Healing Your Being-Fabric

Posted on July 32, 2013

Received on February 13, 2102

Does every human have a soul, even as population grows exponentially?

In the very beginning, all souls were whole. One main soul, one human lifetime.  Population was limited. Then, souls began to divide and population increased.
Souls diversified their experiences to expand their range and timbre. Dividing into segments enabled the original  soul, which still sustained awareness of it wholeness, to  experience more aspects  of the material world simultaneously.

As human population expanded, soul fragmentation increased.   Whole, main souls divided and re-divided, over generations, into multitudes of fragments.  Each life’s fire and purpose was telegraphed through a spirit fragment.  The fragments became smaller and smaller, the purposes of a life more and more focused. The more people, the more soul fragments there were.

In our new spirit era, main souls  will seek cohesion and wholeness;  they have already begun this in-gathering.

When death occurs now, the tendency is for a main soul to absorb the exact fragments from its origin, to draw back all its pieces, to bring home all that has always belonged to it.  Main souls now seek wholeness.

As material reality falls away, your gaze will shift, and you’ll see that the unique vibrational mix of your own main soul is all around you.

Received February 14, 2012

What is a soul composed of?  Is it something or nothing?

The fabric of your being is composed of many different frequencies of light — layers of light —  skins of light, skins of being. These layers comprise a complex, woven Being-Fabric, and it clothes the soul.


The Being-Fabric, in its natural, ideal state, in all the cells or nodes of all its layers, vibrates in harmony with itself, and is transparent.When the Being-Fabric  is  transparent,  the feedback loop between the soul and the world is perfect, and both soul and world are in an ever present state of becoming.

In this transparent perfect state, one would have transcended all personal stories of what has been and what should be, and all wounds from the past.

The soul–at the core of the Fabric-Being– transmits its abstract intentions outward.   These intentions pass through the fabric layers,  interact with the world, and return, transformed, to the core.

What is the result when the “Fabric-Being” is opaque instead of transparent?

Illness is a block or a black hole in the fabric of your spirit.  Blocks inhabit the physical layers and prevent the soul’s abstract intentions from telegraphing outward.  Illness shows us where our Fabric-Being needs repair.

The purpose of illness is to learn to use awareness of the spirit to turn the block into light, to repair the fabric. There are blocks on many layers by the time one can see a tumor, for example– a tumor is an interlocking structure of blocks, from abstract to physical in a stepped down pattern, clumped together.  At the tumor location, the fabric is not  flexible or able to conduct light or be a vessel.

Healing works like this:  

A metaphysical mirror is placed opposite the blocked point.


In the mirror, you see the block and sense the potential light behind it. When the block or disease within you encounters the mirror, it has the chance to flip from a black hole to a vessel for light.  With self-awareness, you choose the potential and release the block, over and over, layer by layer, until it is gone.

Encountering the Self can be frightening.  Most often, people see their reflection and turn away from it. They close down, and deny themselves the opportunity to flip the inside to out and to become more whole.

Life in this current world is based on interdependence between the outside and the inside, between the image and the mirror, between the structured light within and the infinite light beyond.

Healing is simply placing a perfect mirror across from you so that you can see your self and become it.

Sphere Image Creative Commons
Fabric Creative Commons
Black Holes As Light-NASA Creative Commons

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