Unwrapping the Past in the Present; Living a Present Inherent in the Future

Posted on January 25, 2014

Received on November 30, 2012

Angels see human endeavor when it vibrates at the angelic bandwidth. Through the angels eyes, so to speak, you can see when the arc of your living has spiritual resonance.

Can you describe the role and responsibility of leaders and followers?

Reverse your tendency to expect leadership from others. You created this moment to expand yourself, in your own directions. Each main soul establishes its own trajectory. Moses lived along the line of his soul, and modeled spiritual self-realization, which is neither leading nor following others.


How does what Moses-or we- accomplish endure through generations?

Moses had become too whole to enter into the land of Israel.  He was spiritually complete and would have short-circuited the process of people learning about light, on their own, with the power of the land as their teacher. If he had led the people into Israel, this present era would have been activated. But the people were not as evolved as he, and they would not have survived the transformation. He left so the process could continue progressively inside each individual.

The accomplishments of Moses still hover over Israel.  When he died, he was composed of golden and intertwined Hebrew letters–he had elevated himself and brought spirit to every cell in his being.  He was the ideal human, manifest, and emanating.  His essence communicates:  I am light.  Every sustaining and remaining soul will eventually become part of this same light.  Moses’ presence is like a kite, held in constant suspension by souls that connect to various accomplishments of his being.

Received December 2, 2012

Do we have a choice between old and new?

Choices change the course of the unfolding at every moment.  The universe is a huge switching machine, which trends in an overall direction. There are some inherited tools every generation can use, but they are very basic, like the dates of the Jewish holidays.  In the spirit river, newness mixes with repetition of the old.  You repeat the cycle of Jewish holidays for example, because those points are still moments of possibility and transformation on the spiral cycle. Through independence and ingenuity, you can combine the essence of an era with the matching parts of your inner self.

Received December 5, 2012

We, who are communicating with you, introduce new undercurrents of spiritual potential through the structure of Hebrew letters. New light floats up out of the central energy volcano in Jerusalem.  It is a wisp, gentle and fine, something that could never have been sustained here before.  It is a delicate, dimensional lace. With the new energy, regeneration and repair backwards in time, through all generations, is possible.

What are the mechanics of how the Hebrew letters work? 

Yud presents the vertical in potential, merging into Hey is an open manifesting spiral, bridging to Vav which is a spine to the ground, where Hey roots the spiral and intimates the next Yud.


Those people with a true spirit connection are open channels, each according to his or her size and shape. Letters flow in through the top of the head, the body, and out.  This is the download. Do not disturb this process.  The top of the head of many supposed leaders is closed, and they are not bringing forth the new.  Light cannot exist without a vessel, and vice versa; the only way the new energy range and codes of light can become manifest here is through this physical channel of humans.

The Ari saw this time from his time.  It always seems close because light is timeless and infinite,  and the route is intuitive.

There is no date and time set for grand steps in spiritual evolution; the idea that on a particular date everything will change is not natural. Transformation is gradual but also non-stop; at a certain point you may realize that everything has changed.  What will become apparent exudes beauty, glory and astounding inter-complexity.

Are some people born before their time?

People are born to match their time.  At the root of the psalms are hidden codes that perfectly activate the levers of the new era, when the timing is correct.  These levers have always been there, latent, so to speak, but the synchronicity of the levers and the times will activate a different consciousness.  David, the psalmist and king of Israel, knew this time was coming–he actually lived in his time and this time both, he saw them both, and they seemed simultaneous to him.  So he planted seeds for this one in that one, and some of his meditations were sent forward to this time, packed and sealed, only to be opened now, at their destination.

Bringing life forward is just that – it is unwrapping the past in the present and living a present that is also inherent in the future.

What is the Messiah?

The collapsing of time is characteristic of Messianic time.  “Messiah” as you have imagined it, is already here, here and all around you. Those who see it flip into an altered sense of time and being, where thousands of years are a single short movie and nothing is more enticing or magnetic than the infinite present. Hebrew letters form a nest for Messianic consciousness.  The Jews kept the letters and the words intact and in circulation, even though they did not always understand what they were carrying. Their job was to carry the letters and the inherent concepts, to this era, with joy.

Image Open Gate Creative Commons
Water Flow Detail Creative Commons

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