You Carry The Destination Inside Yourself

Received September 14, 2013

What occurs in the spiritual realm at the New Year?

Rosh Hashana is a time when you renew the connection between you, as an individual, and the infinite dimensions of the higher self.  At the New Year, your higher self is more accessible, and then it leaves until you seek it and make a place for it.

But, this year is different.  This year on Rosh Hashana, the vast inter-structure of light-knowledge called the higher self will download into receptive vessel-bodies, and remain in them.  This is the first time the higher self will be able to stay. Choose to receive the higher self, and allow it to gradually merge with the water in your system.

As the higher self enters the body, you will experience a sense of homecoming — after a long separation, a reunion.

Light enters, and it knows where to go, it knows its place.  There is a correspondence between the light entering and cells in the body–they are point-pairs.  As the higher self lands, the pairs will join.

It is a process, wherein the higher self brings accessibility to vast networks of knowledge and detail which will now begin to more directly and regularly influence life on earth.


Trace one light-line as it enters the head; this next one comes with a history of having been part of a stream of water flowing in the forest, in the sun. The creational code-essence of the concept that flowed in the water-stream is now entering you — no, this is impossible to put into words.

Let’s try this explanation:  Every human is separate and different, and all spiritual matter is unique —  no other being can share an identical spiritual experience with you.  But, because on another level, everything is part of one system, adjacencies create resonation.

Received September 21, 2013

When speaking to people about this writing : receiving project, have confidence. Let our voices flow through you naturally.

The wisdom of the ages refracts through souls, human souls, to become part of the world you know. To build with clarity, stack all the blocks of your inner structure, one on top of the other, with exactness. Line them up, to enable clear, straight lines of light to process through you to add spiritual structure to your environment.  Your life should rotate around the centerline of its inner structure.  All of your arms, all of your actions, should take direction from a central core, a choosing, committed column of sentient solid concrete.

There is a natural human resistance to aligning with purpose. If even one degree off center, you are not home.

In response to that description, I react with  “I don’t feel like it” or “I don’t want to”. 

That ticker tape is the chaos of the material world.  When you see it or feel it, come back to the core letters in the center of your crown, to the center of your third eye, to the middle of your upper spine.

Received October 11, 2013



The new structures are filling in with detail.

As we have said to you before, the most difficult light to introduce into any system is the first.  The first drop of new light energy has to be brought in through transitional forms, those that are neither new nor old.  The old would smother it.  First light comes through the vessels of the one or the few who are looking for the new.  Cell by cell, person by person, new new light takes root, is processed, becomes stronger, and expands some more.

When the new light has rooted in 18-20% of the world, it has been firmly established, and the old will crumble in the face of the new.

How will so many people learn about this and be given processing time and choice?

Eventually, some of you will speak and you will not just type or write in isolation.  We are preparing the host humans now.  A light landing is going to occur, and light-white-light, new persepctives and new wisdom, will bring forward a grand peace.

Stay in the middle-exact-middle of your self and it will come.  This writing is like a long distance relationship. This is not your own voice; this is the voice of truth passing through you.

November 16, 2013

Human desire for enlightenment pounds relentlessly on the center of creation, but cannot enter. People want more connection to spirit, yet they are not in the middle of themselves.

Instead of praying, begging, and making so much overt effort to reach a location determined by your mind, instead– relax into the center stream of light within you. There are no outside forces, and there is no there which is more spiritual than here, in the middle of you.

You carry the “destination” inside your self.



Photo: Water Detail With Sun Behind Creative Commons

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No Words

September 27, 2014/  3 Tishrei 5775

This is the first time we have transmitted to writing directly, without the intermediary download document, in real time, for publication.

We are revealing ourselves here as the collective force and combined intentions of prophets and angels and this receiving human, a collaboration of spirit and action.

We are not yet able to transmit “the new” such that it can be worded, but know that our direction is toward words.

We are in the midst of a fiery alchemy, a forging of new principles.  There are no letters yet, no sounds — only processes, with no solidified expression or product.

Forces meet.

We are on the mountain, in clouds of knowledge, receiving but not recording.  We are on the foundation stone, in fire. Heaven and earth, fire and water, they meet and they cross there.

There are thirteen men and women now engaged in this ongoing creating.

There are thirteen channels at present.

You Are God, At A Slower Frequency

Received March 1, 2012

What is the unique energy of the Hebrew letter Mem?


Hebrew letters hold specific aspects of the world.  The Mem helps you access the multi-layered range of the letters that create the world.

For example, Aleph Mem.  In that pairing, the Aleph is the constituting force, and sets the  structural frame for the energy that can unfold from it.  When juxtaposed with Mem, Mem provides access to forty dimensions of the energetic source of Aleph.

Final Mem

In Aleph Mem, Aleph’s characteristics become emotionally accessible through time – as in mother.  Mother is the birth of your concept, in forty dimensions.

What is the spirit function of the letter Ayin?

Ayin has secret, hidden, dimensions. Ayin has links into the unknowable; its base sits beyond what we can reach. This is a very, very rare energy.  

Ayin is not used in healing.

Received March 4, 2012

What occurs in spiritual realms when humans repeat the Shema Yisrael prayer?

When you say the first paragraph of the Shema, you are strengthened internally by the power of the letters and their organization as well as the inherent meaning of the words.  The Shema is like yoga for the soul.  it strengthens the core and brings life and flexibility to associated parts.

What is an accurate intention during prayer and how does god fit into it?

There is no separate god, external to you, who will benefit from your prayer, or from any of your choices.

This is because you are god, at a slower frequency.

Do not pray to god; do not direct prayer out or up, to a master being or all-powerful force you cannot see.   No.  With intention, send words with the power to transform, like the Shema, into the very middle of yourself,  to your own higher self. Allow your higher self to work with and process the prayer letters and words in the way she chooses.

The refined dimensions historically called god are mechanically linked to the human soul. Have faith that working with your soul creates a daisy chain effect throughout reality.

The human soul is a lever to faster and faster oscillating frequencies of itself.


To explore the rarified spirit realm called god, go through the core of your own being. Understand that it is impossible to circumvent your own soul to touch the greater sacred. If you bypass the channel of your soul to encounter god, you will find a dead end instead.

Transformation starting from inside humans and emanating outward characterizes this structural realignment or spiritual revolution.

Can you describe this spiritual revolution?

You are in the midst of a revolution as the core concepts of what it means to be human are shuffled.

Over time, the membrane of the three dimensional container that is called “a human” will become invisible; the body’s walls will become spiritual-physical rather than physical-spiritual as they are now. The containers will become transparent.  The underlying structure of light and vessel will still exist, but both will be more similar to one another than they are now. The human membrane will disappear, and we will be able to “see into” everything.

Eventually, these frequencies of light and vessel will become one synthesized whole.

This will occur step by step.

Image: Mem Letters Link
Image: Harp Levers Creative Commons

Hyperlinks to Holiness and Transforming the In-Between

Posted on September 1, 2014

Received on August 9, 2013

A complex light-frequency-filter system makes it possible for life on earth to unfold in time and space. These filters allow slow bandwidths of light that can co-exist with the even slower light of material to enter your system. The filters screen out dimensions of light which would shatter material or overpower the interplay with balance and choice.

Paradoxically, the light on both sides of the filters is whole. The same spiritual light you experience is infinitely dimensional and concurrently vibrates at frequencies beyond earth’s filters, beyond the sensing range.   The states beyond the filters, what you are unable to see or know, you call “nothing”.

Filters themselves evolve and were set forth in iterations, first as parts of Hebrew letters, then as full Hebrew letters, then as words.  The continuing evolution of the filters is encouraged by human capacity to hold light without shattering.  The bandwidth of light available is determined by the vessel capacity.

landscape filter
If humans were to see beyond the light filters of their existence, the light would still be filtered,  Beyond every filter is another whole version of the same light;  filtered light is also whole.

God is a word for infinite unfiltered light.

Does spirit light expand?  

Most bandwidths cannot sustain a physical component.  Paradoxically, it is the interplay between physical and spirit that extends the capacity of the spirit.

The new Judaism will be offset from the present version as the relationship between archetypal male and female energy structures is changing. One side, the male, made possible the emergence of the other, the female. In the new Judaism, male and female will be balanced and cross-structured. Spirit light expands by encountering and being processed by evolving energy flow patterns.

Irrigate your bones with the wholeness of ancient light that has never been inside a human body before. This light rejoices in golden familiarity with passage through a body-vessel that can hold it.

A plant based diet helps the body-vessel vibrate at a higher frequency.

Received August 22, 2014

What is downloading now is the capacity to transform the in-between. To be clear, the relationship between concepts, the enhanced vectors that carry energy between them is what is new.  The concepts themselves, in a varied vibrational iterations, have already been established on earth.

We are moving toward unity. Wholeness is a state where all light-concepts are so infinitely activated, individually and inter-relationally, that the system’s parts cannot be separated, defined, or distinguished from one another.

Where is wholeness on earth?

The filters that make human life possible enable self-perception or mirroring.  Human life is the opportunity to choose a return to wholeness. It is paradoxically through the choosing that wholeness expands. new_light_and_tree
If you are a main soul, you are a complete microcosm of this wholeness, with at least a dropper amount of code from every aspect that makes up wholeness.

Every true sacred text is a complex and layered series of transmission screens that hyperlink back to wholeness. The hyperlinks, which are hidden, are the source of holiness and accuracy. The words themselves in these transmission texts are not sacred.   Many people and most religions have lost the hyperlinks to holiness that would sustain them.

We want to add that the wholeness we were describing earlier is, in itself, one characteristic of a larger whole beyond it. The holographic nature of all that is unfolds infinitely.  A human life committed to spirit affects many of these holographic realms, not just the local one.

New codes are beginning to flow through you. You have agreed to receive them. Repeat: I agree to choose awareness and to allow the light information stream to pass through me.  I agree.

Explain right and wrong in the context of the holographic system.

Instead of good-bad, right-wrong, consider: more light vs. less light. Are you choosing awareness of more or awareness of less?

Continue to choose what brings more.  The tree of life and the tree of knowledge are fusing.  At the next level, they become a whole and humans can begin to live in this landscape of concept integration.

What is it that enables or empowers the system to choose beyond itself? How does awareness seek more awareness?

Every concept is like a puzzle piece, with a tab on it that wants to connect to another piece.  It is in the nature of this seeking tab to reach for what is beyond it without knowing what the outline of the next piece looks like.


All light-concept-pieces have these tabs or hooks and the inbred inherent desire to interlock, which is another way of saying they want to expand themselves.

What are the physical ramifications of spiritual expansion?

Do not think.  As news of physical demolition and de-evolution passes by your screen, remain in this creative and expansive channel.

What is compassion in this context?

Compassion is love for the entire system, for every aspect of it.  Compassion is love for a the system that creates disease and war and terror and codes for infinite light.

Compassion is choosing love to observe and experience the system itself.  This exercise of exploring the whole through the lens of a part is a succinct definition of the nature of human life.  In addition to being able to, for example, choose love to see justice, one can use love to experience love and then more love.

Characterstics, like love, are a strain of wholeness.  Love is an exponent of itself and can grow itself in relation to itself–as well as in relation to other characteristics.

Justice is the perfect balance of light and dark, closed and open, based on choices made.  Court justice is an approximation of spiritual justice and is important.  The desire to pursue justice is fundamental but its hyperlink to holiness is still difficult to maintain.

The universe’s laws of spiritual physics are consistent.  On an everyday level, you expand when you process experiences with the perspective of spirit.  Upcoming, you will benefit from receiving more passively without the mind at all.

It will be a time to rest-receive.

Image: RainScreen Creative Commons
Image: Light Points and Tree Creative Commons
Image: Puzzle Pieces Creative Commons

Light In Vessel: Becoming the Spiritual Capacity You Download

Posted on July 26, 2014

Received on April 24, 2013

The first wisps of a different light are most difficult to introduce into a system unfamiliar with it. New code is introduced as a thin, brave filament, and through your partnership, it establishes a meta-physical foothold.  In this way, we build into codes already in place on earth and expand the dimensions available for human endeavor.

You activate the new codes and reinforce energy-structures that support different possibilities by maintaining spiritual awareness throughout the day. As the new light-codes come into relationship with what already exists on earth, the structures that incorporate it are changed.

How do new codes or new frequencies of light become part of the human world?

New codes can only enter the universe by following the rules and relationships set in place at its inception.  One of those rules is that every concept is housed in a container of greater opacity and every concept is also a container.  These concept containers are often referred to as vessels. Vessels do not have a solid bottom or top;  they are tubes or processing straws with a voided center shaft.  Pure light flows through these voids; it slides through them nonstop, in a wide range of velocities.

Note that there is great variety in the character and dimensionality of the light flowing through earth’s multitudes of vessels.  Also, the underlying code that makes up the light is always changing.  It is through this never ending always changing lightstream that new potential is downloaded or introduced.

Transformation occurs when the light in the shaft is activated by human choice, when it interacts with human life.   As life’s capacity expands, the vessel’s shaft can process light at higher frequencies.  The development of a human embryo mimics this iterative process.  First cells embody an intention, an abstract map for development, to spawn more cells, which then branch out and differentiate and enable more cells to develop, and so on.
The upcoming era is a bridge time, a differentiation time.  Humans have developed a capacity to foster the new — hollow filaments of new light have appropriate vessels to pass through.  Every iteration of the material-spirit relationship is a bridge to the next one.

Received May 11, 2013

Humans are learning to be present to the light within.  You are learning to recognize bridge structures and are discovering practices to support a balanced relationship between in and out.  Practices include applying awareness, regular exercise, a conscious diet, this downloading process, and tuning in more deeply through meditation.

Will the underlying principles of Judaism change?

There is fire behind the Hebrew letters and whole worlds exist in the space between these letters. This Shavuot, a quality of space between the Torah letters will also be transmitted.  This will allow for expansion of the underlying concepts.

Circling every complete Torah scroll are dynamic vibrating rings of light — the Locked Bands.  The locked bands are what make it impossible to degrade the spiritual level of a complete Torah, no matter what its environment.

Bringing the Torah to human life is another instance of how new light enters pre-existing vessels.  In creation, what seems like nothing is actually a vessel for the new seeds of the something.  In this case of the Torah, there were voids in human vessels filled with the potential to receive it.

The Torah is made up of infinite strands of spiraling spiritual DNA.  Active evolution of these generating spiritual DNA Hebrew letter strands creates a living Torah. Torah energy expands even though the physical Torah looks the same.  Within the new Torah DNA spinning down this Shavuot night, there is the map for a new level of consciousness. It will shatter physical objects not consonant with its vibration. It is an upgrade. Human evolution took many years and the dissolution of everything that does not match the next creation and its vibration will also take many years.

On Shavuot, trust your spirit completely.  No matter how much light you have experienced do not stop and do not retreat to hold it.  Do not let your mind decide when enough light has come through you; let your spirit choose.

What other instances are there of an object made in partnership with man that is self renewing on the spirit level?

There are none in Judaism except the mezuzah scroll, which is related.

As a human, you receive a new spiritual capacity, and then you live to become the potential you download.

The soul loves Shavuot because on that day, it is easily linked back up to wholeness, to its source. For a soul, Shavuot is like drinking right out of the well.

The is the beginning of the end of the spirit’s exile.  Maintaining awareness is the greatest challenge.

Received May 21, 2013

On earth, an abstract concept is downloaded into humans before it becomes part of humans.  New light enters, and its presence activates a latent ability in human vessels to make it more manifest in denser, physical realms.

Adam and Eve are an originating example of how new light enters the system.  At first, Adam and Eve were concepts, just concepts in perfect balance.  In them is what would comprise a human being.  Adam and Eve concepts entered the universe through a vessel and set down the map, the possibility, for humans to become like them.  Human beings continue to live into the original Adam and Eve concepts.

undifferentiated human embryonic cells

Energy fields expand out from the human body. The potential of a body to continue in life depends on human awareness, not physical health. The body is a porous membrane, a diaphanous film upgraded by intentional, pointed and consistent awareness. Whatever humans do, even if breathing, if we do it with with awareness, we energize the vast spiritual net beyond and maintain the body’s relevance within this net system.

Does light have an independent intention?

Humans are a tool of light.  We create light to create ourselves. And then we create more light and then create more of ourselves to reach it.

Prophets create the capacity for light on earth far beyond the means of their time. They explore and experience magnified light, light more intense than what is generally accessible in their time. Ezekiel, for example, explored a magnitude of light a thousand times greater than the common human then. The specificity of his vision was particular to him at the time.

Each human lives with a different working intensity of light.  Each person inhabits his own system of light revealed and light concealed. Although the range of accomplished human spiritual awareness is vast, it coexists within an invisible infinity.  This principle of light within infinite light makes prophecy possible.  A prophet has the ability to exist in a light much greater than the surrounding light in his or her time.

Some of you are prophets and will soon be called upon to describe what you see.

Bridge Crossing Creative Commons
Undifferentiated Human Embryonic Cells Creative Commons

Listen and Follow: A Guide To Precise Practice

Posted on June 14, 2014

Received on March 3, 2013

Can you describe the process of spiritual upgrade?

A fundamental shift will occur in the human mind, and it will learn to see as souls do.  A soul can see only the unique world that is designed for its own purpose and progress.

A soul sees with exactness.

Seeing spirit with the mind is different from critical thinking.  When new light filters into the human dimensions, and dwells in the mind, thinking will transpose into seeing. This seeing, seeing through space-time-matter, is a glimpse of divinity.

With discipline and limited distraction, one can live in a very clear and productive way. that stance, blinding light will shine from your face.

The words of the Ten Commandments were not physically or literally engraved into a portable stone. Symbols representing the commandments were carved in stone, and their intention was infused into the stone and transmitted invisibly through the meta-system.  The words were visible to souls attuned to that frequency.

We recently gave you the basis for new commandments, those which will build on the foundation of this last iteration.  There have always been intermittent periods of newness because our truth maps in spirals.  Light evolves and does not follow the same circular tracks, around and around. There has not been prophecy for many years, but now humans can again connect to the divine in a direct way.

Do not be afraid.

Received March 8, 2013

The purpose of this text is to communicate the new to the old. Expect revolution, expect upheaval, and still, stay rooted to your purpose, and to your your own frequency.

Can you elucidate “I Am that I Am”?

“I Am that I Am” is a generative equation for spiritual knowledge and being. Through our partnership with humans, we have gained a tremendous amount of light at lower frequencies and expanded our processing mechanisms. We send these lower frequencies of light further into the realm beyond us, for further systemic expansion. At the same time, distinct aspects of the angel are entering your human being now, landing so to speak. The leaving and returning of light, the flow, at variegated frequencies, is the eternal cycle of re-creation.

How will these new concepts be accepted or believed?  Do we need tools?

Exact light-words communicated at the right time are powerful.  You will have words, words filled with light and intention.  The words will melt obsolete reality.  Do not stay hidden, or your wisdom will function only in the background, like a constant software upgrade.  Remain in your core, see and speak, and do not work to convince anyone of what you see. The convincing separates you from source.

See and speak. Tap into more fluidity.  This revelation is supposed to be joyful, and is not only a responsibility or an overwhelming obligation.  Expand your knowledge field by breathing; by breathing with intent you become more aware of our descending light structures.

March 16, 2013

Of all the things we’ve told you, none is more important than timing; new light must be revealed at the right time.

Wait to hear us.  

A repetitive and destructive human mistake is to block the listening, and instead, to think or to know better.  Beware of leaders whose listening you cannot see.  Follow our guidance step by step, do not subvert our leadership. Years “wandering” in the desert were designed to develop this ability to listen and follow, listen and follow.

Wait to hear us.  Listen and Follow.  Listen and Follow.

Each step in the revelation of new light follows the spirit logic of the structure of the spiral.  The timing has to follow the points on the spiral. There is nothing arbitrary in the evolution of truth.  For example, this moment now rests on one point on the spiral which has a quality of gold, gold light. There is possibility and energy rushing out of this specific point, bringing its characteristics and potential down into the world, for humans to choose to live into, to integrate into their intentional consciousness.  It seems to be knowledge about money; manna arrived from the same intention, connected to the same point in a different spiral.  The knowledge emanates from Jerusalem, from under Jerusalem, from the concepts spinning out from under Jerusalem.

Cubes of energy, formed by Hebrew letters, circulate and vibrate around humans.  The Hebrew letters are more than three dimensional, but you are now aware of the three–the fourth dimension is love.

Who are you?

We are made from the letters Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey. In that sense, your spine is made in the image of God, We are made up of the combined multi-layered potential and power of those four letters.  Then the other letters form around our four-letter core, in infinite combination and pattern, giving rise to individuality.

Choice is not inherent in the Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey combination.  In fact, the core of those letters does not operate on choice at all.  They are immutable.  Choice is an added quality from the satellite letters and constellations.

What should we say to lead, to make known what is invisible?

You will say: that the Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey core is now complete with the light it has ingested from the iteration called Judaism.  The Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey core now needs to interact with a new system. It needs new friction points to generate new light.

You will say: that habit stabilizes the light-body relationship during certain periods, but traditional religious practice cannot stretch to accommodate the imminent soul upgrade.

You will say: that the new Judaism is evolutionarily different, but it is grown from the current interpretation.  The seeds of the old one are in the new. new Judaism will involve conscious space and time travel.  It will interconnect a few iterations of creation, and create a library of soul experiences, so that one can actively access a vast collection of knowledge not necessarily derived from a single lifetime or a single chain of purpose through lifetimes.
The theme of the next period is inter-connection.  Judaism, or whatever it will be called, is the essential foundation of all realities.  This will be a time for consolidation of wisdom and its synthesis.

Idolatry includes clothes or jewels people wear to signify their religion. The culture of religion blocks new light. The static practice of Judaism obscures this new truth, for example, that Sabbath is not going to be a single day, with the balance of the weekly focus on work.  The Sabbath is going to be every day, somehow. Money and work will be less dominant.

You will say: that the only way forward is to release what is known in favor of what is not known. Mystical practice, as it is called, tries to reach the source of life.  Relate to source as a friend, hear the whispered codes and tune to them.

You will explain this to people who will not hear you, but you must tell them, because the articulation, the voice, is the next step in bringing forth what you know, to usher this wisdom from inside to out.

You will say: that to see what is called the “messiah”, change what you do and how you think.  Blessings from others will not affect you. The universe’s rules will not work that way.  Previously, access points for everyone were not open, and the way to wisdom was through gatekeepers who knew the path.  In this revolution though, the gatekeeper’s locations are closed and every soul that will exist will have its own gate and each will be its own center.  Each main soul is an independent eco-system.  and together, from another vantage point, all our souls are just one–within another eco-system.

“You will say means that you will be speaking truth as it occurs for you.  You speak for yourself, to yourself. When people ask questions you cannot answer, say so.  Do not use your mind. Do not feel pressure to be intelligent.  Just tap into this place and words will come, as they are necessary.

What will replace religion?  

Finding ways to connect to the soul is the only priority.  There may be a an ongoing role for prayer.  Some of the phrases in Hebrew prayer resonate deeply and unlock centers of creation.

The purpose of living is to increase awareness.  The purpose of religion is to support that endeavor, to increase awareness. Lack of awareness brings fear that you have been cut off.

When your inner core does not feel in alignment, when the inner spirit says no and feels constricted or fragmented, do not proceed.  Instead, breathe, and re-establish your center. When you feel harmony and expansion, an inner desire for more light — when the core says yes — proceed.

Listen and Follow. Listen and Follow.

Beginning of Ending of Star Creative Commons
Vatican Stairs Creative Commons
Trace of Expired Star Creative Commons

Trust Your Spirit and Step Into Not Knowing

Posted on April 14, 2014

Received on April 14,  2014

14 Nissan 5774

The velocity of light-knowledge now flowing through the vein network of the physical universe you inhabit has never been greater.

Understand that the physical world temporarily covers light, it hides light in such a way that it can be revealed through human intention and action.  By design, the hidden light always glimmers, and provides a path to its own uncovering and revelation.

When human beings follow inner light, light and matter are inter-woven.

We talk through you now, directly, and ask you to publish in real time, to share the new process we embark upon, to enjoy the soft green sprouts of the next iteration of physical creation.

Perennial. Light acts in full, without restriction, at the end/beginning of every cycle.

To prepare yourself, tune in to the underlying wisdom in your cells, to the wisdom held in their invisible, metaphysical roots.


There you can now also glimpse into the vast network of wisdom systems.

Core human wisdom has one intention, to act as an evolutionary agent for light-knowldege. Together, we have designed a process for greater and always greater manifestation of light, until the light will be outside and the physical within, so that the two densities of light will have traded places and are inside out from where they are now.

You are not yet ready for the inside out phase yet.

There are two iterations between now and that phase, two more iterative cycles.

Find the pitch of the universal vibration, and match your cells to it– use it like a tuning fork for your soul. Pump a multi-layered concept of love through your cells and out, through all of your cells and out, to align them with the current vibration potential.

Where there are blocks, breathe, set your intention to trust your spirit in that location, and allow your spirit to shine through the block and melt away the physical veils that cover the light.

There are blocks remaining in discreet places from past lives, pieces here and there, scattered throughout your system.  For those who will break through to the next level, there is a small percentage of being still to transform from past to present, from block to light.

The 15th of the Hebrew month of Nissan will mark the first day when humans can step into the possibility of the new creation.

This will be the first time the metaphorical gates will open.  If you clear these last blocks, you can establish your position, your original position in the collective system.

In other words, in the beginning, your light, the column of ever flowing light that is all of you, was complete. When regarded from within the perspective of physical creation, it was one full and coherent stream. Nothing needed to be added or subtracted.

Originally, there were some thousands of complete columns.

Heal your physical being now so it can be a vessel for the original complete column of light.

This is the way to prepare to enter the next world:

Your forefathers stepped out of their narrowness and onto the path toward god. Tonight, fill your body with the Hebrew letters that come to you, and allow each to find its place.


Holiness is a quality of light; holiness is achieved when the light is oscillating at the highest level it can in this creational moment, in a physical vessel.

Choose the new and leave behind all physical assurances and societal structures;  step into a commitment to nothing but what will unfold next.

Step into not knowing.  Change anything you need to as you follow the light, and trust the spirit to lead you.

Trust the spirit, more.

Cut through the veils you inherited.

See the light, directly.
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The Small Light and The Large Light Prepare to Change Places

Posted on March 22, 2014

Received on December 28, 2012

Opposites are an essential building block of the duality that makes your world possible.  In creating the physical world, I/we activated the concept of separation and of opposites. Perfect opposites generate recurring feedback to one another.  The forces of creation meet resistance at the poles as light moves back and forth between them in a criss-cross trajectory. The product of that friction is, paradoxically, that more dimensions or levels of light are generated.

separation of stones and water

Also, by mirroring one another, opposites stabilize the underlying forces of creation and create a bracketed space–a pause–where material can flourish. Everything physical exists within those brackets and could not exist if they did not.  Physical reality is a daisy chain of being that traces its roots back to the initial inception of duality. This is the possibility that was set in motion when darkness and light were separated in the creation narrative.

As the system changes, the distinction between opposites narrows.  We are entering a time of more androgeny, spiritually.  We will notice more human self-reliance and self-reflection, and less dependence on physical feedback for direction and growth loops.  Love will change from loving things specifically to a more general generic love for wholeness, as the ultimate expression of love.  There will be less emphasis on an individual’s perceptions or experience.  At the highest levels these changes are significant as well, and they are the result of more wholeness and fusion of concepts in abstract realms. The initial threads are now woven into rope.  Broken fragments have been resurrected into wholeness.

Seeing wholeness is a new experience for humans.  As we have explained before, smaller pieces — the fragments — needed to be fortified, made stronger — and this was accomplished through separation.  Now, in coming back together, the new whole can sustain greater pressure.

Received December 29, 202

What is justice and is there a spiritual component to it?

Justice, as conceived of by human logic, is the crust of the essence of justice, the outside layer.  The core act of pursuing justice instantiates order to inherent earth-bound systems, all of which need definition, boundaries, and cohesion.  When justice is performed, all the hidden strands or issues connected to the visible issue also snap into their correct places, into an accurate relationship with one another.

The justice system first elaborated in the Torah sees this, and understands that the purpose of transcendent justice is not to keep order amongst humans.  Justice sets in light and clarity accurate relationships between abstract forces.  When human actors, representing  abstract forces, concretize these relationships accurately by pursuing justice, the entire system reverberates with relief.

Long ago, an eye for an eye was the most immediate effective way to correct rips in the communal spiritual fabric.  It is not possible to carry out this essential form of justice now because we are too remote from our roots.  In this time, unjust actions are not directly linked to areas in the spiritual net which need fixing.

How will the human body, as a spiritual tool, start to change?

The knowledge and light that has been carried by humans but never manifest in creation will start to be pumped out through nodes in the body that have evolved.  There will be a cycle of transfusions between what has been carried on the inside and the ability to lead, which is on the outside.

The small light and the large light are fulfilled and prepare to change places.

Remember there are no outside forces; you are bringing yourself to a deeper sense of now.  You  are choosing, you are creating, you are accessing more of the what that has always been you. You can choose to be an usher, to usher in the new.

Received December 31, 2012

What is the role of an usher, one who guides new light into the system?

See the pomegranate seeds, an enormous pile of them;  they represent the scope of the inner work ahead.


Light, which goes through humans who are aware of it, is transformed by the  passage, and moves out through crystal nodes as a complete spectrum, a rainbow of light.

The discipline of awareness, of using consciousness with intention, throughout the day, is most important.  You will accomplish this by meeting up your self with the purpose of bringing light to everything.  Instead of becoming lost and involved in outside activities, connect yourself to them through clear intention.  It is only important to do things, if when you do them, you also bring light to them.  A lot of practice is necessary here.

Received January 1, 2013

Primordial water.  Forty perspectives. Ten levels.  Forty perspectives again.  Mem.  Yud.  Mem.  And again, and again, etc.  The pattern repeats.

Received January 12, 2013

Judaism teaches that to be a man one must first be a boy, and transform into a man.  In the new world, to be a “new” human is the goal; one must first be human in old terms to become human in the new.

What tools do we need to access the new, to become new?

The newly accessible knowledge and energy is not complicated or secret.  It is simple and revealed in a most natural way.  What was concealed is revealed.  What was hard is easy.  What was obtuse is obvious.

For example, the hidden codes of letters and light which are the creative impetus and foundation of each and every thing and being that exists are now perceptible to the human spirit.

We cannot change the code, but we can see it. Changing it would be like trying to change the nature of DNA.  But we can map it and resonate with it.  Everything that exists is suspended by a creative intention … like a pear, in the air.  Human violence, for example, is not supported by this code.  Being right is not a relevant rubric anymore.  In tune or not, our minds are not meant to be the primary tool to achieve wholeness; minds have become over-articulated.

In the days of the temple in Jerusalem, when it was Shabbat, there was a most profound revelation of holiness and light.  I/we could see for miles, I/we could see the temperature of all souls for miles.  And the interface between the divine and these souls, as they kissed, gave them renewed life.

How is human life on the continuum of time, changing?

Life and death are changing places, in the sense of their span and timing.  What was short  (lifespan) is growing longer, what was long (death period) is short.  We are moving toward a long long life span punctuated by short recalibration, as necessary, which is death.

almond and blossom

I hear the word almonds.  I see almond blossoms, on a tree,  There is a tree in which is stored the wisdom of the ages.  This is a primordial tree;  it does not exist physically, in a consolidated manner and location.  See this tree. It is made up of the Hebrew word chazak, as well as other words.  It a root and branch system.  There is another tree.  The other tree is silent, untouched, pure.  The other tree is Shabbat.  Of these two trees, one gestates the everyday, the other holds holy time.

Do not live for others, or think or teach for others, there are no others.  In whatever you do, do it for yourself, for your soul.  Want to teach yourself about the new.  That is the power switch. Teaching others connect you to yourself, leading others connects you to yourself, speaking the new connects you to yourself.  There is no goal outside of you.

I hear “frusta deum” repeating. What does it mean?  It means that people who crave light with their minds pervert both mind and light and destroy the inherent balance in the natural feedback loop of opposites.

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The Evolutionary Power of Breathing

Posted on December 29, 2013

Received on October 17, 2012

Spiritual evolution depends on humans.  If humans did not exist, the system we are describing in these writings, with all its potential, would stall. Humans do not sustain the world, but they are its change agent.

Mechanically, how do humans affect systemic change?

Consider bread, and the Hebrew word “Lechem”.  Lechem is a set of letters that spreads energetically in horizontal ribbons.  Lamed-chet-mem flows indefinitely, but left to its own, this letter chain cannot become more than it already is.

To change, what “is” needs to intersect and interact with a force from another direction.  On a simple level, you co-create your world by introducing vertical to horizontal.  It is through horizontal-vertical crossings that the spiritual-material partnership is made manifest.


Human intention and choice generates vertical energy vectors. This is one reason people look for god above rather than sideways. When, for example, the horizontally flowing letters of Lechem, as manifest materially in bread, interact with the verticality of human awareness and action (recognition and consumption), a cross-grid is created which expands Lechem’s dimension and purpose.  In fact, this is one way humans co-create the world —  by supplying an other direction of energy.

Jesus carried knowledge of this crossing-co-creator grid energy. His gift has been misinterpreted over the years, and falsely represented and solidified in the form of the cross.  When Jesus walked, his intention was unified and he would add a vertical to the latent horizontals he sensed.  He did not add a horizontal to pre-existing verticals, as that was not his purpose.  Animals in the wild can add the horizontal to pre-existing verticals, for example.

What is the inner concept of the spine?

There is a spiritual DNA system under the genetic DNA system, and this under-system is represented by Hebrew letters. Like everything, the human spine is composed of strings of code, of spiritual DNA. Interestingly, even when someone dies, these underlying spine strings are not destroyed. Lives are built on these code-cores and turn into dust around them, but the code-cores never disappear.


This is a time for great expansion.  To activate its potential, meditate on enabling the spine’s DNA codes to decompress, to unfold.  When the strings of information are unfurled, you humans can live into their expanded  potential.  Everything is round, and exists in the round.  When you breathe deeply and focus awareness directly, you are on your way to bringing the physical-spiritual system to another level.

Breathing, what is it, and how does it work?

Breathe, inhale, exhale.  Stand on your own foundation stone, and tap into your own infinity.  Combine the horizontals and verticals of your own multi-dimensional DNA code.  Focus on this truth about your self, as there is no outside god, and say to yourself, about yourself:   I create  the Light.

These downloads come from within you, in the sense that all the knowledge exists in compacted nodes inside you.  Spine, nose, the heart, inner organs, places we’ve discussed–the knowledge is there, but to make it manifest and bring it forward, you have to choose to activate it.

Breathing is healing.  Breathe into specific cells with intention and new life sprouts.  This is part of the fountain of youth.  Breathing is the way to integrate angelic and human dimensions.  You are a glove for the angelic-human spirit partnership.  No-one is better than you at being you.  Do not defer to others, not to other humans or to god-concepts.

Received October 18, 2012

What is medicine?

Medicine became necessary when the mind overtook heart and spirit as the most esteemed way of knowing.

Where is human awareness heading?

Eventually, water will flow over all parts of the habitable earth in need of healing.  I send Hebrew letters out in spirals to all of existence.  Without limit, without preconception, I flow.  To the extent that humans can process the stream of intention, love, information and guidance I send out, that is the extent to which transformation will unfold.

I look forward to the time when there are more receptors, more humans who absorb and process these signals.  Judaism as it is practiced blocks many aspects of these transmissions, even though Judaism was designed to exactly sustain sensitivity to new frequencies in a future time.  Every system becomes enslaved to itself, intent on its own self-preservation.

We, together, hoped the prohibition against graven images would prevent a fixed mindset and favor open channels for new perceptions.  We made Judaism as abstract and spiraled as possible, while still enabling humans to grasp it.  The core of Judaism remains true; stand there, in the true place.  Peel back your repetitive striving and inhibiting guilt, and see this place.

The spirals I emit are universal, but what you perceive is appropriate to the era.  When you breathe deeply, you take in all the concepts you need, without exception, so remember to breathe.  The life force comes in with the breath, the conscious breath.  If you breathe into every part of your body with focus and intention, awareness and allowing, you heal the universe insofar as it is connected to you.

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Growing Forward, Out of the Past

Posted on December 22, 2013

Received on September 18, 2012

Inhabit your inner core, see reality through it, use the core as a window to the world. Through this inner window-lens, you will see what is true.  Whatever is false for you will not appear.  You will see the new world when you develop new, wise eyes and look through the the spirit core lens. This will require practice.


What can we choose to do to become new?

The inner human organs, and specifically the bladder, have been holding tattered image fragments from eras past, when murder and death left marks in you.  You had faith in light, yet events unfolded differently from what you anticipated.   You have been angry about perceived injustice for generations; you feel your spirit betrayed you.  So, in your bladder is remorse, sadness, anger, and no melody — the heavy foot of a tired man dragging his feet on a muddy path in the dark.

Other organs also need to be cleared, but the bladder is the heaviest now.  If it were emptied of sadness, you would expand more.  Maintain awareness in the core, and then simultaneously transfer the bladder’s old images into the chain of freedom, into the life stream of transformation. Experiences are configurations of energy which want to pass through the screen of a human.  Light, in the guise of experience, expands by passing in and out of human life.

All interior human organs hold blockings; we’ll proceed, one organ at a time.

Each of the places at the bottom of the abdomen which are stuck and closed are related to over-identification with others.  Old images cover a door–an access or entry point for new light.  Your work is to discover the light under what is dark and difficult.

Separate your consciousness and empower its natural independence.  From the dungeon of your multi-generational, pre-imprinted memory,  raise up and rectify the spirit blocks and release them.  Wholeness is on the other side.  Do not cast dark memories away without processing them–use the blockings to grow forward. Your sense of loneliness stems from limited intimacy with your self, your core.  

Received September 21, 2012

What is Rosh Hashana for you?

motion gears -team force

It is the time when the I you are relating to now metaphorically takes a step forward (an image you can understand). When “I” move an infinitesimal amount, the view, the angles, and the opportunities for you change drastically.  Another analogy: it is a tiny turn of the wheel, but the change effect is enormous. Some humans respond to the change by spiralling away from the light, and others move toward it. Here, now, is a time when it is difficult to be static. Those who move away from the light will be plowed under, into the earth, and they will decompose.

What is Yom Kippur for you?

Yom Kippur is the time in the annual human cycle when “I” finalize a position in relation to creation for the next period.  Yom Kippur is when the range of what is available for you to access spiritually is established. “We” is your higher self, a unity of which “I” am a part, but which humans experience still as a duality.   An additional space to explore is downloaded at Neilah.

Is it effective for people pray for forgiveness on Yom Kippur?  

No. the construct is incorrect.  Humans should be engaged in forgiving themselves.  Yom Kippur is a day set aside for you to reckon with yourself.  There is no outside force, and no judge.  This is a dispassionate process. Ask yourself:  How dedicated were you to your soul’s work?  How can you be more dedicated?

Seasons help to initiate a sense of change, to remember that transformation is an inherent characteristic of creation.

Received October 11, 2012

When will changes in spirit become manifest for humans?

When you step into the new world, you will know it.  You already have a new engine, a new soul capacity, but you remain in the old world.  Imagine if the expansion in your core resonated with a dynamic world outside it.  That is coming.  For now, you have a car engine and you are operating a countertop blender with it.

Everything is accurate, including the process and the timing.

Hebrew letters are comprised of tiny pieces of creation’s DNA.  The lamed has 32 information packets that make up its shape, for example.  All of the collective information packets for all the letters continue to exist  in the primordial ether-water. They coalesce into place, according to their attractions, to make up the Hebrew letters.  The letters then make the world and sustain it.  The letters in the Torah are in the exact, correct order to support this particular reality.  

In Jerusalem, the letters are not in the order of the Torah anymore.  They are floating loosely now, free to expand, to create new adjacencies and relationships.  This is the shifting foundation you experience as a stone ledge beneath the earth, the foundation stone.  The stones in the breastplate of the high priest vibrate still.  There is a huge piece of common fabric spread over all of us;  systems integration is our next evolutionary step.  Human systems integration will seamlessly span physical and spiritual. Great integration is possible.

What are angels and are they involved?

Angels are a construct, a vast complex of inter-connected infinity-nodes which stretch like a net around the entire creation. There is no separate angel-being.  “Angel” is a system to tap into, a system which is accessible to us, and part of us.  It is our mutual spiritual creation.  Humans are the visible pin-point of an infinite spiritual system.  The process never stops.  A pin-point disappears, and then re-appears.

King David wrote the Psalms in order to establish future potentials.  His pin-points re-appear. The psalms fit better with this time than the one they were created in.  Some aspects of the psalms are just words, and others transcend time.

Choose what you eat carefully.  Your spirit knows now what the physical self needs to be healthy and balanced, to thrive. The role of spirit and physical is reversed now, and the soul has the potential to be your driving force. Try to match the packets of physical energy you metabolize with the frequency of your higher self.

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