A Learning Spirit

Posted on August 2, 2013

Received February 15, 2012

Learning  is the way humans  transform and expand.  Intellectual learning opens the mind. Psychological learning transforms  behavior or emotion.  Spiritual learning  is also a process of constant becoming.  Increasing spiritual awareness incrementally changes who you are.  As you learn to be aware of your spirit, your spirit expands.  And your spirit wants to expand, and expand, forever.


The knowledge  we are trying to share with you is organized–it is organized into knowledge bytes, into small clumps which match your structure, capacity, and receptivity.  If we packed and delivered the knowledge differently, you would not be able to take it in.

Relationships are models constructed so you can learn about yourself.  That is all.  They are experiments in a laboratory whose goal is to give opportunities to expand yourself.  Relationships provide the structure and friction against which you can choose and expand.  Relationships are machines for learning about spirit.

There are male and female aspects to everyone.  The male and female sides are ideally two intertwined but never touching spirals, like a double helix. They comprise the core, the vessel through which information-light passes and is transformed.  Spiritual learning transforms friction into light, and the resulting light then flows through this core.  Of course, each organ has a similar structure.  So does each cell.  And all cells and cores are connected, in all people, like a giant net.  It is an astonishingly complex structure.   With each choice, each moment, you either expand or contract your Being-Fabric.

Water is the closest substance you have to understanding god’s being.  Flowing, clear water.

Allow the light, with its properties like water, to flow through you, through the vessel that is you.

Expansion Creative Commons

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