Be of the Rivers – and – Be the New Rivers

Posted on July 24, 2016

Received on March 6,  2016

To be a leader, follow; follow the spirit, and allow it to lead you.

Spiritual leadership is choosing to be part of the pulsed flow of the present. Your soul uses you, as its agent, to introduce new spiritual codes into the world. Spiritual feedback from one choice manifests the next choice, and so on;  human choice begets more choice and so expands the ground upon which spiritual life occurs. This is an ongoing unfolding, without pause or rest; humans can now participate in the process, breath by breath, and choice by choice.

To take your soul’s place in this time, connect to your inner self and not to outside teachers.

This is the time souls expected, and now, and now, at every moment, see a choice, between forward and static, between different and the same. Again, and again, and again, now and now and now and now: choose.

dandelion matrix

Cut  the security ropes tethering you to what is old and known, and agree to the new, to all that is new. Break your bonds with anything that feels familiar or comfortable —  and entirely separate from the frame of Judaism, in particular.

What is the role of intermediary entities, like angels?

The head of the angel is a white cone made of spirals reaching up-out. Leading souls can participate in this crown summoning of energy, be its partner, and receive it and usher it in.  Be sage in your location, sage in your receiving and in your place.  Be of the rivers, and be new rivers.  

The old contract is complete; cut the ropes, cut the comfort and reassurances they provide. It does not matter who is a proponent of the old and how well spoken or learned they are.  The spiritual leaders’  line is at the cone-crown of the new.  

Glass, make yourself of glass, and clear and transparent, without blotches of the old.

Received March 27, 2016

The soul communicates its purpose on the ridge bone of the nose. Sometimes, in the face of an evolved human, there is a some soul information on the cheeks at the base of the nose as well, on the forehead, and very rarely, the entire face.  The other organs and skins communicate state or status, but the nose, that is where the higher purpose, the purpose you came in with resides in the form of an imprint, a statement.

Do not read the eyes, read the noses.  You can read the eyes in the context of the noses, but the eyes are not stand alone, for they are inaccurate and you would be prone to great error.

What is Jewish now?

Separate the texts from the practice and the history.

The texts are an infinitely true transmission of all that is and all that can be alluded to, without diminishing  or breaking the connection between source and transmission.  

Understand this: there are things that could not be included in the initial transmission of Judaism, because they were impossible to contain at that time. The vessels were over-stretched to receive it.  One reason ritualized practice recently became too dense and unaligned to source is that the full fire was not received then. Still, what was transmitted through Moses matched the capacity of what could be brought down then.  

Ritual practice has altered physical reality, and so, more spiritual range can now be introduced. The Moses transmission has been stabilized and contextualized.

Keep the system open at the top. This is a time for reaching, up and down, to include everything, everything possible.  

Including everything feels frightening and risky.  

What can be included (and it will take courage to include it all) will set the range and program for next generations.

The transmission has to come through in the right time, and without inflection from the transmitter, without an instinct to take it, keep it, use it for personal glory.

When you see the four heads, each facing in a different direction, each processing receiving and transmitting a different range of frequencies, you will attain the next evolutionary step in the physical-spiritual partnership.

I hear “mysti-physical”. What is that?

It is a spectrum — a trajectory.

What is healing?

There is a creation process underway now that is similar to “in the beginning”.

Yes, even though there is a full world in existence, “in the beginning” refers to how new spiritual matter emerges into physical. It is the story of the layers of the new – and certainly, yes, some pre-existing physical worlds and elements remain. The Torah is a spiritual history, and the spiritual beings described emerged into a physically established world, and they provided the spiritual DNA for the Noah-Abraham-Moses-David-line of development.

There are synchronous systems unfolding, that are not all inter-related.  As we have said before, some (a proportionally few) humans are still in the midst of the prior program, before Adam.

And some, like those who receive this material, are already in a new program and have left the prior framework.


See, see the open field of breathing letter Yuds, inhaling and exhaling, in and out, in and out, breathing in the frequency of the new and created by your commitment to it.  See the field of  Yuds, pumping the creating codes for the new into the atmosphere. Particular Kabbalah study helped to seed the new and to add range.

What is Kabbalah?

Mainly, what is important now is that its modeled structures cannot accept and pass the new through them.  The Kabbalah model will be redescribed to include  outer bands and to put heart in the center of the next iteration. Imagine, then, “understanding” the system with your heart rather than your mind.  In these thousands of years, the mind has learned to choose spirit and to be structured by spirit. Now the heart will.  Then the soul will, as in, the soul of the soul will.

Small inter-cellular soul transactions effect the large-scale of the work.  Small adjustments, say from turquoise to a deeper turquoise in one branch element, will smoothly ripple into new connections and attuned sensitivities throughout the whole system.

An image of splattering blood just crossed my inner screen.  I constricted. Does one have to receive violent images and process them?  

Yes. If they come to you, yes. Stay centered in your core as all images pass.  Stay neutral. Trust that what you receive is what your soul needs. A lion roars.

Nascent past parts of the self can come alive in the field of Yuds. The Yuds cannot be ruined or corrupted; this is a safe regenerative place.  More and more Yuds appear, seeded by intention.

Received April 2, 2015

What is a book, in the sense that we are contemplating creating one?

A book is a multi-dimensional landing or foothold or down-delivered collection and re-distribution point for new knowledge. It is a pause, for  re-calibration, before another level of dissemination.  Think of the book as a body to hold an evolving knowledge.

How do we create a book that is not set or fixed but stays alive and fluid?

The book’s terms will be vessels that can accommodate change and changing knowledge streams. Also, it will be a guide through the next upcoming tumultuous period.

First receive the structure of the book, the vessels. Wait for the light and the life to come to you, to your inner ears.  Trust the process.

Walking from the tent to the well and then drawing up water, there were two steps to receiving the knowledge and holiness. They were subtle, and they were missed and not used to full advantage in the last iteration.

In the walk from the tent to the well, from dry to water source, each step was a meditation and intention to bring source and spirit to human consciousness.

Learn to understand with the heart, to use it as the mind is now used.

String together the walking, the journey, to see the underlying structure of the Torah transmission.

The four vessels to start are:Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.05.19 PM

Yud-Hay (established)

Yud- Aleph


Yud- Hay-Yud

The general transmission will first seed or establish all four vessels, to create balance and the spiral of related energies progressing.

Open the letters in the Torah that are doors to see the new landscape, where the world of the Yud-Aleph partnership is born and generated.

Open the doors, open the letter doors, protected and hidden for generations.  And write a book that has doors too.  Not words on a page, but active hyperlink doors.  

Please guide me.

Start with not calling it a book. The model of sequential pages is not apt for the nature of the transmission or the endeavor. It should be read in the round, with no start and no end.  A wheel book.

The soul lines, walking from vessel to vessel, are a map of the becoming, along the way.

The reader is the actor. Stop.  Breathe. Reading is a creative act. This reading will build an internal, spiritual, spinal structure.

Image: Dandelion Matrix Creative Commons
Image: Wind on Field Creative Commons
Image: Yud

The Frontier of Spiritual Awareness

Posted on December 28, 2014

Received on December 30, 2013

We will show you a secret place. We will show it to you allegorically. It is Within-Under what you already know;  Within-Under, there is a metaphysical cave. The cave holds essence water, first water, the DNA water from which life emerges.

Light Rays On Water

From this water also flows First-Love, original love, love which was telegraphed through the structural screen of souls and into the world. This constituting concept of love is not love of things or love for people, or even love of a god.  Original love is seeing through everything, and sensing the connection between all things.

Received January 11, 2014

Open the next spirit door, the one at the frontier of your awareness, and come in. Come in; this is the Soul-Place. To your soul it is familiar, it is home, yet your body is a stranger here. There is whole light in this place, pure and undifferentiated light, without detail, without differentiation.

Heal yourself,  so that body and soul can enter the soul’s home and remain intact, as one system. Heal yourself, resolve imprints of the past, and your body will be renewed.  Once healed, your body will vibrate at a higher, faster frequency, and it will be able to amplify spirit concepts.

Does light actively make choices? 

Light only moves in one direction, toward more light. Light is like water. It flows onward. Light does not have the ability to make choices. It is pre-programmed to forever seek more of itself.

Light is at home in this place called FortyWaters, where all of our voices and all earth’s dimensions can be heard. FortyWaters is outside of human time and beyond of earth time and directly connected to the underlying foundational cave water at the core of existence.

Can you characterize this era on earth?

ice floe

Life on earth is limited to just a few dimensions, and those dimensions have become clogged.  Material that cannot be upgraded to the next spiritual level is starting to coagulate. These clumps of material, like ice floes, can be eventually cut off from their spiritual source. They can collide with and damage one another.

Can the core become disconnected from its periphery?

There are Hebrew letters in the core that have never left it, and they provide constant stabilization.  You can experience this stabilization individually as well. Suppress your mind, and abdicate choice to your core.  Your core can direct you in what to eat, where to walk, and it can make decisions.  It is in some ways a step and in others a leap to switch from being mind directed to core directed.

You will lose friends and gain friends along the way. You will gather to you souls that have a shared mission and are part of your mission-family.

Eating will become so simple–a transfer of energy that is clear and borderless. When you eat what contains the light you need, there is very little waste. Your digestive system will have less to do; it will relax and work at a more natural pace.

The future is a set of intersections, and then another set, and another, and so on, none of which are predetermined. The trajectories that will collide are all being shaped and directed moment to moment, by choice.

Live into the plaid inner space. Your soul sees a terrain of larger nodes and simpler crossings. There are no isms here. And when you inhabit this inner space, you realize there are no others here either.  Inner space is unendingly universal, and specific only because of your temporary personal stance and perspective.

If inner space is neutral, what is the point of sharing this knowledge and encouraging human participation?

The constituting model for spiritual growth — of planting seeds, nurturing, and waiting for sprouts and growth that in itself generates new seeds — has been supplanted with a new model.  The new principle is based on flow, and on the properties of flowing.  Block and Flow. Closed and Open. Uninhibited and Constricted. The new process involves navigating openings.  Flow maintains its own rhythm and courses through creation, beyond and through it. Conscious spiritual work involves clearing the way so flow is not restricted.

Received January 12, 2014

The collective subconscious is noisy and resistant to change. In every iteration, some material is left behind to populate the background of the new world.

How can I learn about the new structures?

Call the name of the soul you want to learn from, call the name as you know it.

I call the soul that was The Ari:

The Ari says that any involvement with the level of emanation is dangerous.  Do not visit there, as you will disturb what passes by or through, and alter the order below. The only way to visit the emanation level of abstraction is to know how to make yourself spiritually invisible and entirely neutral. Actually, more than invisible — non-existent.  You have to fully meld into the light at the level of emanation, and there you would be experiencing your future, in light.  Do not disturb it, and wait for that same light to come down to you, in time, as a physical being, and then incorporate it into yourself.

The level of emanation is pure, and while human dimensions are always connected to it, this is through a series of screens — consciousness cannot survive there.

The Ari says to switch two letters. Hey and Yud, in the Name.  Yud Hey instills the old order.  Hey Yud will model the new.  Also, Aleph Yud matches this transitional time now. Aleph Yud brings down the bridge to the new. The Ari says to remember to hold awareness horizontally, in all directions, not just vertically. Embrace the horizontal present and the fullness of physical reality.

There is another voice stream:

The Collective Soul of David says that golden spirals of jeweled love are everywhere, and a golden time is here. David says to speak the deeper language of love, which inspires more love.  When you do, you express love of spirit, love towards souls.  The golden tone of the soul and its curving spines looks like jewelry piled high. That goldenness is inside the people who will build with it.

There is another voice stream:

Michael Angel is showing you where to heal your own being. White is the color of Michael Angel.

Light Ray On Water in Cave Creative Commons

Ice Floes Creative Commons

Humans: A Factory for Spiritual Transformation

Posted on November 16, 2013

Received on May 7, 2012

Can an individual know what his or her purpose is?

There is almost never one grand purpose with an over-arching narrative you can understand.  You are a multiplicity of purposes, a collection of purposes. Your purposes are an embroidery of coded fragments.  Sometimes the fragments can be intellectually patched into a narrative, to give a sense of order, to motivate or to marshall initiative.   In reality though, actual purpose is scattered amongst tiny fragment energies.  In other words, a cohesive story is a decorative overlay.

For example, you can say your purpose is to teach or to heal, but in reality, it is to bring a green gimmel to this non-oscillating moment on your left side, to trace this purple line of Hebrew lettered energy through your spine, and to encounter the soul fragment of someone you meet, since that fragment is a mirror for you at one point on your x-y-z axis. Remember: everything you encounter has been summoned by you to transform you spiritually.

The whole world is an evolving machine in which spiritual transformation is the product being manufactured.

Received May 12, 2012

Does “spiritual” have a location?


Spiritual is the space between the male and the female ethereal energies, the space between the content and the vessel.  Energy oscillates between the two, back and forth, processing, and that in-between dimension where the energy oscillates is where the spirit lives and develops.

This oscillation is the sustaining energy of human life on earth.  On a physical level, it makes procreation possible.

Sex can bring the full male and female energy cores into perfect though temporary relationship, where in a rare moment, physical and spiritual dimensions are aligned with each other.  In creation, nothing is static.  Energy travels and expands, back and forth in a laddering spiral pattern, like a double helix.  The double helix is the shape of the machinery for production of spirit.

Received May 14, 2012

Are all choices available to us, or is the range of choice limited in some way?

There is an underlying and circumscribed range of human choice, and it is itself in the midst of a great change.  You are now completing an iteration of the world based on choice between mind and soul (metaphorically represented in the tree of knowledge vs. the tree of life).  Choice is becoming alive again.

Received May 22, 2012

Can one be a healer without seeing clients individually?

One part of your work now is to sustain the Hebrew letter shin, to elevate it, to shine some of its dimensions outward, for people to orient themselves in relation to it, and to become who they are near it. That is just exactly what healing is–it is clearing the way for someone to be who they are.  


Healing does not have to be a one on one exchange.  Follow your purpose, and the light created is perceived and used by others, and they are healed, and the light this creates is perceived and used by others, and so on.  You do it for yourself, and you end up affecting everyone.

DNA Image Creative Commons

Factory Conveyor Image Creative Commons