Concept Into Sensation: God Reflected In Humans

Posted on April 30, 2016

Received on January 16, 2016

Pioneering spirits:  Connect to the chain-link junctions, where new light encounters and crosses different light.

There are 600,000 paired Hebrew letter genetic sets, and these 600,000 together compose the reflection of god into the human realm.  Moses carried all of these structural points, and so, light flowed through him fully, without reserve, and was rectified.  

That is multi-generational. How do souls experience time? 

Souls criss-cross through one another; time is not a factor, nor is space. There is a grand weaving, to develop the picture.

Received January 20, 2016

Fierce glory resides in the middle of the transmission today.

How is the content chosen?

The system churns at different frequencies, with varied ranges and themes.  When you are not tuned in, the churning continues.

Is it affected by my tuning in?

That is a difficult question to answer and we will not answer it now.

The content is made up of collected but individual spirit lines, of lived and un-lived code, paired or chain-linked together.

Heal by moving your intention and your hand slightly.  Healing straightens the wave fabric of being, keeps it smooth and keeps the light flowing.

Received January 22, 2016

Will the new inherit or bring with it the broken-ness of the old?

Each seed or cell that emerges in the new is whole and has experienced a full arc cycle and reconstitution in light.

Limbs and organs are built for one purpose, to process and rectify or upgrade the light that passes through them, in minute exactness and detail.

What is light?  

Light is a system of electricity that gives life.  

Is light the system, the product, or the medium?

Light cannot be divided.  There are seven aspects of god, of the system’s glory and humility, sent with intention toward human perception, and received.

Listen carefully now, and find the words:

Hearts are spiral stringed balls of code, and love is transformed from a concept into a sensation by light passing through the heart.

Concept to sensation is a quality of god which extends into humans.

This model answers the question.

What is the point of sensation?

A sensation is independent and enables self-reflection and self-awareness.

An evolved heart allows the light of infinity to pass through its coded membranes and for both heart and light to be enhanced in the passing.

Motion or passing through – is that a principle of god?

Transactional motion is a quality of the infinite, which means that the light flows in a course guided and shaped by the opportunity for transaction. The transaction path is the partner of the light. There is no such thing as static or unmoving – this is not an aspect of god.  A person or a situation can be stuck, but then, he or she is cut off.

Describe the structure of the system.

The system is built with flexibility, so it will not break.  Light appears to flow even though, if you were to observe it more closely, it is jumping, jumping from gate to gate or concept to concept.

Does light become used or old?  

This is a question about bandwidth.

Light is composed of bandwidths or frequencies of light; the sheath of all the bandwidths is a combination of new and old, and their range is expanding.


The order of the concepts or codes is set by light itself.  This is hard to explain, but light is desire, light knows what it wants to become, creates its own ever-changing capacity and then lives into it.  The order is the map of light’s own desire.

Light is imaginative or sensitive in the sense that it can become differentiated as cells do while still participating in a whole.  This is another quality of light.

Another way to refer to light is: stringed cells of possibility.

You cannot create anything whose possibility has not already been established by the system.

Is the system analogous to the laws of nature?

The laws of nature grow out of it, but the higher concept is about the properties of light.  Light is infinite and light is structured, and there is nothing that is outside of it.

Are there gaps between frequencies, where light is missing?  

The underlying code spans and includes the gaps.

Looked at closely, what seems like a homogenous river of light is a stream of individual points, each with its own zoomed experience, ghost-clothed iterations, also then juxtaposed and keeping pace with one another.  

Flowing means what? 

Flowing simply refers to the pulse of life.

Can this writing be made more accessible?

It is important that the writing touch and remain connected to the spirit points, without exception, as it is now.  

Every word resonates in upper realms. The principles of god will open souls to awareness of this place, and to the purpose of the opening.

Image: Junctions Creative Commons
Image: Bandwidth Creative Commons

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