From Here, Send Out Your Dove

Posted on September 20, 2020 

Received on September 20, 2020 

Rosh Hashana

New lines have been threaded into being. They are set. They will lead you to become that which has not yet been uttered.  Commit to become, answer your call. It is one, a unique call, distinct from all others – each at its own frequency and pitch.  The call, it draws and gathers. It sorts, spirit from spirit, and death from life, in all their partial manifestations.  

Discard your cracked gold shells, your knowing and assuredness, and with an undifferentiated face, wait. Wait for seven angels to bring the net.  Remain undifferentiated yet stable, to transition from now to new without pause, without a break of being.

You are walking on a thread, on a bridge that is a thread of condensed and compressed interlocked letter-concepts. And by crossing it step by step, start to partner with it, to find early resonance with the new, and then one day, you will transform it all into being.

One by one, First Crossers, step : stop : wait. Wait until you receive, and then wait for the knowing, the signal to step again.

Some physical locations will become centers for the new, but no receiving from these places has yet occurred. For now, the receiving places are you, each of you humans who stand up and receive when called.

Human sensitivity is stretching into what were the angel realms. Feel the emerging overlap of sensitivities and capacities, where angels and humans can collaborate with open eyes. This is the learning zone, the leading edge, from where enhanced holiness will emerge. 

This transformation zone will be fertile.  It offers choices, circumscribed by direct intent. Align then with your purpose and stay within the frame of aspirational holiness.

How can we discern if we are part of this process?

The spirits who choose to unfold the new  – within this angel overlap zone – have all previously chosen this role, in similar transition times, are familiar with it, and sensitive to its underlying roots and intermittent pulsing calls.

Judaism offers seven portals or gates into this area of transformation, seven angles to enter, all inherent in its origins. These portals are not held open by daily practice, but by intent and alignment with Judaism’s most interior core.  

While we sense there are other gates, we cannot locate or define them – they are not at our frequency. This has always been a transmission about Judaism, and only Judaism.

But know this, we are not alone, and yet we are each singly responsible for our steps and their trajectory, which has been etched through all time.  Do not focus on the nature of the gates, being in or out of them.  What is important is that they offer extended capacity for humans to expand holiness.

Rain down, now rain down the mist and we turn our renewed faces up, to receive it. 

This does not seem to be a time of coherence. 

The two realities that have been forming, one more animal within the human and one more angel within the human, will become distinct as the new codes are unrolled and integrated.  Sorting will occur naturally. The confrontations that seem to be tearing heart from heart are not that.  They will become clear as a cleavage, a differentiation of systems, of one cleanly separate from the other.

In the angel environment, thought follows spirit. It is always so and will always be so. Those who choose spirit first and engage thought thereafter  can choose to join and extend humanity into new dimensions.

From here, send out your dove.  From here, listen for the holy breath on your cheeks and for resonance in your physical systems. The integration is starting. First traction has occurred.

Judaism, as studied, carried, and practiced sets a ring around this zone. Judaism is sustained by it, but is not practiced inside the ring.  Judaism reaches across the liminal to nourish and sustain its golden ring, which then sustains the system. This is why no one but the high priest could enter the holy of holies, and only on the holiest day of the year. The priest crossed the ring and entered this zone to nourish the system with new light.  

We who choose to birth the new are invited in.

The center, its sustaining center, remains still – though more visible. The illuminated limbs of holiness emit at a higher, thinner frequency than the signal that has been emanating for millennia from spirit bones. More specificity will be revealed, in time, because of your commitment to it.


Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons

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