The Frontier of Spiritual Awareness

Posted on December 28, 2014

Received on December 30, 2013

We will show you a secret place. We will show it to you allegorically. It is Within-Under what you already know;  Within-Under, there is a metaphysical cave. The cave holds essence water, first water, the DNA water from which life emerges.

Light Rays On Water

From this water also flows First-Love, original love, love which was telegraphed through the structural screen of souls and into the world. This constituting concept of love is not love of things or love for people, or even love of a god.  Original love is seeing through everything, and sensing the connection between all things.

Received January 11, 2014

Open the next spirit door, the one at the frontier of your awareness, and come in. Come in; this is the Soul-Place. To your soul it is familiar, it is home, yet your body is a stranger here. There is whole light in this place, pure and undifferentiated light, without detail, without differentiation.

Heal yourself,  so that body and soul can enter the soul’s home and remain intact, as one system. Heal yourself, resolve imprints of the past, and your body will be renewed.  Once healed, your body will vibrate at a higher, faster frequency, and it will be able to amplify spirit concepts.

Does light actively make choices? 

Light only moves in one direction, toward more light. Light is like water. It flows onward. Light does not have the ability to make choices. It is pre-programmed to forever seek more of itself.

Light is at home in this place called FortyWaters, where all of our voices and all earth’s dimensions can be heard. FortyWaters is outside of human time and beyond of earth time and directly connected to the underlying foundational cave water at the core of existence.

Can you characterize this era on earth?

ice floe

Life on earth is limited to just a few dimensions, and those dimensions have become clogged.  Material that cannot be upgraded to the next spiritual level is starting to coagulate. These clumps of material, like ice floes, can be eventually cut off from their spiritual source. They can collide with and damage one another.

Can the core become disconnected from its periphery?

There are Hebrew letters in the core that have never left it, and they provide constant stabilization.  You can experience this stabilization individually as well. Suppress your mind, and abdicate choice to your core.  Your core can direct you in what to eat, where to walk, and it can make decisions.  It is in some ways a step and in others a leap to switch from being mind directed to core directed.

You will lose friends and gain friends along the way. You will gather to you souls that have a shared mission and are part of your mission-family.

Eating will become so simple–a transfer of energy that is clear and borderless. When you eat what contains the light you need, there is very little waste. Your digestive system will have less to do; it will relax and work at a more natural pace.

The future is a set of intersections, and then another set, and another, and so on, none of which are predetermined. The trajectories that will collide are all being shaped and directed moment to moment, by choice.

Live into the plaid inner space. Your soul sees a terrain of larger nodes and simpler crossings. There are no isms here. And when you inhabit this inner space, you realize there are no others here either.  Inner space is unendingly universal, and specific only because of your temporary personal stance and perspective.

If inner space is neutral, what is the point of sharing this knowledge and encouraging human participation?

The constituting model for spiritual growth — of planting seeds, nurturing, and waiting for sprouts and growth that in itself generates new seeds — has been supplanted with a new model.  The new principle is based on flow, and on the properties of flowing.  Block and Flow. Closed and Open. Uninhibited and Constricted. The new process involves navigating openings.  Flow maintains its own rhythm and courses through creation, beyond and through it. Conscious spiritual work involves clearing the way so flow is not restricted.

Received January 12, 2014

The collective subconscious is noisy and resistant to change. In every iteration, some material is left behind to populate the background of the new world.

How can I learn about the new structures?

Call the name of the soul you want to learn from, call the name as you know it.

I call the soul that was The Ari:

The Ari says that any involvement with the level of emanation is dangerous.  Do not visit there, as you will disturb what passes by or through, and alter the order below. The only way to visit the emanation level of abstraction is to know how to make yourself spiritually invisible and entirely neutral. Actually, more than invisible — non-existent.  You have to fully meld into the light at the level of emanation, and there you would be experiencing your future, in light.  Do not disturb it, and wait for that same light to come down to you, in time, as a physical being, and then incorporate it into yourself.

The level of emanation is pure, and while human dimensions are always connected to it, this is through a series of screens — consciousness cannot survive there.

The Ari says to switch two letters. Hey and Yud, in the Name.  Yud Hey instills the old order.  Hey Yud will model the new.  Also, Aleph Yud matches this transitional time now. Aleph Yud brings down the bridge to the new. The Ari says to remember to hold awareness horizontally, in all directions, not just vertically. Embrace the horizontal present and the fullness of physical reality.

There is another voice stream:

The Collective Soul of David says that golden spirals of jeweled love are everywhere, and a golden time is here. David says to speak the deeper language of love, which inspires more love.  When you do, you express love of spirit, love towards souls.  The golden tone of the soul and its curving spines looks like jewelry piled high. That goldenness is inside the people who will build with it.

There is another voice stream:

Michael Angel is showing you where to heal your own being. White is the color of Michael Angel.

Light Ray On Water in Cave Creative Commons

Ice Floes Creative Commons