap into the new configuration. Repeating the words in Psalm 145 actively expands the capacity of the material-spirit relationship. When you say the Shema, you set down bones of holiness.

How did these active words first come down into consciousness, for people to be able to establish them?

They arrived in cones of fire. You are re-receiving them; in meditation or prayer, try to tune to re-receive the words, rather intentionally connecting into them. Make space for the words to come down, again and again.

This is a time to enjoy the fullness of souls before they are hidden again.

Received August 15, 2015

Be compact, be coherent — to pass through to the next dimensions, do not extend unresolved branches or limbs out as they will become painful and cannot sustain connection under the upcoming pressure. Return to what is clear and composed, and you will smoothly roll into the next world.

When you say next world, what do you mean?

The next world is also an environment, made of different creational codes. The centers you have held and enhanced through living and loving, especially in the soul of Abraham, are transplanted into an unfamiliar environment. Love is a line, and you know love, follow the line.

Everything is in a different language–I cannot see or understand.

The transmission pillar of Abraham and Moses continues to flow through here; not the narrative, but the knowledge behind it, is constant and it will not leave you. You are strong enough. Allow the transmission to reach your feet and walk with god, walk guided by the light channel. Where it goes, you go. That is how Moses went up the mountain and how he knew where to go. He stayed aligned with the column of light love filled with all possibilities. The pillar of fire is the guide, stay under it.

When you do, see that there is nothing outside you, no outside forces;  stay with, contain, and follow the life fire. Whatever is adjacent is almost irrelevant. Once you are used to following the column of fire, open your eyes, and you will see more like god does, and you will take pleasure in all that vibrates.

It seems like there are places where the light does not exist, where there is great cruelty.

Moses walked into the environment of slavery and foreign customs in Egypt, and stood under the pillar of fire, for the sake of the new.

Photo: Shema  Creative Commons

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