Fragility and Persistence

Posted on October 30, 2016

Received June 12, 2016 — Shavuot 

Trust the new light and agree to become as it becomes. As it becomes, so you become. An encounter with new light is dynamic: your flow faces its flow. Receiving new light is meant to be a pass-through transaction, like water pouring through a clear glass tube.

For whoever steals a bale of hay shall find worms in their flour. In other words, what you take that is not yours will become rotten forever, in all your endeavors, through all the generations, with no benefit, to you or to your soul.

The lips of the Lord open to utter a theme, the next theme, to exonerate and to celebrate the first fruits. So then, heed our warnings, and open the gates of your inner longing, and embrace this process, without knowing, without thinking.

The new light will be extended by your being, and not your doing. Discontinue rituals and observances; wind them back to the first frame, to their core seed. Start again, at the origin, and cease, cease all practices and rituals that are derived from pathway development and not exactly, exactly, exactly, within the center of the first impulse.

Receive the new codes and allow them to pass through your origin codes, unimpeded. The new is unfamiliar and it will feel awkward. Receive the new codes first, and then expand into them;  explore them and inhabit them over time. They new will add dimensional aspects to the established white spirals, and will expand the outer vibrance of the universe you inhabit.


Agree to become that which you are not yet; that which you are not yet. And every time you agree, do so with awareness, as you hold yourself, tenuously, on the pivot point, between what is and what will be.

Where does the possibility for what we are not yet come from, especially if the possibilities are always changing?

Eden, what you refer to as The Garden of Eden, is a palette. It is the essence of potential, all potential. Everything runs through Eden. By living, you further establish themes from Eden; you bring them into the context of time, and thicken them, with choice. Now, return to Eden, and follow the new streams out, and you will live into them.

A funnel in and out of Eden narrows and then expands. Release now the stiff-necked character, and your collective head pivots freely on its stem and the influx of new codes passes from system to system, soul to soul, without a pause. It jumps from one to the next, to come to know itself.

Received June 17, 2016

I cannot hear the usual roar and mix of voices, to pick one to record here.

Today, you are tuning in above the voices, and the thousands of voices that call out are, at this level, one unified and steady leading voice. Fathom the rope of unity, as it streams though you.

The passage from old human to resonating new being is accomplished, and you are not broken.

Spread your wings, in the newness.

The codes ensconced within the wings catch the light and are activated. These codes carry an elevated concept of justice relationships and humanity’s potential to experience the exact blueprint of the order within full and structured love.

About one-third of the transition journey remains, and already it has enough momentum to complete itself, even though you must still be careful, as every aspect of the process must be established perfectly. It is a deliberate process, and its pace has been pre-set.  

In a sense, there are no other people in the world;  the entire world passes through you.  What is outside you is irrelevant to you,  it is an offset creation of the original impulse.

When I want to be understood, or participate in relationships, what do I really want, if there is nothing outside of me?  

You want the world inside and outside to match, to be balanced.  

Received June 18, 2016

Asynchronous events, and aggregations of soul-prints organized by theme, roll through the system. They are organized by purpose and priority.

Jumbled in time, an unresolved image from 1936 is followed by one from 2001, for example. They are flashes of different experiences that target the same expansion point.  You are here to bring the force of oneness to bear on disparate fragments of time and emotion.

Astronomers of the spirit world: the order you see for a moment, the flash of coherence-it is an illusion. Forces spin away, immediately, into a different and unrecognizable configuration.  Do not wait for coherence. Trust the spirit.

Impel light forward, without understanding it, and you will enable the complex landing of new concepts here.

The bridge is narrow and strained as you have seen.  You saw at least one closure point where you nearly gave up, separated from your spirit, and died; the passage is steep and narrow; navigate this birth canal with intention to enter the new world. You do not have to die to be born into it, to reach it.

There were people who lived long ago who cast an umbrella under this time, a protective net, and their criss-cross walking through the holy land is one of the ways the net was constructed.

If we were to tell this story now, it would be: 

In the beginning, there was a concept, and it stood uninhabited, waiting for life to join it.

It waited and waited.

And then from far, a distant single tone resonated from one to the other, and faintly, the concepts communicated.  Tenuously at first, by sending and receiving signals, they developed receptors to hear one another, and in so doing, they both changed a little. Eventually, the capacity for communication thickened, and it structured a bridge between them.

Simple and fragile, the concept bridge was built with small twig-like elements that barely touched. And then, from these interstitial spaces, the new emerged.

Are the generative characters from the Torah still active and relevant?

The accomplishments and stories of the forefathers are melded into flatness, into new ground, and they are no longer referents.  All is complete. The ties and affiliations are finished and a new seeding begins.  

Refer only to the oneness of yourself, the oneness of you, the one that is you, and the river of light that is unimpeded by history or time, and is not fed to you through the frame of the imprints of others. You have been cleansed of the past.  Do not talk, you will not be understood, but carry life forward now, unimpeded.

Received July 2, 2016

I can’t hear any voices.

All those voices are all in a different layer. You are tuned to a different frequency, and so rather say: I agree to the new frequency. Listen to the single new tone, as it begins to ever so slightly differentiate.

The new frequency is un-lived and unknown.  The relationship between the old Judaism and this new frequency is a laddered connection from one to the next.  The bridge concepts have been described previously and what you need is not the memory, but commitment to wholeness and to inner tools developed specifically for this era.


The love of the Angel Michael balloons down and around, and there is a sense of immediacy and directness. The refreshed screens are clear.

What is this Michael Angel structure that descends into the humans who rise up to meet it?

There is no way to describe the effect as structures separated but driven to embrace one another now draw closer. “The angel walks”  means that the intentions of the new are gaining traction below the angel realm.  

Open your heart to participate in the central axis of calm, a Shabbat for the material-spiritual connection that is around you now. At the end of the waterfall is a calm pool.  

Calm does not mean empty. Previous conflicts are gone. Wait for the sound of the single tone. It is your guide and it will pass through your heart and when it does, you will feel more of a part of the new movement.  Here, now, still, you are a newborn, and in shock at the contraction from the birth process.  My name is: “here to serve”.

My name is: “here to serve”: this is an intention, and not a formal or proper name. It is too soon for naming. A name will be given after there is more thickening and more differentiation. For now, your spirit is a simple desire, to receive and to pass on the light.

The receiving structures have a character, and they receive in their way accordingly.  The interplay in the world prior is cluttered with personality. When personalities meet, this is not an essence meeting, but rather distortions and refractions reacting to one another, like a side-show or a different movie.  

Judaism as you have known it will not exist; no religion will exist as it is known. As you inhabit the new, you feel around for what is familiar, but nothing is familiar.  Attune to the need of the new night;  human partnership with spirit is now more abstract and more subtle; who is the creator?  

Received July 9, 2016

Live in the middle of your self and spin concentrically with the inbred understanding that you direct your life and your scenes-experiences.

So, from the foundation, I write and receive:

Magic mastery begins when you find the end of the string of yourself, and then follow, hand over hand and breath over breath, and it will lead you forward.  

Do not let go of this purpose rope — if you want to live a simple life, commit to the rope, to following the line. It reveals itself, and you choose it, and it reveals more, and you choose it. Questions, like: what should I do, where should I live, with whom, what is my purpose, are not as pertinent as: where is the next handhold of the purpose rope.  

You do not need to see or understand.  Faith is the choosing, hand over hand, in the dark. Wonder comes from being surprised by what results and occurs.


Choose each moment … complications derive from thinking. You are holding the end of your purpose rope for the first time, stripped of all other views and concerns and hopes.  

Forthcoming, if the scenes around you become vast, just follow the rope.

You do not hear voices anymore because they have been resolved at the level of your perception and ability to receive.  And because the past has become infused with the present.  We continue now to another realm, where an enormous and lasting download of new light and knowledge begins, a revelation and emergence —  eventually, in magnitude and breadth, fortitude, exponentially greater than the Torah.

How is that possible?

Spirit encounters and reactions are starting to occur at the highest levels, to sheath a new creation and to prepare for the absorption of new light.  

A creation process is taking place, as new revelations are prepared, to be able to be received.

Learning to love yourself is the point of following the purpose rope.  Hand over hand, learn this love. And become familiar with what it feels like to be in your roots.

As environments become more complicated, know your roots and remain connected to them.

Image: Stars  Creative Commons

Image: Lightning Seen From Space Creative CommonsImage: Rope Path Creative Commons

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