The Sabbath – The Weekly Inversion

Posted on August 10, 2013

Received on February 16, 2012

What actually happens spiritually on the Sabbath?

The Sabbath is a period when the  role of “action” and “being” trade places.

Six days a week, physical actions reverberate through to the soul and the soul changes as a result.  Action is required–and action integrated with spirit is the point of living on these days.


But on the Sabbath, the inverse is true.  Being is required–being in harmony with the spirit is the goal, and action is secondary.  Weekday levers that transform the soul through action disappear.  When one chooses to work on the Sabbath, one can seem to be working, but the soul remains untouched from these efforts.  Nothing connected to purpose can be accomplished through work on the Sabbath.

To be clear:  actions which are contrary to the Sabbath order do not affect the soul as they would on other days.

In its highest form of expression, on the Sabbath, everything one does is chosen by the spirit–the spirit is dominant.  More abstractly, on the Sabbath, in a fine grained nearly invisible way, the soul, in choosing, can act.

Will there be a central temple again, with a separately demarcated holy space?

Thousands of years ago, the Temple required these same weekly Sabbath shifts between dominant action and dominant spirit, back and forth, between everyday and holy.   When it was destroyed — when we destroyed it — the potential for integrating those two modes fell down many levels.  Many, many levels.  If the temple were extant today, much of the baseness of modern human culture would not even be possible.  It would not have room to exist, to have even a ray of life.  Those would not be circumstances in which this kind of life you have now could exist.  It would be like asking for a world with no oxygen when you are oxygen dependent.

People who want to rebuild a temple and pray for the coming of the temple do not realize what they are asking for.  They would not survive.  Looking backward is futile, since the needs change drastically–the solution for making spirit a priority 2000 years ago cannot possibly be the same solution needed now. The new temple–and there will be one–will be built–inside of you, and you, and you and you.  Each of you will carry a temple inside–a sacred space, physical and holy, and it is your job, and only your job, to keep it pure and coherent.

That is what the Angel Michael accomplishes by healing.  His directive is laying the foundation for the individual  temple inside each person.  Eventually, we will know how to continue to build and maintain this inner structure ourselves.

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