People Are Spiritual Concepts In Action

Posted on November 22, 2014

Received on November 30, 2013

Live intentionally from the pinpoint center of your self.

Does prophecy exist, and if yes, how does it work?  

Prophecy is not a phenomenon.  It is natural.

A “prophetic expression” is a preview of spiritual light that has not yet arrived in these dimensions. Receiving the future is a co-creative process.  Align with the column of your purpose and agree to partner with the beyond light. Choose to be under the faucet of the distant light of yourself, and usher it into this creation.

What should I be doing day to day? Going to work, as usual, or more of this “receiving”?

Can you try to be connected to this while doing that?  Your mind does not have to hold on to your work so firmly, and the focus on work cuts you off from this.

Keep this portal open as you engage in everything.  There is a constant Sabbath inside, in your core, and the everyday is outside it.

Swirling Water

You are a self-contained spiritual ecosystem, adjacent to a variety of other similarly structured independent ecosystems.  They do not mix.

The ultimate goal is to bring your own line into complete presence and focus in the dimensions you can access.  Receive the full river of light. It is not more powerful than you are.  Your soul has sole access to this river; there are no duplicate systems.

What is the spiritual association of human fingers?

Each finger differentiates energy into action.  Your mind can physically control the fingers and direct them to act, as in now as you are typing.  But on an energetic level. the mind, fingers and hands can also flow in harmony with emerging energy and differentiate it into categories that feed this creation.

What is psychotherapy?

Humans are designed to function like electrical transformers. Psychotherapy teaches transformation. Too often transformation does not occur, and experiences meant to guide a soul to light are lived as an end in themselves.

What you think of as god is the skin of this creation.  Just like your skin is the breathing fabric of you, god is a larger collective skin which allows energy to pass in and out. God is porous.

Know this: Infinity does not repeat forever.  Infinity is active — it is an active, never ending transformation.

Know this:  the only way to remain within the stream of infinity is to follow it and to change with it.

Eliha, you will not only write.  Your voice will be used to speak words, and one day, this knowledge will take over your voice, when you are ready.  It will talk through you and you will not know what you have said. It will happen when the vibration of your being matches that of the Judean Hills.

This is overwhelming, I have to stop typing.

See that when people meet, underlying concepts are meeting too.  People are spiritual concepts in action.

Received December 9, 2013

Take your mind offline — use it is a processor in the background. Think with your soul; it can direct you. You only have to choose to let it.

Leading is not how you imagine it or fear it.  Leading, for you, is summoning your spirit and allowing it to speak. The wisdom already in your spirit is the leader.

If there is no time, how do we carry “old” wounds that need to be healed?

Your entire physical system is a collection of unprocessed light, frozen. Your body is full of locked places that cannot receive new light. Your system opens as a result of the inner work you are doing, even and also as we are here together.

Be grateful for the process, and see the blessings along the way.

Photo Swirling River Creative Commons

You Are God, At A Slower Frequency

Received March 1, 2012

What is the unique energy of the Hebrew letter Mem?


Hebrew letters hold specific aspects of the world.  The Mem helps you access the multi-layered range of the letters that create the world.

For example, Aleph Mem.  In that pairing, the Aleph is the constituting force, and sets the  structural frame for the energy that can unfold from it.  When juxtaposed with Mem, Mem provides access to forty dimensions of the energetic source of Aleph.

Final Mem

In Aleph Mem, Aleph’s characteristics become emotionally accessible through time – as in mother.  Mother is the birth of your concept, in forty dimensions.

What is the spirit function of the letter Ayin?

Ayin has secret, hidden, dimensions. Ayin has links into the unknowable; its base sits beyond what we can reach. This is a very, very rare energy.  

Ayin is not used in healing.

Received March 4, 2012

What occurs in spiritual realms when humans repeat the Shema Yisrael prayer?

When you say the first paragraph of the Shema, you are strengthened internally by the power of the letters and their organization as well as the inherent meaning of the words.  The Shema is like yoga for the soul.  it strengthens the core and brings life and flexibility to associated parts.

What is an accurate intention during prayer and how does god fit into it?

There is no separate god, external to you, who will benefit from your prayer, or from any of your choices.

This is because you are god, at a slower frequency.

Do not pray to god; do not direct prayer out or up, to a master being or all-powerful force you cannot see.   No.  With intention, send words with the power to transform, like the Shema, into the very middle of yourself,  to your own higher self. Allow your higher self to work with and process the prayer letters and words in the way she chooses.

The refined dimensions historically called god are mechanically linked to the human soul. Have faith that working with your soul creates a daisy chain effect throughout reality.

The human soul is a lever to faster and faster oscillating frequencies of itself.


To explore the rarified spirit realm called god, go through the core of your own being. Understand that it is impossible to circumvent your own soul to touch the greater sacred. If you bypass the channel of your soul to encounter god, you will find a dead end instead.

Transformation starting from inside humans and emanating outward characterizes this structural realignment or spiritual revolution.

Can you describe this spiritual revolution?

You are in the midst of a revolution as the core concepts of what it means to be human are shuffled.

Over time, the membrane of the three dimensional container that is called “a human” will become invisible; the body’s walls will become spiritual-physical rather than physical-spiritual as they are now. The containers will become transparent.  The underlying structure of light and vessel will still exist, but both will be more similar to one another than they are now. The human membrane will disappear, and we will be able to “see into” everything.

Eventually, these frequencies of light and vessel will become one synthesized whole.

This will occur step by step.

Image: Mem Letters Link
Image: Harp Levers Creative Commons

Water From A Rock: Establishing the Spirit/Material Inter-Connection

Posted on November 16, 2013

Received on May 27, 2012

Can you explain the holiday of Shavuot?

Hidden water sources which pre-date time continue to irrigate creation, and carry truth in cycles.

The annual holiday of Shavuot and the deepest aspects of water are linked.

The pre-conceptual essence of water mirrors the structure of the Torah.  The Torah is often compared to water, and in this sense it is so: on a spiritual-cellular level, Torah can lock onto the essence of water and be carried by it. They flow together.  


Bringing water out of a rock is analogous to bringing the Torah to the world.  Downloading spirit to material must be executed with accuracy, with consistent intention and awareness.  Water stops flowing when the intention is inconsistent, and the resulting download can be flawed.

On Shavuot, a soul can absorb spiritual content until it is saturated, until there is no more longing.  This potential to be spiritually sated comes just once a year. Shavuot is a time to step forward onto new knowledge, onto the packed and dense knowledge that will be unfolded during the coming year.

Mayim is the word for Water in Hebrew.  It is spelled: Mem-Yud-Mem.  Mem (40: Dimensions From Material to Spirit) – Yud (10: Dimensions of God) – Mem (40: Dimensions From Spirit to Material).  Water dimensionally bridges to and from God, from material to spirit-through God- and in reverse through the dimensions from spirit to material.  The essential structure and work of the Torah is to reify that entire process, from 40-middle infinite-40.  On Shavuot, a new spiral of 40-God-40 begins.

This year, we will teach how to stay balanced during a period of spiritual expansion.  You will learn how to hold faith, rooted to the core, while simultaneously expanding vital consciousness well beyond human comprehension. When you reach the outer limits of what makes sense, simply surrender and trust the spirit to go out where it needs to, and to compress when it needs to.  In and out, the soul is self-regulating.  Do not try to explain what you experience; there are no words.

Drink from the new well on Shavuot.  Counting the Omer builds a spiral.

Received June 17, 2012

What is a summary of the purpose of Judaism?

Concepts which pre-date all Hebrew letters will exist in perpetuity.  To further establish these underlying abstract concepts in the material world, to expand them by using them, is the purpose of Judaism.  The practice of Judaism is meant to directly add dimensions to these concepts, dimensions that the concepts cannot attain on their own.

In other words, all material was created to be in the service of non-material abstraction.  Every so often the tube-like perfect vertical connection between concept and matter is achieved, and creation rejoices. The Kabbalah, when used correctly, is one system which can help to bring things and non-things into alignment and into the correct meta-physical meta-bolic relationship.

What is the strategy to accomplish this on a large scale?

Formerly, the role of the prophet was to convince people to live with awareness and commitment to spirit.  Humans have the unique ability to extend the underlying generative concepts of creation.  While it may seem odd that the entire system can expand itself by being itself, that is the essence of the mechanism.

In ancient times, a voice was the prophet’s only tool.  Arguing and threatening people into awareness proved mostly futile. Prophets fulfilled their individual purposes but to little overall effect.  Modern media enables deeper wisdoms to spread and gain exposure, without the focus on an individual.

It would be a magnificent accomplishment to spend even five minutes in integrated action and awareness, where what you do and think is fully integrated with the underlying concepts upon which creation is formed.  Root to tip, core to skin.  Singing on the Sabbath, about the holiness of the Sabbath, is one way to accomplish this.

Do people who lived in earlier times continue to exert influence over this world?

The bones of Abraham are emitting codes. The bones are still transmitting codes, codes for the further unfolding of creation.  And, in fact, those bones are in Hebron.  Bone_Fragment_Close-upThe bones are like a computer that has been pre-programmed – they generate new code, according to the underlying code.  Not many sets of bones function this way.  Bones usually emit a very low frequency, often nearly none.

Cremation makes mute these reverberations through the ages.  Cremation is a kind of murder that is not yet understood.

Water and Rock Creative Commons
Interior Bone Fragment Creative Commons