The Ladder and The Path: Building Capacity For New Light

Posted on November 8, 2015

Received on October 5, 2014

Resolved light is glory, full glory.  It does not strive or yearn; it is not hungry. 

Where Israel now sits, the thick hiding crust is starting to crack. 

Received November 8, 2014

Do not use your mind to push your soul to lead. Rather, allow your soul to lead you.  As in a parade, the soul is first, your mind follows.  The mind translates spiritual impulses into human life.

Downfalling light enters your structure. You are sturdy.  The system generates what it needs next. A new path is paved just before you walk on it. It paves, you walk. It paves, you walk.

What is Judaism (again)?

Judaism, in its origin, is a simple machine, a system of levers between light and material, between the everyday and the holy.  It is a stepped up multi-laddered dimensional system, built on four ladders, or from four directions, at once. A main soul is composed of earth elements from all four ladders.

Where does human will come from?

Your will becomes active at the third or second state from the bottom.

Desire for more light flows in at the top funnel point of your system.  Your will is now keeping you grounded to the earth and holding your feet to each stage, in their place.  The stratification of this structure should be clear.

Stay within the universe’s rules and its structure, locked in as you are now, and you will ascend to glory and back to will.  Up and down, the garden of light is yours to enjoy when you build the way, up and down, with exactness.

Hold this intention: Use voice in line with the intention of creation.  Maintain awareness in line with creation.

In the beginning, two elements faced each other and in an instant, they counter-flashed desire to be more, to be both two and one.  Perception flickers between duality and singularity. Everything can appear as one, or as more than one.

Received December 10, 2014

Holiness is built from Hebrew letters. Man-made structures at a holy place should be fabricated in vibrational harmony with the energy of the Hebrew letters, for continued resonance. It not, buildings, walls, and temples conceal holiness instead of broadcasting it.

Received December 20, 2014

light_on-trunksStand in your places, firm footed.  Stand like a column, calm, in place, with dedication and commitment. Hold clarity of place and position and the new will funnel in.

Be a receiving vessel. A renewed and rotated “aleph” spins at a different frequency.  Receive it, transmute its energy.

Received December 25, 2014

The holiness you sense is unknown and ahead.  Step.  Spiritually step into the realm of light in the dimensions beyond you, step into what you sense is ahead.  Follow, follow where we show you.

Human lives are the display cases for the diamond soul.  You are holding and carrying the four letters. You are a vitrine of the holiness of the combination concepts that are infinite.  As you walk with awareness and live with it, you expand the concepts of each letter in its combinations.  The holy of holies is here, in this non-place place.

Stand here and stay whole in this cauldron of transformation. Do not think of anything, not what you know, and not current events.  Agree to receive new light from next dimensions.

light on stepsDelve within and follow the abstract light trail.  And if there is no path forward, do not panic; stay where you are and wait as energies consolidate and form the path.  Trust this way and this path of light.  This is the ultimate walk of faith, to not know where the next step is or what the character of the light there will be.  Each new ring of light emanates from the others that are already coherent.

What sustains ideas that are not true?

The human challenge is stay in the system.

The words coming out are:  What is true will expand and what is not will fall away,  

The holiness that was the sabbath is now in the everyday.

The birth of Jesus is actually a first hint of this time and this evolutionary step.  A pin hole opening, a glimpse, was made available then, in a holy place.  And into that opening, a soul chose to be born, to bring first awarenss of the new.  This era now is the start of the fulfillment of that choice.

Do action with intent and meditation accomplish the same thing?

In former eras, reciting kiddush on the sabbath accomplished more than months of meditating in the mountains, because kiddush is connected to a series of universal spiritual levers.

If you want to be integrated into the full dimensional layer set of all you can access, light a candle to mark holy time and step forward with three steps into holy space and choose what you eat, and know the distinctions and rhythms between the everyday and the holy.

Chanukah and its additional candle each day is the metaphor for this time and models the additive system light creates in partnership with you.

Photo: Wait For The Path  Creative Commons

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