Four Faces of Abraham Are Open and The Chariot Descends

Posted on March 23, 2019 

Received on September 28, 2018 

Human beings live in the womb of higher consciousness. What connects physical life to its spirit source is an umbilical cord that will never be cut.  This connection is permanent.

Infinite strings of Hebrew letters flow through this umbilical cord, which spans between worlds, to sustain and transform them. In so doing, the face of the higher is established, point by point, cell by cell, in the human realm.

Someday, the face of the higher will be completely present and fully composed on earth, and then, free choice (aligned with or away from spirit) will disappear.

Someday, the face will be too commanding, and impossible to turn away from.

In other words, the reality people call “above” will be fully present “below” – a heaven on earth, as it were.  

Will all parts of souls be included?

Some aspects of the soul that came in will fall back, to meld into a less articulated level of existence. They will slip through a disorienting, downgraded reality, they will scream backward through time.  Carriers of holiness and servants of the spirit:  separate the fragrances of gold, and hold them far from the screaming.

Can human love help?

Love is being in harmony with the system and chords of creation and its higher intentions. The above and the below, connected with the permanent umbilical cord, are locked in to one another. But, those outside of the relationship dissolve to become part of a much larger system. They survive only in essence.

What does fragrance accomplish?

Fragrances flow across the divides between worlds, and bring a soothing unity to what has been fractured by the human mind.

Take heart:  Abraham, in essence, is here now. The line of Abraham composes the nose of the higher face.  Moses brings out the eyes and the forehead, and the ears came with Noah and Adam.  Our purpose is to establish the face of the higher here.  The face of the higher is still missing some pieces on the cheekbones, for example. You cannot force the cheekbones into being, so simply follow your spirit and it will fulfill its own purpose. Trust that the face will complete itself.

What is purity?

The only information that flows between realms is pure, everything else stays where it is, and clogs or weighs down. Purity means that an essence can fully transmute from material to spirit, and back again.  

The face of the higher is universal and does not call upon or shine on just one religion, method or approach. Each has a different role.  Judaism has been responsible for bringing the head forward into manifestation, and is structured to accomplish this.

Fulfilling that purpose is the purpose of these transmissions.

Hold the idea of purpose straight, and be sure the vessels are aligned and accurate. Define and define, with accuracy, and do not rush.

Whose phrases do I hear? Who is speaking to me?

One thin line.

Unedited, the words have come in like this:

“Wherein do you first cut masters of light and veils of glory and secure mists of millions and in the mists unformed find infinite intentions with closed eyes only.  Sapphires and sapphires that are green hold light that would otherwise not be rooted and in place, to stabilize the parts.  This then project outward.  Arms and legs are synonyms for the divine. Reach them toward life’s aligned configurations too.”

Here is how I edit those words – is this accurate?

Where, then, are the first moments of creation, of separation from light into a veil, from a veil into glory, from glory into a mist, and from a mist into the unarmed, the unformed into the formed and the possibility of life?

Human eyes will never be capable of seeing the glory of infinity. To see infinite light, approach with inner eyes open, and physical eyes closed, and your seeing can reach back up through the misted levels of creation, to know them.

Sapphires are the vessel for light that is needed here but missing a vessel.  All sapphires and especially green sapphires stabilize light necessary for the entire system.  This sapphire refracted light then spreads outward, and falls into place, in harmony with creation.  Human arms and legs are extensions of the core into action. Arms and legs are also synonyms for the divine. Reach your arms and legs into life, with unity of intent, aligned with the purpose of infinity.

Yes, your translation contains the intent of the transmission and the purposes are aligned.

Posted on March 23, 2019

Received on October 31, 2018 

The chariot stream-lines across the sky above the earth.  The chariot’s proximity stirs up truth and sends it to the surface. 

As the chariot descends, those who are aware automatically participate.

Codes are not whispered, they are silently presented and absorbed, and the chariot’s progress continues as the receivers collaborate and participate, when summoned.

The structure of the Hebrew letter Shin is an antenna, a control tower for the first landing presences.

What is the chariot?

The chariot is an upgrade or expansion of capacity, to sense, know, and receive spirit formations.  The chariot, by proximity, awakens souls.

The ongoing Exodus from Egypt continues to bring souls home by awakening those attuned to its frequency.  Listen, listen with the soul’s ears and follow the call.

A soul naturally follows the chariot’s call.  We are shedding the medieval, primitive skin that enabled us to survive.  Without those skins, we are more sensitive to the sound and pull of the beckoning chariot.

Question: Is there more dense material we will now infuse with light?  

This is a time to gather the light together, to consolidate,  prior to expanding again.  It is not a contraction, more of a shedding and therefore a revelation.

We established spirit pathways in sound and in smell, and this is new ground, it is where we will consolidate, it is the third temple.

Find your dynamic state of being and elasticize your spiritual gait, to go, now.

It is time to leave.

Posted on March 23, 2019

Received on December 8, 2018 

4:44 AM

Walk with me. The path is wide and deep. There is room for more. Walk with me.

Is channeling creative or passive?

Both – this depends what a person is connecting to. Ask this: does the channelled knowledge already exist ? If it does, the channeling is not creating new ground, but strengthening what is here.

Abraham, your love sustains still. Seven years of famine is the contraction that made new birth possible – shrinking before transformation.

The four faces of Abraham are opening –  including the one that has been closed for generations. Vessels for compassion of the spirit are present.

What is Abraham’s Judaism?

Judaism is the combination of vectors and sinews that connect perspective to perspective, angle to angle, and life to light.

Judaism is living into concepts. Judaism adds diameter and capacity to the flow chain.

Talk to me, talk to me.

Three unique capacities of Abraham are available for your becoming.

Each one is ready to reveal itself. All ready voices, representing all branch concepts, will unite, into a single booming declaration.

Posted on March 23, 2019

Received on February 8, 2019 

Long ago, a desire emerged to enjoy higher light in the physical.

We are still healing the original under-current that was reticent to join earth in light.

But now the line has no fear, no fear.

Are there existing esoteric Jewish texts to guide us?

In this emergent state, Kabbalah cannot stretch far enough, into the next and next. Zohar has more range, but is also limited. Judaism, as it is practiced , is obsolete, except for a few of its earliest marks on time and place.

All time melts into the present, into now. Do not sustain differentiation – re-unification is the pleasure point.

Sliding strains of light, with varied migration paths, reconvene and reconnect. They enjoy encountering one another again, and take pleasure in the strangeness and variety of seventy, and the seven soul lines.

Brace and breathe the pleasure of unencumbered light releasing, now clarified, into the cosmos.

Where does clarified light go?

What a stretch from there to here – and that structure is built into the system itself.

Religion is a mirror on this light system, to enable a human to see the light.  For thousands of years, seeing even the self was impossible and light trickled in very, very thin veins.  

Now Judaism is becoming a tuning instrument. Pluck the strings of Judaism, to stay attuned.

From here, how does differentiation occur? And why? What motivates it?

If you are Blue standing in Blue, you are still differentiated from it.

Allow the orgasm of the spirit to reverberate through this world. Free will starts to disappear, in that, the choice point is softer and weaker.

The everyday or the mundane is invisible at this scale of whole pleasure.  The universe was created  in this line of expanded light, and we are here again, now, in the conditions of creation.

Everything you know of human history, its darks and lights, are a brief flicker – the extended human experience casts a shadow on the line of light and we carry it all forward.

Without reserve or fear  – the wholeness is its own engine and the choice is to allow the flow or to constrict it. 

I choose to allow it.

Every spirit leader influences the constellation that is you. Their lines are our lines, one as one.  It will take generations to access all the light that is here now. Do not revert.

Image: Sunspots  Creative Commons

Image:  Stars  Creative Commons

Heart Water and The White Bright Electric

Posted on December 11, 2016

Received on August 15,  2016

Long ago, main souls shattered and scattered.

Now, then, they are re-assembling, rejoining into oneness and returning to their origin streams.

Are there people in living in different spiritual eras, side-by-side, at the same temporal time?   

An entirely new field appears. Most seeds will not take root or find a home there.  Whole souls will recognize the new field and its new fertility. In other words, the new era or new ground is fertile for seeds that arrive whole.


In the new era, there will not be individual leaders. This is the coming together of people who share the many sides to each core concept.  

The ears of this king extend in four directions – and cover the earth with their listening; these ears collect your screams and your sounds, but cannot use them.  We cannot use these outcries to build the new.

What is my next step, to prepare?

We cannot predict what for example your question on Rosh Hashana will be like this year, because Tu B’Av falls between now and then.  On Tu B’ Av, the deepest wells will become inverted, and the secret wisdom will float on top and be accessible.

So, prepare yourself to be in harmony with the frequency of that water, and when you are, you will know the essence hidden in the Zohar without having studied it.

I have not read the Zohar, but I sense that the Zohar has small fissures or areas that do not match the wisdom water and this time.

Adhere to the wisdom water, and do not hold onto the Zohar text or the old knowledge. The text will evolve, eventually, to match the needs, again.

The king’s wrists are hollow and the hands cannot decree; the hands will reflect and bestow new breadth when they are reactivated. For now, the four winds blow through the wrists, let it be. A bird flies upward through the center of the Kabbalistic tree. Its whiteness shuffles their powers, ever slightly. The gold you see in your mind’s eye is not a color, it is a state of mind that the bird soars toward and shows us light and life, in the new.

The Tree of Life is made of letter pairs or combinations, emanating up from the earth.  The Tree of Knowledge is no longer a creative or constituting force. The Tree of Life is accessible to those who choose it now.

The Tree of Life is built of codes, central and branch concept codes, transparent and true.  Creation initiated the tree’s introduction and potential.  Human life has created the Tree of Life, in the back and forth co-building that souls participate in, with iterations.

There is nothing “all at once” about any change or power or moment. Magic, or the expectation of magic, has no place in spiritual reality.  Turn by turn, awareness by awareness, new codes become part of a shared human consciousness.  

Received on Tu b’Av – August 18, 2016

Wander into the unknowns.  

The words I hear are unrelated, they do not make sense, and I feel unsure.

Side by side, the words invoke an angle and an energy, directing now.  If these fortywaters “receiving” transmissions were challenging before, now they will at times become impossible to understand, and seem to verge on randomness and chaos. Still, trust the process. 

See now: A main soul does not know how to live in a body, so it spews words in an order not built for the mind, but built for the creator to absorb back up through the center.

Are we stepping out of time, with our souls?

Un-aging is the ability of the body to maintain its boisterous connection to water and the initial generating forces that come from water and return you to water, and so, align with the water, to find youth, but it is not regular water, or drinking water.

This is the heart water, the water at the heart of the world.

Heart Water is all dimensions to and from the vertical, and from spirit and material descending and ascending the Hebrew letter Yud.

Mayim.  Think of preserving the clarity of the Mem-Yud-Mem as you live and choose, forty dimensions to and from the Yud.

All your lives stack, like porcelain plates in a pile; when they have assembled, you will trust and wait.

Intend this: I wait to be manifest in  all dimensions.

Hovering above the mind’s networks, the new waits for an opening and descends where it can. The main soul is unmarked and transparent.

Welcome it to your home, welcome it to your body-consciousness-home.

Received on August 25, 2016

The voice from “beyond” is internal, so listen not up or out, but instead for the words forming in your center.

I hear this: Bathe, now, in the white bright electric.


Yes, and we continue: Align your face with the wind that comes from behind it, the passing wind infused with the complex code spirit of all that is.  Your face is backed to the Torah wind and your face feels it pass, and the wind touches the neck and back of the head and blows forward.  

The Torah wind does not pass around you, it passes through you and through letters, Hebrew letters, letters that also form and sustain the planets and the universe, and all that also floats inside you. They all tremble in the wind passing, the momentary encountering, and the wind, in its passing, imprints a tracery of the new. 

This wind is filled with codes for next life, next mastery of the heart-mind trajectory.  

Magic plays no role in this.  Ignore magic.

Why do you keep talking about magic?

You will be tempted, when things will crack and despair sieges this world,  to revert to old levers that previously worked; you will want to invoke compassion and mercy.

Do not interfere.

Do not pray, for example, for specific outcomes, do not hope for anything different from what is, and do not abandon your center to seek protections.  As obsolete walls fall down, your letter-shaped hut will reveal itself and the letter hut will stand, its core and core alone, a pillar of pillar light.

Match your wells and your seas and your stars to the frequencies emerging now, and harmony will flourish. Pre-empt the dissolution of all that is by connecting to the born new world of light emanations.

Does the Torah continue to function during the transition?

The Torah is built of blocks, of highly compressed blocks of constructed letters, and as they rotate and shuffle, access to the moniker within expands.

The vibrational siege begins, and so, keep your body attuned to the new, lest it crumble with the rest. Organize the sailing expedition to the new.

I am standing in the wind of the new, and it approaches from behind — where does the wind come from?

It is the soul mate pairing of the furnace energy inside you.

This does not make sense – explain more.

The wind is the pair concept, the hovering spirit, waiting to hook up to intention and to become the new.


Each furnace concept is paired with the wind. Forever forgive the past, and forgive the forgetting, and the remembering, and be now of the moment of glory and agree to the power of the currents.  

Judaism, which was a three dimensional build-out of the last world now flattens again, to become evolved and formed threads,  golden threads, that are part of the flow fabric.

In Judaism, the structures insured context through generations, but in the end, not the laws, not the holidays, but the intention to love with heart, mind, and soul – this is what wove the threads, the sustaining threads.

So for example:

Go to the Vav, trust the Hey and receive the Yuds, and everything we have been writing tonight was to get to this, this process, this standing and receiving in orientation with the winds of life and love, dwelling upon you and passing and dwelling at the same time.

So constant is the love that it moves and is never gone.

Never turn around in this wind, never turn around to see, or you will die, for the wind can only be met from your behind, without your mind or eyes. Your eyes must belong to you and not to the universe; if you lose your individual eyes, you lose your connection to creation as a human, embodying infinity, and instead, you would immediately become infinity.

And as you did not look, now all the letters tumble in, they tumble into the meeting place of fire and wind, and adjust and take root and orient into the firmament soil.   The alchemy of the self is a body-vessel that has developed from the particular to the general, from selfhood to expanded boundaries beyond the self.

Trust the spirit, trust the spirit, and receive the columns of trailing light, as the alchemical reaction of creating the new occurs in you; it cannot occur elsewhere, but must be in these bodies that can germinate and welcome it.

And down below, in the last world iteration, this all occurred on a rock, on a smooth rock.  You are in that channel now, but it is more refined and the rock is implied, and you float on previous formation.

Image: Coriander Seed Sprouting Creative Commons

Image: White Bright Electric, by author

Image: Face of the Wind  Creative Commons