Gap, Line, and Stance

Posted on November 17, 2019 

Received on October 1, 2019 

We are all separate.

True separation is a silence, and in that silence, our transmissions can transform you.  So separate and silence yourself then, for it has become time to see all that is, without distraction.

Finally, now, your under-bellies are also in process. Indeed, all the lights of creation are  initiated beings.

This is re-creation. 

True separation establishes a gap that creation will inhabit.  Creation expands between one and the other, in that gap.  When we say creation, this is what we mean, creation of the gap – wherein expansion naturally then occurs.

Inner processes and related actions reify your intent, but they do not expand creation. The creation act expands the space itself, the space between, and its implicit potential, its hidden but potent beckoning. This gap is also where the other side is, the side where water does not exist, but its possibility does.

Someday, your sense of life will ring like bells, calling you to join its magnificence, as each door opens upon a newly unfolded scene. Unroll the Torah.  New life begins when you separate Aleph and Yud. 

The lines through Eden will flow again. Pick up the end of the line and continue.  Humans have experienced great loss amid the learning, and what has been learned is locked in, tight.  Humans will soon be able to maintain the separations between concepts that Eden requires.  

Is Eden holy?

No, Eden is not holy. It is an elevated integrated state where the separations are between heads. In Eden, there are no tails.  In Eden, heads have been earned, not gifted, and there is now no chance that what has been earned will be squandered or unappreciated.

Eden is a state of being. The Trees of Life and Knowledge are no longer a choosing fork.  Life flows through all who chose it. Nothing can induce a being full of light and life to choose darkness, when one has truly emerged from it. 

Abraham, you went to the mountain with Isaac, and the direction to sacrifice was misunderstood. Sacrifice at that time meant to kill, whereas sacrifice, in our intention,  meant “show him the way of the light, and let him go into it.”  The love of Abraham made it difficult for the paradigm of Isaac to emerge. The “sacrifice” or separation was meant to create the space for Isaac to inhabit his destiny, to be free. 

We cannot see the Lord of Hosts without seeing the line of establishment. The line of establishment is the heart of our aspect evolution. I am the light and the line. I cannot be understood. Carry the line, so others can see it and use it.  

Received on October 8, 2019

The full set of spirit lines and roots that are connected from the beginning re-assemble here, with the experience of love now included.

Hear this: what was not lived with love does not exist. Love is the wheat – everything else is chaff, is gone. Know this well, as you choose your stance and attitude. Compel love to lead, and what you do will endure forever.

Wash your feet and prepare the altar, to send away the final sticky dark nodes that could not be realized into light this time. Send them away, so they do not stain the land.  Each of the 18 corner souls is a community in itself. Below the gate road are rivers and rivers of water bringing new life.

Moses cannot see his light. Agree to hold it, if it belongs to you, so Moses can see it. Because first Moses has to recognize the light, for it to progress. 

In other words, this threading from old into the new must be coherent. Walk in me and walk through me. Walk under the under.  

And know this: Moses has never stopped speaking – never, not even for an instant. Your legs are thick, from walking the codes into being, for millennia. 

And in the Temple era, the priests needed material to navigate in light. They found light through material, which they tried to use accurately.  And the string on top of Moses is the Temple’s cornerstone. And what endures is the Moses River.

Received on October 9, 2019

The cells are new and they tilt to encounter the angled transformation. They weave infinity into human settlement.

What are our next steps, this year?

Fight for the life of your spirit as you are subsumed by current events. Follow the line of your spirit and it will lead you to the field of the future.

Never has there been a moment like this, between great revelation and dissolution, where nothing you do or say matters, but your stance and attitude are vital.

Do not be afraid, and include it all.  Do not crouch to ward off damage, this will not sustain the earth. Trust the system and open to what feels like a rape of all you hold dear. Take my hand, and help me up. I have been sitting in a pile of dust. 

And we hold our hands, theirs in mine, stand and fall again, and rest, and commit to stand again.  And the beam nexuses arrive, each at a different node, seven in all, until all are shining and the nodes attune, and click into place.


Image: Undifferentiated Human Stem Cells, Creative Commons

Image: New Light On Life, Creative Commons

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