Creation: A Never-Ending Series of Endings-Beginnings

Posted on October 26, 2013

Received on April 19, 2012

Can you explain the concept of change?

The essence of living is change, change that is an improvement, change which brings us closer to purpose, closer to light.  In the physical world, nature is the best teacher of change.  Nature shows that change is inherent in creation; It makes change implicit.  Seasons exist to model change.

There once was a great barometer which closely reflected spiritual change:   The High Priest, the Cohen Gadol,  wore a breastplate with twelve stones embedded in it, and the stones changed color and character as he and his people did.


Each of the twelve stones represented one of the twelve tribes that together made a whole people. The Person who was the High Priest had within him a spiritual root connected to each of the twelve tribes.  As each tribe’s spiritual state collectively changed, the stones vibrated at a different frequency and appeared different.   At this time, we do not have a tool as accurate or reflective as the breastplate–but through practicing awareness, we are learning to develop the equivalent of that breastplate for ourselves, in our own sensory system.

This is the essence of the evolving change:

Instead of looking outward to a spiritual leader, this is the time to learn to be your own leader, to be your own breastplate, and to reflect outward the spiritual awareness within yourself.  God is not remote or separate or outside of you.

Received April 21, 2012

How are change and time connected?

The nose bone carries the codes for each soul’s purpose.  Like lace, the patterns on the nose weave their purpose through time.  The codes change imperceptibly, like granite formations eroding.  Underlying codes evolve slowly, with subtle iterations, as human life does.

What is incorrect about the concept of any kind of renewal is the “re”.  Do not look backward in time for a different approach to an old truth.  Newal, not renewal.  Tap into the new entirely, while cognizant of what came before–because the knowledge of the prior approach will help you find the new structure.  The former approach points to the new, without being the new. This is what the end enwedged in the beginning means.  Creation is a never-ending series of endings-beginnings. Some endings-beginnings are minor, and directly affect only a subset of souls, but some are major.

Right now–in the next years–we are and will be at the exact junction between old and new for an entire creation.  We are at the exact point where old and new touch. This is one of the most exquisite moments in the history of creations. We are living through the literal touching of old and new; the tips of two funnels are meeting.  The finger of God touches Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  This is that moment.

Which core concepts will we carry forward?

These are the concepts to carry on, but with difference:

Love:  but not in the form of  “Love Your Neighbor”.  Rather:  Love your Self.

Yud: The letter yud is the first utterance, silent but asserting its influence.  Holiness.  Unknowable and inexplicable Yud.  Yud introduces the first thread of what will become a newly patterned filagree of energy.

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