Weaving A New Net of Spiritual Inter-Connection

Posted on October 26, 2013

Received on April 27, 2012

By seeking change and increased individual awareness, humans are catalysts for the re-creation of their own spiritual world.

Here is how it works:  

When humans act with awareness, they send invisible vectors of intention into the collective system.These vectors cross other vectors and their crossings or intersections create a net, a net of human endeavor and spiritual intra-communication.   The intersections enable the full spirit world to work, to communicate with one another, and to collaborate.  If the vectors never touched each other, collective consciousness would be impossible.

While it was always true that what one person chose affected everyone else, the former collective communication net, the one you are now evolving beyond, was more remote.  In the old system, energy emitted by your choices ascended many dimensions–seemingly out of the system–and then came back in.   b+w_netThe net was many levels of abstraction away, and your data submissions traveled to the net and then reverberate back to you.  The concept of God as a distant figure, un-imaginable and outside of you, arose from the remoteness of the net in the last creation.

Now spiritual communication will be more direct and immediate, and it will easily discernible.

In the coming time, what you call God will be inside you.  Whatever awareness humans choose will be telegraphed immediately onto the collective net, and the impact will be evident.  In this time, humans are weaving a new net of inter-connection.  It is true that this will represent a collapse of the meaning and range of “choice”.  Choice will still exist but the feedback loop will be more clear, and choices in favor of spirit will be more obvious.

Awareness leads to more awareness, more knowledge, more engagement in wholeness, more success in ways that will be measurable.  The light time will uncover the original structure of man, as light in vessel, with heart, mind, soul in and balance, as they were before the brokenness and inequality of these modes came forth.

There is no such thing as a waste of time in terms of creation, since time does not actually exist.

Character is actually something shaped over multitudes of generations.  It is not possible to start now and transform in a way that catches up with the leaders of this era.  The training has been multi-multi-generational.  There was a time when all soul matter was equal, in a sense, when deeds had not made their imprint.  when it was all undifferentiated.  That is when the Adam and Eve story begins.  Anything was possible.  but then the raw material started to be molded by life and your choices, as was the plan.  And here we are now, with souls molded by experiences.

The new net of communication and expression will bring the differentiated parts of creation into direct communication again.

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