Light and the Potential for More Light: Bridging Six-Seven, Into Eight

Posted on November 28, 2015

Received on January 2, 2015

Re-align with all that is, with the origin wavelengths, and the downbeat, the resting, of creation.

See through material reality and cultural uprisings; see the clear path from here to the end of this iteration.  Hold straight to it, follow the trail, follow the sense of love of spirit. You are just a few steps away, now, but do not push the process.  

Speak from the center, speak out, in simple simple words.  Your teacher is your spine, where past and future are metabolized.

What is the role of a leader in creating a new present and more light?

Spiritual leading is not work in the sense that you have to figure out what to do to lead effectively. Spiritual leadership involves modeling the process, and being one of the first.

Breathe in and allow new frequencies to integrate, breathe out and resolved light disseminates horizontally, to this world.  Process new light concepts from the vertical chain, disseminate horizontally. Feed the plaid.

Hebrew letters bob along in wavelengths of light.  The Chet bridges six and seven and stabilizes and expands the possibility for freedom within creation. Chet set the structure for everything after the first cycle of seven.


The concept of the first woman (Chava) carries this power, and expands out from the original self-sufficient system, the first six-seven, to human partnership and co-created manifestations in next cycles.  All permutations, that make up this world, are based on the six-seven but not limited to this simplicity.

Some water near Tiberias, in the spring, is first water.  Some water in the Ari’s spring is enhanced first water, first water to which was added a mixture of the light of infinity and dimensions of the human-spirit partnership. This water is an advanced concept-vessel, waiting for light to pass through it.

Leading is setting in place the expanded capacity of these systems, for the future to live into.

Entering the Ari’s metaphysical hut through the letter Shin, find the work rooms for spiritual creation and leadership.  There, letters are alive with original intent and full of foundational light-life molecules.

In the letter hut, agree to new light and new connections. From there, transmute the new by breathing with intent and write a book, for humanity to live into.

The book can be called “Exponents of Light”.

What is light?

There is an underlying electro-magnetic inter-nodal system inherent in this universe.

Light is the primary product of the system.

If you don’t see or experience light, follow love.  Love rides on top of light.

First, clear the images and formations of god and the infinite that have become commonplace in your mind, and believe only in light.  After all, there is no power independent of light.

Light has the ability to become anything, anything at all, within the universe’s rules.

What is the role of the human relationship with this light?

Using the structure of your self, use your life to build a path for light to return back to its source.

Light is either constricted or flowing.  Eat a plant based diet to enter the soul garden.

When you lay bare all that is, when you remove all the screens of man’s making, and those that were made in order to make human life physically possible, what exists is light and the potential for more light.

What is light’s potential?  


Light, the infinity aspect of creation, changes as life acts upon it.  Light can become anything, but the specificity of what it will become next is dictated by human consciousness and choice.  Thought and action reverberate through the system and bring feedback to light, which then responds.

This is a simplistic snapshot, showing an interlocking relay system with simple cause and effect.  But though the principles are simple, the steps in the system are not tangible to the human mind.

They can be followed by a conscious soul, intent on tracing life into light, and seeing light laid bare.

Let’s trace the concept of the seventh day, the Sabbath, in light streams, back to its source.  The seventh moment is for consolidation of the material and spirit fusions made in the prior six moments.  Six is the most steps light and vessel can build together, before they have to pause, to integrate and consolidate, to stabilize. Then, they start again, to reach beyond their current forms, to expand — six twists on the spiral, and rest.

If the seventh moment is not used as a time for absorption but instead for building, whatever is built there will collapse, unsupported by light.

Rituals effect the underlying metaphysics if they are perceived and intended as such.  Without this intention, light stalls and rituals are hollow. Lighting candles can be an effective doorway into the consciouness that connects all realms.  The precision of the time one lights candles makes a difference, and it locks the intention into the space-time continuum and inflects an exactness upon it.

Each life is alchemy, a complex of what-if statements kicked up from the electromagentic light network, a what-if question designed to add light to itself with the alchemical combination of circumstances, qualities, time, place, history, etc.  Human lives are a set of constrictions designed to guide to expansion of light.

Faces are screens with the most immediate readings.  Bodies also provide information, readings, status reports of progress, toward or away from light and purpose.  Colors emanate and show the frequency of certain junctions.  There are also Hebrew letters in some people that compose their beings, and those are the spirit leaders, the first guides of the new.

Sink into essence, into the light behind what you know of yourself, sink into your code, and live at the level of the strings of code, following the light as it differentiates and directs itself on its course.  What people say or think is so far away from spiritual source now, it is like an echo chamber of irrelevance and relativism.  

Take your place at your generative light roots and breathe there, breathe, centered, there.  Do not leave there.  From there, expand exponentially.  

Chet Link

Light Refracted on Shallow Water Creative Commons

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