Thin Line of Final Walking: An Oath

Posted on August 21, 2022

Received on December 26, 2021 

Wrap yourself in these straps, these ribbons of holiness, these word strands. Bind them around yourself, and they will become a spiral that elevates the skin. And rises. The skin of each inner organ is a different land – the kidney, the liver – each will be transformed.

So wrap yourself in the downloading codes, wind these words around your skins, to remind the inner organs of their home, their singular place and purpose. There is no need to struggle. This home is already theirs. It is the intent of creation.

When you untangle your heart, your inner organs and the earth’s continents will untangle too. So clear the passages and enable separations, a free flow around each organ, to enable the larger purpose to set its new and next roots.

If everything is ready to expand, to change, to become more, what is holding it back?

Your reluctant partnership, your willingness to join the next realm, limits the change that is possible. Deeply held anger is preventing expansion of this new light. Agree to create an absence for the new to dwell in.

The seven stone pillars standing at the corners of Jerusalem are outdated. They will be renamed; they will be recharged. Open your heart cells, those made vacant by releasing anger. Stand on trust.

Light has an inner relational structure. Configured light is compassionate, moral, and just. The structure of the light mirrors the underlying principles of Judaism. But Judaism is not its purpose. Rather, the purpose of Judaism is to lead you to match the frequency of the upper light in every human cell and organ – to become a home for the light in all its dimensions – so that no frequencies are excluded.

What will be continuous, and connect between our ears?

Techeilet, the blue, the infinite blue is what will carry the new. If you will listen, you will hear it. Yes, techeilet carries the specific light of all potential, the color which is creation, and this blue light will be the umbilical cord.

Everything from here that will pass to the new can be carried within the techeilet – and, see here, it is already being carried, and always has been. Judaism in essence presents an accurate set of higher relationships. It reminds us how to order ourselves. This reshaping occurs at finer and finer grades. The human story is the burdened journey of the Aleph, a buried foundation, an exile that emerges into infinity.

Received June 1, 2022

The shape of what is missing is present, an absence that is embodied in the letter Shin. The Shin revolves in the face and as it turns, it awakens your presence. Leading is not with your head, it is with your knees, with the blessings of bending and of returning themes to the system’s origin.

Received June 25, 2022 4:44 am 

The timeless golden gifts you carry have been unwrapped and revealed and are ready to be released. The front spine is open and after these six thousand years, the golden gifts are free to go out, like stars, to influence and guide. They have inter-networked over thousands of years and thousands of lives. You collectively, through your lives and aspects, have been building – building the UpNetwork that will thrive during the darkness. Whatever is not true will die.

See it. See it all around. And agree to be the wise voice of the collapse, to lead the new vision. Take an oath, an oath to lead. Agree to listen, to receive knowledge when it is revealed and calls, without pause or delay. Honor the exactness of the timing. 

Move in the middle of the night, during the day, at all times. And you will carry it.  And there will be a simile – a mirrored relationship between what you carry and what you’ve built inside yourself. And that exquisitely mated dialogue will sustain us during the thin line of final walking. Lift and walk. Lift and walk, carrying the relationship matrix. 

Why is movement required?

This is the change era. Move as it does, navigating within exactness, with absolute exactness and alignment. See now, as you are locking in, that your spirit eyes reverberate with ancient golden and bedrock faith. 

Do not teach through speaking. Enact, build and show. Commit and reveal. Originally, the portable holy cube of eternity could not communicate. It was carried, voiceless, its potential and promise perfect and alone. The structure humans built made a resonant home so the holy cube could start to open, to emanate. 

Where is it now? 

This cannot be answered. The golden rings will guide us in parallel to it. 

Received July 30, 2022

Start with eighteen and hold the place for the higher. Once the qualities and emanations can land, everything that is not within this frequency will crumble. 

You must sustain your belief, and in fact, it is the only thing you must do, to put yourself in your place, and stand, and hold, and stand and hold, as the journeys run through you. Stand in your place.

Do not go to the holy portal now; you will close it by going there. Seventy gardens float beyond your purview and their glory does not reach you. Trust, without knowing these states of being. The purpose now is to hold the line.

The fire you lit has never stopped burning.

What about the 72 power vectors?

They are enacted. Sustained and active. And now they will never stop. A small percentage of Judaism as it is practiced aligns with the 72, the turn of the heart at certain moments. 

How will religious Jews recognize the new?

The army that practices Judaism is like a lock, to prevent back flow. They will not recognize the new. They will hold the screen. 

Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons

The Final Face, Engraved

Posted on December 26, 2021 

Received on August 7, 2021 

Continue to develop the middle bridge, though both ends, forward and rear, are invisible. You’re floating, in a middle, guided only by what your spirit has engraved in you. For this portion of the journey, there are no familiar bearing points. The beginning is distant, the end an enigma. Yet, the stepping places are clear, follow your inner knowing, to choose and step. Choose to step. 

A spectrum of lights and lives informs each single step – trust the spirit.

After each step, stop and wait, until the angles of light are active there. Wait to experience the spirit pulse, light in and light out, so the system is established and stabilized. Then, take another step. All the vectors, intentions, layers, depth and history come to bear at every one of these nexus points. What has seemed fragmented assembles as one.

The results will be surprising: what will fall and what will stand. But trust this process and you will be built to endure, according to the tracings of your formative ancestors, who walked so you could walk in their path and beyond it.

Assembling and assembled, receive light and reflect light out, simultaneously, so that there is no pause. True form, or skin, is sustained by the active and constant in-flux and out-flux.

Saying the Shema enhances light flow in the neck and forms the voice. It can connect to the sacred source of voice.  The Shema builds capacity and also sends out the principle of order for all spirits – it is the commander’s instructions. Saying the Shema reinforces the original intent.

Find reality not through your daily skin and its experiences, but through feeling the interplay of forces, in and out, in and out. We are made of points and gaps, points and gaps. We are a collection of pulses, each with a perfect spirit pitch point that contributes its stature to the design of this world.

Caves do not change the mission or purpose, but they do alter the input and output frequencies, so that one can isolate each point and study it without interference. The transmitting dead include Abraham.

Received on September 11, 2021 

 White is not the color of the spirit when it is in the body. White is the color of the skins, integrating material and spirit.  The spirit expresses itself in color.

The new is a new relationship between material and spirit, which then creates a new sense of order. The new relocates the sacred and its nexus inside human beings. Leave behind hollow shells, the places and objects that symbolized the sacred but did not and could never truly hold it. The home for the sacred was always meant to be the human being.


Religions evolved to bring you home, home to your self, which is a temple and the only place that truly alchemizes material and spirit. Enter your own consciousness, and remain in its interior orbit.

Synagogues and Temples were interim sacred spaces; they do not hold the sacred anymore, now that the center has moved inside humans.

Will the Torah still be passed down?

The Torah scroll and words have guarded the light, preserved it. Moses revealed this light to save the Israelites. The white spaces of the Torah will begin to express themselves. Black letters held the white in place. Black sustained the white when it could not sustain itself. Soon, the white will appear, in plain sight, when this white between black letters matches the frequency and timing.

The land I will show you is now inside us, its rolling hills, and the land of promise, it is inside us. And it is infinite. If you sense it, fly over it, and integrate its wisdoms.

Received on September 15, 2021 

The central source expands and blooms without constraint. The blueprint for inner expansion, mapped today, requires focus and commitment, without judgement.

Start at the feet, and slowly rinse and revolve, rejuvenating and committing to a thinner more luminous membrane through which light can emanate.

White linen waves allow the horizontal and vertical lights to immerse, one for one, through it. Today, linen is transparent, from the perspective of the light.   It is a harmonious skin.

Seven times seven. Moses speaks, now and always. The spirit space of those words has never left this earth. The words continue to expand and reverberate, hanging here like sacred clouds, like boundary strings defining the range of what is possible.

Received on December 26, 2021 

Engravings, maps of purpose, have been building for thousands of years, through space and time. These engravings, of resolved light, now appear on the bottoms of the feet.

As the engravings appear on the feet, they interlace together all the rectified light strands, the journeys of choice and light. They speak to the longing, until the image of the final face appears.

The final face is the face of messiah, the face of fulfilled concepts.

Messiah is not a person, and will not appear all at once. Messiah is the gradual unveiling of a connectitude already deep at work. It rises now, faintly. We have been sensing toward it.

Our feet, they carry what started alone in the forehead. Ask to meet the light where it wants you to be, and go there. Receive it there. The light of creation depends on it. 

Radial vectors of sacred names emanate from knees. Do not be afraid of losing the way. The roots of Israel are unshakable now. Hear the psalms, the unfolding patterns of revelation that hid the details but fed the roots.

Birds in the solar plexus flutter white wings into pulsing light. Everything connected to the core of Israel is becoming a revelation.

Seventy different angles disperse the flutterings – while at the same time, the image is held in place by the engravings. 

There have been millions of poor interpretations, misunderstandings, perversions, and mis-steps. But none of this extinguished the ancestral sparks. Their central fire fed the core and would not be deterred. Locked into this reality, it could not leave. So it waited, waited to be matched by a collective fire.

Lives and bodies, lost along the way, attest to the difficulty in listening, in hearing, in following the inner calling. Abraham modeled it first.

Hebrew letters hold all dimensions and angles.  They form the essential veins that sustain. The letters continue to mediate between aspiration and reality – they bind worlds together.

This next phase still depends on the commitment from humans below, to above. By this power, the face is revealed. You trusted and waited, and chose within the void, and are completing the middle bridge.

Ancient lines converge into modern ones, as full activation throttles open, into being.

Creative Commons Step And Then Step

Creative Commons Engraved Veins

Nexus Of Eden: Four Faces and A New Crown

Posted on May 15, 2021 

Received on September 20, 2020

The schism between old and new, which we first taught you about some years ago, is underway. There will not be any more bridges to cross back and forth, as you have been crossing, between old and new. Any of your efforts to go and return will be futile.  The way has been cut. It is not possible anymore to transform even a little more of the old into the new. That path was extended and now it is sealed.

What the new requires of you is as follows: find your exact seat, in high center, and stay there, in your seat. You who have been wandering, circling, confused, and afraid to enter into the new, take your place now.  

Open each of your cells to the new light, open them all, and receive the letters and light coming to each cell, to upgrade them so you can multi-directionally inhabit your four corners.  Meet the new stream, with all four corners. Seventeen years  ago you started this process.  Now, become the becoming.  See the flares, and follow them.  Do not be confounded as you receive wisdom unparalleled in your experience.  Unfurl the knowledge you receive, for forthcoming eras we do not see.  Receive, and with faith, plant it now, that it will someday bloom.

Yes, you who are standing in the new, you are displaced from the old. The familiar forms of feedback do not exist here. In the new, nothing has been inhabited and molded to your needs or inclinations. It is nearly formless.

sun on water

What are we looking for, as we walk?

Look for the ground that feels like it receives and gives, where there is a response to the propelling desire. Your guide will be  inside and under your feet, and when you take a single aligned, intentional step, it creates a giant reverberation. But you will not actually be walking, rather stepping and rotating and stepping, to rotate.  It is a single axis, a spiral really, that you become, in this receiving and emanating outward.

The separation between old trajectories and new will increase until they do not recognize one another.  Judaism is the central core of knowledge and wisdom, of light and its processes.  The modern practice of Judaism had started to smother light, rather than generate it.

Will we be shown the true and original essence of Judaism?

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob –  their lines are not exactly attuned to the new structures of light.

Stand up, now, stand up, and coerce your core to disciplined attention and commitment to this exact place, your purpose place, from the bottoms of your lettered and searching feet to the helix head. The light factory becomes you, and it operates exclusively within you who are standing with clarity and commitment, here, now. Do not look to forefathers or others for illumination.

The new frequencies are similar. Transformations will occur in a more circumscribed arena.  The in-between is more vast but distinctions less discernible. Facilitate this final stance.  Surrender and shed what your mind is holding, the stubborn anger and some smallness connected to an animal and ancient idolatry.  The last floating solids, so far unintegrated – include these final most stubborn elements. Integrate them, and have faith, they will recombine in the new.

Amplify your radial light.

Received on January 7, 2021

When seventeen structures or sensibilities can be sturdy enough to receive the new inflow currents, then our net will be strung tight and fully fathomed. The inflow is not a trickle anymore, it has velocity. So sing and signal you are in your place, and renew your commitment.  Commit to integration, as a human, into the fullness of this inter-being moment when the higher enters and inhabits your cells. When this locks in to place, the beginning of the light era will have been established,  it is almost inevtiable now.  It has an agency and drive of its own.

Speak and act, speak and act, with intention, and the union of speaking and acting will transform mis-alignments. In this sense, what is taking place is a vertical enshrining of wisdoms.

Human life has severed meaning and material – by pursuing ideas that are not based in the foundation. These disconnected ideas are fantasies. They set material loose to multiply and thrive, disoriented and unhinged.  Now material fragments are being reeled in, to establish balance.

We are setting bright central stations to guide though the night. These are floating stabilization points, set with candles and held with bearded faces. In this time of ingathering and inclusion, and a return to the one primordial core, let us infuse all that is with infinite wisdom. Remember though that even timeless wisdom will not remain the same forever.

There is no religion that can activate all wisdom, though Judaism gets within a swath of it.  There must be a letting go, to then inhabit its true fire. We anticipate a melding, as occurred at Mount Sinai.

We will compose the face of the final being, then the body will form in future eras, but we are setting forth the face – golden, beautiful, and true –  full of the letters of creation, and their distinctions.

Received on February 14, 2021

The sacred vessels are established, built, compiled – and they are in majesty, all majesty. They are the ending vessels, the ones that will carry glory concepts though become golden light. The vessels are the most complete and true entity to stand here in this human realm of consciousness, and together, the vessels are the crown. The crown.

It was set before us, this majesty – at first in wisps 50 layers beyond us. The majesty has inhabited our time, and infused this world with order and the accurate space between things.

Do not be afraid to place the crown on your head. If you can see it, join with it.  There is no danger and the timing is correct. Those who want it will not find it. Those who do not want it or seek it will become it.

Numerous stars promised are inside us now,  carried points revealed from the walking.  And now, when considering your choices, do you see, this is ripe. The energy in choosing, the power and attraction of it, is resolving into being. And when you open your eyes, your circumcised eyes, when you have the courage and the ability to see, which you do not yet,  you will see through the eyes of spirit.

You will use human eyes, with human recognition, but you will see with the sense of time collapsed and flat. And you will see purpose in each moment, purpose in pain, purpose in loss, and purpose in every blade of grass or note of a song.

You cannot truly communicate with entities outside of the crown system, the crown of new being. They will not understand you, nor you them.


Received on February 15, 2021

I will carry you on my wings, and seed your songs for eternity.

I will find your heart and stay there; I will nest in your heart forever.

The space, the empty space,  it calls and now, no-one sees and no-one hears. But it holds you, and it holds the promise of seven. Grow up now, out of the wings and into the crown of being. Put on the crown, because it fits you and we will hold you. The crown is collective, forged in sacrifice and striving, commitment and love. Some have chosen to die to specifically complete the crown. And when the crown is on you, your system will rejuvenate and all the brokenness – its layers, its eras and organs, all tattered, will rejuvenate.

The crown is the holy temple, so we will clean it, together now all of us, from there and here, gone and intending, we clean it now. Stand and steady the corners, the four corners, stable and ready. We are opening the gates of redemption, opening the crown. The crown will heal you, make you, and will heal us, and so it spins. What you healed is enough to sustain the generation.

The crown is tight and locked in. The crown is a golden capacity to heal the ages. Remember to stay aligned, to feel joy in purpose and make it easier to sustain the will of wills.

Received on March 7, 2021

Swage, fabricate, sew, and seed.  The landing entity needs to be received. You will not break, from the receiving, all has been fortified through generations of development.  Your name is our name now, your true name, we mean, is our name too, at different frequencies, we are aligning. Choosing is more dynamic in humans, where the fulcrum is farthest from the source. To ease the transition-  do not eat red meat.

Received on March 18, 2021

Notice distinctions related to size and scale.  Size reveals the magnificence of the being, all that is. Size or scale is a quality that conveys infinity, really, everything built into the sense of longing comes from the distinctions of size.

Send messengers to me now. There are some who have sensing ears, and they should draw close now to hear better. The perimeter wall is transparent, and you who feel called, enter, take a step and enter, cross the threshold into the new world, where spirit dominates the physical. This place, you always knew it, but never saw it, and it will be visible and in harmony with you who can enter.

Mother is winding right, Father left, and you stand and shoot upward from the middle, the emanating place. And in that state, you bear down too, to the root center.

Received on April 14, 2021

And in the channel, the voice of the eyes says “unpeel”, to see the interior unfrozen, not in snapshots or glimpses, but in its ongoing motion and process.

Ask, and you will see all is available to you.  Ask from spirit, for the sake of spirit. I see the spirit’s inheritance,  earned from the wandering and longing and reaching to the invisible, through gaps and through faith.

Judaism is the way the system works, the way spirit manufactures pleasure for itself, in its own currency, aligned with a specific intention or purpose that does not change through each creation.

The ingathering is assembling at the center of your spirit. This is its inheritance through the millennia, with past assembled, to be received and so then, carried over into the new.

Received on May 14, 2021

Again now, stand in your place, and do not hesitate.

Turn your four faces each directly to their sources. Those faces are the nexus of Eden.  The four rivers flow, rivers of knowledge, compassion, truth, and justice – these are the four essences of this world that accelerate spirit consciousness.  Be the one that is the four and do not interfere with the incoming flowing and its natural distribution.

The joy here is in receiving, in being received, in the fullness of the idea now finally passing through the layers, to return.

northern lights

The natural order of reception is constructed by Judaism, in thought, faith, and practice. Judaism is a vessel shaped by adherence, not for the sake of adherence, but for the sake of the unobstructed flow itself.  The vessel is formed, according to those impulses. Now, the shaper molding tool, Judaism itself, disappears. The mold is not needed anymore. Embrace the glory of the new as it populates, finally, our in-between.

The system is rejuvenating – everything is finally passing through all the screens and layers, to run out and to return.

Sun On Water Creative Commons

Numerous Stars Creative Commons

Northern Lights Creative Commons

Carry The Voice Of Creation In Your Bones

Posted on November 15, 2020 

Received on September 28, 2020    Yom Kippur

Notice the stubbornness embedded in your cells. At these rigid points, the infinity of being cannot enter. Stubbornness is closed, faithless.

Humanity is in a face-off between an old and emerging paradigm. To progress with purpose, relinquish every stance, everything you are sure of, every surety that helped you arrive here. Relinquishing stubbornnes is the essence of return.

Identities, opinions and passions  –  abandon this content, and carry onward only the vessels. Sustain your sensitivities and capacities, but let go of whatever they are holding.   Lace yourself to a simple faith in infinity.

To enter this new year, it is through the left side.  You have always come in through the front. Move to the left side now –  it will not be familiar. The system has rotated, and that is why breaking from old positions or beliefs is a prerequisite to entry.  People who have faith, and an ability to release what they knew, can enter. 

The first steps inside, from the left, will be disorienting and frightening. Stand and wait until you can process the strangeness enough to balance, then step again. The codes stabilize the fire, though everything is scrambled. This is an embryonic being – inchoate fires, ready to be formed. This is the new laboratory of formations.

Where is the Chariot and its driver?

These elements are mostly blended into humanity now – they have descended and integrated. Some aspects flew away above, to return to their origins, too fiery and pure for the human world.  There was a split, about 30 days ago. Most of the chariot joined you, and some qualities feathered back to their origin and source.



What is our purpose now?

It is to serve the light, with clarity and unswerving dedication. It is to carry the voice of creation in your bones.  Your purpose is to hear the sounds of angels and say what you hear so others can hear this too.  Your purpose is to be a stable pillar of light and at the same time, to flexibly follow the light wherever it leads.

Allow the Hebrew letters that are composing you to shuffle and adjust, so that the first steps are more harmonious.  

Are we leaving Judaism?  Prove that this new formation is aligned with the inner rectitudes of light.

What you are entering will not be as different as it feels when looking in on it.  Your vertigo will melt. You have done this before, been part of an initiation, of a new perspective or orientation. 

Let’s begin.

First, you will walk one by one, up seven steps. Stand still on each step, and on each you will say what we tell you to and wait, for instructions to move to the next step.  Yes, you just felt it, and when you do, you bring us life, light we cannot reach on our own. 

We are not more powerful than you. Do not feel small. Your choice and capacity is what brings spirit and light concepts to life and expands them.  

Stay on the first stone step.  The birds of crown, names circle.  We must also tell you that at some point you will not be able to think, in this process today – and then you will be restored,  but it will require full surrender on every level.  

Can I take something with me to remind me where I belong?

Yes, you can take a small bell.  

We are building your resilience and structure so you can withstand the energy and the power of the void inside.  

Align with the cloud idea, partner with the process.  

The fourth step is the north-south-east-west heart.

The fifth is celestial bodies welcoming you.  The sixth is the lowest point in human creation, the most remote and black, needing uplift. And the seventh is mediated criss-crossed walked and lived resolution. And that is the history of these lifetimes.

The next step is to the threshold of the new. 

And the angel emerges – on the threshold. Wash your feet. Heal your feet first. Light the letters that are on the bottoms of your feet. 

Introduce yourself this way:

I am a messenger and I carry the frequencies touched and integrated.

I see the front door is closed  – that stone door.

Put a letter Hey in your solar plexus, to sustain your self during the first steps. It will temper you. Then you will become acclimated.

And put an Aleph in your knees and Vav in the back of the knees. And a Bet at the ankles, and Lamed on the bottom of your feet. The wings spread.

What will the intention be when I take the first step?

Hold the letter Hey, the burning illuminated Hey, in your heart bone, and you will be sustained.

Am I ready to step inside?

You are already inside. Quell the panic. Good, now walk to the left. Step stop, step stop.

As I walk, Hebrew letters, golden vibrating Hebrew letters, join the Hey in my heart bone. I am receiving. I have taken six steps. I sense the seventh requires something else. What is it? I stop.

Place the Hebrew letter Aleph in the foundation.  The wings extend again, now in a different tone,  the Hey is lit and the Aleph sustains.  A coat of colored letters spreads, draped and alive. Step stop, step stop. 

You will walk around this perimeter seven times today. 



The Hey in my heart bone has become a six-sided cube of Heys. Sentences start to establish this place, a palace. 

The ends and the beginning are fused here, and the shofar calls you from what is old to the new.  The shofar is a call to what has passed into the new, to keep going, and the shofar reminds what is still coming up and over the bridge to continue.

The transition into new holiness, composed of light ten times more radiant begins now. It will start at ten times more, and over its course it will expand further. More intensity now would break the system at this meeting point.

What will be different? 

Instead of the relationship between humans and god, and human and human, both of which are essentially the same, you will now turn to an inner core relationship  – between your light and your light.

The alchemy of this inner meeting will be creative, and remorse and choice will become obsolete.

Seventy years ago you participated in the laying out of these maps we’ve followed and there will now be a period when there are no partner maps, as you become accustomed to this new spirit home, and its principles.

Whose is this voice?

It is what was called the god of the forefathers. You who hear this now are the bearers of light.  We need you. We cannot sustain it.  You hold light that is greater than our capacity. And you send it to us in the right time.

All of that light, that intensity and purpose will be settling now, becoming a layer lived and completed. Some will choose to settle down and become the ground for the next light.  And for you, those who carry light forward, there will at first be an overwhelming sense of alienation, like the one you feel now, as you shine golden light into whiter light. 

The alchemy of the white and the gold, of Judaism and its inheritance, will burst into new being. Each time they meet, a new light is created – just as this meeting, now, is an act of creation itself.

The higher self will inhabit the Hebrew letter huts or homes you have established in your being today –  the Shin in your hands, the Hey in your chest, the foundation, the knees, the shoulder Yud, the feet- all of these places are now glowing light factories. A new holiness begins to trickle inside human beings.

What happened to the Chariot?

Come in now.  

It is different, but do not feel you have lost anything. Trust your spirit. It leads into the new without fear and without fail.

Snow is falling, the snow of new letters, of light to be uncovered, in points. The course is being set.  Finally now, we can free the deepest water springs. Water that has been trapped will return, to join with source.

And rest there, and rest there, relieved to be whole and home.

The springs bubble and rest in turns.

After today, what is here will be on its own – and it is important to see, to see fully see what is around you.  This will be a dense and thick period for many, and the light that sits in each thing will burn this thickness, to emerge.  

Doves fly up out of the pillar of light and melt into their source.

Root the new, hold it as it is initiated further. Ruby red and emerald green, azure and amber – these colors, in letters, are infused with concepts heretofore unimagined. 

It is time to leave this sacred place, to go back out. 


Image: Feathered Back

Image: Sunlight on Water

From Here, Send Out Your Dove

Posted on September 20, 2020 

Received on September 20, 2020 

Rosh Hashana

New lines have been threaded into being. They are set. They will lead you to become that which has not yet been uttered.  Commit to become, answer your call. It is one, a unique call, distinct from all others – each at its own frequency and pitch.  The call, it draws and gathers. It sorts, spirit from spirit, and death from life, in all their partial manifestations.  

Discard your cracked gold shells, your knowing and assuredness, and with an undifferentiated face, wait. Wait for seven angels to bring the net.  Remain undifferentiated yet stable, to transition from now to new without pause, without a break of being.

You are walking on a thread, on a bridge that is a thread of condensed and compressed interlocked letter-concepts. And by crossing it step by step, start to partner with it, to find early resonance with the new, and then one day, you will transform it all into being.

One by one, First Crossers, step : stop : wait. Wait until you receive, and then wait for the knowing, the signal to step again.

Some physical locations will become centers for the new, but no receiving from these places has yet occurred. For now, the receiving places are you, each of you humans who stand up and receive when called.

Human sensitivity is stretching into what were the angel realms. Feel the emerging overlap of sensitivities and capacities, where angels and humans can collaborate with open eyes. This is the learning zone, the leading edge, from where enhanced holiness will emerge. 

This transformation zone will be fertile.  It offers choices, circumscribed by direct intent. Align then with your purpose and stay within the frame of aspirational holiness.

How can we discern if we are part of this process?

The spirits who choose to unfold the new  – within this angel overlap zone – have all previously chosen this role, in similar transition times, are familiar with it, and sensitive to its underlying roots and intermittent pulsing calls.

Judaism offers seven portals or gates into this area of transformation, seven angles to enter, all inherent in its origins. These portals are not held open by daily practice, but by intent and alignment with Judaism’s most interior core.  

While we sense there are other gates, we cannot locate or define them – they are not at our frequency. This has always been a transmission about Judaism, and only Judaism.

But know this, we are not alone, and yet we are each singly responsible for our steps and their trajectory, which has been etched through all time.  Do not focus on the nature of the gates, being in or out of them.  What is important is that they offer extended capacity for humans to expand holiness.

Rain down, now rain down the mist and we turn our renewed faces up, to receive it. 

This does not seem to be a time of coherence. 

The two realities that have been forming, one more animal within the human and one more angel within the human, will become distinct as the new codes are unrolled and integrated.  Sorting will occur naturally. The confrontations that seem to be tearing heart from heart are not that.  They will become clear as a cleavage, a differentiation of systems, of one cleanly separate from the other.

In the angel environment, thought follows spirit. It is always so and will always be so. Those who choose spirit first and engage thought thereafter  can choose to join and extend humanity into new dimensions.

From here, send out your dove.  From here, listen for the holy breath on your cheeks and for resonance in your physical systems. The integration is starting. First traction has occurred.

Judaism, as studied, carried, and practiced sets a ring around this zone. Judaism is sustained by it, but is not practiced inside the ring.  Judaism reaches across the liminal to nourish and sustain its golden ring, which then sustains the system. This is why no one but the high priest could enter the holy of holies, and only on the holiest day of the year. The priest crossed the ring and entered this zone to nourish the system with new light.  

We who choose to birth the new are invited in.

The center, its sustaining center, remains still – though more visible. The illuminated limbs of holiness emit at a higher, thinner frequency than the signal that has been emanating for millennia from spirit bones. More specificity will be revealed, in time, because of your commitment to it.


Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons

New Utterances Through The Collective Mouth

Posted on August 2, 2020 

Received on June 26, 2020 

Original human consciousness is being restored. Humans can be simultaneously aware of above and within, together, at the same time.  Unified in consciousness, again as in the beginning, we can articulate the new.

For millennia, spirt and material have been severed from each other.  We could not extend bones to connect up, the air was too thin to extend down.

Now, the running and returning flow is constant. The hourglass meeting point will gather girth and stabilize quickly as the back and forth between above and within becomes a well-travelled highway.

This is what the system has always strived for,  to re-establish coherence and heal what had been severed. Coherence is when humans can see oneness.

To find Gd, engage in this up-down process. A remote and separate Gd whose action is activated by blind faith, has been superseded.

Under this sun, there will be an active moon. Moon tides will reveal what has been hidden. Sew then, sew-stitch and allow the flow of one to another, between the realms severed since Eden, between the heart and the spirit. Enjoy an uninterrupted cycle of blessing. Stand under its umbrella, of grace. 

Holiness can be hidden, but never misplaced or destroyed.  

So, what is the…?

Do not ask about messiah from the old way of thinking. What you are experiencing is the messiah action. Messiah is not a person or a time, it is a state of being, and some are already in it. As explained, this messiah emanation will take hundreds of years, for everyone alive to participate in it. Those who sense it are surely in it.  

Shift the center of perception and knowing to your heart, and you will feel the messiah being.

The names of people who were prophets, who spoke out and led, who accepted knowledge flows broader than themselves were set in time, for continued guidance.

But now, there will be new names. The old names will be folded into currents. The essences of the prophets will recombine, to guide to the mouths and infinite flow. Open your heart and call to the wind. Receive the images of journeys and landscapes that come in the wind.

Do not use the word Jewish to describe those who sustain the flow. It is not accurate. Call them the desert souls, the walking wandering collecting souls, or establishing souls. The name Jews has unintentionally led to misalignments.

Holiness will start to become integrated with us.

Dreams enunciate vision without committing to it. Bringing dreams to reality must accomplished consciously. New prophets will articulate a new aspiration. 

Received on June 28, 2020 

We are a formation, like a migrating flock, widening and dispersing and gathering again.

Light the match seventeen times and I promise, on the eighteenth, the flame will remain lit. 

Can you explain how  “And Gd Said” actually works to create anything?

The collective mouth has no borders. At its perimeter, wavelengths change and it dissolves into invisible letter shapes. The inner-upper unified voice passes through letter gates, to breathe being into word. Without the letters, the breath would vanish as unspoken thoughts do.

The system compels essence outward. Its will to create sends concepts up through the human system, to it mouth, past the Hebrew letter gate that make it real – audible, concrete, intelligible – and uttered.

The Ten Commandments were uttered in this way, from the collective mouth, held by one, maintained by one, but with sources in all assembled. They could  not speak though, but now many can and do, aligned with this core will:  To Do and To Hear -to summon up and forth the utterances of unified consciousness and then hear it, ourselves, to become it.

That is why it is important to literally say the Shema out loud, to plow the utterance passages and pathways, connecting being and becoming.

As angels recede into the background, our voices will hold the existence of this world. We maintain it with intentional becoming and commitment.  

Dissipation is complete. The new model is collect and return.

Received on June 30, 2020 

Tisha B’Av

In our reckoning now, Faces meet Faces.

The system continues to function, baton passing concepts one to the next. It is still a factory for the translation of breath to light,  intimation into concept while preserving the holy of holies or immutable core of each utterance.

Preserve holiness. It will be ingathered intact, to generate again.

The holy of holies is not a concept. It is a place where only qualities and no things can exist.  The holiness there lowers, to match the era outside it, so that material and spirit can be in traction with each other over time.

In reality, then, the generating center of holiness is people, people who become temples, temples to maintain and carry this essence. On this day, at this inflection point, holiness flows and flows. Feel the temple flowing inside you, and follow it home, to where it began, as a spark without entity.

Now, align your thoughts and voice with this center, the holy flow, and you will communicate with spirits in the original language, and not through the screen of a mind.

Build the structure to hold the utterances using the names of Gd.  

Will these same names build the new, too?

You will need these names for a bit longer, but they are also in the process of changing. Gd is starting to slowly move. For the first time in all these centuries, the gear will move, and when it does, all angles will be different.

Hosting the holiness flow will continue to be your purpose, but the content core will shift.  Pull thinking into alignment with the holiness flow –  thinking is not beyond holiness, it is not just an interpreter. Align thinking with the center, with the holy flow. 

Thought initiates in the holiness stream, and the human role is not to separate from it, as in Eden, but to allow holiness to infuse the concepts expanded while in separation.

And when true human thought is brought inside the holy of holiness, ones sees with the eye of the leader, with vision through time, and all appears as one.

Talk from the holy center, now whisper the names, whisper the names and the only separation that will remain is an invisible membrane, of existence itself, the idea of existence, separate but identical to it.

The clear membrane, which is a woven composition of the names of god and breath and will, makes human life possible. Allow seamless passage of holiness now across the name-breath-will membrane. Do not hold onto the old, do not even turn to face the old.

As the entire body follows, level by level, the upgrade proceeds.

What was happening during the last few years?

Everything was almost new, but still standing in the old. It has not yet been time, but preparations had been made.

Welcome the holy flow, to create what it needs –  the fire, sticks, oil, and incense that is yourself – which you are provisioning. You are the elements.

Humans suffuse material with the flame of holiness. Now you will feed its flame, too. 

Image: Waves Creative Commons

Image: Water  Creative Commons

Image: Sun On Still Water

Walking The New Into Being

Posted on June 6, 2020 

Received on May 12, 2020 

Seventy years ago, we gathered and committed to fulfilling this mission of spirits, to collectively use our imagination and will to implement it.

Judaism, as commonly practiced, is obsolete. The familiar version cannot inspire the new or navigate it. Walk now, walk through this open gate, into the new garden.

Know then, how to choose here-now, with unbending will and faith. Absorb, and be absorbed, in the fullness of the new. Experience awe for the infinite and discern its particulars.

Hand over hand, travel along your own rope. Do not let go and do not look back.

Received on May 13, 2020 

Tie in to the ancient lines, and keep them, as always, the solid golden middle.

The collective spirit spine is aligned by Judaism, shaped by the infinite straightness of Judaism. Judaism’s collected and ordered wisdom is the spirit spine of existence.

Judaism aims relentlessly, directly, true to the commitment to be Yashar El. 

Know now, know and understand that there have been unproductive deviations, in the name of Judaism, and in other spirit endeavors as well. They will fall away.

For example, “universal” is a false construct  – false, entirely false. Spirit is excruciatingly exact and particular, and is never blended or mixed.  Spirit is made up of particular plus particular plus particular plus particular plus particular, and so on.

How can I participate more in the current process.

Take these rings, these golden rings and sew them into your garments and walk the perimeter, with the rings, and they will bring the higher to the holy place. You must make the place, establish the place, now.

Is there one place?

Yes, one place for you, and it must be made sacred, now.

Gather together the strands of all your spirit walking, and bring this fullness to the square platform I am showing you, and slowly, deliberately, you will walk your full spirit around its perimeter.

You walk as a collection of intentions that have transcended time and place.  And they are all here now, held in the membrane of your being.

And carrying all the strands, walk around the square platform. And say the names of god, and walk, and say the names of god, all the different names as you walk.

And I will walk and say them, 72 names. Do I say 18 names on each of the 4 sides of the square platform?

Yes.  Eighteen names per side, to establish new life.

As I walk and say the names, I feel resistance.

You will notice that some of the steps-names emanations are being challenged.

This is a revelation. The revelation makes mis-alignment below uncomfortable. Counter forces fight against revelation. It is a battle. They prefer darkness and stasis, but the will to create the new is stronger and will prevail.

And I walk, and say the names.

And notice this – the gold rings sewn into the garments your are wearing start to vibrate, as we turn the corner to the fourth side. At the last few of the 72 names, the rings nearly disappear, their frequency becomes a portal, a channel between worlds. The rings are a device to initiate the process, a technology, a means to a non-physical end.  This here, this human hosted transition, from carrying rings of gold to establishing timeless sanctity, this is the Jewish journey.

This is the core intent of Judaism –  and you have now been shown how it works.

Enter the platform now. Standing the middle of the square platform, time, space, and place are holy and infused with the full intent of creation. A line of holiness sinks into the core, and out to the cosmos, and to those who are in full harmony with this center of centers, there is no other place or time.  Yet, we are simultaneously aware that the same stream, running slower,  is comprised of people, locations, aberrations, and the history of human choice.


Received on June 6, 2020 

Here I am. Where am I?

You are in the wilderness, again, with no path and no formula, no established routes. It is barren. You are alone, and leading yourself.

The walking route, this walking in the desert, it is not timed or mapped.  Rather, it is weighed by choices, and the measure of choices needed to establish the new. It is seeded with the Torah’s live light, returning. 

You are still journeying, and you will continue to negotiate the way and to choose alone, without our voices to guide your choosing. This is the new; you will forge it. 

And there are many others here, also alone, on this spiritually uncivilized edge.  The committed intent of your collective walking spreads a taut holding net. It keeps the unfolding below aligned with purpose.

There are unfamiliar spirits here. Are they the lost tribes?

The core of having received the Torah is never shattered or lost, and those who were lost will emerge, as an under-layer around the globe.  

Centuries have passed, with just a handful of spirits in this desert crossing, bravely touching and traversing this in between space, to water it, in faith.

But now it is alive with collective intention.  Seventeen lifetimes ago, you first wandered here, and since then, in those seventeen journeys, you have always crossed through this place, in a different way.

The ingathering and crowding here is unusual, and all in the midst of a pandemic and physical separation.

Bodies are quieted, for souls to gather. Stay here. And together, reflect out the face of the higher.

This desert is a place of constant emanating and receiving, day and night.  Here, everyday material can never dominate. The balance strongly favors spirit.

And in the desert, the Jews were ensconced in accessible holiness and a relationship with spirit at all times.  That desert time is similar to our era, now.  

The chaos in current daily life is occasionally unnerving.

The structure is stable. Do not worry about collapse. The variable now is time – how long will it take for this desert to bloom, for the spirit desert to come alive.  Sense the breadth and the glory. You do not hold it alone.  Forge into the new, using guide lines from the old. 

Hebrew letters, too, stabilize the process.  As every familiar construct falls away, to reveal a bare reality, the letters are an iron grid.  Trust the letters, rely on the Hebrew letters, too.


Image: Straight Path  Creative Commons

Image: Sinai Desert  Creative Commons

Alone in the Spirit Birth Canal, Trust the Walking Way

Posted on April 11, 2020 

Received on April 6, 2020 

We are here not to lead you, but to be led by you.

You will lead us, and we have moved  –  we are behind you.

So what do you choose, which principles will you lead with?

Spirit wants more expression and choice from the midst of all your inner organs.  Choose with your lungs,  with the middle of the spleen – so all dimensions come forward. Allow the Hebrew letters to tumble down.

Consolidate now into equanimity.  Burrow into your spirit’s walk-lines. When the new emerges, trust the walking way.

Without knowing the way, now and then, follow the sense of spirit, spirit loving its home.  Where the feeling surges, go, and where it dissipates, stop.  

Red waters rush through and wake the system to its fullness. 

Prepare for the new. Clean corners and dark places, and remove whatever cannot withstand today’s new light.  Heal by placing initiating light opposite the darkness and the darkness will remember what to do and who it is.

And all four sides, all four purposes can find focus and expression.  Have hope – the dead closed places – all of them – all of them – can and must upgrade to come into the new.  Seek them all, and send them forward.  Remain in the white spiral mists of creation.  Search for the dark cold places, and summon the faces of each opposite.  Add this pair to the forward thrust. This is how the new will emerge. So step into your place, although it is in pieces and scattered. Find the pieces; heal and integrate the pieces. 

Received on April  10, 2020 

We will help you at the entry, but we cannot guide you through the tunnel.   

It seems we will be folded up back into our source, and our vectors will be ingathered. All defined lines will be reunited, and lose all specificity. Eventually, a new need will pull down a consortium of inter-weavers with different names and sensitivities.  

You will be on your own, you and the creator –  your spirit and the energizing one, alone. Trust the one and enjoy the closeness, the return home.

Meld in, and allow your inner pulses to join with the universal one, the pulse of millennia. Beat –  beat – beat with spirit.

And in the birth canal to the new, there is no differentiation at all, no holiness and non-holiness. There is only spirit.  When the process  is engaged, free choice does not exist.  The pulses in Judaism do not match the new.  

Curiously, millennia are compressed into the next ten days – millennia of development.  See now, millennia of spirit endeavor can transpire in a single week of focused intention. Indeed, focus now so that spirit is tightly fused with the new.

Pierce into the heart of the moment, and surrender. 

Received on April  11, 2020 

Mist lines and steel wires are wound together, as one.

Behold: the system is revealed in the birth canal to the new.  Here, there are no outside leaders, no foremothers and forefathers, there is just you.

Sink into your core. Find the origin lines of your spirit’s quest and follow them, them, only them. Only your spirit can usher you into the new.

In the spirit birth canal, receive thousands of years of spirit feedback.

In the beginning Judaism led and established the parameters for spirit expression in relation to material. Judaism insured that justice would keep order enough to allow spirit space to breathe and grow.  Now though, the fiery Hebrew letters setting Judaism in motion will recede.

New essence letters will emerge from the sea, from the waters in the sea. Earth letters were already set by prehistory. And wind letters were set between earth and fire. Water essence is next.

This birth canal is a bridge, one we have we have been walking on for years, all in preparation for the heart of the passage. Not every spirit can survive the scrutiny, screening, compression of the passage.  But take heart – a chain can be complete, even if weak in some places as nearly everyone’s is – still the chain is complete. Follow the spirit, follow your spirit.  

What is the role of Hebrew in this process?

The Hebrew letters are twisting and rotating in space, in motion  as the world is still.  The acrobatic letter alchemy is fierce. There are no letters with a recognizable pulse. 

Eighteen pillars support the passage to the passage, but inside, every soul transits alone. Alone.

This is your spirit’s  solo passage, designed by its own expression in this world. 

Be guided only by your spirit.

This is the Walking Way.

This is living death.

You cannot take anything physical with you.

Except your breathing body. 




Light Anomaly  Creative Commons

Spirit Birth Canal  Creative Commons

Moses’ Bone Leads Us – Trust Your Spirit

Posted on March 21, 2020 

Received on March 14, 2020 

Separate wheat from chaff, and rise!  Rise, with this soaring call to spirit. 

Follow the call, as you are pulled by it. Trust and follow, without knowing or expecting anything. The call to spirits will become louder and louder; it is a high pitched thin line now. 

Abraham did not see this moment, he saw up to it. The next spirit step, the next turn into the spiral, is a new paradigm.

Compact yourself into the essence of Judaism, embody it all, at once.  Judaism’s pure core is the foundation of the new.

In there an ongoing connection between old and new?

Capacity, not content, remains and will carry forward.  Capacity is capacity to hold and express spirit. The former “holiness” will be the new “everyday”.

Lines of seven nomads pass across the membrane between old and new.

What was high, the pinnacle of holiness, will become the base, the foundation. What you know as Shabbat will be the everyday.

And a new holiness will take its place, a new holiness, to reveal the new system’s ever greater capacity. 

Trust your spirit.  The guiding voice will pause, as you must take the first step. Trust the spirit through the crossing.


Received on March 16, 2020 

Participatory holiness maintains holiness.

Until this point, humans have observed holiness – have experienced it and acknowledged it.

Now some humans, the alchemic blend of material and spirit, will become co-creators of holiness.  Co-creators are essence souls, aligned with the holiness matrix and simultaneously reverberating at all its frequencies.  

Stay home, with spirit. Being home is home to the holiness that is emerging, home to the alignment itself.

Seventy years ago, in 1950, there was a meeting and agreement, where this time frame and this year were committed to.

Stand now, go, and stand in your place, in your home foundation place and do not leave it.

Stand there and receive what is due, and meet your need. No one can stand for another. Understand: you created this to enable your spirit to grow. And, it may be without those you love.

Humans have ridden on holiness of others, they have counted on it, been lazy near it.

Now:  Go make it. Establish it. The system responds to arrogance with fury.

Fresh idealities point toe tips into the the generating water.

Fill yourself with Moses. I will be where I will be and I am where you should be.  Do not be missing from your home as I arrive.

Holiness that was gifted to you retracts, and has been retracting, shrinking back into  being since it was extended, and now the memories, the wisps, collapse, as holiness withdraws. 

Where will we find holiness then?

In the placenta of a mule.

A non-regenerating animal’s placenta is a nourishment pack that comes from elsewhere, and it used to birth what it cannot replicate.

The womb will fathom itself.

There are locust leaves in the chest and seventeen centers vibrate with the unified intent of higher love. The symbol of our love is the mezuzah.


If you want responsibility, be rigorous and fierce. The narrowness, the birth canal of new life, is here. It is difficult to breathe, it is dark and tight, and natural to be afraid.

And so I trust my spirit?

Judaism was a mode, a mode to achieve certain closeness, and it became recognizable.  But we are in the beginning again, in the very beginning, where nothing is recognizable or nameable.

And agree to this:  Steadfast, I trust.

Come with me, come with me.

The bone of Moses, the bone of Moses has been directing the process all along, and now it calls home its spirit vectors and fragments, and they will assemble, and arise again, to serve and to lead.

So, go now, into the tent to the encounter.  You will not again be the same, yet this now is required for your role, to be a part of the new and to assemble it.  Adjacencies to the old may become untenable.

Agree to serve the holy.

Stay in your place.

Say in this place: Here I am. 

Say this: I agree to be who I am, here in the holy fire tent.  

And I enter the land, just as I entered it, in spirit, before.  My spirit entered the land, carried among you, and you planted me there. 

Judaism, as practiced, is missing the capacity to expand holiness.

Every single human system has proliferated out of balance, misaligned with purpose.

The tent of the meeting is the access door to the new, it is a connecting bridge, a tunnel, and gives straight transmission, forehead to forehead and chest to chest, heart to heart. And sex to sex, and legs to legs, and feet to feet. We meet.

Use the sun to surrender to the sun.  To heal the gaps, receive now the outer emanations of the new light, the new revelation,  a course for maintaining light in dark times.

The head is coming out of the birth canal, and it is guided, the process is guided by being in the tent of meeting and insuring that light structures are continuous and do not break.  

Use the rod to lead. The Ten Commandments were inherent in the rod, are in this rod too, and the utterances of the new are there as well. The rod is a middle line, the tree of life, the light in the vessel. Hold onto it, hold onto it to be who you are.

Embedded into the bottom of the feet are codes for six thousand years to unveil.  The feet codes are activated through events, and through walking in alignment with purpose.

Holiness will be peaceful state for those who walk with spirit.

Hold stable the springs in Jerusalem, the sweet water, the sweet, sweet water wells,  spread in four directions, and trust the spirit.

Is this where we rest, in this place?

The old has hit the wall of the new. Again and again.

Now, the seven directions of holiness are here at once, in the tent. 

Aleph, it is the emergent heart, the first state of the new. 

Received on March 21, 2020

Choose life, choose spirit in each moment.  

The balance between material and spirit is the foundation to stand upon, to face the present. Grip the core of alignments established between spirit and spirit, forged from interactions with material.

Walk to completion, walk to the end of this now wide road that started with the steps one, one soul and a Hebrew letter “Hey” to guide and keep company.  We walk abreast, and the road widens.

Here it is, this global virus and its forced stop.

Allow all realities to pass through you, and as they do, choose spirit, choose spirit, choose spirit, as we have prepared.

Hebrew letters can strengthen you; do not use them for object worship. Open the centers of your being and letters trans-mediate as needed. 

This is a small moment. “In the beginning” was a small moment too, and it shook every world, and emerged as a single ray of light, for the sake of spirit. 

Why is more spirit better?

The question should actually be why is material necessary. And the response is: friction.

Spirit needs friction to expand, and rubbing against a slower, downgraded version of itself creates that friction.

Current friction is between material that is vibrating three or four dimensions slower and thicker than pure spirit. Some frequencies have already been resolved and folded into the higher. 

And you will not walk again immediately, but will rest. Seventeen times we have come and seventeen times we have tried. But this time, setup and circumstances are open for resolution if executed with exact intention.  

Never before has it been possible to receive all of creation moment to moment, as it flows, and yet, this is the opportunity and this is the invitation.


Image: Water Edge –  Creative Commons

Image: Locust Leaves – Creative Commons

Image: Sound Waves –  Creative Commons

Fire Lights The Fire – One Becomes One – To Make The New

Posted on February 8, 2020 

Received on December 11, 2019 

A massive fireball is descending. Fierce and destructive – it is new light. The fire, the new, is not organized or civilized. It cannot be swallowed.

Come into alignment with your spirit though, and the experience is different.  When you are in alignment, the fireball matches your spirit  – one for one. It is articulated exactly, it lands softly and streams harmoniously. What looked like a chaotic fireball actually builds the order.  

Use the structured hierarchy of your woven history, and bring it forward, aligned with spirit, into the becoming.

What is leadership now?

Become the skins for your spirit’s true expression.

Leading is doing, leading is doing.  Leading is keeping the high holy separate and then mediating the gap between the high holy and this world.  Leading, with light, means living in the gap, and knitting wholeness, crossing back and forth, back and forth.

What is the concept of the new?

The theme of the new is not love.  Love is its foundations, it initiating ground.

But the concepts embedded in the entering ball of fire and new light – are qualities of holiness that bring new frequencies and magnitudes to this creation. And there are no words yet for these expanded qualities that will put new themes forward to be engraved in humans. An analogy would be if, suddenly, we discovered we had another essential internal organ, like a heart or a kidney, but something new –  and it was responsible too for our life – though we had never seen it or known about it.  This organ does yet not have a name, we do not know what it does – and yet, it is integral and functioning.  This is the new.

We humans, we are separate from one another, each a unique and separate configuration of light.  Each unique human configuration is capable of welcoming the new fire and making a space for it.  

What is the connection line between familiar and new light?

The new is not diminished or tamed by the old. Rather, the new can only enter because the old light is already here and has been civilized into gold, through practice and prayer.

Noble, grand leaders and concept managers broke down the prior fire into lines, and lines into pulses that could be recognized and reiterated through action, until all the fire became part of us.  And we will participate now in the turning, and into revealing of the face now. A doubling of channels of receipt has been intimated.  

The new download lines are so thin as to be invisible, yet mighty – to insure they can exist at all. The first lines are neck lines and revelation cheek lines.  And the light will appear fiercely unstructured, but more exactly, the light will be unimplemented, for a time.   Know this: the new thin light lines are here and working on us and through us, and from the side the lines appear like a transparent glove of next membranes.

Find now the voice of ages in you, and sing sounds of assent. The eighteen pillars are receiving the new. The pillars we have been working on and building are receiving the new, and metatron is the technological transformer tower, streaming just enough for the fire to pass through and still preserve the pillars. These pillars, these souls, are aligned with the six thousand years and are the foundation of the new that is being received and that will be built.

Receiving is a creative act, and it is through these thin download lines that everything you see and know is created and then extended.

There is aways yearning within wholeness, and the yearning has made a mushroom top home for the new to enter, but foundation souls will remain in the pillar place.

It is the only place to fully exist, connected through with all flowings.  Since the download of fire has begun, one cannot leave the pillar place until the process is complete, which will take some time. 

Receive in that place, expand and flatten, and defer to the place – the light lines know what to do.

We are becoming taller, and transcendentally wise. The light of the sending forth is upon us. 

The zohar light set the location, and here we are again, now, in position, within this timing and expanded closeness.  Live now in the crown, and for a less abstract instruction, come back to wisdom, enduring and sustaining wisdom, to dwell in gold.

The fire lights the fire, lights the fire, through the great relay of being. We dwell in your dwelling and dwell in that dwelling, and so on. 

Together, we see the face, we see the face together, and we live.

We can see it because we know how to process the strains and strands, the lines and themes, to commit to them and give safe passage to them, through the mitzvot, and to widen the channels as they pass through waters to other worlds.

It is not the whole face we see, but we see the part of it that is downloading now, in the fireball.  No one human sees this directly, no one uses this alone.

You, who are with spirit, together, you can see. Trust this, trust this.

Received on December 13, 2019 

Finding Elohim is complete.  Instead, as you become signed into the new, your spirit will relocate to newly infinite set points and axes. Newly Infinite refers to light that has not been revealed to humans, that has not been brought into their world of time and limits.  This is light that has never partnered with humans.

The first contact leads to these times now.  Locate, with a soul compass, the calling blast of new and orient toward it.  The sun of disruption, barrels toward us, and only in your place, and committed to receiving and becoming new, will it not destroy you.

Abraham knew the stars, but he did not know singularity.  You know singularity but do not know infinity, and oneness within infinity.  New practice will connect living into those lines and veins, for participation and for generation and for synchronization.

And, for this is one of the great landings, of one into one.

Abraham used what he knew to generate a moving frontier for what he didn’t know but wanted to develop and expand.

Humans do not carry the holiness of Moses now, it is not aligned with the new – when Moses lands again, there will be an entirely different kind of revelation.

Who is talking to me now?

Stop the turning and simply wait. Wait to be guided.

These people, the spirit leaders – they are letter collectors and organizers, they place Hebrew letters, gold to white, into a stream that is structured for the revelation of the moment, to hold the fabric together through the process. 

Where is the light of Eden?

This is a new creation and the new light is white.  Agree to stand and generate in the cycle of emanations. Remember to build the back and the the sides, since all four faces must be included.  Do not seek to know, but allow the system to guide the creation itself.

All my days and all my nights are imprinted with the drive to participate in the ongoing leading line revelation. Align intent with the new lines, to become like them, to expand creation by choice and surrender, through them.

The many original voices are gone now, and they have receded. The teacher here now is the wheels of the chariot. The wheels themselves. Smashing what is not true, and illuminating the operating the gold  – Aleph Hay Yud Hey – in the center of it all.  

It is gold, the center. Drink the waters there, drink the water there, and there will be no return. The drinking started  –  drinking Yud Water.

And many of the other letters will follow. Observe the Yud Water.

Received on February 7, 2020 

Ganglia or ball configurations of new spirit capacity, made of golden concepts and light letters in combination have formed and are floating outside us. They are not familiar, but they will become so, and this is one expression of the emerging new.

Over time, the contents of the upgrade nodes will be unstrung and revealed and then incorporated into the bodies. In the meantime, the clearing, commitment and desire  brought forward qualities of the higher that are now able to take form, inasmuch as other form has proceeded it.

And the new is not yet free to open and spread. These nodes, they are waiting for the unlocking day and time, and only on that day can light pass through its accurate birth canal, where it is activated and energized.  Light meets the physical in this passage.

Where are all the voices from when I first began this writing?

There are no intermediaries. Our life is here, in you, now. The voice lines have become one.

Separate the essence of illuminated being from the everyday meetings and accupunctures of the body. Do this for the sake of the spirit. 

Spirit creates its own course of healing for humans.  The nodes now are all vibrating and coming into alignment, into synchronized rhythms. When you are initiated into that alignment, new light will open.


Image: Creative Commons – New Solar Active Regions

Image: Creative Commons