Drift In, On Waves of Light, That We Might Know Each Other Differently, Over Time

Posted on December 6, 2015

Received on May 2, 2015, New York City

Stand under the constant light shower. This rain, this is your teacher.

Work on confidence, on having confidence in light, and in the core of your self. Trust the spirit. Trust your spirit.

How does the light of the future stay formed and coherent without a vessel? 

Moses resonates now more than Ezekiel.  Lock into your purpose-place and with solid feet, line up with the channel of the new receiving.  Be a pillar of receiving, now, now, and now, and be the structure that enables the new light’s DNA to land into human feet. Go to the core place; stand in holiness, in the place. Stand aligned with the love of eternity.

fire and rain

Fiery Hebrew letters burn, in water.

Use Moses’ structure as a ladder to reach the upper realms.  One realm leads to another. Fruit has grace. Trust the fruit. Trust that everything meant to reproduce and to continue has a seed for its own continuation.  For example, within the fruit of psychoanalysis is a seed of self-reflection, which helped bring about this era.

Teach and learn simultaneously. Learning is not to remember, learning is to become. Do not know what you teach. Rituals and remembering attenuated Judaism’s connection with core spiritual principles. Trust-trust-trust that the flow of ever unfolding glory will continue.  

The Torah text is codes in equation, and equation relationships. One of the emerging principles is adjacency.

Here are your spiritual progenitors, your concept-parents, not your genetic parents:

The line, straight up, without steps or stops or personality, enters through Elijah.  The line with detailed construction and scaffolded intention is through Moses. The line through Abraham follows a spiral, circling and rising around the articulated line of Moses.

Received May 25,  Tel Aviv

The effervescent rays of light Moses transmuted into words and human possibility radiate outward. 


The sentences are:  “Drift into me.”  “Drift, back and forth, and do not become static.”

Drift in, on waves of light, that we might know each other differently over time.

The compassion and humanity Moses achieved is nearly unattainable – it is in the face sentences, yes, but also radiates from the heart and lungs.

Moses became the holy of holies. He was a temple, the temple, and so consider this: the temple rituals were designed to elevate humans so that they could also embody what Moses did – the process was designed not to worship god, in a ritualistic way, but rather, as a ladder to the divine in each of us. Moses did not exactly die, he ascended and he dematerialized; he continues to ride the ladder down and up.  And when we read the Torah, we activate this descension-ascension.

The Torah is light riding on water, water pregnant with light. The phrases you see coming from the face are about to crack and hatch, to roll over into a new spiral and uncover fresh dimensional networks.

Received May 27, 2015,  Tel Aviv

Over time, your body will add golden limbs made of new light. The golden limbs will instantiate, substantiate and mobilize the new codes. During the process, you will be in an in-between state.

Nothing exists without structure. God pumps through the structure, establishes the codes as structure and then uses the structure to clarify and rectify more codes, to build a yet expanded structure.

Speak only from within the middle of the codes themselves, so they are fully included in what you build. Be an architect of the spirit dimensions.

The Moses intention sends a shofar blast, and sound accompanies the light codes. Sound waves carry the codes at a different wave length from light, and thicken the imprint on reality. These are the three carriers or flow vehicles: sound, light, and love.

The sound will shake all who are infirm in spirit.  And they will crumble. It is a separating time. The temple within will be built now and building is the sole intent — compassion is for the light, not for the humans who have failed to make a home for it.

Received June 17, 2015, New York City

The collective intention of this moment has been a crescendo that started with World War 2, and the closing of the aperture between life and light; it was a re-creation or rebirth.

Sometimes a limb of the structure is frail or needs further articulation, and life reifies the structure by adding supporting members, as an overlay or reinforcement.

Beyond, there is a committee of angels who never touch — each radiates from its domain, and each knows its place.  It is not so simple as quadrants, but rather themes that match the capacity of one or another.  The mutual “we” space that humans will learn to manage is modeled on this idea of collaboration, where each soul’s role is clear, and each person defers to the soul as it plays out its role, without the complication of personality or temporal concerns.  The assembled will be quiet, contained, mutual, and all in their places, radiating from the place.

This will be a substantial upgrade of the human, and a rigorous assignment.

From that vantage point, humans will be able to see how what happens follows the principles of light.

Stand in your Makom, in your place. And simply agree, with awareness agree, to radiate through and from there–to hold to your place– and allow light to drift to and from you.

There will be partners.  They will be few.

Image: Fire and Rain Creative CommonsImage: Water With Light, by author

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