Discovering the Matrix Membrane Between Primordial Fire and First Water

Posted on December 3, 2015

Received on March 4, 2015

Humans are composed of nodes of colored light, not in their bodies, but in a matrix around them.  These nodes are screens that send reflection-information outward to the greater universe and also inward, to thicken into the ongoing manifestation of the self.

How can we use these nodes?

You are living in the body and waiting for light to arrive.  Instead, bring your awareness to these intermediary colored light nodes that surround your body, and allow light to feed through to your self.

The nodes mediate between body and soul and make an evolving life possible.  The nodes are the power centers for your life.  Expand your self to include consciousness of the light nodes, and you will find then that living does not require as much discipline and hope.

Instead of pushing out from inside, live in the in-between.

This is an aspect of the new world, this possibility to inhabit the in-between and to consciously foster two directional growth.

Here is another way to look at it — more intense frequences of light have been attracted to this world and they have come as far as they can. Now, you expand out to meet them. These are pathways to wisdom that will bring your greatest joy.

Ride a wisdom rocket and see (again) that Judaism is not meant to be a religion.  It is a name for the inter-connected inter-limbs and tendons of all that is.

Was the golden calf described in the Torah actually made?

No. What happened is too broken to discuss now, at this time of first elevation. But what happened there is the flip-side of what is happening now, where the spiritual energy is all heading in a coherent direction.

Spin around the fulcrum-core of your self that is Yud Hay Vav Hay in infinite repetition at varied frequencies, through space, time and all states of being.

A center core rod is made of the energy of those letters. Prophecy and the drops of new ideas trickle through the core.

This is too arcane !

This is the way you will create abundance for your life and for your family and  joy in this world.

Emotions have fulfilled their purpose as the motivting vehicle for human spiritual growth. Now use the node-matrix — it is a membrane about twenty-four inches off of your body. Experience life through the nodes rather than through your emotions.

Received March 8, 2015

Trust your spirit. Trust it.

On earth, different kinds of spiritual beings co-exist in parallel frameworks. The Hebrew letter Vav is like litmus paper, showing the spirit-material balance.

A voice named Ezekiel says: As fire now subsumes what cannot sustain the spirit of god, water takes back to itself what it loaned to creation to stabilize it.

wheel of fire

This fire is selective, it burns in ropes or winding paths, passing around what is stable and balanced. But what will burn now is everything that is not able to withstand the scrutiny of a resolute spirit and is not striving to trust spirit over material.

What is fire, in the way you are referring to it?

This is a primorial fire that is spirit induced.  It does not burn what it touches, what it touches dissolves into light. The fire is not a physical fire and it does not burn.  With sensitivity, it discerns a path.

What is the fire made of?

In the middle of the fire, see its composition, see Hebrew letters that link together at their true points and create a complex chain. The power the letter-chain emits is fire.

There is no water that can flow out of this fire, and no ice. The Angel Michael tries to bring down the fire selectively, when an area in creation is ready for it. In his lifetime, Ezekiel examined the fire and saw this era. He could not manipulate the fire. He observed it. Since his time, the fire has changed as linkages between Hebrew letters have shifted.  The fire is affected by the course of human action, which influences the letter true-point connections.

To see the glory of god is to see into the middle of the fire and not be consumed by it. Water, or Infinite Restraint, balances the fire and makes human life possible.

Water this Water is the Forty Waters of creation.  This Water is stable and creates the possibility of a void in fire, where life unfolds.

Primordial Fire and Primordial Water encounter each other through humans. Humans are their communicating inter-connective tissue.

The Angel Michael is not of the fire or the water, but beyond it, where neither fire nor water exist.

The more you trust, the more solid a footing Angel Michael and spiritual reality have in this world.  Trust the spirit and trust the center.  This is your clear task. The point of teaching is to develop trust in yourself, and to model how to trust your spirit.

Wheel of Fire  Creative Commons

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