New Words For A New System

Posted on June 26, 2013

Received on Jaunuary 27, 2012

How do you distinguish between old and new?  It seems like existence is an infinite continuum.  

If a spiritual system can be accurately described in words, that system is already obsolete. We will be developing new words, words that do not currently exist or have meaning,  to pair with the exquisitely new system that is downloading into the collective spiritual subconscious now.

Words  that resonate with this new order are not yet known, but single Hebrew letters do match its frequency, just as they matched the prior underlying order.  Letters, for now — words come later.

We must establish new signifiers, new words–words that touch and activate the underlying systems of light, just like the hidden phrases of Judaism did for the prior creation.

Patterns in the strings of spiritual light determine the shape of our existence. LED_lighting_strands Now we will discover the new patterns and remodel ourselves in harmony with them.

Spiritual evolution is constant, and it requires constant remodulation within the human system.  But this is different.  The change unfolding is not a gradual increment.

Do you have any questions?

How do you see human life?

Physical life is an infinite series of spiral loops , life , pause, life, pause, life, and so on.

Can a human live at a refined spiritual level?

Yes.  The goal of the human experiment is to achieve a full integration of the entire range of spiritual to physical possibility, from the most invisible complex breath of spirit to material life.  All at once.

The physical-material experiments that became this world were our idea, together.  We are the co-creators. Too long ago to describe in time, this was the plan.  The amount of struggle and darkness (being cut off from spirit) was not anticipated.  But the structure, and the solid links we created between spiritual and physical, can sustain this darkness and still evolve.

And now the tension in that darkness will be slowly alleviated, as we move toward resolution.

Lighting Strands Creative Commons

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