Now, Forge Your Bridge To The New

Posted on December 26, 2015

Received on June 28, 2015  

What is the relationship between the individual and the collective?

Expand your inner self, and simultaneously construct the collective.

A line of Elijah, the prophet, is clear and thin — it traces through some souls at a very high frequency. It is transparent and clear. When you notice a crystal clear alignment, a clarity in an aspect, recognize also the presence of Elijah.

Why use metaphors?

Metaphors characterize the inter-reaching layers between the mind and the spirit. First, say what your inner eye sees. Name it. When you realize you are part of what you see, that you are also subsumed by it, there are no words. Relationships amongst varied inner-eye concept-layers frame one another, and give rise to metaphors.

Can you describe relationships amongst differentiated pure light?

These are peaceful encounters.

Does pure light have moral dimension?

Light under-girds and creates the structural relationships you call morality. High level spiritual encounters always and naturally follow the principles of relationship that you think of as moral. For example, it is impossible for one construct of light to extinguish another or to steal from another one; killing and stealing are not in the nature of light. It is impossible to break a primal soul mate pairing. Light cannot lie, which is to say it cannot misrepresent reality; it is reality.

The Ten Commandments describe laws of the spirit, in human terms, to guide humans to mirror the spirit behavior, to match its frequency, and to upgrade the physical.

Judaism frames light, and is a scaffold of principles to help people develop the nexus between physical and spiritual. This essence of Judaism most fully resides in the fourth dimension.


How does “seeing” spiritual reality affect it?

While “seeing” may feel passive, like staying in one place and watching, it is actually participatory.

The catches or pauses in the flow of seeing, as one develops capacity to see, generates a spiral rather than a circle–the mini-stops lead to an acceleration out of the circle, out of repetitive revolving, and into evolution or progression.

A healer’s hands are a mirror that shows the broken area its potential, and gives it choice — to choose life or not. Hold your hand opposite. The healer’s hand presents what is broken an opportunity to see what it can be. This hand-mirror moment makes a vessel, through which light can pass. When the mind chooses life, light passes through, and the healer moves the hand to the next location.  Locations call to the hands, within the frame of the question or request made.

Why is it important to heal people?

Think of people as parts of the larger self, as parts of the collective that are also you. Love the other as you love the self;  you are one entity.

There are many popular spiritual teachers who lead classes, organize events, travel to teach.

Do not follow any of these people.  Bless your own soul for leading and guiding. Follow and trust your spirit.

The Torah is an underlying technology that sets up active encounters between material and spirit and it carries time through time. The Torah carries more specific past-present-future time through the universal concept of time.  The new layer of Torah to be revealed will describe beneficial adjacencies and a different path, based on the prototype you know. This is the third Torah; a fourth is coming in the next iteration.

The first Torah was rudimentary and landed in clouds.

Hold the intention of embodying the Torah principles as you work with light.  We are designing a connecting tube, built with Hebrew letters, for disciplined and ordered passage between worlds. Let your soul choose the rate of its own progression, and follow the spirit into the next iteration of the physical-spirit relationship.

Is there a place like the ancient holy of holies?

You are in it now.  

In the older, agrarian societies, the high priest was more physical than spiritual leaders are now. As intermediaries, the priests’ capacity matched their times, and they had to be physically near to be in tune. Now you can be in the vibrational space of the holy of holies while physically across the world from it. This has been accomplished by the insistent efforts of those modeling the structure of light as embodied in the Ten Commandments.  The new diagram for living will bring consciousness to higher consciousness.

The pattern of development is not a simple vertical. The system works like a call and response, in the round.  Evolving and devolving are simultaneous. There are many choices being made now that break with the natural order of spirit.

Become a Walking Temple, found here, was genuine guidance.

Received July 5, 2015

The dichotomy between Adam and Eve is not relevant now.  Consider the unification of the Adam and Eve models and concepts – establish an enlarged and more complex wholeness.

Hear, Listen, See: Forge this Bridge. Forge and cross the bridge.

Who is communicating?

Our name is many.

We who communicate with you, we are generations and millenia away, and, at the same time, present to your immediate questions.  We cannot penetrate the bubble of human will.  When you choose light and awareness of light, we can pass through you.

Rise up to the next dimension, and take your place.  Sit down, and slowly, breathe, in this new frequency of present, in the Quiet Place. 

Received July 8, 2015

Layers of voices stream, loud voices, all talking at once, the sound river of human endeavor to teach and to learn, differentiated into packets. The velocity makes it impossible to isolate any specific stream or to report on it.

This ingathering affects all related souls; these souls are not related by religious practice on earth, but by intention and vibration. Look to the souls that lead from the Quiet Place.

Why does material shake when spiritual awareness becomes stronger?  

What is manmade can hold a temporary intention; nature sustains a collective and lasting intention within it.  Both shake if the inner intention is out of synch with new currents. Material cannot evolve or choose. To upgrade, it breaks.

In the era of the temple in Jerusalem, priests circumambulated the perimeter of the holy of holies repeatedly, clockwise, staying in connection to the frequency of the spiritual broadcasting within, absorbing it and disseminating the energy to the cities and the people.  Step, stop to feel and adjust to the energy, step, stop to feel the connection, step, stop; the walking, and the process of becoming, was methodical and deliberate.

Something feels frightening.

Possibilities are closing.  An old opening is closing. At the same time, the flow of energy, sound, and concept is unprecedented. This is a bold influx. Receive it.

Trees have bark. Human spiritual life will become nascent again, as the system starts to learn the new concepts of Justice and Judgement. What you have accomplished is becoming the bark around the new. The inside and outside change places.

Photo: Trees Framing Water and Light, Creative Commons

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