Alone in the Spirit Birth Canal, Trust the Walking Way

Posted on April 11, 2020 

Received on April 6, 2020 

We are here not to lead you, but to be led by you.

You will lead us, and we have moved  –  we are behind you.

So what do you choose, which principles will you lead with?

Spirit wants more expression and choice from the midst of all your inner organs.  Choose with your lungs,  with the middle of the spleen – so all dimensions come forward. Allow the Hebrew letters to tumble down.

Consolidate now into equanimity.  Burrow into your spirit’s walk-lines. When the new emerges, trust the walking way.

Without knowing the way, now and then, follow the sense of spirit, spirit loving its home.  Where the feeling surges, go, and where it dissipates, stop.  

Red waters rush through and wake the system to its fullness. 

Prepare for the new. Clean corners and dark places, and remove whatever cannot withstand today’s new light.  Heal by placing initiating light opposite the darkness and the darkness will remember what to do and who it is.

And all four sides, all four purposes can find focus and expression.  Have hope – the dead closed places – all of them – all of them – can and must upgrade to come into the new.  Seek them all, and send them forward.  Remain in the white spiral mists of creation.  Search for the dark cold places, and summon the faces of each opposite.  Add this pair to the forward thrust. This is how the new will emerge. So step into your place, although it is in pieces and scattered. Find the pieces; heal and integrate the pieces. 

Received on April  10, 2020 

We will help you at the entry, but we cannot guide you through the tunnel.   

It seems we will be folded up back into our source, and our vectors will be ingathered. All defined lines will be reunited, and lose all specificity. Eventually, a new need will pull down a consortium of inter-weavers with different names and sensitivities.  

You will be on your own, you and the creator –  your spirit and the energizing one, alone. Trust the one and enjoy the closeness, the return home.

Meld in, and allow your inner pulses to join with the universal one, the pulse of millennia. Beat –  beat – beat with spirit.

And in the birth canal to the new, there is no differentiation at all, no holiness and non-holiness. There is only spirit.  When the process  is engaged, free choice does not exist.  The pulses in Judaism do not match the new.  

Curiously, millennia are compressed into the next ten days – millennia of development.  See now, millennia of spirit endeavor can transpire in a single week of focused intention. Indeed, focus now so that spirit is tightly fused with the new.

Pierce into the heart of the moment, and surrender. 

Received on April  11, 2020 

Mist lines and steel wires are wound together, as one.

Behold: the system is revealed in the birth canal to the new.  Here, there are no outside leaders, no foremothers and forefathers, there is just you.

Sink into your core. Find the origin lines of your spirit’s quest and follow them, them, only them. Only your spirit can usher you into the new.

In the spirit birth canal, receive thousands of years of spirit feedback.

In the beginning Judaism led and established the parameters for spirit expression in relation to material. Judaism insured that justice would keep order enough to allow spirit space to breathe and grow.  Now though, the fiery Hebrew letters setting Judaism in motion will recede.

New essence letters will emerge from the sea, from the waters in the sea. Earth letters were already set by prehistory. And wind letters were set between earth and fire. Water essence is next.

This birth canal is a bridge, one we have we have been walking on for years, all in preparation for the heart of the passage. Not every spirit can survive the scrutiny, screening, compression of the passage.  But take heart – a chain can be complete, even if weak in some places as nearly everyone’s is – still the chain is complete. Follow the spirit, follow your spirit.  

What is the role of Hebrew in this process?

The Hebrew letters are twisting and rotating in space, in motion  as the world is still.  The acrobatic letter alchemy is fierce. There are no letters with a recognizable pulse. 

Eighteen pillars support the passage to the passage, but inside, every soul transits alone. Alone.

This is your spirit’s  solo passage, designed by its own expression in this world. 

Be guided only by your spirit.

This is the Walking Way.

This is living death.

You cannot take anything physical with you.

Except your breathing body. 




Light Anomaly  Creative Commons

Spirit Birth Canal  Creative Commons

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