On a Rain of Yuds: Become and Build New Capacity and New Dimensions

Posted on December 19, 2015

Received on June 21, 2015  New York City

The system has rotated, slightly rotated.  Find new alignments between material and spirit.

wind dispersed seeds in motion

Now, one of the interstitial membranes that separated material and spirit has disappeared. As membrane-like gloves dissolve, more light is revealed.  The intensity and sensitivity to light is greater than before; attune to the light with tiny adjustments in awareness.

The smallest gesture inflects these newborn, hair-thin sensitivities. Move now, with exactness, as you are here, in the new structure. All of the souls in this new dimension are equal, self-directed, and balanced.  Blossom by remaining in your place; breathe and continue blossoming.  Open and… open and…open into a heightened precision you have never experienced, one that your mind cannot comprehend. The light and the vessel are more similar now, and the membranes between them are thinner, and more transparent.

Angel Michael inhabits the new structure and perceives in surround-awareness, 360 degrees and forty dimensions here. Birth is a pulling down whereas the process of re-birth, within the ongoing life system, is rising up. Rise up to meet it, as the new structure pulls down and is born.

Received June 25, 2015  

How is Judaism changing, now?

Judaism, as you know it and practice it, has completed its mission. The recent cycle of Jewish experience through history, logic, and land, have impacted the spirit realms as much as they are able.  The new and expanded universal network of co-relational elements exceeds all religious frameworks.  Judaism was once the “new” system and it provided access to the last rotation and revelation of universal essence forces.

Justice is Equi-Distance. Everything in the Justice Realm is equidistant from everything else, in energy and composition; the art of distinction, and the distance between distinctions, is set such that everything is equal in relation to everything else, although isolated and on their own, some formulations are more potent that others. Equi-Distance and justice clear a path for you to live now at the speed of light, unimpeded by remnants of old structures. Stream forward, and soar.

The story of god will unfold in three parts. This is the middle part. Become a walking Yud Hay Vav Hay. Humans are composed of these letters, the god letters, in their core.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.05.19 PM For example, a single generating Yud flows through the first filter and is then accompanied by a stream of Yuds.  An impulse, a Yud, something, someone always has to enter first.  Systems are upgraded by their own imagination and the firsts that then establish them.

It is in the nature of the god filter that fresh seeds flutter down in an articulated rhythm over-colored by love and grace. Concepts re-align and re-form; in this rotation, the envelope stretches and you can know more light.  Human spiritual potential is circumscribed by the structural concepts from which they emanate.

How is the possible designed?

The template is established by a collaboration amongst the higher selves of people who slip up and down between realities, like liquid in a straw.

Effervescent.  When someone is born, if they are connected to the themes of the moment, the high themes,  they slide all the way down into the world through the concepts they will embody, gaining skins of the concepts over the gestation period.  The first human embodiment had just one skin concept; it was whole. Every concept was condensed into just the one skin.

I am afraid of breaking apart, of shattering, from imbalance and from an overload of light.

A ram stabilizes the moment.  Carry the new Torah, again, metaphorically, from the desert to the book.  From under the flowing column of letters, receive, absorb and contain.  You must receive and contain the new.  You have been fortified to hold it. Fear and hesitations are natural, but you are stable enough to contain whatever is downloaded through you. Choose to contain the new.

I ran from my place, and now I will stand in it.  

It is your choice to stand in your place. New light and hyper-codes stream in columns. The fulcrum of spiritual activity swings subtly; minuscule gestures generate a large impact at the end of the fulcrum, in the world of action.

Archetypes are containers. Build containers, more containers and inter-related families of containers to process more, to allow more light to pass through.

Is the “you” the collective, or individuals?

Proceed along the incremental path; stay the course.  This is not a time to explore different ideas or to experiment.  You do not understand the extent to which creation and all of these systems and structures are counting on you.  Do this without being a follower, an observer, or conservative in personal practice.

Hold awareness in the core, and again, hold awareness in the core, and again, and breathe and again. And again.  And stay here, and stay here, and stay here, and do not waiver or slip into an unconscious level of consciousness.  Hold, hold, hold, and the downloading continues, at a different frequency, and hold it, with fortitude.  Stand like a glass vessel, and like in childbirth, send the light constructs forth; they will come through you, for forty days and forty nights.  Forty days and forty nights — prepare yourself.  Every day, starting today,  you will receive a different set of structures and codes, each day building on the prior. Receive. Receive the blessings and receive the wisps of this first breath of the new and it will be stabilized.

Is there a practice that can help?

Meditate every morning and evening for forty days.  Creation is always iterative.  What your vessel will birth will seem both old and new, familiar and different. Take the Torah with you.  Remember to take the Torah with you.  Do not forget it as you cross the threshold and as the new comes through you, remember to take the Torah with you, as the letters-words-you, together, transition. One cannot pass without the other.

Hold to the idea that there are no others, that everything you experience is a set of mirrors for you to see your self, and you will bring forth a higher frequency of knowledge. In other words, what comes through you and the quality and level of the next iteration will depend on the tenacity of your consciousness.

There is a light beyond any we have communicated about here– it is a consciousness of the mirrors. They are condensed mirrors, compact and tight. The mirrors are closed, facing one another in union, with no space between them. 

There is a porthole, a tube interconnecting the fourth dimension of the old world with the new. It will take forty days to build the spiritual elevator, up and down, between realities of different frequencies.

The Aleph comes through. Action sends seeds upward. The Torah is raised back up to its source. Ingest. Ingest Light.  The becoming is vibrationally new.

The Kabbalistic structure is not relevant to this role.  The Vilna Gaon pre-plunged this fourth dimension channel.  It has been hidden but in existence, like a nerve line. Do not be good-bad or right-wrong.  Be present, fully present.

Match intention with your awareness and action, and do the work, do the work, do the work, forty days and forty nights, to build the full channel to the new frequency. Eliyahu walked aligned, mind, body, spirit, and brought many phrases into reality. As they passed through him and became magnetized or energized, the phrases could be used, called upon.


The Red Sea holds everything in it, at once. 

You will stand in your place and heal.  Scan and see where to reflect the wholeness back into a system so it can see itself and choose wholeness. You are an architect of light and of its experiential passages. It is slower to create the passage with the Torah, to carry the laced structures, but that is what is required.  Carry the Torah, methodically.

Everything will conspire now to keep you on the path.  Everything will support the commitment you make.

Isn’t the Torah implied in creation? Why carry the Torah forward?

The Torah is the perfect mirror for every aspect of creation, the perfect mirror collection; it will be enlarged and enhanced by being carried from here to there, and this is how the capacity of capacity grows.

Why do we want everything to expand or evolve?  

Find the Torah structure inside you and carry its awareness into the fourth dimension. The beginning will be most thick and challenging. Each day a different twist or angle will be introduced.

This is a human endeavor, and it must be for it to be effective. When centered in your heart, feel the natural desire of the light to evolve and expand. Follow the pleasure of the light.

Forty days and forty nights. Do not complete it early; be a partner in the process, not an independent performer. It will take forty days for this knowledge and the structure to download and do not force it. Be the choosing cursor, point and click where your higher self shows you. The mind, the intellect, will emerge altered from the channel. Make the intellect deferential, small and partial. The fourth dimension holds a nearly equal measure of physical and spirit. It is delicate.

Build a channel of concepts, a channel comprised of concept gates. When one passes through them, one becomes ready for the next gate. The gates build the new characteristics of the soul passing through them. That is the architecture of the spirit.

Image: Wind Dispersed Seeds In Motion Creative Commons

Image: Yud

Image: Red Sea, by author

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