Wisps, Arrows, and Cross-Bridge Fertilization

Posted on January 11, 2014

Received on November 10, 2012

Speak from the center of the place, the place where golden knowledge systems spiral. Speak out so that the message is clear. Arrow it into the souls it reaches.

Can you describe the state of being before human life begins?

Where you came from is your expanded home. While there, you broadcast timeless knowledge, and love. You emanate the complex texture of full truth. Human life launches from there. As you write this, you are in that home.

When you are called by your real name, the vibration of the name-word can activate your full core. When you live in the frame of a false name, the living is not in direct line to your core; you are feeding your soul at an obtuse angle. The human name ideally matches the resonance of the spirit core inside.

Where do humans come from?  

You come from nowhere and everywhere, from places beyond the capacity of your mind.  You come from the unified essence place underlying the differentiated specificity of all places.


Why have I chosen life now?

In every lifetime on earth, your footprint further establishes awareness of god and spirit. You come when it is time to change course, to boost spiritual accessibility. You will reveal new truths. You will live without detection until the time is right.  At some point, you will have to speak out and be heard.  

How can I be certain this is true?

If part of a concept was not true, it could not exist in the place you are exploring now–impossible. Accept this:  you are bridging between realities.  Appreciate how challenging it is for abstract being sourced concepts without physical counterparts to generate the images you are seeing. They are in a pre-world, pre-creation state and the most these concepts can consolidate into now are translucent, barely perceivable wisps.  They endeavor to make themselves known to your consciousness, and eventually, the concepts will transformationally step down to more concrete levels.  The timing is right for their further enclothment.

Vessels are being replaced, upgraded, so they can contain more light and energy.  Your old vessel just cracked and will be falling away.  Trust the process and keep your mind out of the way.  You are not rigid and you have not built a belief system through your mind.  You are agile and flexible, open and sensitive to undercurrents–which is exactly the state to be in to usher in the new and to channel it.

When the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, the holiness entered some vessels which would surely contain it, and your soul is one of those vessels.  The holy of holies is inside you, amongst others. The temple was built to demonstrate or model how to accurately juxtapose material and spirit, and to define levels of holiness.  That modeling could not last forever; the long term needs are for the alchemy which occurred in the temple to take place without a physical building.  The temple is being rebuilt inside humans.

A shofar is blowing in spirit waves, but only those who can hear at that frequency will pick up on it. Eventually, the blowing will shift frequency to become more familiar and audible in sound waves rather than in spirit waves, and everyone will hear it.

As the shofar blows walls “tumble down”.  All kinds of walls.  The shofar sound is in the background and does not stop.  Hear it. It summons the Hebrew letter shin. On the shin, there are three prongs. The base of the shin is rooted in creation; the three prongs are sensitive and vulnerable, reaching up and feeding knowledge to the base. The tops of the prongs are shifting antennae and each channels a different set of frequencies.

Received November 17, 2012

Breathe in, and notice that spiritually, the internal organs feel different. They feel lighter and smoother. The air around you has new and different spiritual frequencies, new ingredients in it, so that the breathing nourishes the new organs with new combinations of energy.

What are the underlying principles of the change?

The tabs on your inner puzzle pieces have undergone a metamorphosis; the parts have shuffled and fit together in a different way.  The mind has not changed and will be the last to change–it is still programmed to direct the former order. Going forward, our focus is not the mind.  The new model will not advance learning to choose spirit over mind.  That is not the goal of the oncoming new iteration.

The new course is to learn to choose higher spirit over lower spirit.  

This is what you have decided you want to learn next, and the structure laid down from previous iterations can support it.  Some main souls were in favor of a different course, of learning to bring spirit to the very lowest and least vibrational elements, to bring up the rear, so to speak.  But the majority saw that as too risky — what was so far learned could be lost — and even if it succeeded, it would not construct roots for new vessels for the next-after-this iteration.  All agreed the foundation is sturdy, and elements with lower frequencies will be consolidated into larger superstructures and be upgraded through symbiosis and adjacency.


There is no gap between old and new spirit systems.  The new begins on the tail tip of the old.  At this moment, the most forward tips of the end of the old are communicating with and co-processing the first cells of the new. When a soul starts to complete its round, and there are fewer old images or patterns to integrate with spirit, an upgraded spirit layer becomes available.  This cross-bridge fertilization will continue for some time.

Physical human bodies can survive in this new, more spiritually based environment.  Eating a vegan diet is a prerequisite for continuation, because the new system is unable to process the density of the old world and its physical elements.  The only way to survive physically in the new environment is to consume a plant-based diet.

In this new time, you will also be closer to those who have died, or passed on to different dimensions but who are connected to you.  You are surrounded by a group of souls, advisors, colleagues, friends, and they love to be near you.  This is what was always meant by “techiyat hamatim”, the rising of the dead.  The souls and some shells of those who have lived and died will be accessible and energized, and in some cases, will again speak, in the language of the soul.  They can still communicate.

Why do they communicate so fast, faster than the speed of sound?  

Disembodied souls exist at a different frequency; they are communicating in harmony with the frequency of their beings. The way to hear them is to see images, the words are not words you would understand anyway, and it takes a great deal of effort to bring the concepts down to your words.  See images, and put the words to them; you will know if the words fit correctly or not, that is the nature of channeling.

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