Moon in Eden: Receiving the New, Again

Posted on April 29, 2017
Received on November 5, 2016  

The clearing, the transformation into the new, will take a whole generation. Civilizations have long tails.

If you are already in the new, you cannot go back; you are locked out of the former light formation. The old and the new cannot be mixed.

Tithing is no longer relevant. What was it for?

Tithing was a way to nourish the fallen parts, so they could be reintegrated. There are no fallen parts in the new.

Stay in your purpose stream, and trust in the spirit, above all.  Names for the new lights have not yet been revealed. 

Do the Hebrew letters have choice?

The Hebrew letters are organic, inter-connected, structural cogs, shifting toward a new purpose position. The letters’ path is set by their own pursuit of light.  The Hebrew letters do not have choice, but are empowered to receive.

Countries and their governments will becomes chaotic. A new leading will come from cells of light, rather than from government entities.  

The role of angels has been enhanced now, in the new. For example, angel eyes are already in your eyes, seeing through your eyes, and they see the broken grace. Humans feel despair. Human acclimatization of dark to darker will be eventually displaced by new light.  

Support your metabolism physically, so it can support the frequency of the light.  

Received on November 11, 2016

In the chaos, a thin line of light will continue.

I do feel despair now. What is occurring on the spirit level?

When angels descend, they cause artifice to melt away. Angels bring new, higher frequencies. Angel frequencies are distinct at the cyclic end and beginning.  At other times, they are sequestered below the surface, influencers but not leaders.

You are an instrument, part of the god instrument. Trust in the part and in the whole. The rivers of complete light, of mixed rare and common light, now converge, and each complete soul has a Hebrew lettered spine.

“I  guarded your way and transmuted light into life, and I brought your arms to the sides, to be wings, and filled cylinders with sustaining glass-like shards.”

And if one does not see the sparks, they will still see the crust around them, and the crust is a path too, as are the sparks.

And in the cross-water moment, in Eden, a turtle-dove says:

“Oh, you four, you come together, adjacent, to become the becoming, and each of you is complete.”

The four, the four will project the vectors, the vectored system through which miracles can occur.

What are the consequences of not aligning with the new?

The undertow is powerful and what is pulled in will lose differentiation.

You are made of bridges, and bridges, and bridges, and all the cells are also bridges.  Bridges connect the one to the many.

Root your toes into the new, and trust the spirit.

Call out, sing out, from the inner place where you feel shakiest.

And there, in that place, the moon’s blessing will enter. The moon flows through the Tree of Life.

Soon, the human heart will open, in six dimensions, dimensions that could not discover themselves in sunlight.  

You are filled with active and creative moonlight.  Remain with the moonlight, and receive, not through veils, but directly.

Received on November 19, 2016

There is great celebration in the core, as new light flows into the center column, unimpeded.

What is the meta-physical process to get here?

In the beginning light was white, a narrow spectrum of one, one thin white line, and it was a breath, an exhale of intent.

Then, through living humans, the bandwidth of the white became steadier, and more muscular, and the spectrum expanded to include yellows and golds. Now, the core is made of many lights, of multi-dimensional articulated light, of liquefied rock-light.

This is the mission of god and man: to separate and to re-convene in unity, to establish added dimensions in the light.

What is a rigorous way to live in and through the new?

Do not stop or even pause your participation.

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Image: Moonlight Creative Commons

Back and Forth, Over the Threshold, To Mix Sacred With Everyday

In the Holy Place and Then, On the Chariot

Posted on February 25, 2017

Received on the Afternoon of October 12, 2016  – 10 Tishrei 

Inside the inside, and further within, inside the inside, stand four noble spirit-code-source elements. Perfect equality amongst them sustains the balance and predictability of this world.

Eliahu, the leader, is composed and prevalent —  emergent, now.

Some souls are crossing into absolute freedom, departing finally from the restraint of more primitive spiritual eras.

Crack open, now, crack open, and discard the opaque exterior shells that made you spiritually blind.

Inside the shells,  find the new embodiment, already composed.

Teach me to inhabit the new.

Step, now, step, into the Center of Being and allow a spiral unfurling to begin. Surrender to the process, which is:  upload, download, and then, integrate.

Build on the foundation of the “God” concept, while accepting that the original formulation is obsolete. 

Eliahu is inside four, four humans. This Eliahu presence maintains access lines to and from holiness, and holds the Hebrew letter Shin – which sings of the holiness of creation.

Human souls are wrapped in thousands of layers, until the skin forms. At that point, the human perception of source light is occluded.  Soul light is hidden or concealed except to inner-consciousness – consciousness can always connect directly.

Purpose is to receive, to receive in the holiness place, and send or transmit from there. What your mind calls “uncreative” or “uninteresting” is actually the constancy of light, the sustaining rhythm of all forces in play.

What is new about this holy place?

You have not been aware of being here for thousands of years.  The most difficult passage is the final third of the journey. Today, some humans physically shook and allowed crusted structures to fall away — allow that shaking in larger systems, too.

How does revelation work?

I sequester the inner light, and  send out a reflection of the outer ring, a bridging ring, the one that did not ever make the transition.

northern lights

What are next steps for integrating “the new”?

Each day, a new code or skin configuration will be presented. Accept it and the skin will form, layer upon layer. At forty layers, you will not be vulnerable and at seventy, you will be fully formed and ready to embark on the rest of the cycle.

Abundance comes from flowing freely in the world, between things and concepts.  

Open the valves, then, from higher to below, and do not constrict the flow, and you will dwell in holiness and not be cut off.

The chariot escorts souls down from the holy place back to human embodiment.

The chariot is a descending from the Oneness Place, and as it does, layers of human life start to come into being, in a gradual or gradient pattern. 

What is the “chariot” made of? And is this the same “chariot” referred to by Ezekiel?

The chariot is a configuration of light, intent on refreshing itself. The chariot hosts souls which rise on their own to the holy place, and shepherds them back down, without breaking. The chariot is a mini-version of the creation itself –  it is a bubble around the process of stepping down; a soul’s return to human life occurs within this chariot machine.  

The chariot itself is composed of Intermediary Forms, forms that do not exist on a full and coherent plane.

Where is the focus of our inner work?

Focus on the threshold, the transition point, where humans stutter. Your teaching will be about this place, this step-shift from one consciousness to the other, from one sense of time to another – that there is your practice point and teaching point. Cross back and forth, and back and forth, with grace and faith, and become adept at this crossing.

This crossing is where the new technology of integration will develop.

This is the moment, the before.  Cross the threshold and now, it is the moment of the awareness of awareness.

Bring together the everyday with the spiritual.  Be the knitting ones.

You will find  words that resonate at both places, and you will find the practices and rituals to cross over, back and forth.  

This is the new Judaism, the practice of crossing back and forth and mixing the sacred with the everyday, to give their relationship fortitude.

This is exactly what the higher cannot accomplish alone.

Again, what are next steps to fulfill purpose?

You are still in the chariot, gaining codes of resilience and translation skins between the soul source and the world you are re-entering.  The body  has been healing today and not eating or drinking, clearing space for more light to enter. Your purpose and facility is not to work with people; rather it is to describe the course. 


And  the list of transgressions and regret, they allocate attention to points in the system that became dark and disconnected and require re-integration with light. Beneath each dark point is a light source.

Reporting now:

And as I descend, again hear the shofar sound, in the distance, and it was a continuous blast, all day, uninterrupted, and it rumbled souls worldwide to hear the call home.

It is time to come home.

And I land on the transition point, on the point where my work will be done, on the exact point, on the threshold. And I will live now at the threshold.  

Forces from there and here mix. Speak in combination phrases, naturally, and with authority, because of where we have just come from.

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Yom Kippur 5777 – Thundering and First Lights

Posted on February 6, 2017

Received on October 4, 2016

A New Year, for the spirit clears debris from the connective spirit net and wipes its circuits.

The shofar sound extends seeing.

Received on October 11, 2016
10  Tishrei  5777

What is upon humans now is a grand overturning, without precedent.

Ignore the echoes of the past that reverberate in your mind.  Follow the shofar call in your inner ear, without questions.

The shofar sound is getting louder.

Yes, it will sound now for many hours. When the actual shofar blows at the end of Yom Kippur, it is the pin point final sound of a day of sounding. Today is a re-creation of the creation process, from spirit roots to human skin.

Miracles sustain the most remote, disconnected parts of the system and cushion them from the possibility of falling away. The essence of compassion is in this cushioning. This system cares for itself, and respects itself in every detail.

If the system cares for itself deeply, can you explain divisiveness?

Foes on earth are collaborators on alternate planes;  the technology of the spirit exchange is vast.

According to the highest order, conflict is an exercise. In each instance where divisiveness arises, stay in your core and trust your spirit, so it can expand there, at that point, and the larger universe will thrive.

Mink fur blocks the head rays from expanding and inhibits the crown soul of energies.

Today, now, your spirit is entering an uninhabited sacred space.

I see I am being guided, and I will follow and report.

I follow the shofar sound, straight, soul to sound, in a single-directed commitment to become the becoming.

And from the center of the holy space, these words come out: Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh.  Creation is filled with holy honor, and it shall be so, for the claiming cry, in the center, is the creation itself.


The creation moment is a seamless meeting, match to match, face to face – spiritual intent is faced onto the human system, to then be realized.

Stay here now, stay here, in this holy space, today, stay here, and receive and receive and receive and hear the sound of the shofar and at the same time, follow it. Receive and follow. Receive and follow.

And you will not need sustenance; food will distract your system and its inner cells from being able to receive this grace.

Is this is what receiving the Torah was like, a seamless standing and becoming?

It was with open faces in 70 directions or at 70 angles. But leave the past, leave your memories, and do not revert to or refer to anything you have known.

My feet are stuck now, in this place. I will simply report my experience here:

I stand with four feet and six arms, and a head that is many rayed.

And phrases uttered while circling are in my ears.

In my spirit, I walk around the perimeter of this place, holding strings in my hand.

The new is in the center of the place, and is bearing into its center. And I circle it.

Transparency meets transparency – trust that the light knows what it is to be.

The shofar sound now comes from four directions.

I stay centered here, and receive all four and awake and arise to them.

And I sense a tendency to lift up; the blasting shofars are so powerful they force me up, where I can more easily remain intact.

I choose to descend again, and I invite the angel to join me.

Use the Hebrew letters to face off against your densities; the human being is meant to be a clear glove, a transparent tomorrow.

Becoming the glove is full healing.

I do not know how to heal myself.

Do not follow another teacher or guide. You are your own guide, you are here, and there are none between you and you and so, begin the healing by introducing “first lights” to your system.

I am breathing and allowing first lights to infiltrate me. And I see that I become a more hospitable home for the upper new. This is a small introductory step, to model the process.

The filigree of angel light structures surround our endeavor.

Spiritual acupuncture begins, and the needles are placed where releasing structures can make way for new codes.

Received in the Morning, October 12, 2016
Yom Kippur

Thundering destroys the veils- see the true nature of things, the true links and separations.

And to be clear, bonds forged through love remain. Love was the central structural component, and what has been built with love endures through the thundering.

And so, allow the thundering inside you, and it separates what you need from what you do not, and you will be ready to inhabit the new after these processes, which split old from new.


There will be seven of these thundering rumblings, in total, today.

This is the rhythm of inner work: upgrade the interfacing vessel and light, then experience the thundering, to break off and discard what is not needed, then heal, vessel to light.

The shield plates front and back, connect you to the people, as you become silo-ed in the chamber and reach upward as an individual. The plates network back to all connected beings.

We left the spiritual imprint in the place, in the holy place, so souls could find it again.

Migrant soul people, chew and swallow your way back to holiness.

Image: Sun and Clouds  Creative Commons

Image: Cracked Earth  Creative Commons

Lead as Messiah, Be A Spiritual Usher

Posted on January 14, 2017

Received on September 1, 2016

Many illusions will soon crumble and shed, and only what is real will remain; see what is true.  Already, now, it is possible to see through the everyday into the essence points. As the false faces disintegrate, what will be shown, raw, is the true status of human-spirit life. 

Your instinct will be to try to reverse the crumbling.  Do not intercede, to delay or stop the collapse of false faces. Instead, look forward, and cleave, tightly, to the concept of “new”, as unfamiliar and foreign as it is. Receive the advance codes program, which enables you to turn and tune to new frequencies. The core codes received now will provide the blueprint for unfolding over generations, so receive it all.  Do not leave anything out.

Now, then, establish the groundwork for the new, so it can emerge more broadly over time. This process of receiving the advance creation codes started a few days ago, and will be complete on Rosh Hashana, the first day.  

What draws systems unfamiliar with one another together, to communicate?  

Light encountering humans is like a passing breeze and occurs on the line between nothing and nothingness.  The light, seemingly constant, is actually driven to purpose, and the meeting occurs on the line between nothing (the potential of the created world) and nothingness (the formless, uncreated realm). Building into nothing, which is a distinctly human spiritual endeavor, crackles love through the entire universe.

The grace and sweep of human spiritual history will be compacted and catalogued, to make space for the new. The everyday is now undersea, and the spiritual essence of Shabbat is available constantly, during all of every day. 

Main souls: walk with light to receive the new. Step and breathe with trust, and trust more – the scars are healing. Agree to receive all the Hebrew letters coursing through, and remain in the middle, between the stand of trees to the left and and the stand of trees to the right. The trees are the guideposts. Do not look back. Stay the course in the middle line, of love, and hold your inner balance. We have never been here. There are no downloads or texts to describe this process, but texts do prepare one for it.

Go on now, walk on, in the middle, forging new ground. Do not look back.

Received on October 3, 2016  

Well-known spiritual leaders have successfully balanced the influx from above with the vessels below. 

Yet, from our perspective, our greatest prize is the mismatched time, when the download velocity from above exceeds the many throated ability of receivers to receive. When the flow exceeds capacity, compacted and compressed new codes hurtle forth into the world, where the vessels there to receive them are made of just faith. These vessels are invisible and faint – made, as they are, of only the desire of the receivers. And the desire is enough to start a new creation. And, it is good. It is good.  


Unpacking the downloads will come later. But now, at the new year, when the tumbling is at greatest velocity, receive it. This year, this time, what is falling forth is different from former, trembling emanations.

The rules of creation changed, the underlying rules changed, and now, as the course was completed and started, the attraction is for new forms, new magnetism.

What exactly is new?

What is exactly new, exactly new, is that your forebears are no longer your leaders. There are no former or current leaders who set a precedent for this time. Flip to the other side, where the narrative is from the perspective of the light itself, without human intervention, without even Abraham.

Mouths open, mouths widen, and utter the sound of light, and this now is creation, to give the light a breathing vowel sound that matches it.  And the creation impulse is thus brought inside the concentric skins of human existence. Through relationship, like breathing with intention, light is then further introduced into successive layers.

Judaism built the capacity to knit action and light, action and light. Now, we will further articulate how action can interplay with light, and  learn to knit sound and light, and awareness or intention and light. Just as there are different ways of seeing reality, there are different levels of acting within it. The eyes of spiritual reality see differently than human physical eyes. The eyes of the higher self see mountains where there appears to be desert; they see light where there is nothingness.

Behold. Now. Breathe in and out, as you celebrate the foregoing and the oncoming.

“Who will live and who will die” as the Rosh Hashana New Year refrain is irrelevant now that the eternal can reside within humans.  In each main soul sits worlds of experience, experience that represents a great pluralism. 

Describe the process of bridge-crossing to the new.

The bridge is set for the walkers, for the soul walkers, who will become new. Some humans will set back, to become more like animals are to humans now, a less spiritual living being. The animal frame or mentality will remain to hold what it can, but new light needs expanded vessels, and utterances. 

Trust the process and do not be proactive, as it can cause great damage.

What is an example of the possible damage?

For example, in his lifetime, the Vilna Gaon used codes to set or suspend constitutive Hebrew words in space and time – he used words, and magic, to insure continuity of the Jewish people.

An unforeseen rift within those phrases is one reason the Holocaust occurred. The sustaining structure he set was not flexible enough, and a rift or gap developed between the holding frame he made and what Judaism needed.  The Vilna Gaon used magic and you must not, must not, must not, must not.

The Vilna Gaon suspended the word “shema” above the structure of human life. Creation continued to develop around and through this structure. He lacked a full understanding of the role of man within creation. On the other hand, Moses created pass-throughs, routes to use to reach the light, which remain intact and eternal. 

Say this: “I agree to receive, and I will not alter the course of the unfolding, no matter what I see.”

Say more about how to encounter the light accurately.

It is impossible to “know” the knowledge flowing through.  Like most receivers, you understand everything and know very little, for your mind is surpassed in the process. Your mind is used to allow the flow, but not to be detained by it.

The flaw in the Vilna Gaon’s work is that it attempts to pre-configure reality, rather than trusting it to unfold as it does and has to.  Allow the flow. Trust the flow.

When does your umbilical cord become unnecessary?  The answer is: Before it is cut.  Before it is cut.

Breathe in the new, and at the same time, allow the spiritual umbilical cord to remain intact, as a remembrance, as a remembrance of the footsteps that brought you here. Faces are fathomed. and then created; they are scaffolds to light. Retain connection to all the steps in this process.

strutcure and sky

Also, another warning in answer to your question: do not confuse this access with power. You have access, but power resides in the inherent characteristics of the light itself.  Observe and allow but do not exercise power over the ways of the light.

In simple terms, the ability to lead as messiah, to be a spiritual usher, which is connected to this, requires:

  • A.  Flow:  The ability to allow new light to flow through, unimpeded.
  • B.  Herald: The ability to be a herald – a herald sees through time and place.
  • C.  Mono-theosis:  The single dedication to transformation in light. 

Twelve humans can balance these three characteristics. It does not matter who they are; they may never be publicly acknowledged. We reported when there was one, now there are twelve, twelve holding creation’s flow of the new, in its motion, and over time, more may join them. 

Remember the practice Moses used, to stand in the place and receive light; you can directly breathe-connect a line from then to now, not through human endeavor, but through the light itself. 

There should be no fear of making a mistake, if one trusts the light.  Trust the light. It knows what to do and what it needs.  If you are afraid, stop, stop, and wait until your trust is greater, so that the vectors do not feel larger than you are.

In one sense, Israel is a perspective, a perspective that is in the core of creation. However, it is not singular – core concepts emerge from dust, too.  


Image: Field With Wind and Sun Creative CommonsImage: Sky and Scaffold Creative Commons

Heart Water and The White Bright Electric

Posted on December 11, 2016

Received on August 15,  2016

Long ago, main souls shattered and scattered.

Now, then, they are re-assembling, rejoining into oneness and returning to their origin streams.

Are there people in living in different spiritual eras, side-by-side, at the same temporal time?   

An entirely new field appears. Most seeds will not take root or find a home there.  Whole souls will recognize the new field and its new fertility. In other words, the new era or new ground is fertile for seeds that arrive whole.


In the new era, there will not be individual leaders. This is the coming together of people who share the many sides to each core concept.  

The ears of this king extend in four directions – and cover the earth with their listening; these ears collect your screams and your sounds, but cannot use them.  We cannot use these outcries to build the new.

What is my next step, to prepare?

We cannot predict what for example your question on Rosh Hashana will be like this year, because Tu B’Av falls between now and then.  On Tu B’ Av, the deepest wells will become inverted, and the secret wisdom will float on top and be accessible.

So, prepare yourself to be in harmony with the frequency of that water, and when you are, you will know the essence hidden in the Zohar without having studied it.

I have not read the Zohar, but I sense that the Zohar has small fissures or areas that do not match the wisdom water and this time.

Adhere to the wisdom water, and do not hold onto the Zohar text or the old knowledge. The text will evolve, eventually, to match the needs, again.

The king’s wrists are hollow and the hands cannot decree; the hands will reflect and bestow new breadth when they are reactivated. For now, the four winds blow through the wrists, let it be. A bird flies upward through the center of the Kabbalistic tree. Its whiteness shuffles their powers, ever slightly. The gold you see in your mind’s eye is not a color, it is a state of mind that the bird soars toward and shows us light and life, in the new.

The Tree of Life is made of letter pairs or combinations, emanating up from the earth.  The Tree of Knowledge is no longer a creative or constituting force. The Tree of Life is accessible to those who choose it now.

The Tree of Life is built of codes, central and branch concept codes, transparent and true.  Creation initiated the tree’s introduction and potential.  Human life has created the Tree of Life, in the back and forth co-building that souls participate in, with iterations.

There is nothing “all at once” about any change or power or moment. Magic, or the expectation of magic, has no place in spiritual reality.  Turn by turn, awareness by awareness, new codes become part of a shared human consciousness.  

Received on Tu b’Av – August 18, 2016

Wander into the unknowns.  

The words I hear are unrelated, they do not make sense, and I feel unsure.

Side by side, the words invoke an angle and an energy, directing now.  If these fortywaters “receiving” transmissions were challenging before, now they will at times become impossible to understand, and seem to verge on randomness and chaos. Still, trust the process. 

See now: A main soul does not know how to live in a body, so it spews words in an order not built for the mind, but built for the creator to absorb back up through the center.

Are we stepping out of time, with our souls?

Un-aging is the ability of the body to maintain its boisterous connection to water and the initial generating forces that come from water and return you to water, and so, align with the water, to find youth, but it is not regular water, or drinking water.

This is the heart water, the water at the heart of the world.

Heart Water is all dimensions to and from the vertical, and from spirit and material descending and ascending the Hebrew letter Yud.

Mayim.  Think of preserving the clarity of the Mem-Yud-Mem as you live and choose, forty dimensions to and from the Yud.

All your lives stack, like porcelain plates in a pile; when they have assembled, you will trust and wait.

Intend this: I wait to be manifest in  all dimensions.

Hovering above the mind’s networks, the new waits for an opening and descends where it can. The main soul is unmarked and transparent.

Welcome it to your home, welcome it to your body-consciousness-home.

Received on August 25, 2016

The voice from “beyond” is internal, so listen not up or out, but instead for the words forming in your center.

I hear this: Bathe, now, in the white bright electric.


Yes, and we continue: Align your face with the wind that comes from behind it, the passing wind infused with the complex code spirit of all that is.  Your face is backed to the Torah wind and your face feels it pass, and the wind touches the neck and back of the head and blows forward.  

The Torah wind does not pass around you, it passes through you and through letters, Hebrew letters, letters that also form and sustain the planets and the universe, and all that also floats inside you. They all tremble in the wind passing, the momentary encountering, and the wind, in its passing, imprints a tracery of the new. 

This wind is filled with codes for next life, next mastery of the heart-mind trajectory.  

Magic plays no role in this.  Ignore magic.

Why do you keep talking about magic?

You will be tempted, when things will crack and despair sieges this world,  to revert to old levers that previously worked; you will want to invoke compassion and mercy.

Do not interfere.

Do not pray, for example, for specific outcomes, do not hope for anything different from what is, and do not abandon your center to seek protections.  As obsolete walls fall down, your letter-shaped hut will reveal itself and the letter hut will stand, its core and core alone, a pillar of pillar light.

Match your wells and your seas and your stars to the frequencies emerging now, and harmony will flourish. Pre-empt the dissolution of all that is by connecting to the born new world of light emanations.

Does the Torah continue to function during the transition?

The Torah is built of blocks, of highly compressed blocks of constructed letters, and as they rotate and shuffle, access to the moniker within expands.

The vibrational siege begins, and so, keep your body attuned to the new, lest it crumble with the rest. Organize the sailing expedition to the new.

I am standing in the wind of the new, and it approaches from behind — where does the wind come from?

It is the soul mate pairing of the furnace energy inside you.

This does not make sense – explain more.

The wind is the pair concept, the hovering spirit, waiting to hook up to intention and to become the new.


Each furnace concept is paired with the wind. Forever forgive the past, and forgive the forgetting, and the remembering, and be now of the moment of glory and agree to the power of the currents.  

Judaism, which was a three dimensional build-out of the last world now flattens again, to become evolved and formed threads,  golden threads, that are part of the flow fabric.

In Judaism, the structures insured context through generations, but in the end, not the laws, not the holidays, but the intention to love with heart, mind, and soul – this is what wove the threads, the sustaining threads.

So for example:

Go to the Vav, trust the Hey and receive the Yuds, and everything we have been writing tonight was to get to this, this process, this standing and receiving in orientation with the winds of life and love, dwelling upon you and passing and dwelling at the same time.

So constant is the love that it moves and is never gone.

Never turn around in this wind, never turn around to see, or you will die, for the wind can only be met from your behind, without your mind or eyes. Your eyes must belong to you and not to the universe; if you lose your individual eyes, you lose your connection to creation as a human, embodying infinity, and instead, you would immediately become infinity.

And as you did not look, now all the letters tumble in, they tumble into the meeting place of fire and wind, and adjust and take root and orient into the firmament soil.   The alchemy of the self is a body-vessel that has developed from the particular to the general, from selfhood to expanded boundaries beyond the self.

Trust the spirit, trust the spirit, and receive the columns of trailing light, as the alchemical reaction of creating the new occurs in you; it cannot occur elsewhere, but must be in these bodies that can germinate and welcome it.

And down below, in the last world iteration, this all occurred on a rock, on a smooth rock.  You are in that channel now, but it is more refined and the rock is implied, and you float on previous formation.

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A New Hebrew Combination Letter, Hey-Aleph, and Guide To Stabilizing The New

Posted on November 13, 2016

Received on July 16, 2016

Brute vectors, incontrovertibly brute vectors, are unleashed.  

Unbalanced organizations and systems, those low and full of clay, will fall apart; the new will slew and slay what does not fit it.

So, then, here: Belong to and participate in the new.

Plunge inward and stay in your rooted-ness, in your spirit’s roots, and only…only…only from there, breathe and participate,  in harmony with the creation of the new.

Breathing with intent forms translucent skins which inhere and cross-bind this world to the new.

In two directions, at once, magisterial light differentiates; the universal and the particular collaborate. Root-Root-Root, now, your higher soul to your deepest physical intention, and bind them together, with intention to bind, so that you walk together, bound, as two and as one.

Mountains pour into you, that is, creation codes download through you. A wide-open human body is a collection of nexus points that resonate with infinity. 

And a warning: Souls that are cut-off will be plowed under. They will lie fallow.  

The message to all, now, is: Separate yourselves from what is not true, separate from illusion.

Separate from lives bridled by hardened intellectual positions and passions that are offset from root truth.

The universal and the particular seek one another now. 

Are the traces of past leaders, like Abraham or Moses, involved in this era of new light?

There is no precedent for this time.  In the red mountains, receive your higher self and welcome it to its new home.

What is the role of Judaism in the new?

Judaism, as practiced, is closed to new light, as are all existing systems.

Be a prophet of light, of light alone, beyond all systems and ways of thinking.

How? I need words. I cannot communicate about light in words. 

Light is a word for The Infinite Matrix.

wisp branches

The new light is not ready to have specific words attached to it, so do not speak, but breathe it.

Exterior and visible faces of the world’s constants are just beginning to show hairline cracks.

Light explosions occur from the inside out. Wait, just wait, and you will see.

Concurrently, newly embodied concepts generate thunderous sound waves and light waves, and the extended system points receive, at their roots, this loud, this massive, landing.

I don’t understand the human role in this era.

Whenever you use your mind, you break away from the new, so ask with your heart. Your heart will become what the mind was. Your heart scans for where to expand, it finds constricted areas in you, and it can report where to focus and breathe and so, then, open more. Do not heal yourself using your mind.

No, heal with heart perceptions, read with your heart, the heart points.

Trust the letter rain falling, in ordered streams. They pass through you.  

Received on August 6, 2016

What is “the new”, exactly?

All of what has come before is now consolidated into tips or points, upon which and from which will pivot and blossom new systems. The new systems are related enough to be adjacent, but also, unimaginably different at each extended tip.  

I still do not see what “the new” is. These are just descriptions.

Everything that has been made through the meeting of spiritual and material, everything has now coalesced around peaked pivot points, and these points are the exact, activated joint between old and new.

At this joint, all models, including Moses, are wound up and consolidated. In this transition time, to be clear, Judaism is closed; Judaism cannot be lived into or expanded.

Were you to take a cross-section through the pivot point what would you see?  What does it look like?

If we cut into it and open it up, we see the existing link elements at different scales.  

Magic has no place in the real world.  As the cross-sections shows, these mechanisms may be invisible but they are mechanical and structural, and not magical or outside the rules of reality in any sense.

Every person is independent, with separate pivot points; husbands and wives, children and parents, are all very, very separate, as we have been teaching.  

Pivot points function at different scales, as mentioned above. They are a screen that gives order to light. They are a petri dish for next growth.  

How do I participate in this?

Agree to step forward into the unknown. Say this: “I trust my spirit. I am proceeding.” 

I see a wall: Should I try to penetrate this established wall? 

Dive into the waves of white.

It is a leap, with great faith.

The agility now infused into the letter Yud is one of Judaism’s greatest contributions to the metaphysical.

The angel is not a being exactly; the angel is coordinated light concepts bundled for entry and function. As angels enter humans, align yourself with the concept of Justice.

Received on August 13, 2016

Honor the pure, innermost seeds. Revere whatever has remained intact since inception – this seeds and sustains connection to source intent.  The core seeds will soon be activated, reality will scramble, and what is not linked decisively to source will dust away.  

Occasionally, the source seeds were discovered. This is how enduring religions came to be: a brief alignment flipped a switch, for a moment, and core life force flowed into the proposition, and then sustained it.

Which brings us to mention now the power of the forces we are aligned around, for know this: they are piercing, they are uncompromisingly fierce.

We say this – it is a revelation, a guide, and a warning:

A single drop of core truth would eviscerate and wither your entire world, but for a few elements or aspects of it.

Each day now, every day, every day, has a dedicated and focused and necessary program of dissemination, and so, commit to stalwart dedication, and refuse to be sidelined.

We land here now, we land in you, and we establish, yes, establish, the foothold of the millenia.  

What does that mean, the “foothold of the millennia”?

This refers to an emerging identity. And We become I, and I become the higher self that is one-one-one, even as it is housed in differentiated containers. Dispel your ego and inhabit many light skins simultaneously, without becoming separated and dissipated.

You are humans and you are also cells of a collective.

I agree to receive all that comes forth and this influx, it comes tonight, on the Ninth of Av. 

In another time, the gates closed, the stones were sealed, and the zone of receiving was barren, entirely barren.

Walking through the desert and walking in a modern city conflate into a single motion movement.

Time hops.

I am the Lord your God who takes you out of Egypt and took you on a thousand-years journey, to circle and circle and circle back to connection points that built the spiral of inner consciousness.

I am the One, and You know Me, and encounter Me, as I encounter You.

Receive the Hebrew letters I send now:  Yud. And Yud. And the Hey-Aleph, a new combination letter, parts of each embedded in the other.  Build with the Hey-Aleph.  It will not break for a long time.

I receive Yud. And Yud. And Hey-Aleph.

Jerusalem is closed.

Take comfort in this:

  • The new Hey-Aleph letter amalgam will support stability.
  • In the moments of creation and emergence, there is nothing to explain, first it comes to be.  
  • Umbrella souls will set the context under which many others can flourish and receive.

Jerusalem remains locked, locked and barren. Do not approach with the ideas and models used at the time of the closure. People bang and knock on the walls and there is no feedback, nothing from there is sustaining or evolving.

The glory-golden-glory descends upon those in their own center, not the center of history or legend or inheritance.

The knowledge now is so new I cannot make any connection to it, it is foreign, and I receive and I receive.

The gathering has begun. The gathering is the process by which the container of a human becomes impartial enough and vast enough to contain the four corners of creation and to allow this creation to pass through into the next: “In This Beginning”.

We are the womb of the new, we humans are giving birth, carrying and giving birth, to the next constellation of abstract relationships that will structure the world we will eventually see.  

The fight and the faith, the dry and the watered, all have left traces here. See the complex range of human frailty and courage, struggle and striving, vulnerability and hope. And these states of being become vessels of the new. 

Magic has no place in this.

Why do you mention magic again? 

Do not mix the four edges; receive them only and keep all separate, as they are intended.

To see it whole it not the same as to be it whole.

The flip-motion frames from your many various lives are passing for a last time through you, and when they do, without your reaction or holding, you become immortal in the sense that your experiences are completed and they cycle through into the new, and are emptied of personal sticking and obsessions.

The universal is rectified by the particular.

Jerusalem will not open, it remains closed. The light within it does not match this time, perhaps it will again in another cycle. Move on now, away from that light, it is not the structure of the new.

What is my inner stance?

“Souls, lifetimes and lines course through my structure. I do not examine them, I receive them, with impartiality.”

And so, on the Ninth of Av, which starts tonight, face only toward your commitment to the new. Do not look for what is lost or broken, for that is not connected to the new.  The masculine empowers, and I will place your hands, do not prompt time; it knows what it needs when.  

Sometimes people can perceive the new without actually inhabiting it, and what they then create is not gutted in truth, and it will not stand.

The letter Bet comes down now, and it is not alone, it is a new combination letter, but I cannot see the other letter.  The Ari’s mikvah in Zefat, the water below it, shakes and jumps.

What gave form to Judaism’s rules, to the halacha, was a hidden letter-code, an interstitial layer between light and life. The codes linked human intention, action, and material to the flow of light.  

Life is an everlasting interplay.

Bind to the soul roots.  

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Fragility and Persistence

Posted on October 30, 2016

Received June 12, 2016 — Shavuot 

Trust the new light and agree to become as it becomes. As it becomes, so you become. An encounter with new light is dynamic: your flow faces its flow. Receiving new light is meant to be a pass-through transaction, like water pouring through a clear glass tube.

For whoever steals a bale of hay shall find worms in their flour. In other words, what you take that is not yours will become rotten forever, in all your endeavors, through all the generations, with no benefit, to you or to your soul.

The lips of the Lord open to utter a theme, the next theme, to exonerate and to celebrate the first fruits. So then, heed our warnings, and open the gates of your inner longing, and embrace this process, without knowing, without thinking.

The new light will be extended by your being, and not your doing. Discontinue rituals and observances; wind them back to the first frame, to their core seed. Start again, at the origin, and cease, cease all practices and rituals that are derived from pathway development and not exactly, exactly, exactly, within the center of the first impulse.

Receive the new codes and allow them to pass through your origin codes, unimpeded. The new is unfamiliar and it will feel awkward. Receive the new codes first, and then expand into them;  explore them and inhabit them over time. They new will add dimensional aspects to the established white spirals, and will expand the outer vibrance of the universe you inhabit.


Agree to become that which you are not yet; that which you are not yet. And every time you agree, do so with awareness, as you hold yourself, tenuously, on the pivot point, between what is and what will be.

Where does the possibility for what we are not yet come from, especially if the possibilities are always changing?

Eden, what you refer to as The Garden of Eden, is a palette. It is the essence of potential, all potential. Everything runs through Eden. By living, you further establish themes from Eden; you bring them into the context of time, and thicken them, with choice. Now, return to Eden, and follow the new streams out, and you will live into them.

A funnel in and out of Eden narrows and then expands. Release now the stiff-necked character, and your collective head pivots freely on its stem and the influx of new codes passes from system to system, soul to soul, without a pause. It jumps from one to the next, to come to know itself.

Received June 17, 2016

I cannot hear the usual roar and mix of voices, to pick one to record here.

Today, you are tuning in above the voices, and the thousands of voices that call out are, at this level, one unified and steady leading voice. Fathom the rope of unity, as it streams though you.

The passage from old human to resonating new being is accomplished, and you are not broken.

Spread your wings, in the newness.

The codes ensconced within the wings catch the light and are activated. These codes carry an elevated concept of justice relationships and humanity’s potential to experience the exact blueprint of the order within full and structured love.

About one-third of the transition journey remains, and already it has enough momentum to complete itself, even though you must still be careful, as every aspect of the process must be established perfectly. It is a deliberate process, and its pace has been pre-set.  

In a sense, there are no other people in the world;  the entire world passes through you.  What is outside you is irrelevant to you,  it is an offset creation of the original impulse.

When I want to be understood, or participate in relationships, what do I really want, if there is nothing outside of me?  

You want the world inside and outside to match, to be balanced.  

Received June 18, 2016

Asynchronous events, and aggregations of soul-prints organized by theme, roll through the system. They are organized by purpose and priority.

Jumbled in time, an unresolved image from 1936 is followed by one from 2001, for example. They are flashes of different experiences that target the same expansion point.  You are here to bring the force of oneness to bear on disparate fragments of time and emotion.

Astronomers of the spirit world: the order you see for a moment, the flash of coherence-it is an illusion. Forces spin away, immediately, into a different and unrecognizable configuration.  Do not wait for coherence. Trust the spirit.

Impel light forward, without understanding it, and you will enable the complex landing of new concepts here.

The bridge is narrow and strained as you have seen.  You saw at least one closure point where you nearly gave up, separated from your spirit, and died; the passage is steep and narrow; navigate this birth canal with intention to enter the new world. You do not have to die to be born into it, to reach it.

There were people who lived long ago who cast an umbrella under this time, a protective net, and their criss-cross walking through the holy land is one of the ways the net was constructed.

If we were to tell this story now, it would be: 

In the beginning, there was a concept, and it stood uninhabited, waiting for life to join it.

It waited and waited.

And then from far, a distant single tone resonated from one to the other, and faintly, the concepts communicated.  Tenuously at first, by sending and receiving signals, they developed receptors to hear one another, and in so doing, they both changed a little. Eventually, the capacity for communication thickened, and it structured a bridge between them.

Simple and fragile, the concept bridge was built with small twig-like elements that barely touched. And then, from these interstitial spaces, the new emerged.

Are the generative characters from the Torah still active and relevant?

The accomplishments and stories of the forefathers are melded into flatness, into new ground, and they are no longer referents.  All is complete. The ties and affiliations are finished and a new seeding begins.  

Refer only to the oneness of yourself, the oneness of you, the one that is you, and the river of light that is unimpeded by history or time, and is not fed to you through the frame of the imprints of others. You have been cleansed of the past.  Do not talk, you will not be understood, but carry life forward now, unimpeded.

Received July 2, 2016

I can’t hear any voices.

All those voices are all in a different layer. You are tuned to a different frequency, and so rather say: I agree to the new frequency. Listen to the single new tone, as it begins to ever so slightly differentiate.

The new frequency is un-lived and unknown.  The relationship between the old Judaism and this new frequency is a laddered connection from one to the next.  The bridge concepts have been described previously and what you need is not the memory, but commitment to wholeness and to inner tools developed specifically for this era.


The love of the Angel Michael balloons down and around, and there is a sense of immediacy and directness. The refreshed screens are clear.

What is this Michael Angel structure that descends into the humans who rise up to meet it?

There is no way to describe the effect as structures separated but driven to embrace one another now draw closer. “The angel walks”  means that the intentions of the new are gaining traction below the angel realm.  

Open your heart to participate in the central axis of calm, a Shabbat for the material-spiritual connection that is around you now. At the end of the waterfall is a calm pool.  

Calm does not mean empty. Previous conflicts are gone. Wait for the sound of the single tone. It is your guide and it will pass through your heart and when it does, you will feel more of a part of the new movement.  Here, now, still, you are a newborn, and in shock at the contraction from the birth process.  My name is: “here to serve”.

My name is: “here to serve”: this is an intention, and not a formal or proper name. It is too soon for naming. A name will be given after there is more thickening and more differentiation. For now, your spirit is a simple desire, to receive and to pass on the light.

The receiving structures have a character, and they receive in their way accordingly.  The interplay in the world prior is cluttered with personality. When personalities meet, this is not an essence meeting, but rather distortions and refractions reacting to one another, like a side-show or a different movie.  

Judaism as you have known it will not exist; no religion will exist as it is known. As you inhabit the new, you feel around for what is familiar, but nothing is familiar.  Attune to the need of the new night;  human partnership with spirit is now more abstract and more subtle; who is the creator?  

Received July 9, 2016

Live in the middle of your self and spin concentrically with the inbred understanding that you direct your life and your scenes-experiences.

So, from the foundation, I write and receive:

Magic mastery begins when you find the end of the string of yourself, and then follow, hand over hand and breath over breath, and it will lead you forward.  

Do not let go of this purpose rope — if you want to live a simple life, commit to the rope, to following the line. It reveals itself, and you choose it, and it reveals more, and you choose it. Questions, like: what should I do, where should I live, with whom, what is my purpose, are not as pertinent as: where is the next handhold of the purpose rope.  

You do not need to see or understand.  Faith is the choosing, hand over hand, in the dark. Wonder comes from being surprised by what results and occurs.


Choose each moment … complications derive from thinking. You are holding the end of your purpose rope for the first time, stripped of all other views and concerns and hopes.  

Forthcoming, if the scenes around you become vast, just follow the rope.

You do not hear voices anymore because they have been resolved at the level of your perception and ability to receive.  And because the past has become infused with the present.  We continue now to another realm, where an enormous and lasting download of new light and knowledge begins, a revelation and emergence —  eventually, in magnitude and breadth, fortitude, exponentially greater than the Torah.

How is that possible?

Spirit encounters and reactions are starting to occur at the highest levels, to sheath a new creation and to prepare for the absorption of new light.  

A creation process is taking place, as new revelations are prepared, to be able to be received.

Learning to love yourself is the point of following the purpose rope.  Hand over hand, learn this love. And become familiar with what it feels like to be in your roots.

As environments become more complicated, know your roots and remain connected to them.

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