The Choosing Point and The New Womb

Posted on July 4, 2016

Received on January 31, 2016

Leave the in-between and continue into the new spiritual environment, without hesitation.

The principles of god, when they are articulated, will introduce fragmented souls to awareness of this new soul-place.  The purpose of opening the seven gates of god is to mark and name and establish the paths amongst which all souls can find a way.

In other words, this path system will bring them all home.

The Hebrew letter Tzadi is the amalgam letter. All letters prior melt together to form it; tzadi is a boiling point, a furnace. In the letters following it, other aspects that stabilize the next realms are floating and working.

Sort out what does not belong in the new golden realm. For example, discard fruits that have been combined through engineering to make hybrids.  

Received February 20, 2016

intermittent rain pattern

Between old and new is a pause, a vacuum. The new is not fully formed; the old has surrendered its footing.   Strands of unintegrated random energies create a sense of dislocation and confusion.  Shatter your personality and return to your birth core, your compacted purpose.  

A high-pitched and barely manifest light, the whitest and airiest of lights, touches the holiest places like a mist.  This light cannot restrain itself and so, lower frequency structures crack or dissolve when they encounter it.  

February 23, 2016

Moses said,  “I do not have words to lead.”  

There is forever a gap between the role and the person.  And so, the next journey will start, with a step toward purpose, with trust and faith, and with personal qualities lacking.  

Agree, then, to guide sparks that need to be returned to source.  Hold the collective.

The journey begins on feet thick and cracked, and imprinted with life. And with hands transparent from their inner light energy. From the third eye, see radially and from the nose bridge, see the out-flowing river of codes and purpose.  

In this time, does the material-spirit relationship change?

In higher realms, you would perceive a thin dark line extending through the middle of light. This line is the intention to become material.  In the physical world, this same line melts into the surroundings and is invisible. Here in this spirit world, the line is an anomaly, and there in the material world, this line is called spiritual. The line is the interlocking thread between worlds.  

And you will say to them:Go up now to the choosing point, to the subtle edge between fear and unknowing.  Go to the choosing point and  live from there, live and choose on that boundary.

And you will say to them:

Life begins at the choosing point.  

Dormant spiritual structures inside you start to quiver. Behold: a grand awakening.

Is the Moses imprint or soul involved in the present?

Do not step back now or wait for outside leaders. 

You, who want to be all spirit, recognize that too is an abdication.  Rather live from within the “choosing point” system.  Human life is a light generating machine.

Received February 27, 2016

When the lines and codes of male and female are separated, infinity can truly sustain the inclusion of material.  The untangled and directed lines of male and female stream side by side and are adjacent, co-creating without mixing.  They are separate, as they were at their inception.

A human is not made of fully male nor female spirit components, not one nor the other. Humans navigate between these forces, absorbing and carrying aspects of each.  

There are twelve now, twelve people who walk forward, living within the new spiritual world’s configuration.  

In the Sabbath of the soul, there is a simple vibration with all that is, and no desire to strive.  The frictions between Hebrew letters subside and life’s drive falls into distinct ordered rows, as male and female energies do.  

Sabbath is equilibrium; the frequency inside and outside is balanced. Sabbath is a porous membrane between differentiated material.

Step by step, broadcast out from the holy of holies.  Place only a breathing existence there, alone; the breathing sends waves of possibility into the human  environment. Holiness is sustained by holiness itself.


Angel Michael says: dissolve your skins into the surroundings, as your skins are porous and light flows in and out in equilibrium and balance.

Hold the glass, the transparent soul mission.  This week, connect up in a straight line and maintain the line no matter what pulls for a bifurcation of energy.  

When a vessel abides by these instructions, thousands of  voices sing a choir of love.  The bottoms of the feet carry sentences, and your purpose is initiated with your steps.  

Say this:

I am for light and I am creating light as I walk.

Received March 5, 2016

Stand to serve. But remember, you are not responsible for the overall outcome. Infinite light is responsible for itself.

Go now, we say: go now and while also remaining within this womb, the womb of the new, expand from here.  This is the center core.  In your full intent, and agree to expand out in perfect–perfect harmony and correspondence with the structures here.  As you expand, we also expand.  We cannot participate actively. We are here to hold and sustain the four corners of your endeavor.

Describe the process of creating something new.

The seven levels of Sabbath work like this: one rises into the next, then once subsumed, it becomes surrounded by the new and then expands into the new and becomes it and then, enters again into a new level and again, slowly becomes it.

This here now is the third Sabbath level. It is a network of sinews and cell formations that include the theme of justice in this sense – justice means everything is in its appropriate place. 

You lead by following, which is to say you lead by following your spirit.  

Image: Gap in Rain Creative Commons
Image: Day Into Night Creative Commons

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