The Connections Between Human Cells, Distant Stars, and Souls

Posted on June 29, 2013

Received on  January 29, 2012

We will teach you how creation works:

It starts in the soul, and ends in the soul, starts and ends, starts and ends. This is an infinite cycle, an infinite spiral of leaving and returning, leaving and returning. It is similar to breathing, and occurs with that same constancy and frequency.


But, in between the beginning and the ending, the soul’s light or intention goes out to the world:  from the soul…   to intention…   to dedicated energy…  to creation…   to manifestation…   to result…   to concept…   to energy…   to the soul again.

Intention is a powerful creative and sustaining force.  The ark of the covenant still has a flame burning in it;  the intention in the minds of Jews keeps it lit.

Aging is unnecessary — it has become unnecessary. Each cell connected to a soul at its core is anticipating a rejuvenation.  They drink in the concept of youth, which makes the cells spongey and responsive to new ideas and a new kind of future.

Cells are intelligent and have brains, the ability to discern–they have inner drive and intention.  And at the cellular level, the transformation to a return to youth begins.

The cells will heal themselves and then the body.

The cells are learning to adjust to a new frequency of light passing through them; this light has never been introduced on earth before.  It is a spirit light five times stronger than what is on earth now.  To receive it is to change and to become young.


Will other changes will follow from cells processing this new frequency of light?

There is no religion in existence now which will be able to process this change and remain intact.  Not one.  Each religion has been established on too many poor understandings, and to align in harmony with the new, their structures would have to change so substantially as to break them.  The religion closest to the new order is–no-there isn’t one.

Gold, silver, and diamonds will no longer be valuable, since they do not carry a great quantity of light. Whatever has the most spirit in it will be prized.

With food, that will also be true.  Foods that suit the metabolism will be most valuable very shortly, because everyone will desire them to become young. Seaweed will help bring new life to the new cells. The vibrations match.  Eat seaweed.

Colors will be different too.  You see a vary narrow spectrum.  You will soon be able to perceive more colors of light.

Stars Are Consolidated Futures, Not Yet Unfolded


What i wanted to teach you yesterday was about the stars you see. Briefly, stars are consolidated futures, which have to be unfolded and lived out. The universe is full of unfoldings which have not yet occurred.  The unfoldings are infinite.

Planets do have influence over your lives, because each has a set of intentions which pull at you, according to their purpose and how much of them simultaneously is in you.  The moon is the most powerful planet spiritually and it provides constant grace and love.  In one sense, humans are an alchemical mixture of planetary characteristics.

Cells regularly receive new downloads, updates.  Between  souls and cells, cells and humans, humans and stars and planets–this a very dynamic set of relationships, intended to guide you toward your purpose.

Humans are franchise entities for the concepts they carry, whose source is both inside and outside of them.

Spiral Stairs Creative Commons
Cells Dividing Creative Commons
Night Sky Creative Commons

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