A New Hebrew Combination Letter, Hey-Aleph, and Guide To Stabilizing The New

Posted on November 13, 2016

Received on July 16, 2016

Brute vectors, incontrovertibly brute vectors, are unleashed.  

Unbalanced organizations and systems, those low and full of clay, will fall apart; the new will slew and slay what does not fit it.

So, then, here: Belong to and participate in the new.

Plunge inward and stay in your rooted-ness, in your spirit’s roots, and only…only…only from there, breathe and participate,  in harmony with the creation of the new.

Breathing with intent forms translucent skins which inhere and cross-bind this world to the new.

In two directions, at once, magisterial light differentiates; the universal and the particular collaborate. Root-Root-Root, now, your higher soul to your deepest physical intention, and bind them together, with intention to bind, so that you walk together, bound, as two and as one.

Mountains pour into you, that is, creation codes download through you. A wide-open human body is a collection of nexus points that resonate with infinity. 

And a warning: Souls that are cut-off will be plowed under. They will lie fallow.  

The message to all, now, is: Separate yourselves from what is not true, separate from illusion.

Separate from lives bridled by hardened intellectual positions and passions that are offset from root truth.

The universal and the particular seek one another now. 

Are the traces of past leaders, like Abraham or Moses, involved in this era of new light?

There is no precedent for this time.  In the red mountains, receive your higher self and welcome it to its new home.

What is the role of Judaism in the new?

Judaism, as practiced, is closed to new light, as are all existing systems.

Be a prophet of light, of light alone, beyond all systems and ways of thinking.

How? I need words. I cannot communicate about light in words. 

Light is a word for The Infinite Matrix.

wisp branches

The new light is not ready to have specific words attached to it, so do not speak, but breathe it.

Exterior and visible faces of the world’s constants are just beginning to show hairline cracks.

Light explosions occur from the inside out. Wait, just wait, and you will see.

Concurrently, newly embodied concepts generate thunderous sound waves and light waves, and the extended system points receive, at their roots, this loud, this massive, landing.

I don’t understand the human role in this era.

Whenever you use your mind, you break away from the new, so ask with your heart. Your heart will become what the mind was. Your heart scans for where to expand, it finds constricted areas in you, and it can report where to focus and breathe and so, then, open more. Do not heal yourself using your mind.

No, heal with heart perceptions, read with your heart, the heart points.

Trust the letter rain falling, in ordered streams. They pass through you.  

Received on August 6, 2016

What is “the new”, exactly?

All of what has come before is now consolidated into tips or points, upon which and from which will pivot and blossom new systems. The new systems are related enough to be adjacent, but also, unimaginably different at each extended tip.  

I still do not see what “the new” is. These are just descriptions.

Everything that has been made through the meeting of spiritual and material, everything has now coalesced around peaked pivot points, and these points are the exact, activated joint between old and new.

At this joint, all models, including Moses, are wound up and consolidated. In this transition time, to be clear, Judaism is closed; Judaism cannot be lived into or expanded.

Were you to take a cross-section through the pivot point what would you see?  What does it look like?

If we cut into it and open it up, we see the existing link elements at different scales.  

Magic has no place in the real world.  As the cross-sections shows, these mechanisms may be invisible but they are mechanical and structural, and not magical or outside the rules of reality in any sense.

Every person is independent, with separate pivot points; husbands and wives, children and parents, are all very, very separate, as we have been teaching.  

Pivot points function at different scales, as mentioned above. They are a screen that gives order to light. They are a petri dish for next growth.  

How do I participate in this?

Agree to step forward into the unknown. Say this: “I trust my spirit. I am proceeding.” 

I see a wall: Should I try to penetrate this established wall? 

Dive into the waves of white.

It is a leap, with great faith.

The agility now infused into the letter Yud is one of Judaism’s greatest contributions to the metaphysical.

The angel is not a being exactly; the angel is coordinated light concepts bundled for entry and function. As angels enter humans, align yourself with the concept of Justice.

Received on August 13, 2016

Honor the pure, innermost seeds. Revere whatever has remained intact since inception – this seeds and sustains connection to source intent.  The core seeds will soon be activated, reality will scramble, and what is not linked decisively to source will dust away.  

Occasionally, the source seeds were discovered. This is how enduring religions came to be: a brief alignment flipped a switch, for a moment, and core life force flowed into the proposition, and then sustained it.

Which brings us to mention now the power of the forces we are aligned around, for know this: they are piercing, they are uncompromisingly fierce.

We say this – it is a revelation, a guide, and a warning:

A single drop of core truth would eviscerate and wither your entire world, but for a few elements or aspects of it.

Each day now, every day, every day, has a dedicated and focused and necessary program of dissemination, and so, commit to stalwart dedication, and refuse to be sidelined.

We land here now, we land in you, and we establish, yes, establish, the foothold of the millenia.  

What does that mean, the “foothold of the millennia”?

This refers to an emerging identity. And We become I, and I become the higher self that is one-one-one, even as it is housed in differentiated containers. Dispel your ego and inhabit many light skins simultaneously, without becoming separated and dissipated.

You are humans and you are also cells of a collective.

I agree to receive all that comes forth and this influx, it comes tonight, on the Ninth of Av. 

In another time, the gates closed, the stones were sealed, and the zone of receiving was barren, entirely barren.

Walking through the desert and walking in a modern city conflate into a single motion movement.

Time hops.

I am the Lord your God who takes you out of Egypt and took you on a thousand-years journey, to circle and circle and circle back to connection points that built the spiral of inner consciousness.

I am the One, and You know Me, and encounter Me, as I encounter You.

Receive the Hebrew letters I send now:  Yud. And Yud. And the Hey-Aleph, a new combination letter, parts of each embedded in the other.  Build with the Hey-Aleph.  It will not break for a long time.

I receive Yud. And Yud. And Hey-Aleph.

Jerusalem is closed.

Take comfort in this:

  • The new Hey-Aleph letter amalgam will support stability.
  • In the moments of creation and emergence, there is nothing to explain, first it comes to be.  
  • Umbrella souls will set the context under which many others can flourish and receive.

Jerusalem remains locked, locked and barren. Do not approach with the ideas and models used at the time of the closure. People bang and knock on the walls and there is no feedback, nothing from there is sustaining or evolving.

The glory-golden-glory descends upon those in their own center, not the center of history or legend or inheritance.

The knowledge now is so new I cannot make any connection to it, it is foreign, and I receive and I receive.

The gathering has begun. The gathering is the process by which the container of a human becomes impartial enough and vast enough to contain the four corners of creation and to allow this creation to pass through into the next: “In This Beginning”.

We are the womb of the new, we humans are giving birth, carrying and giving birth, to the next constellation of abstract relationships that will structure the world we will eventually see.  

The fight and the faith, the dry and the watered, all have left traces here. See the complex range of human frailty and courage, struggle and striving, vulnerability and hope. And these states of being become vessels of the new. 

Magic has no place in this.

Why do you mention magic again? 

Do not mix the four edges; receive them only and keep all separate, as they are intended.

To see it whole it not the same as to be it whole.

The flip-motion frames from your many various lives are passing for a last time through you, and when they do, without your reaction or holding, you become immortal in the sense that your experiences are completed and they cycle through into the new, and are emptied of personal sticking and obsessions.

The universal is rectified by the particular.

Jerusalem will not open, it remains closed. The light within it does not match this time, perhaps it will again in another cycle. Move on now, away from that light, it is not the structure of the new.

What is my inner stance?

“Souls, lifetimes and lines course through my structure. I do not examine them, I receive them, with impartiality.”

And so, on the Ninth of Av, which starts tonight, face only toward your commitment to the new. Do not look for what is lost or broken, for that is not connected to the new.  The masculine empowers, and I will place your hands, do not prompt time; it knows what it needs when.  

Sometimes people can perceive the new without actually inhabiting it, and what they then create is not gutted in truth, and it will not stand.

The letter Bet comes down now, and it is not alone, it is a new combination letter, but I cannot see the other letter.  The Ari’s mikvah in Zefat, the water below it, shakes and jumps.

What gave form to Judaism’s rules, to the halacha, was a hidden letter-code, an interstitial layer between light and life. The codes linked human intention, action, and material to the flow of light.  

Life is an everlasting interplay.

Bind to the soul roots.  

Image: The New  Creative CommonsImage: Night Light  Creative Commons

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