Leaving Imprints on Infinity, Choice By Choice

Posted on November 3, 2013

Received on April 28, 2012

How will we see the changes you describe?  What will the indicators be?

There are three categories of people alive now, and three answers to your question.

People who are now aware of spirit consciousness will experience continued slow transformation in a stable way.

People who have not shifted their perspective to favor spirit,  but who have the potential to reach the new consciousness, will have cataclysmic experiences.

And, people who do not have the potential to achieve a new consciousness will slowly but gently disappear.  The spirit segments within those people–which are often animal souls in the midst of upgrading–will become simply integrated into other spiritual beings.

Everything is accurate, exact and accurate. The larger universe does not make mistakes.

The new consciousness is a sea of rolling energy.  Waves of energy inflow with new complexity and velocity.  To stay in synch with this rhythm of spiritual energy, just be aware of it.

Is there a spiritual hierarchy amongst locations on earth? 

Jerusalem has served as a spiritual capital for many years.  Jerusalem is close to reaching its ultimate expression, close to becoming a place where whatever is hidden or clothed will be exposed and available.  This will not lead to the re-building of a holy temple or place of offering and worship as some Jews believe.  It will lead to radical transformation of the entire globe as the epicenter of spirit radiates outward from there.  Know though for the next creation there is a new epicenter of spirit.  Jerusalem will always glow.  But another earthbound topographical center, which has a different intelligence and frequency, will eventually become the next spiritual beacon.

Is there a spiritual hierarchy amongst locations in the human body? 

The third eye is the epicenter of your internal real estate.  The greater its capacity, the more power and influence and riches a human will enjoy. The third eye’s structure is made up of all of who you are and have been, over all time.  No part of you is left out.  When the third eye structure is in-stated and functioning, when your life is flowing through the third-eye, your seeing will be wise.

Received May 6, 2012

Your systems are slowly, gradually upgrading to the new.  It is as if you have an avatar inside you, another structured being within your being, whose foundation lies in the spiritual awareness you have achieved over the last few thousand years, but who is emerging with new capacities and purpose.


What is the spiritual role of eyes?

You see spirit with light itself, not with your eyes.

The light within you, that enters and leaves, is metaphysically both seeing and being the reality you create. The light you have processed is an imprint on infinity.  As you process light, through the friction of human life and experience, as it passes through you, you leave an imprint on it.

Is the Torah eternal?

It is something like this:  the stories, the characters, the laws, the experiences, activated one aspect of the letters as they are organized in the scroll.  There are about 305,000 letters in the Torah, and each letter primarily inhabits one of seventy dimensions at a time.  There are 70 dimensions of reality within each letter, sixty-nine are implicate and one is explicate.   The active dimension for each letter can change, so the permutations and possible recombinations for creating different worlds are numerous.   The variety in dimensions summon in qualities of different scales and intensities, like a symphony with infinite instruments and movements.


The Torah will remain the source of life, but when new dimensions of the same letters are activated and made explicate, a different foundation and a different unfolding will be set in motion.  Sometimes when a letter, like aleph, is elevated to another dimension, lower realities shatter.  The aleph holds much in place that you see and know, in rhythm and cooperation with the rules of nature. The taf roots the aleph’s work on earth, the mem makes the aleph and taf strive for fulfillment, thus emet–aleph, mem, taf.

This is most important:

The reality you inhabit, what you call nature and being, is circumscribed by the active dimensions of the Torah letters as you know them.

Were Hebrew letters created or derived?

You see, the letters of the Torah, with their dimensional variables, are like levers that activate the underlying forces inherent in this creation and all others.  The original knowledge of the letters and their power was channeled.  It seemed like evolution, but in fact souls were reaching for line diagrams or shapes that perfectly matched the vibrational energy in the universe they felt.  Different qualities, different shades, different vibrations, different letters.  The channelers drew and felt, drew and felt, until they knew their compendium–the aleph bet was set–was complete.  The set mirrored the energies that existed beyond the boundaries of shape–which had created the universe in the first place.

Does the Torah change through human interactions with it?

Many people have tried to meditate on the Hebrew letters, and to manipulate the letters to create a desired outcome.  In so doing, they pushed life out of the order established by the Torah.  In one sense, this has worked–events have occurred which were created by meditation rather than human interaction with infinite light.

Manipulating letters into dimensional recombination through meditation leaves the letters unsupported by the full 70 dimensions of their own Torah-based sub-structure.

This meditational effort has set loose dark fragments, and caused a schism of sorts, a rupture between the natural order and an unnatural order.  The Holocaust and Hitler are examples of such a rupture, an aberration.  That is the most obvious example.

Is it fundamental that new realities unfold according to the time, energy, and capacity of humans to process them?  

A central point of faith and of the universe’s rules is that our simple sole responsibility is to process with awareness each event our souls create.  Our souls create a movie, of sorts, it has an order, it is modified constantly based on our choices and our desire.  But if one summons scenes from a future segment of the movie–whether through prayer or meditative manipulation of natural forces–we are not able to handle those movie scenes fully, and the un-processed parts spin out of control together and threaten the existence of the mainstream.  The unprocessed fragments are analogous to a “strange fire”.

Once out, it is very difficult to rein those forces in.  And in fact one comes to see that the impatience and failure of faith in the perfect order of unfolding is destructive and accomplishes less than if one lived humbly, and proceeded step by step.

The mind has to be put in its correct location in the processing order–it is not first, or last.  it’s only real job is to choose life, again and again and again and again and again…

Eye Image Creative Commons
Aleph Image

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