With Bones and Seeds: A Spiritual Evolution

Posted on July 18, 2015

Received on July 22, 2014

Your bones carry a metaphysical record of your soul’s history. They hold its memory-structure, so you can build on it in your lifetime.  Your learning edge is cartilage.  Bones are a repository of the partnered accomplishments of spirit and material.  Within the bones there are maps and moments that endure. They are preserved and coherent.  What wasn’t needed has fallen away, what still stands is an evolving library.

Live in your bones, live in your bone marrow.  Purpose-driven reality spirals out from there.


How do new concepts have influence if we are rooted in the bones and their history?

As a more refined light enters your system, it is refracted through the light-concepts that already exist and expands the capacity for consciousness.  Structured by time and attuned to light through living, humans then slowly grow into and inhabit this expanded capacity.

To break it down further, here is how spiritual evolution works:

Hebrew letters are the breeding pool for all concepts, words, and capacities. When new light is introduced to the letters, an angle or aspect of the undergirding Hebrew letter/s surfaces. To say it another way, new light activates additional dimensions of the Hebrew letters.  New dimensions of the letters make new words possible; as new words are spoken, new worlds emerge, and the potential capacity of human consciousness expands. The first three sentences of the Book of Bereshit/ Genesis give one clear example of this iterative process.

The words gestating now will help to stabilize floating concepts until they can be lived and integrated into the system, into the bones.  New word dimensions are built on older words, words that your spirit is living and transmitting from.  When you live from your bones, your spirit returns home, back to the cells of the word-bone.

From beyond, it looks like this: word follows word and joint follows joint, and a bridge is built between the infinite dimensions of love, or ahava, and a next underlying concept, which has yet to emerge.

Physical bones disintegrate after death.  How does this work?

The spiritual intention all life shares and draws from is mixed into the bone marrow cells, and wound around your DNA strands.

Become a power to heal and center-ize this world.  Bones hold the codes, core codes, and organs actively float the capacities around the code concepts.  Living from the bones, living from the center of the bones, human software and hardware are aligned and share purpose and intention.  Your mind brings order to this intention, to remain steady, in the center.  It will take practice.

I see with an inner eye, but cannot hear with an inner ear (as I used to), the voices of the forty waters.

Trust your spirit to know what to bring to the new world.  Do not encumber the transition with your mind’s knowing.  There are a lot of different systems, some in focus and some invisible, that are making the transition now and holding their form at a frequency they can maintain.  Do not defer to your mind, to the Torah, or any other known system.  Do not assume something is not there just because you cannot see it or feel it.  Stay in your core. This is a transition time. Be a pillar.

We come from far to show you what is near;  we come from far to show you what is near.

A seed

Return to the bone codes.  Agree to be a seed.  Stay firm and be a seed, be the seeds.  Love is implied. A new characteristic is being born out of the structure of love. There are no words yet. Spiritual evolution continues.

Received August 1, 2014

Does undifferentiated, whole light exist anywhere, at any frequency?

Light always has the capacity for differentiation. Though light may flow uniformly in a particular dimension, it still carries varied intensities and vibrational frequencies within its oneness. Inherent in your creation are certain principles for the behavior of light, principles for the relationship between light elements, and their different intensities.  For example, one principle is the concept of a vessel with a voided middle.  This is one form that exists throughout creation, on infinite levels, from the fact that a drinking straw exists, to your eating and elimination system, to the way that prophetic light at frequencies greater than what the earth can sustain enters into and passes through refined souls that are its vessel.

Know this:  On earth, principles are overlaid on light so humans can use light to great effect.  Creating these principles created this world.

Light is never complete, never finished.  It transverses down into the material, up to more abstract realms, down and up, through human choices and struggles, often convoluted by experience, over time.

The purpose of seeking holiness is to establish increasingly more specific and accurate vessels, attuned to time and place, to maximize the effect of the light that passes through them.  Light is information with an intent, in a wide range of frequencies.

Received August 9, 2014

All light is filtered.  The filter is set in place by the needs of the time.  If you were to see beyond the filter, you would still see filtered light; you would see different frequencies of it than when you see it within yourself or in the world.  What this means to say is that it is impossible to see or encounter unfiltered light. The concept God is unfiltered light, the whole of it, infinite dimensions of infinite aspects of light. The bandwidth available to any structure is determined by its vessel capacity.

Do humans appear invisible to some, and are there entities who appear invisible to us?

Most new bandwidths cannot sustain a physical component yet.  It is the physical that expands the capacity within the infinity of the spirit.

Judaism, as originally conceived, matches the bandwidth of spirit it emanates from.  Other current  religions match a slightly different bandwidth, some overlap that of Judaism. The new Judaism will be different, especially in the relationship of concepts male and female.  A new balance will be established, where a different aspect will make possible the emergence of the other.

Irrigate your bones with the ancient light that has never been inside a body before.  It rejoices in golden familiarity with passage through a vessel-body that can enjoy it.  Eating sends food through a similar path, and the vibration of the food shapes the vessel just as passage of this light does.  A plant-based diet makes the vessel vibrate at a higher frequency and the light factory production is therefore greater.

War, in the current cases, is a clash between closed vessels.

This is a transitional and creative period, where lightning quick morphoses are not static enough to be described or taught.

Image: Human Bone Cells Creative Commons

Image: A Seed Creative Commons

No Words

September 27, 2014/  3 Tishrei 5775

This is the first time we have transmitted to writing directly, without the intermediary download document, in real time, for publication.

We are revealing ourselves here as the collective force and combined intentions of prophets and angels and this receiving human, a collaboration of spirit and action.

We are not yet able to transmit “the new” such that it can be worded, but know that our direction is toward words.

We are in the midst of a fiery alchemy, a forging of new principles.  There are no letters yet, no sounds — only processes, with no solidified expression or product.

Forces meet.

We are on the mountain, in clouds of knowledge, receiving but not recording.  We are on the foundation stone, in fire. Heaven and earth, fire and water, they meet and they cross there.

There are thirteen men and women now engaged in this ongoing creating.

There are thirteen channels at present.

Separation and Harmony: Do Not Mix Water From Different Wells

Posted on May 17, 2014

Received on January 26, 2013

The greatest impediment to spirit harmony is the human tendency to copy, to imitate, to instill sameness amongst systems that are in essence unique. True spirit harmony exists when distinctions are accurate.

separate_sourcesSouls cannot see themselves. Souls live amongst others to provide mirrors for one another, but not to become like one another.

The soul system is at heart a system of mirrors designed to promote self-knowledge. There is no redundancy in the system.  Absolute harmony is achieved when a human functions as a unique vibrational system.

Received February 1, 2013

Whether purpose unfolds now or in some other lifetime-universe, it will still unfurl–energy must evolve and there is no stopping it.

What happened to the soul of David, the former King of Israel?  

Many of the nodes and vectors of David’s soul have been transmuted to light.  Through generations of human incarnation and evolution, parts have been rectified and are no longer on the earth plane. These aspects glow with wholeness.

There are also parts of David’s soul in people alive now.  If you carry one, understand that it has your name on it temporarily; that identity is fleeting.  It is called David’s soul because you know it by that name, but it is actually an evolving soul being developed collaboratively.

The Messiah concept was polluted to refer to a person; there is no such person.  There is an opportunity to connect to and transform consciousness by using the new spiritual vocabulary and range brought here.  The Messiah is a paradigm shift, made possible by those who see it first, and then bring in the new. New energy configurations are downloading and flowing constantly now. Details are adding branches to the trunks in place.

What does Judaism need now to become current?  

Listen carefully to these instructions.

You must not mix water from different wells.  They do not belong together; one will certainly contaminate the other, though neither one, on its own is contaminated.

What that means is that you must respect the walls around systems; do not mix them.  There will be those who try to re-invigorate one with the wisdom of another, but this will pollute both.

When you feel blank in the presence of wisdom that resonates deeply with other souls, it is because the roots, while true, do not match yours.

To help us gain traction, use our names.  We are the collective beings of the Michael Angel who came and come and will come to earth.  List them all, Michael, Michael’s Executing Angels, and Multitudes of Intermediaries.  We use a number of vessels to reach the earth. In this instance, we are broadcasting through the vessel of Eliha.

Eventually, the fragile base for long-held beliefs disconnected from essential roots will crumble. The Shield of David is around those who see through to truth.  David, King David, held the horizontal line between what would be and what was.  He maintained that line, within which lay the possibility for an expanded future despite the limited present–he held hope and faith and in so doing, sent both hope and faith forward through all generations. He did not waver.

Received February 19, 2013

Judaism in not meant to be a religion, where there is adherence to rules without a simultaneous and vibrant connection to the  transformative rushing influx of new knowledge.  Yes, there are practices to follow, things to do and not to do, to enhance that ever-flowing experience of the Divine, the only point of which is:

Do not weaken the connection; seek the connection.

An approach called Judaism was transmitted to support single-minded commitment to the infinite source of truth.  Judaism guides humans to act within certain bounds, so as to be in the target range of a specific frequency of downcoming energy.

Judaism is designed to streamline downloads of the Divine to vessels structured to receive them.

In many lives, practice of Judaism now has de-evolved, is closed, encumbered, and eating itself alive.

Is it possible for souls that have known Judaism to forget it or to lose the connection?  Is de-evolution of souls possible?

trees_fall_springSo much energy has been dedicated to remembering, to carrying the Torah emanation to the future.  The Torah is present. It was carried by many, many human vessels, and with each interaction, the Torah is strengthened, and brought to more physical planes. When the Torah was first communicated, it was wispy. It came through faintly.  But through ages of study and practice, but especially a kind of study where the text literally hits the soul of the student and becomes part of that soul–the Torah knowledge has become rooted, which was the point. Reciting the Torah does not necessarily root the knowledge, yet it is an important practice.

Paradoxically, practice of Judaism has also created idols, that is, closed systems, systems cut off from source. In many instances today, Judaism’s god-concept is flat.  It originates in a set of humans or in a cultural past — these concepts are idols. Avoid these idols; they are confabulations. Seek out a god-concept that is in evolutionary line with the original god revealed to the ancient meditators. The god-concept we are revealing here is in that line.

Are the Ten Commandments still the guiding principles?

There will be new “commandments” for a new era, and these have not yet been determined, but the concepts are:

1.  I am the one source of light that shines upon this earth and there is no other.  The light divides as it becomes manifest.

2.  There is only one goal for humans:  to live in steady, constant harmony with this source of life.

3.  To stay in harmony, humans must constantly choose this harmony, and commit awareness to it.

4.  To avoid disconnection, humans should behave in harmony with awareness; place trust and faith in awareness, but not knowing. To know firmly is to be disconnected completely.

5.  Moment to moment, humans actively choose whether to live in harmony with the inner structure of light.  When a human does not choose light, subsidiary material is created which thickens the atmosphere and blocks transmission of the source of light.

6.  The reward is more light, the punishment is being more cut off from it.

Separate Systems Creative Commons
Trees Old and New Creative Commons

The Evolutionary Power of Breathing

Posted on December 29, 2013

Received on October 17, 2012

Spiritual evolution depends on humans.  If humans did not exist, the system we are describing in these writings, with all its potential, would stall. Humans do not sustain the world, but they are its change agent.

Mechanically, how do humans affect systemic change?

Consider bread, and the Hebrew word “Lechem”.  Lechem is a set of letters that spreads energetically in horizontal ribbons.  Lamed-chet-mem flows indefinitely, but left to its own, this letter chain cannot become more than it already is.

To change, what “is” needs to intersect and interact with a force from another direction.  On a simple level, you co-create your world by introducing vertical to horizontal.  It is through horizontal-vertical crossings that the spiritual-material partnership is made manifest.


Human intention and choice generates vertical energy vectors. This is one reason people look for god above rather than sideways. When, for example, the horizontally flowing letters of Lechem, as manifest materially in bread, interact with the verticality of human awareness and action (recognition and consumption), a cross-grid is created which expands Lechem’s dimension and purpose.  In fact, this is one way humans co-create the world —  by supplying an other direction of energy.

Jesus carried knowledge of this crossing-co-creator grid energy. His gift has been misinterpreted over the years, and falsely represented and solidified in the form of the cross.  When Jesus walked, his intention was unified and he would add a vertical to the latent horizontals he sensed.  He did not add a horizontal to pre-existing verticals, as that was not his purpose.  Animals in the wild can add the horizontal to pre-existing verticals, for example.

What is the inner concept of the spine?

There is a spiritual DNA system under the genetic DNA system, and this under-system is represented by Hebrew letters. Like everything, the human spine is composed of strings of code, of spiritual DNA. Interestingly, even when someone dies, these underlying spine strings are not destroyed. Lives are built on these code-cores and turn into dust around them, but the code-cores never disappear.


This is a time for great expansion.  To activate its potential, meditate on enabling the spine’s DNA codes to decompress, to unfold.  When the strings of information are unfurled, you humans can live into their expanded  potential.  Everything is round, and exists in the round.  When you breathe deeply and focus awareness directly, you are on your way to bringing the physical-spiritual system to another level.

Breathing, what is it, and how does it work?

Breathe, inhale, exhale.  Stand on your own foundation stone, and tap into your own infinity.  Combine the horizontals and verticals of your own multi-dimensional DNA code.  Focus on this truth about your self, as there is no outside god, and say to yourself, about yourself:   I create  the Light.

These downloads come from within you, in the sense that all the knowledge exists in compacted nodes inside you.  Spine, nose, the heart, inner organs, places we’ve discussed–the knowledge is there, but to make it manifest and bring it forward, you have to choose to activate it.

Breathing is healing.  Breathe into specific cells with intention and new life sprouts.  This is part of the fountain of youth.  Breathing is the way to integrate angelic and human dimensions.  You are a glove for the angelic-human spirit partnership.  No-one is better than you at being you.  Do not defer to others, not to other humans or to god-concepts.

Received October 18, 2012

What is medicine?

Medicine became necessary when the mind overtook heart and spirit as the most esteemed way of knowing.

Where is human awareness heading?

Eventually, water will flow over all parts of the habitable earth in need of healing.  I send Hebrew letters out in spirals to all of existence.  Without limit, without preconception, I flow.  To the extent that humans can process the stream of intention, love, information and guidance I send out, that is the extent to which transformation will unfold.

I look forward to the time when there are more receptors, more humans who absorb and process these signals.  Judaism as it is practiced blocks many aspects of these transmissions, even though Judaism was designed to exactly sustain sensitivity to new frequencies in a future time.  Every system becomes enslaved to itself, intent on its own self-preservation.

We, together, hoped the prohibition against graven images would prevent a fixed mindset and favor open channels for new perceptions.  We made Judaism as abstract and spiraled as possible, while still enabling humans to grasp it.  The core of Judaism remains true; stand there, in the true place.  Peel back your repetitive striving and inhibiting guilt, and see this place.

The spirals I emit are universal, but what you perceive is appropriate to the era.  When you breathe deeply, you take in all the concepts you need, without exception, so remember to breathe.  The life force comes in with the breath, the conscious breath.  If you breathe into every part of your body with focus and intention, awareness and allowing, you heal the universe insofar as it is connected to you.

Horizontal-Vertical Creative Commons
Spine Creative Commons

The Foundation Stone Is Uncovered

Posted on December 8, 2013

Received on July 22, 2012


The water that flows under Jerusalem is older than glacial water.  It is “first water”, The First Water;  it holds all the potential, all the codes for the development of the world you live in now.  From it, everything else evolved.

What is Judaism now, what will it be, which parts can be carried forward? Which elements of Judaism are the core, primal pieces–the timeless, the indestructible, the infinite?

There is no part of any current religion which will never change.  The primordial is-ness you inquire about exists in abstraction far beyond any of your religious or ritualistic practices.  Judaism, at its inception, reflected the origin-core, but it was not the core itself. Over millennia, the immutable elements might shift ever so slightly and in so doing, cause massive revolution on earth.

Received August 3, 2012

Our communications will be published when we are more ready to be known.  Interactions with humans change us too, and make it easier for us to be a stable presence on earth.

Where am I, or where is any single human being?  Where is any one of us, in totality?

We will only address those who are main souls.  You are each simultaneously perched on earth and expanding exponentially in spirit.

This is the beginning of the time you were born for. There are no limits now to your expansion; your blocks and fears can be dissolved as quickly as they arise. Trust in the spirit brings an inner calm few can imagine.

Golden eagles are circling.  Their circlery, their wing flaps, spread a shower of golden drops of light, of blessing.  Our collective joy is boundless.  We celebrate you and those who hear us, we count on you to hear us. The door is open. The gate is raised.  All who are here, enter the new world.

The Foundation Stone is uncovered.  The densities hiding and enclothing it are gone.  Its presence is palpable to those who belong there.  So, there it is, and you can be whole near it.  Remember: you are the creator; it does not have any power of its own.  Remember: there are no outside forces, and when you embody that concept  and open to your full self-being near the Foundation Stone, you take the first step.

What is the Foundation Stone made of?

The stone is an enclosure, a series of shells.  The light within the Foundation Stone — it is you and you are it, and it is not outside of you. This is true for all main souls. You are born from this light, this foundation of Jerusalem light.  It is what you carry, your lantern.  There have been others from here: King David also carried light from this place in his soul.  Enjoy exploring this golden light that is you … it is like a homecoming, a reunion.  Master the moment.  Master the light.


The place you are in is beyond words.  That is why you hear silence. It is comprised of a center chamber, with four metaphysical sub-chambers.  Humans have four soul mates, one in each of the four chambers.  Each chamber resonates with a different set of angles or vibrations. You achieve wholeness by holding awareness in your core while simultaneously communicating into  each of these four different essence chambers. Think of this inter-connection as a never-ending spiritual conference call.

The Foundation Stone is timeless — old and new. When it is uncovered, false realities, seemingly solid, instantly dissolve. The last time the stone was uncovered was thousands of embodiments ago–and main souls are here again, now.  Other humans have been here before;  you are all connected to them. Their line goes through you.

At first, is difficult to step off the stone, to leave the light, and join the fray and the unfolding human challenges.  But the foundation, now uncovered, is a beacon, and it will help make the process of change flow more powerfully and sustainably.  Eventually, you will learn to be here and in the world — processing material and spirit simultaneously.

Why is change a positive value?  Why is it always heralded?

The spirit loves expansion.  This is a world of spirit.  The world appears to be changing, but what you see is the direct result of the spirit expanding. Expansion is not change, it is a step by step process of unfolding what is already coded but hidden.  If there were no physical world, you would never perceive change, just expansion over time, like the universe expanding in response to the “big bang”.

Can I make a mistake by sharing this knowledge?

Just love the new and know that you are its creator.  Connect to your deepest source, fully connect, and enjoy the reuniting!  It has been thousands of years since you have consciously been here.

The light shaft you feel is a wall that keeps souls out that do not belong, and invites those in that do.  A soul itself is the key, has the key… and becomes the key.

The current of unending light, the wholeness, the reunification — this is the state of the soul without a body, after the body has died.  At this moment, you are experiencing what it is like to be dead, while you are alive. You are un-embodied, while still breathing and translating abstract flashes into words, and typing.

You cleave to this place, you pull new knowledge from it, and bring it up to the world. That knowledge has built up through you forever, bringing it out and up, out and up, transforming the abstract light into something a little less abstract and more fit to withstand this material world.

Water Splash Creative Commons

Water Rock Landscape Creative Commons

The New Prophetic Leader: A Consortium of Humans

Posted on October 6, 2013

Received on April 8, 2012

We have difficulty communicating with humans because words are slow and inaccurate.  The concepts we carry travel at the speed of light.  They transform material at the same speed.  big_bang_simulationOur greatest challenge is to slow concepts down and break them apart so they can be perceived, so we can be partners.  It is our purpose to deliver concepts to you in slow motion.

Hebrew letters are pulsing out of your body in spirals — multitudes of Hebrew letters.  Every part of your system is pumping outward,  kind of like the aftermath of the big bang.

Metaphysically, you are alone, and yet you share this creation with every other being that exists.  You can affect everything, you are connected to everything, but everything you experience is just a mirror to show you where to release and expand within your individual self.  It is a paradox.

Marma massage and acupuncture identify an old map.  The new map of nexus points has not been determined yet, but it will be different, to trigger a different metabolism.

On Prophetic Leaders: 

The Abraham character this time is a consortium of enlightened humans, a group, with each person coming to the truth with a different perspective, from a different angle.  Each angle is unique.   Adjacent to one another, all of the angles plot enough points of the new concept of god to bring it out of hiding.

The notion of one god will expand and embody infinite dimensions of godliness.  These dimensions will eventually be revealed.  Faith will no longer involve a leap from logic to the unknown–as it has been. Faith will be a leap from spirit to inner spirit.

For those who do not believe in god, how will they come into resonance with this new order?

Some non-believers are actually closer to the truth than believers. Anyone who does not hold to a system firmly is easily reached.  Those who are entrenched  believers may find it impossible to expand.   It will be very difficult for Jews to let go of their history and traditions, to trust that something greater lies on the other side of letting go.

The new era changes  “in the beginning god created the heavens and the earth”  to “in the beginning the spiritual dimension in humans generated the vessels for the heavens and earth”.

Will there be a concept of holiness?  

There will only be holiness–infinite levels of holiness, but only holiness.  What will disappear, for some generations, is the terrain of the unsacred, or the unholy.  Then the profane will exist again, but at a higher level,  in light of the holiness which will have unfolded.

Glorious. I am here to tell you that the light around you is glorious, filled with golden letters and potential to create new worlds.  You will work for a bit more as you have been, then new options will be offered.  A choice lies ahead of you.

I am here to teach you to be free. I am here to show you how to shed false identities.  I am here to teach that the light from far is now near.

On Jesus and Moses:

Jesus perverted the prophecy he was granted.  He took his rightful share of the prophetic legacy and broadcast it against our guidance.  He thought his natural love of his fellow men would be a strong enough glue to hold people and the spiritual truths he saw together.  He tried to use the expanse of his own love to change the face of human life.  He was impatient and took too much responsibility.  His job was to see the potential and to merely plant the love.  The love needed time to grow.  Instead, he became the symbol of the love; he delivered to an immature public, and the love could not take root properly in the nascent human structures and systems.  Jesus died because his prophetic sources became over-mined.


Moses was a real man, and a prophet; and it is upon the very same foundation he laid that this new world is coming into being now.  He was able to nearly perfectly establish the symbiotic roots of the material/ spirit interdependence that characterizes your universe.  His work created spaces that to this day have not been fully explored or inhabited.  But those that have not been reached are very arcane and distant, and it is becoming more and more difficult to reach them because the steps to those places have eroded.  Still, most of the structure has been built, and it is time to introduce a new one.

A meditation:

chet chet chet.  blue. from the solar plexus.  zayin green back of the neck. gold letters all over the neck and head.  yud. bet. hay.  aleph. caf on the forehead.  lamed at the ears.  mem in the throat. nun on the shoulders. samech at the spine top. tzadi at the bottom of the spine. reish at the elbows. shin under the feet.  taf top of the head.

Received April 12, 2012

On Judaism:

Spiritual history is the story of becoming whole.  Some generations came fractionally closer to wholeness.  Small fractions were added over a long time, and it was impossible to see a tendency toward wholeness, unless you were born with gifted eyes to look for wholeness.

Unfortunately, Judaism developed during many of these fragmentary periods, when fractions appeared to be all there is.  Judaism was formed in a culture of fractions. Each fraction was elaborated upon, made intricate, and complete–but each was just a small fragment in itself.  Some of the fragments grew over-developed, and then became finite goals, and that is where Judaism lost its connection to spiritual evolution.

It is a matter of faith that the right amount of light is available for each time, for each soul.

It is a matter of faith that light becomes available in the right time, and that there is no way to productively rush this process.

Many factors led to the losses in the mid twentieth century, but one factor was this confusion between fragments and wholeness, and the over-articulation of fragments.  Another factor was the rushing and trying to make more out of each moment than was available, to control the outcome and to hurry it.

Received April 18, 2012

On Healing:

Healing is actually teaching.  Healing is teaching systems how to upgrade themselves, to become aware of their potential, to give them direction.  Healing is not magic, it is training for the spirit. When a body is sick, the spirit is even sicker,  Much much sicker, more broken, desperate, without any other way to communicate to its host.  It creates disease to get attention, to give attention to the places which need it.  You get headaches and migranes for example when you fail to put awareness in the everyday, when you forget that everything is sourced in spirit.  So you create  a headache to re-set, to start again.  It is harsh, they hurt, it is a waste of time.   Think of it as a bridle we, your spirit self, would not have to use if you were more consistent in your awareness.

Healing is actually making order, clearing away fallen pieces of structure or past experiences that block the way.  Healing is cleaning house from a stack of lifetimes.  Healing is making space for the new.

Renewal is a weak term, it will not endure through this transition.  Rebirth or Recreate is more like it.

What is coming to the surface now is the potential for waves of spirit to engulf the physical world.  They emanate from within but can permeate all existence.  Instead of staying wound-up inside, the new is starting to unveil reality.  The roots are raw, time is changing, a minute is getting longer, and when one is in the middle of the present, time does not exist.  It is like traveling at the speed of light.  Meditation, in itself, is not the purpose of living.  The point of contacting the inner territory is to then learn to act while aware of it.  If you have never meditated, do not start now.  Instead, commit to the active meditation of moving through everyday tasks with awareness, to the depth of the meditative awareness while in action.

What is within your self  is complex and beautiful.  Remember as you make choices that you carry delicate, articulated, unique structures.  

Big Bang Image Creative Commons Sand Image Creative Commons

Exodus From the Ancient Egypt Within

Posted on September 2, 2013

Received on March 5, 2012

Your souls carry unhealed wounds and scars through generations.  Souls strive for more resolution in each lifetime.

Is the Exodus of the Jews from ancient Egypt, which is infused in the religion, still a useful referent?

You re-tell the story of the Exodus from ancient Egypt every year because it is still relevant. The journey from Egypt to the “promised land” continues — it has been an ongoing multi-dimensional  effort to heal devastating spiritual alienation and abject hopelessness.  This goal of this process — which has been continuous, from then until now — is self-creation.

It is more important than you can imagine that souls affected by the brokenness from ancient times are able to heal themselves now.

The ease of entry of the new depends on repair of the old.


What are the factors which determine when it is time to replace the old?

The timing is accurate and transformation is well underway.  The change process has enough traction now that you can say, “we did it”.  At this point, it would be more difficult to retreat to old modes of connecting to your soul than to let the new unfold naturally.  Even though few humans can see it yet, new foundational elements are in place and the change they will bring has a quiet but sustained momentum.

We said that those souls which experienced Egypt would be cut off from this mission if they ate bread on Passover, if they did not remember the wounds they carried and the responsibility to heal them.

Despite a lot of forgetting, the collective subconscious has evolved.  Some people have managed to transform the wounds of spiritual slavery to spiritual freedom, and have entirely “left” Egypt.  Most have not — there are many in between stages.  Without synchrony, each soul lives in its own era, so to speak.

Living in Different Spiritual Eras, Simultaneously and Side-By-Side:

In this time, people in the same community — neighbors, friends, family — can be living in entirely different spiritual eras.  The large differences between the healed and the broken, the spiritually connected and the remote, create adjacent individual realities.  From a seemingly common experience, there is rarely a consensus on what occurred and what was learned.

A healed soul evolves more quickly. It has learned how to transform human experience into freedom and light. The more an individual soul is broken and alienated, the more slowly that soul can be made whole now. The more a healed soul transparently reflects the emanation behind the Ten Commandments, the lighter it is.

Some spirits model a repeated slavery to outside systems, others model the freedom to create.

From darkness to light, from opacity to transparency: this encapsulates the essence of the journey from Egypt to the “Promised Land”.

For some souls, spirit time is accelerating.

Light Tunnel Creative Commons

New Words For A New System

Posted on June 26, 2013

Received on Jaunuary 27, 2012

How do you distinguish between old and new?  It seems like existence is an infinite continuum.  

If a spiritual system can be accurately described in words, that system is already obsolete. We will be developing new words, words that do not currently exist or have meaning,  to pair with the exquisitely new system that is downloading into the collective spiritual subconscious now.

Words  that resonate with this new order are not yet known, but single Hebrew letters do match its frequency, just as they matched the prior underlying order.  Letters, for now — words come later.

We must establish new signifiers, new words–words that touch and activate the underlying systems of light, just like the hidden phrases of Judaism did for the prior creation.

Patterns in the strings of spiritual light determine the shape of our existence. LED_lighting_strands Now we will discover the new patterns and remodel ourselves in harmony with them.

Spiritual evolution is constant, and it requires constant remodulation within the human system.  But this is different.  The change unfolding is not a gradual increment.

Do you have any questions?

How do you see human life?

Physical life is an infinite series of spiral loops , life , pause, life, pause, life, and so on.

Can a human live at a refined spiritual level?

Yes.  The goal of the human experiment is to achieve a full integration of the entire range of spiritual to physical possibility, from the most invisible complex breath of spirit to material life.  All at once.

The physical-material experiments that became this world were our idea, together.  We are the co-creators. Too long ago to describe in time, this was the plan.  The amount of struggle and darkness (being cut off from spirit) was not anticipated.  But the structure, and the solid links we created between spiritual and physical, can sustain this darkness and still evolve.

And now the tension in that darkness will be slowly alleviated, as we move toward resolution.

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