In The Beginning

Introduction posted on June 22, 2013

This is the history of the human soul, told from the perspective of the soul.  This is not recorded history.
It is a hidden history.

In The Beginning, before thinking and before knowing, before any forms of life existed, rarified spiritual waters flowed without boundary.  They flowed in a void.

There were forty waters, forty different waters.

Each of the forty oscillated at a different frequency and each was separate.   They flowed independently even though they were adjacent;  they never mixed.

These waters still exist, and without them, life would not.  Spiritual water is often referred to as the collective unconscious, as god, as light.

Spiritual water is made up of an alphabet of energy packets, arranged in infinite intricate patterns.  Although it has no physical properties, it carries the underlying invisible codes that sustain life.

All together, the forty waters carry the  potential for life, for material, for everything we see and know.

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