One Slice Through God

Posted on February 27, 2016

Received on October 31, 2015 

Why is there extensive worldwide conflict at this time?

The Middle East area is trapped in rage ruts and not attuned to fine vibrations, to the pulse of new soul energy birthing. When the new concept water underground flows up, the behavior crust will slowly dissipate.

Describe what is new.

Adam and then Eve, the first consciousnesses, are here now.  Adam is the core elements, Eve is the relation, what empowers them to interact.  Adam is numbers, Eve is the functions. This unified collective, stable and infinitely dimensional, stands firm and expands out-in-out-in-out with each breath. As the shards come back together, Adam will be reconstituted.  Individuals overlap and share the collective, until we are all connected and all in all of it.

There is no religion to practice and nothing to do, ritually, to participate in this universal breathing rhythm. The pieces that were separated will find a dock in the whole that was always there.  The whole is a set of receptacles, holding the potential for awareness and waiting for the return.

water lotus seed pod

Arise and heed us now.  To be fruitful and abundant, keep your third eye synched to the core of the wisdom running through you.

Abundance will come as you step forward carrying our tablet codes. At first, in four dimensions, they are Yud rotate Hey rotate Yud rotate Hey. They are incised into the nature of material. Constituting spirit laws are mitered to physical potential.  Your body forms this way too, around the flash of spirit.

Speak as we speak;  your light will be your voice. Wrap yourself in light concepts and upgrade the flesh to receive the glory in full.  The wrapping stabilizes the transaction; it guides and structures the energy.

Received November 12, 2015

To take a single step now, when integrated fully with no past, is to create a new edge, the edge where the waves of what is meet what can eventually be.  God on earth will take a booming single step. Take a single step with the god-angel integrated into the human. With full awareness of all that is, take a single booming step. Trust the spirit to lead you. And with each step, all of creation trembles and re-calibrates its coded rules and capacity.

All days are now open to Sabbath holiness.

There is only one temple and it is inside you.  There is only one community and it is inside you.  There is only one reality and it is inside you.

Received November 19, 2015

The line of Abraham widens to a stream of many lines.

The new world is more intention based than action based.  In other words, your intention will be the activating arrow, not what you do with your hands or say with your mouth.

Scan the world and see the very few lights twinkling at the frequency of new spiritual reality. The new light is just emerging,

Magic is unseemly.  Reality should always be before you.

What is a spiritual “concept”?

The word “concept” is limited.  Spirit concepts derive from roots, roots made of letter-cell balls. A concept emanates from the combination of letters.  A single letter, alone, cannot create anything.  Two letters, even if they are a doubling of the same letter, start a tension and some possibility. Three begins the spiral of growth and evolution.  Every concept is an emanating ray from a lettered root.

Of course these are not physical letters, but rather the concepts within the Hebrew letters. Each letter activates many concepts from within itself, that in combination with the other letters in its cell-ball, contain infinite possibilities for creation and manifestation.

That description is a cross-sectional view — it is a slice through god.

Your life is a balloon membrane that expands out from your core letters (Adam) and their inter-frictions (Eve).

Photo: Water Lotus Seed Pod  Creative Commons

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