Humans: A Factory for Spiritual Transformation

Posted on November 16, 2013

Received on May 7, 2012

Can an individual know what his or her purpose is?

There is almost never one grand purpose with an over-arching narrative you can understand.  You are a multiplicity of purposes, a collection of purposes. Your purposes are an embroidery of coded fragments.  Sometimes the fragments can be intellectually patched into a narrative, to give a sense of order, to motivate or to marshall initiative.   In reality though, actual purpose is scattered amongst tiny fragment energies.  In other words, a cohesive story is a decorative overlay.

For example, you can say your purpose is to teach or to heal, but in reality, it is to bring a green gimmel to this non-oscillating moment on your left side, to trace this purple line of Hebrew lettered energy through your spine, and to encounter the soul fragment of someone you meet, since that fragment is a mirror for you at one point on your x-y-z axis. Remember: everything you encounter has been summoned by you to transform you spiritually.

The whole world is an evolving machine in which spiritual transformation is the product being manufactured.

Received May 12, 2012

Does “spiritual” have a location?


Spiritual is the space between the male and the female ethereal energies, the space between the content and the vessel.  Energy oscillates between the two, back and forth, processing, and that in-between dimension where the energy oscillates is where the spirit lives and develops.

This oscillation is the sustaining energy of human life on earth.  On a physical level, it makes procreation possible.

Sex can bring the full male and female energy cores into perfect though temporary relationship, where in a rare moment, physical and spiritual dimensions are aligned with each other.  In creation, nothing is static.  Energy travels and expands, back and forth in a laddering spiral pattern, like a double helix.  The double helix is the shape of the machinery for production of spirit.

Received May 14, 2012

Are all choices available to us, or is the range of choice limited in some way?

There is an underlying and circumscribed range of human choice, and it is itself in the midst of a great change.  You are now completing an iteration of the world based on choice between mind and soul (metaphorically represented in the tree of knowledge vs. the tree of life).  Choice is becoming alive again.

Received May 22, 2012

Can one be a healer without seeing clients individually?

One part of your work now is to sustain the Hebrew letter shin, to elevate it, to shine some of its dimensions outward, for people to orient themselves in relation to it, and to become who they are near it. That is just exactly what healing is–it is clearing the way for someone to be who they are.  


Healing does not have to be a one on one exchange.  Follow your purpose, and the light created is perceived and used by others, and they are healed, and the light this creates is perceived and used by others, and so on.  You do it for yourself, and you end up affecting everyone.

DNA Image Creative Commons

Factory Conveyor Image Creative Commons

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