Hyperlinks to Holiness and Transforming the In-Between

Posted on September 1, 2014

Received on August 9, 2013

A complex light-frequency-filter system makes it possible for life on earth to unfold in time and space. These filters allow slow bandwidths of light that can co-exist with the even slower light of material to enter your system. The filters screen out dimensions of light which would shatter material or overpower the interplay with balance and choice.

Paradoxically, the light on both sides of the filters is whole. The same spiritual light you experience is infinitely dimensional and concurrently vibrates at frequencies beyond earth’s filters, beyond the sensing range.   The states beyond the filters, what you are unable to see or know, you call “nothing”.

Filters themselves evolve and were set forth in iterations, first as parts of Hebrew letters, then as full Hebrew letters, then as words.  The continuing evolution of the filters is encouraged by human capacity to hold light without shattering.  The bandwidth of light available is determined by the vessel capacity.

landscape filter
If humans were to see beyond the light filters of their existence, the light would still be filtered,  Beyond every filter is another whole version of the same light;  filtered light is also whole.

God is a word for infinite unfiltered light.

Does spirit light expand?  

Most bandwidths cannot sustain a physical component.  Paradoxically, it is the interplay between physical and spirit that extends the capacity of the spirit.

The new Judaism will be offset from the present version as the relationship between archetypal male and female energy structures is changing. One side, the male, made possible the emergence of the other, the female. In the new Judaism, male and female will be balanced and cross-structured. Spirit light expands by encountering and being processed by evolving energy flow patterns.

Irrigate your bones with the wholeness of ancient light that has never been inside a human body before. This light rejoices in golden familiarity with passage through a body-vessel that can hold it.

A plant based diet helps the body-vessel vibrate at a higher frequency.

Received August 22, 2014

What is downloading now is the capacity to transform the in-between. To be clear, the relationship between concepts, the enhanced vectors that carry energy between them is what is new.  The concepts themselves, in a varied vibrational iterations, have already been established on earth.

We are moving toward unity. Wholeness is a state where all light-concepts are so infinitely activated, individually and inter-relationally, that the system’s parts cannot be separated, defined, or distinguished from one another.

Where is wholeness on earth?

The filters that make human life possible enable self-perception or mirroring.  Human life is the opportunity to choose a return to wholeness. It is paradoxically through the choosing that wholeness expands. new_light_and_tree
If you are a main soul, you are a complete microcosm of this wholeness, with at least a dropper amount of code from every aspect that makes up wholeness.

Every true sacred text is a complex and layered series of transmission screens that hyperlink back to wholeness. The hyperlinks, which are hidden, are the source of holiness and accuracy. The words themselves in these transmission texts are not sacred.   Many people and most religions have lost the hyperlinks to holiness that would sustain them.

We want to add that the wholeness we were describing earlier is, in itself, one characteristic of a larger whole beyond it. The holographic nature of all that is unfolds infinitely.  A human life committed to spirit affects many of these holographic realms, not just the local one.

New codes are beginning to flow through you. You have agreed to receive them. Repeat: I agree to choose awareness and to allow the light information stream to pass through me.  I agree.

Explain right and wrong in the context of the holographic system.

Instead of good-bad, right-wrong, consider: more light vs. less light. Are you choosing awareness of more or awareness of less?

Continue to choose what brings more.  The tree of life and the tree of knowledge are fusing.  At the next level, they become a whole and humans can begin to live in this landscape of concept integration.

What is it that enables or empowers the system to choose beyond itself? How does awareness seek more awareness?

Every concept is like a puzzle piece, with a tab on it that wants to connect to another piece.  It is in the nature of this seeking tab to reach for what is beyond it without knowing what the outline of the next piece looks like.


All light-concept-pieces have these tabs or hooks and the inbred inherent desire to interlock, which is another way of saying they want to expand themselves.

What are the physical ramifications of spiritual expansion?

Do not think.  As news of physical demolition and de-evolution passes by your screen, remain in this creative and expansive channel.

What is compassion in this context?

Compassion is love for the entire system, for every aspect of it.  Compassion is love for a the system that creates disease and war and terror and codes for infinite light.

Compassion is choosing love to observe and experience the system itself.  This exercise of exploring the whole through the lens of a part is a succinct definition of the nature of human life.  In addition to being able to, for example, choose love to see justice, one can use love to experience love and then more love.

Characterstics, like love, are a strain of wholeness.  Love is an exponent of itself and can grow itself in relation to itself–as well as in relation to other characteristics.

Justice is the perfect balance of light and dark, closed and open, based on choices made.  Court justice is an approximation of spiritual justice and is important.  The desire to pursue justice is fundamental but its hyperlink to holiness is still difficult to maintain.

The universe’s laws of spiritual physics are consistent.  On an everyday level, you expand when you process experiences with the perspective of spirit.  Upcoming, you will benefit from receiving more passively without the mind at all.

It will be a time to rest-receive.

Image: RainScreen Creative Commons
Image: Light Points and Tree Creative Commons
Image: Puzzle Pieces Creative Commons

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