In The Birth Canal of A New Judaism

Posted on January 17, 2016

Received on August 22, 2015

Receive Hebrew letter Yuds, thousands of Yuds. Each Yud holds within it a different complex of colors, sounds, capacities, and they all hyperlink back to the infinite. Enjoy the river of Yuds as they transit though you.

Abraham and Moses continue to function as stabilizing structures for spiritual evolution. Trust the hearing in the inner ear of higher consciousness. Feel compassion for light and its journey. Have the courage to be unique and to be first. See with thousands of eyes, your light centers, and keep them open to the glory of god in the everyday.

Judaism is an ordered system of magnetic pulls, and it invisibly inter-connects everything attracted to it, according to principles of light.  Light is always being further refined. First light was not connected to choice.  It had no relational characteristics, but marked a single line of infinity. The structure of early Judaism, in cloud and in theory, established a sophisticated system for processing light. Through using the Torah, Judaism locked in the relationships amongst formative elements. With the new, upgraded system, light can become further refined.

Received September 5, 2015 

Commit to daily involvement with timelessness and then become sensitized to its variations.

birth of stars

The foundation sound, broadcasting now at a different frequency, slowly shatters all the human structures that do not belong in the next phase.  Over time, you will see cracking and crumbling. The essence of Jerusalem will surge upward as the foundation codes are revealed.

Judaism’s practices were once innovative. Now its apertures are narrower than available light. For six months you will flow toward an opening, and on arrival, you will see how you got there. Commit to the next passage, to inner stability in the midst of outer turmoil.  You are in the birth canal of the New Judaism.

Spiritual opportunity is exact. Arise!  Use the light lines of the twelve tribal stones, as bastions, all twelve strings of code together. Receive the Hebrew letter constructs, one by one, again, one by one, and allow them to pass through you, one by one, and one by one, they will heal you and prepare you.

Rushing new light with precisely arrayed letter concepts flows into the head and separates into calm centers, to be processed out through the eyes around your body. As this new light passes through you, in a single moment, you can accomplish what a thousand years of living and choosing once did.

Stand on the foundation stone, receive the light of creation and become translucent. Receive this flow. Receive the flow, it will continue for some time; it is not yet at its fullest velocity. Receive and receive.

Photo: Birth of Stars  Creative Commons

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