The Bridge From Old To New

Posted on June 22, 2013

Received on June 6, 2011

Religion is evolving.

All religions will eventually disappear;  they will become an obsolete mode for the soul’s self-expression.  One day, direct participation of the soul in this world will be seamless, as seamless as breathing is to you now.

Religion is not established from above, and it never was.  Religion is the product of collaboration amongst souls trying to find ways to exist in and upgrade the material world.

The new Judaism is enfolded into the structure of air.  

It is between us and in all of us at once.

The new Judaism can be lived by entering the core of the soul, and by living as the soul makes choices without interference.

old_bridgeThe purpose of the Judaism we see was to bridge between the world of no visible spiritual presence to the forthcoming world, where spirit will be more manifest.

This bridge is complete and Judaism  has accomplished its mission. Religion as we know it has become an  inaccurate system to activate the soul at the next level. Religion is not timeless, and no construct meant to support the spirit ever is.  Even our new model will eventually be a bridge to another one.  The vastness of these successive levels could never be comprehended.

I am choosing to write now in order to gather together those souls which intend to evolve  to the next evolutionary spiral but cannot find their way alone.  There is no way to guess their numbers.  It might be a handful and it might be millions.  All of the main souls which were present and activated at the moment of this creation will be part of the next one.  It will be easier if the choice to evolve is made with human awareness, and the next evolution will proceed smoothly if it is built centrally on the shoulders of this one.

Why am I hearing you, for the first time, now?

There is a new spiritual dimension adding onto and expanding us.  The concepts and words that will establish it are unfurling and unwinding; the knowledge is densely compacted.   And it will be the job of many and few to discern these floating tails of information and pull them down and record them, so everyone can see them.

Our experience of love is tiny compared to the actual sense that love is, when it can flow freely outside of human bodies and minds.  The concept love  contains in it every single node or nerve center to create the next reality.

There are parts of Judaism which are eternal and which will sustain our endeavors for all time.

They are:

— the Hebrew alphabet’s letters

— the potential for prophecy

— the golden heart

— the glass mind

The concept of the Sabbath, as out of time but appearing regularly within time,  will remain in the bedrock of creation for at least two more  cycles or iterations.

The knowledge  which is now starting to trickle out was planted here thousands of years ago.   Those who hear it and sense it are the ambassadors of the new Judaism.

We don’t need more leaders. We need more followers. The leaders are in place.  They know what to do. The followers have to choose now.

Bridge Creative Commons

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