Traveling the Bridge, Back and Forth, Between Material and Spirit

Posted on January 4, 2014

Received on October 28, 2012

The first wisp of an enormous new spiral, a spiral made up of vast dimensioned inter-codes is now touching earth. This marks the very beginning of the process of awakening–just the beginning. We will start to see exactly which humans will live and bridge onward.  Find the calm within to breathe into, and breathe from the eternity in your spirit, or you will be swept aside by the chaos outside.  The only calm place will be within.

Can you describe this process, the nature of this change?

light_cracked_egg_shellThe collective subconscious is the drinking pool of human consciousness. With the influx of the new spiral, the collective subconscious will be transformed. The collective subconscious is held in relationship to the world by an underlying order, a container that sustains and stabilizes it.

In an era of change, the environment is more dynamic. The result is that some of the exterior containers or shells — that is, inherent concepts that structure the collective subconscious — have become mismatched to the new order, and obsolete.  We will discard some of the fixed ideas that formerly ordered it as they now unnaturally constrain its ability to expand to deeper spirit levels.

These are the needs, this has always been the process:  shell membranes take form when light is refracted into material.  Light expands, and eventually the light cracks through and demands a different shell.  Like a bird pecking through its own shell to be born, the collective subconscious is breaking through to new territory to be circumscribed by a new shell.  Linked to all of this is the never-ending collective desire to be human in the highest sense, to exhibit the greatest potential of the human intention, to exponentially expand consciousness, and become who we committed to be at the dawn of creation.

Fear is a potent alarm.  Events that evoke fear create an opportunity for shedding and renewal. Do not be afraid of the dying or of the fear itself.  It is your best tool, as humans, to inspire expansion at a deeper level.

Trust your inner self, and let it lead you.

The most important thing to do is to breathe with the intention of integrating new light and new life into the cells, organs, body. Freedom will expand from within the center of these cells.  Directly intention the cells, synch the system with the times, so to speak, and enjoy the infinity that unfolds!

Use the Hebrew letters, dwell on them and in them–direct them to your inner places — they carry life forward.  Remember to include the doubles, like Mem and Mem sofit.  Mem will ground you from the storm.

Received November 2, 2012


Creation is forever young.  The new is always intermixed with the old.  Each creation begins with trees. Metaphorically, now, in this changing time, new trees have been planted.  But the trees are just a metaphor for the arrival of new underlying trunk and branch concepts.  The composition of any new structure in the world is in an extension of these inception-trees.

Why trees?  

At the spirit level, trees nourish their foundational code-concepts. A tree passively takes in and passively breathes out — the flow is uninterrupted.  The well-known Garden of Eden was as clear a description as we could transmit about how trees and their inner concepts are established, and how those tree-codes extend out in spirals to create the foundational sub-order of your world.

To be clear: these trees do not actually exist physically, but they are visible to those who see multi-dimensionaly.  The tree-codes function like real trees, with inflow and outflow, but their intake and output are concepts, transformed concepts.  In and out. These trees are see through, they are invisible.

What is different as a result of the hurricane in the eastern United States of Fall 2012?

More angelic energy is now able to descend to this physical plane as a result of the hurricane. The hurricane cleared away a great deal of mass that was blocking spiritual intentions. We need a clearing, we need to be able to breathe!  Now there is room to expand.

But other clearings are coming.  We can see earth from afar and see the areas where dense, ossified patterns need to be broken.  This clearing process has nothing to do with timing of events on earth and everything to do with the immediate and timely needs of the spiritual realm.  Everything happening in real time on earth now is irrelevant to the process unfolding on a spiritual plane.  Everything that happens is accurate, for the spirit. The spirit is driving now.

The familiar human world will be exploding open.

Shabbat as a long term state of being is starting to unfold.  Everything is so accurate–bless the hurricane.  Shabbat intends a non-creative state, where joy abounds and rest is secure.  Healing and wholeness are in keeping with the tenor of the Shabbat time.

Received November 4, 2012

What is metal illness, from the perspective of spirit?

Mental illness is the shattering of the mind.  Mental illness is even more broken than the original splitting of spirit from mind.  Those who are mentally ill are backward one iteration from this now- world, and will be then two iterations away from the new world.

Received November 9, 2012

There is a fine line now between being in forward gear and being in reverse. Yesterday you were in reverse.  The stakes are high, the requirement for awareness at a very high level of commitment is constant and paramount.  You are on a high wire, pay constant attention to your balance and location.

You have sought verification that what we say through you aligns with the frame of ancient Jewish prophetic transmissions.  Now you should have no more doubt about the veracity and value of this downloading and writing process.  From our perspective, it is amusing that you doubted this connection, considering who you have been in past iterations —  you have been one of the widest and most accurate channels in receiving and communicating concepts from beyond the obvious.

Why are human channels necessary?

Good question: the reason channels are necessary is that something solely physical and on its own is a closed system, and it cannot exist.  Nothing can exist cut off entirely from its generating sparks of light–its life force.  There is nothing in this universe, or anywhere, that is only physical.  Period.  This is Universe Law One.  Once there is this combination of material and its generating spark, one has a choice to explore the material, the spark, or both.  You have always been more drawn to the spark rather than to the physical.  And the more you explore the realm of the spark, the more comfortable you are in it, the more your connection to it, its language and its rhythm, grows.  In each lifetime, what you accomplish physically decomposes, but what you accomplish spiritually retains its shape, and you use the range from past lives in subsequent ones.

Universe Law Two:  the soul is elastic, it changes during a lifetime, and those changes remain part of it and are carried into the soul’s next lifetime. During a life time, one can contract (regress) or expand (grow) in ability to integrate the divine into the everyday.

What is the relationship between Judaism and these Universe rules?


Judaism is very clever.  It is a system rigged up to make it easier to pop back and forth between the everyday and the sacred.  Judaism is a bridge.  I have said that before, but in a different context.  What I am saying now is that Judaism is a systematic bridge between the two parts of creation, the physical and the spiritual. Judaism is designed so humans can live on that bridge, and at certain times be closer to one side or the other, but never solely on one side.  Integration of material to spirit, spirit to material, back and forth, knitting them together — that is the foundational concept of Judaism.

It is unfortunate that the generating principles have become corroded.  But you should know that in most cases, the metaphysics of the engine still work.  Even though outwardly, there are a lot of closed loop practices that would seem to misdirect you, observing Shabbat has held the world together, and the original priorities, though unconscious, are still in place.

You are an architect of the interweaving of spirit and material, material and spirit. Back and forth, forth and back.  And the system that has been built as a result is stable and holy and ready for another system to be integrated into it. The new system has always been implied in the current one–it is part of it, but hidden, like a concentrated syrup or DNA.

This is what Psalm 90 is about, about balance between two systems.  Here is the last line of Psalm 90:

17 And let the graciousness of the Lord our God be upon us; establish Thou also upon us the work of our hands; yea, the work of our hands establish Thou it.

You are now spinning very quickly to shed some old images, some old blocks, so you can be all new. Many others are near you often now, the others, from other realms and other times.  You are not alone when you are open and tuned in.

Explain how you heal someone else — how there are no others, yet you heal them.

From the perspective of where we sit, and where I sit and see, all is one.  There is only one.  Everything is integrated and I do not see parts. I see areas or regions with different vibrations, all part of a whole. From your perspective you see the parts. You are looking around at pieces, and don’t see the links, the net or channels that connect them.

Since everything is connected, when you heal “others” you actually heal the One, the larger environment of which an individual is a part.  You are not healing someone, you are healing a disturbance in the field. That is the secret of healing. You heal yourself when you heal what appears to be others.

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