Thin Line of Final Walking: An Oath

Posted on August 21, 2022

Received on December 26, 2021 

Wrap yourself in these straps, these ribbons of holiness, these word strands. Bind them around yourself, and they will become a spiral that elevates the skin. And rises. The skin of each inner organ is a different land – the kidney, the liver – each will be transformed.

So wrap yourself in the downloading codes, wind these words around your skins, to remind the inner organs of their home, their singular place and purpose. There is no need to struggle. This home is already theirs. It is the intent of creation.

When you untangle your heart, your inner organs and the earth’s continents will untangle too. So clear the passages and enable separations, a free flow around each organ, to enable the larger purpose to set its new and next roots.

If everything is ready to expand, to change, to become more, what is holding it back?

Your reluctant partnership, your willingness to join the next realm, limits the change that is possible. Deeply held anger is preventing expansion of this new light. Agree to create an absence for the new to dwell in.

The seven stone pillars standing at the corners of Jerusalem are outdated. They will be renamed; they will be recharged. Open your heart cells, those made vacant by releasing anger. Stand on trust.

Light has an inner relational structure. Configured light is compassionate, moral, and just. The structure of the light mirrors the underlying principles of Judaism. But Judaism is not its purpose. Rather, the purpose of Judaism is to lead you to match the frequency of the upper light in every human cell and organ – to become a home for the light in all its dimensions – so that no frequencies are excluded.

What will be continuous, and connect between our ears?

Techeilet, the blue, the infinite blue is what will carry the new. If you will listen, you will hear it. Yes, techeilet carries the specific light of all potential, the color which is creation, and this blue light will be the umbilical cord.

Everything from here that will pass to the new can be carried within the techeilet – and, see here, it is already being carried, and always has been. Judaism in essence presents an accurate set of higher relationships. It reminds us how to order ourselves. This reshaping occurs at finer and finer grades. The human story is the burdened journey of the Aleph, a buried foundation, an exile that emerges into infinity.

Received June 1, 2022

The shape of what is missing is present, an absence that is embodied in the letter Shin. The Shin revolves in the face and as it turns, it awakens your presence. Leading is not with your head, it is with your knees, with the blessings of bending and of returning themes to the system’s origin.

Received June 25, 2022 4:44 am 

The timeless golden gifts you carry have been unwrapped and revealed and are ready to be released. The front spine is open and after these six thousand years, the golden gifts are free to go out, like stars, to influence and guide. They have inter-networked over thousands of years and thousands of lives. You collectively, through your lives and aspects, have been building – building the UpNetwork that will thrive during the darkness. Whatever is not true will die.

See it. See it all around. And agree to be the wise voice of the collapse, to lead the new vision. Take an oath, an oath to lead. Agree to listen, to receive knowledge when it is revealed and calls, without pause or delay. Honor the exactness of the timing. 

Move in the middle of the night, during the day, at all times. And you will carry it.  And there will be a simile – a mirrored relationship between what you carry and what you’ve built inside yourself. And that exquisitely mated dialogue will sustain us during the thin line of final walking. Lift and walk. Lift and walk, carrying the relationship matrix. 

Why is movement required?

This is the change era. Move as it does, navigating within exactness, with absolute exactness and alignment. See now, as you are locking in, that your spirit eyes reverberate with ancient golden and bedrock faith. 

Do not teach through speaking. Enact, build and show. Commit and reveal. Originally, the portable holy cube of eternity could not communicate. It was carried, voiceless, its potential and promise perfect and alone. The structure humans built made a resonant home so the holy cube could start to open, to emanate. 

Where is it now? 

This cannot be answered. The golden rings will guide us in parallel to it. 

Received July 30, 2022

Start with eighteen and hold the place for the higher. Once the qualities and emanations can land, everything that is not within this frequency will crumble. 

You must sustain your belief, and in fact, it is the only thing you must do, to put yourself in your place, and stand, and hold, and stand and hold, as the journeys run through you. Stand in your place.

Do not go to the holy portal now; you will close it by going there. Seventy gardens float beyond your purview and their glory does not reach you. Trust, without knowing these states of being. The purpose now is to hold the line.

The fire you lit has never stopped burning.

What about the 72 power vectors?

They are enacted. Sustained and active. And now they will never stop. A small percentage of Judaism as it is practiced aligns with the 72, the turn of the heart at certain moments. 

How will religious Jews recognize the new?

The army that practices Judaism is like a lock, to prevent back flow. They will not recognize the new. They will hold the screen. 

Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons

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