Restoring the Original Power of Complete Fragrance

Posted on February 6, 2016

Received on October 17, 2015  

When we say light, we mean:  the arrayed and pulsing stream of structural codes that under-ride physical reality and determine its many aspects.

New structural codes change the composition, frequency and range of revealed light.  Just as cells, together, compose a human body, “light” cells compose the parameters of what is spiritually revealed. Change at the code level leads to evolution of complex light cells.

The mission now is to become the new, to literally, and with awareness imbibe, subsume, embrace, love and accept these new configurations of light, and then, become-live-be them.  Take them in; allow them to flow through you, and feed your soul the new.

See that your fear is fear from your mind, at the choosing points. The soul loves to expand and loves to learn. The concepts coming forth now are complex, a learning opportunity.  Stay flexible and committed; what is rigid and does not mirror the new will shatter.  The Kabbalistic model of down-falling light into the world will not shatter, but it will be modified. Concepts or themed stopping points on the tree are clear and logical, but do not identify the in-between.

Now, gradual states will also stabilize reality. Spiritual transformation is a process of integration between and amongst themes.


You have left the Judaism you know. You are not able to go back; if you were to choose to go back you would die. You would surely die. Your soul would have no reason to continue in your body.

Wisdom and prophecy will now be rooted in the new and point forward, yet on some levels, still reach back to light those still on the bridge or first encountering it. Human spiritual evolution extends on a long trail. The history of all its transformations are alive, and at play, somewhere. There are still people standing at the conceptual bridge prior to this most recent one. There are parts of our souls still healing from the broken-ness of slavery and isolation in Egypt.

Cross the abstract bridge to the new reality, to a new ordering. The mind will be plowed under, inverted, incorporated into the within.  The soul will now lead.  Words will come from the soul and the mind will be a minor element, a simple translation program.

The rain of the new will fall for some time, to seed and nourish itself. What enters the human atmosphere is clear and pure and will remain so.  Your souls and their choosings have established a solid foundation.

Trust in the process, especially when encountering the simultaneous cycle of human depravity.

The power of the new landing now in Jerusalem and in other spiritual centers is concentrated. The new will eventually expel the old, the crust cracks; face-offs that look ancient are precipitated by introduction of the new.

The underlying theme of the new, whatever its structural details, is joy, the joy of being, the joy of breathing when the full material and spiritual systems are aligned and flowing back and forth, one to the other.  The funnel of new life is around you; to receive its bounty, simply choose to accept it.

All of this is quite general, what specifically has changed?  

Each letter has a different role. The aleph is old-old-old and is still the same, but capacity is slowly expanding around it.

The Hay is undergoing radical change now; it is ten times larger and more spacious than it was in the past creation and it is an expanded receiving plane for new light.  It is a multidimensional screen that continues to grow, disciplined by the Vav, which structures the expansion.  The Yud is already light years away in evolution, it is the forward scout, establishing the path through infinity, a first introduction.

Fragrance will be pure and complete again. Complete fragrance is what made the temple rituals possible, the ability of the smell to activate all physical dimensions. A few thousand years ago, the full capacity was locked out. But fragrance will again have that power.  Fragrance attracts the new and gives it a gradual birthing corridor to the material and can be used that way in select instances and places. Fragrance will not be effective in all places and can in fact turn into a barrier and block the new, so great care has to be taken to align the potential vibration of a place, time, and fragrance.

Balance into stillness.  The rest of the Hebrew letters are shy about their roles, and they prefer to be hidden now, to be covered, except the Shin.  The Shin is the most visibly active letter, and it stabilizes the present even as it reaches to pull down the future. In concept, the Shin is a burning cube that is never diminished.

This then is the beginning of the dissolution of religions as they are now practiced, as you know them. When the underlying light aspect of the worlds changes, religions no longer match the spiritual hotpoints or levers of reality.  For example, the role of the moon is changing, so known prayers for the new moon do not synchronize with its emerging position and voice.  The old prayers fall away, they do nothing, like piano keys pushed, without strings — soundless and ineffective.

Do not look to spiritual forefathers for guidance. While the themes of their souls are an ongoing part of the human collective experience, they too are on the learning edge again.   For example, the Abraham concept is missing the dimensions of joy and enlightenment through the physical, and this joy in material is part of the new.

Photo: Light Shafts On Ocean  Creative Commons

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