Rosh Hashana: The Diaphanous Edge of the Spirit Frontier

Posted on September 8, 2015

Received on September 26, 2014 – Rosh Hashana

The structures that can receive new strands of code are flowing through the universe, and through you. The influx is beautiful and stable, having been carefully designed and prepared. It is like watching an active artwork, to see the new concept-rain descend and unwind.

Last Rosh Hashana marked the end of one themed cycle of becoming; this year, a new theme emerges. Last year’s theme was dense. It uncovered points and forms opposed to light’s intentions, those that had not yet been resolved, and need to be, for the new to fully take root. This year, the new is starting, even as the old heaviness and densities remain and are still being expressed and are working through their rhythms.

It is almost as if there are two realities, neighboring realities, touching and juxtaposed.

How does what occurs in the old reality environment affect what occurs in the new?

The density of the world is filled with unresolved imbalances between mind and spirit, between physical and material. On Rosh Hashana, a choreographed rain of new possibilities enters the universe. New possibilties are expanded aspects of concepts already here. For example, humans know how to talk with their bodies. They know how to talk with words. Now the capacity exists for them to talk with their souls. Soul talking was a latent ability and now the latent is activated by the downloading new codes and spirit sentences, that give soul talking a place, a place to expand, to become.

Is this occurring in time, in relationship with time?

Spiritual data influx passes through the layer or atmosphere of time to become part of the human world. In passing through the thickness of time (the concept), and material (the concept), it slows down, kind of, and accepts a suit or skin that enables it to exist in this environment. The suit or skin is a shell. And the first thin filmy shell is covered by another and another, until the generalized streaming rain of concepts is separated in different channels or straws, each thick with multi-layered films.

The slowest, densest levels change slowly. But the base level, in combination with the highest capacity of light, together pull in streaming concepts appropriate to their development. The ingrained past and the diaphanous edge of the spirit frontier together establish the range of the world’s frequency, of our own frequency, because there is nothing outside us that is not also inside us.

In the Torah, the sacrifice of Isaac, the appearance of the ram, and the listing of new souls to continue the line is one example of this process of expanding the edges and receiving new streaming codes. This is the essence of Rosh Hashana. Choosing life means consciously choosing to align with your soul and its journey.

Ezekiel has been summoned to inhabit your feet. Choose life with your feet, expand into the soul and spirit concepts in your feet. Release your connection to the old and forge new ground. Find your frontier and with courage become the future beyond it. Do this in all aspects of your body. Scan for the old, the unprocessed, breathe and release.

On Rosh Hashana, you are combining place and space. Spirals of processed light are emanating from the places that were just closed. Small spiral doors open in your being, through your intention, and activate new places.


The foundation stone is calling. Go back to that stone, hear the song of the dove, the song that says the power of light is unleashed and let all fall who cannot stand in its face. From the foundation stone today pours out a light with velocity never before encountered on earth–it is the unrestrained light of creation.

All codes are being released into the construct of time, and this light will be either embraced or repelled. Repelled light will leave structure to wither there, received light will sustain it. Go, go to be sustained, to standing in the center of the foundation stone and receive it all, all that matches you, sustain yourself in the center, in the center of the center, and take your time and take your turn, and drink and do not worry about others.

Your initiation begins now, to learn to lead. The hands are a hologram of the body. Stand again with your intention on the foundation stone. Line up with its column of central expression and its eruption.

I do not know how to lead.

Ezekiel. Michael Angel has handed the intermediary role to Ezekiel. At times, you are not you, you are instead the body gloves of former prophets. At those times, your role is to teach and to receive knowledge and to speak from The Place, The Makom.

The Hebrew letter Bet is established first, again, first, again. Bet is finding its new ground in the new world and settling there. There is a silent letter behind it which is one step prior to manifestation, and this letter is the invisible one, the unmanifest-almost manifest one that is last in the long chain of invisible letters which supports the Bet as it materializes.

Abraham opened the wind in four directions, and Holy Wind appeared. Abraham still holds the nexus point at the cross of four directioned spirit crossing. Judaism was meant to develop within the paths set forth from there, but it has not stayed on course. The path was meant to be direct, simple.

The column of fire stands true, implicit, and now palpable to frequencies of perception you have earned. Stand in the center of the fire and open all of your mouths. In stop-motion, spiraling, all of your mouths open at once and are saying AH — and the angel descends into the midst of the column as the sounds emerge and sustain the sound from all of the mouths, from human core intention up through the pillar of fire at the foundation stone source point. And the angel descends and descends into-into-into-into-into and when you understand structure you provide a ladder that is logical and spaced with consideration for this descension. And angel knowledge comes down and foundation fire emerges upward.

My choosing-points process:

And I stand there. I stand there and facilitate the crossing. It occurs in me and I contain it and do not waver.

I am built from an ark of commitment and I have forged myself to withstand these forces.

I am alone now and my mind does not need to process or communicate this.

There are not words now for the process unfolding, and what I am typing is autonomic and unrelated to the beyond words alchemy at this site-time.

I agree to lead with my soul source.

I agree to use the soul in me to be the processing chamber. Now is not the time to teach but to receive.

Receiving, again:

You are typing to record the process, otherwise you will not recall it. We will hide and we will reveal, and the revelation is based on granting understanding and seeing. Your purpose is to record what you receive, in hiding for now. You will be invisible to those who are not ready and trust the process, trust the process. In your fire, in your fire, you are like a human fuse. With you, in your resolute standing, the circuits will not explode and a downloading that has been building for thousands of years is occurring now, in time, now.

You bring water to fire and bridge between worlds. Your role amongst humans will be different. Ride the wings on the shoulders of Ezekiel. The wings on your shoulders flutter at the same frequency and summon the same frequency of light. Your core is clear and light pours through it, refracted but not compromised, and spirals out of the source points on your net that compose you.

My choosing-points process:

I intend to open all of the points of my spirit net, open the heart and all its points, with courage, and turn inside out into the light of the new.

Receiving, again:

Here is a heart that can sustain the whole.

The soul tracks of Sara and Abraham and spirit-seeker desert-walkers trail through you. These footsteps, and footsteps made with awareness and intention, are the only ones that remain, that are recorded in the spirit history continuum. Spirit alone endures.

From this text, four months ago, you removed the sentence about the President of the United States being only remembered in the spirit history for love of his children. This is true and should be shared.

It is Shabbat. Shabbat of Return.

When I am in this state, what is happening to me physically?

All of physical reality is shifting, your physical reality is shifting, to match the spirit reorganization. You are loved. Spirit only registers a light when it is in a vessel, when it is here–here. It is occurring in you.

Is this a dream?

This is the alchemical construction site of the new. It is occurring in thirteen people simultaneously. Unfolding white. Pleated white, unfolding, dimensionally.

You have actually been here for two weeks, but did not register it consciously. The power of the transmission now is such that consciousness is required.

“Choose Life” is not the new commitment. The new commitment is for “Awareness of Higher Consciousness”. And it is not to choose. It is to make aware. Aware is the verb. Make aware: spirit leads.

Photo: Spiral Red Rock  Creative Commons

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