One Emerging From One: Collecting the Shards and Completing the Face

Posted on August 24, 2019 

Received on June 24, 2019 

One hundred and eight truths cloister on the underside of your tongue.  They are all activated when you say Hallel.

Your third eye sees through occluding crusts. It reads your forehead, which holds a harmony of systems. It sees your fire.

So then, agree to serve your purpose, to be the unwavering vortex of all that can pass through you. 

Does intention affect the outcome?

As parts reconvene into original soul formations, intention almost sets itself.  Intention becomes less necessary as active veins are unified with the arteries of time, to hold all that has been and all that will be, which although it is an articulated system, sometimes looks like just a single point. In other words, finally it is possible to live in The Garden and to also be a distinct individual.

Is there any action that supports this process?

Nothing can imprint upon an already imprinted soul, and original souls are already imprinted, so simply flow along your inner rivers and enjoy.

“I don’t know” and “I don’t understand” are not tools of inquiry to flow closer to spirit.  Abandon those terms and instead, choose to see with your infinite eyes. With your infinite eyes, see purpose adjacent to purpose.

All relationships are truly with your own streams of being, and all those streams are inside you. Generations and generations participate in these streams. 

Received on June 27, 2019

When we met, you were dead, dead to your inner voice, to your text flow, and to your purpose. The Torah resuscitated you. The constant stream of light through generations slows to flow through the letters, words, and spaces of every accurate physical Torah scroll. And the more you personally participate in the stream, the more the Torah lives in you also. 

Carriers. We are all carriers.

And the Torah is a carrier that bridges between the generations. It holds what cannot be carried here and there and here again.

So when a person dies, what happens to the Torah in them?

When you die, there is a pause, like a light switch that is off.  In a way, when you die, you melt into the whole of the Torah stream.

While you are gone, the Torah holds the transmission and its possibility for humans. The way each soul plugs into the Torah stream is unique. When we met, you were closed to your purpose in the Torah stream. This, too, is a kind of death.

And so the Torah is the constant channel that holds the spirit pool for earth?

The Torah sustains the possibility of faith.  

The term “earth” is not accurate. At the moment, not many earth places can sustain spirit. For example, France is inhospitable to the new Torah energy stream.

Which places on earth are hospitable? 

Iran and Israel – the land in both places can sustain the new. There are a few places in the United States and South America, and there is a neutral place in Australia, and one active line in Japan. There is a neutral place in Canada. A neutral place maintains but does not nurture the new.

The line of Esther quilts together the essence of what must be carried forward to sustain the whole.  

This, here, now, is a unique time. The underside is up and accessible, ready to be integrated and manifest. Specifically, the first breath intention is accessible –  the breath of a membrane expanding into one beyond the one.

Past leaders and teachers and their words are falling under newly tilled soil where the underside is on top. Let them go. The real era of emergence takes the place of the words they used for bridging between then and now.   

The Hebrew letter Tzaddi directs the new lines forming under the tongue. When the sounds emerge, pronounce them.  They come from the source river in Eden, those sound-words from under the tongue, they come up and do not pass through the mind.  Run, now, run, to the light.

Place the crosshairs of your intention on the light forever- that is the commitment.

Received on July 6, 2019

The Torah, the one that is here now, pushed away the stone, the stone covering the well. And it shows the fire at the center of being, and reinforced the structure so you could continue intact.

When you are in your place, all lines flow through you. When  you are not, the lines fall around your shoulders, rather than through the head, and the light is deferred into side streams.  

Take your place, aligned with light that is bestowed upon light.

Can one distinguish lights?

The initiating light is not the continuing light. Initiating light downscales to engage your light, which is continuing light. Light filters through the structure of light. And in its passing, the new light is informed, and the old light is upgraded.

And when you take your true place, initiating light becomes accurately engaged. This is an internal and systemic process, and should not involve talking or even explaining.  Bring your emotional brain to the high place.

The lockup of soul lights that were meant to fly is the eagle’s broken wing. Fix it by loving the system. Love the structure, love the process. 

Enslaved to ritual – you used ritual to take the place of what was missing. You wanted to fill the gap between longing and presence, but in so doing, you modified perception away from the light.

Come back to the Torah again, the Torah will clean out the chain of being and breathe gold straight light, so the hull cracks off and falls away.

Every seventh year, the hull cracking has occurred, to keep the system nimble and fresh. The seventh year is to receive refreshed streams.

Millions of years are on the pivot. A face, the face, is emerging.

What is the collective subconscious?

You are composed by the lines that pass through the greater feeds,  into your line. You are encircled by them and that is a collective.

Received on August 16, 2019

Lifting here, sustitude and renovance, behold.

Raining mists and drops of indivisible new, the mist drops rain from and in us and we call ourselves forward and see ourselves facing “now being” and all words are old.

Seventy souls stand solid and are receiving the full rain of the new and their angel eyes see grace. Their see-stream is endless.  

Each one of these seventy is the nexus of Judaism’s lines and loves, and the networks flow with life and use. When lines are completed, characters settle into the woven flat cloth of underlying reality.

Who is speaking now?

The speaker now transmitting this knowledge is from the resting place, from the flat woven cloth of the underlying and the resolved.  

When all the faces of the higher meld into one, in completion, we experience heaven on earth. 

Sentinels guard the experiment and it is sturdy now, but sentinels remain, and the core is never abandoned or alone.  The seventy faces have seventy faces and they make a dimensional interwoven structure that is both limitless and real.

What is left to do?

Search for the severed shards that float, unintegrated. Find and include them, include them. They don’t know who they are and do not recognize their home. 

To be young is to stand among the full spirits, in a time when the birds flow and the senses sing.  This makes the face of the creator, which is the face of an intention to create and to love. 

And now, for a period,  the face will rest and spend time recognizing and remembering itself and its parts, so that when it scatters, it will again cohere.

Seventy souls compose the right hand and the front of the forehead and all are stable.

Remember that what cannot be seen with eternal eyes cannot survive.  When you encounter the floating fragments, take them in, and they are strangers now as you once were strangers. 

Do the fragments know anything?

You will settle them and they will come back to life, and what was cold and broken and alien will become your bonfire, your collective bonfire.

Some of these fragments call to sixteen holders.

You will not feel magnetically drawn to them. Still, from your place you will encounter the shards. Welcome them. 

Centuries of light coalesce and my voice carries even though I don’t speak.

I don’t heal any individual, I heal the system and light’s ability to flow through it, unhindered. The face of the higher is flowing.  We are the face and we are the light. We hold nothing and we are all of it.

How does the new become part of the system?

Something different and unborn can be placed on top of or adjacent to what has been completed. This is how iteration works. It can sustain the new and the new will take root and thrive. The pains and agonies of the prior generation will not be repeated, not repeated, but their unintegrated shards are here now, broken, separate, and ready to be transformed. From the dissociated terror emerges the new.

Each shard is required to complete my face. 

Wasn’t there a less painful way?

That pain is my pain, we have all been shattered and scattered, and are still a collective. Swallow the shard, and you will know infinity too.  

Image: Bridge-Carrier  Creative Commons

Image: Face Emerging  Creative Commons


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