The Bridge Is Complete — The Spiral Climbing Cycles Onward

Posted on March 12, 2016

Received on December 10, 2015:  The Bridge

At the foundation of these writings: Every aspect of the physical and spiritual world can, does, and will change. God is an infinite spiritual network of vast frequencies, forever in the midst of change.

The structure and capacity of the receiving human vessel is also always changing. People and their religions – both are technologies, tools to interact with evolving spiritual matter. The entire system is single-minded.  It wants more light; it wants to become more light.

This text describes a process for completing one spirit cycle, and transitioning to a new one. First, complete the prior cycle, then the transition, then begin the new. Be accurate. Now, four and a half years later, the bridge described in the first fortywaters post has been established and first souls are starting to cross it.


As a matter of process, repeat the first post, then continue with new transmissions.

(Repetition of Session One, Received one day before Shavuot, 2011.)

Received June 6, 2011

Write this down:  The New Judaism

What is a religion?

Religious practice is meant to be a seamless expression of the intent to blend material and spirit. Religious practice should be as seamless as your breathing is now.

The new Judaism is like air. It is between and inside all of us, at once. Like air.

Meld, enfold, integrate into the new structures.  There are no disciplines, rituals, or pre-determined observances that will usher you forward now.  Enter the core of the soul, and live as the soul takes over, unfolds and manifests itself.

Judaism, as you call it now, is a bridging system, between spiritual forces that were hidden and then revealed. This bridge has carried out its mission and held awareness of spiritual matters in the forefront of human consciousness.  I speak through you now to gather together those souls who choose to evolve to the next spiral, but cannot find their way alone.  It might be a handful and it might be millions.  All of the main souls present and activated at the moment of this creation will be part of the next one.  The transition will be easier if the choice to evolve is made with human awareness.

The concept love, the Hebrew letters for AHAVA , contains in it every single node or nerve center to create the next reality.

Who is speaking now?  It is the Angel Michael, the gold light in your heart.

Your heart is your knowledge center.  Say this: I agree to say what I see.  Agree to see, and see, and see, on three levels:  see physically, see spiritually, see through time.

Beyond time, there is a new sense of space coming into the world, along with a new Torah-like guide-book or text.  The words are unfurling and unwinding; the concepts are stretching apart so they can be perceived.  And it will be the role of many and few to discern these floating tails of information and pull them down and record them, so everyone can use them.

Is any aspect of Judaism infinitely relevant?

Some parts of Judaism are eternal. They will remain in the bedrock of our endeavors for all time.  These must not be changed or tampered with.  They are:

  • The Aleph Bet Letters
  • The Potential for Prophecy
  • The Golden Heart
  • The Glass Mind

The Sabbath will be in the spiritual bedrock for at least two more creations or iterations.

The knowledge already within you, which is now starting to trickle out, was planted here thousands of years ago.

We don’t need more leaders. We need more followers. The leaders are in place.  They know what to do. The followers have to choose now.

An End-A Beginning  

Received December 10, 2015

Expand the foundation of the new. Agree to build the new, by being a pillar for the new, and by maintaining your stability. This effort does not involve other people, and it does not involve building a community. Stand strong and stand separate.

aurora australis

Light matriculates through those vessels in position to receive it accurately.  Souls have taken their exact places, to structure and support the whole

Original water sings the song of creation.  It is audible. 

Stillness in the center of the chaos will remain. Observe the shaking.  

Received January 9, 2016

Confidence is the ability to connect directly to your core, and not through old images or unresolved  experiences.  In other words, confidence is the ability to live fully in the present, and to speak from the channel of the spirit.  Confidence comes from the choice to be home in spirit, and then the choice to inhabit it fully.

The new is an influx of dominant creation codes, flowing in a river of codes.  

Why does it have physical properties?  

This water is infinite.  

Is the new carried in a vehicle, which is the water?

The codes turn regular water into the language of light. The information is carried by the non-physical dimensions of water.

What puts the transition into effect?

We need your help with the transition. The new is like the jet stream; it is not integrated.

The human body will change as a result of the new spiritual under-codes.  The organs that feel and hold will become more dominant. 

The State of Israel was created for the sake of the land itself, which needed to be revived.  The earth required love in specific places, to open, like a flower, and to release the old pictures and generate the new. The people carried the land inside them, and so the two had to dock, one to the other, to activate the next program in each.

Touching where spiritual events occurred in the past softens the crust and makes this emergence and the spiritual evolution possible.

Prepare your self, prepare your self, prepare to enter the holy of holies, inside you.  Prepare by accepting spirit and spirit alone, in harmony with the river of light flowing through you. Enter the place, and bring the light-water to the place, and line up your mind, your heart, your soul, to the frequencies of the place. 

And live now through this screen of the sacred too, this new configuration of sacred, see, now, from here; it is within, inside, where you usually see from.  

Do not try to understand. Living more deeply within leads to more spiritual range outside of yourself, more seeing, more simplicity, and more unveiling,  It is a paradox.

There is a level farther inside where only the Hebrew letter Hey exists, in energy. And God said let there be light and there was light. This took place five dimensions from where you are now, five dimensions of clarity and exponential light inside light.

The concept of the Sabbath flows through here, the concept of rest for the creative and dominant spirit. Of all the Sabbaths since the beginning of time, very few have accessed this place of holiness, sometimes yes, but mostly no. Human nature is dense. 

The spiral climbing cycles onward. 

Image: Bridge Creative CommonsImage: Aurora Australis Creative Commons

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