About The Author and The Process

The content for this blog, fortywaters, has been transmitted since June 2011.

The process was quite surprising, even frightening, at first.  I type what I see-hear, with closed eyes. The knowledge comes through in images, single words, flashes – very obtusely. At first, I was called to receive in the middle of the night; now I can modulate the process to fit with my other responsibilities.

It was a significant decision to start this blog, to impose a structure and order to the receivings, to have confidence to edit without distorting the transmissions, and to share them.

I did so because it seemed the many pages had a greater purpose than to be hidden in a file called “downloads from within” on my personal computer.  The questions in bold are added during editing, to shape the content; they are not part of an original dialogue.

Eliha is my Hebrew name.  I do not know what my part is in generating the knowledge, but I carry the capacity to receive and disseminate it.

In the day to day, I am known as Hali Weiss. I live in New York City, am married, with two teen-aged children, and work as an architect. I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, but separated from those practices thirty years ago.  For as long as I can remember, I have been searching for the primordial spiritual roots of Judaism.

I am both teacher and student of the fortywaters content. When the knowledge is received, it is as Eliha, and I have not incorporated it into my life or structure.  I learn from the knowledge published here as I read it, and I become it, gradually, along with the other readers. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive it and to become it.