Set Your Tent at the Nexus Point of the New Flowings

Posted on January 23, 2016

Received on September 23, 2015

Separate yourself from knowing, intellectually, and from ancient ritual practices, and instead now, develop moment to moment cross-communication between the material and spirit, between the body and higher self.

The fire and the water flowing through Eden flows now through select, elevated human systems; a new spiral cycle will take ready souls to a first revolution in the new world.  There is an exodus of souls, migration of souls, crossing from what is known to what is not known, to the simple place or idea called “next”.

Downloading light that is received and incorporated into body-structures opens new nodes, which will be explored in the future.  This light will access formerly locked dimensions of love and justice, and will open fire with water.  The human body is a way-station, where light is differentiated, and separated into varied theme-streams.

light stream in waterfall

Specifically, cells process new light. Really, the entire universal system is made up of gates which choose to open, or not — choosing to open a gate is to choose engagement with life and light. Remove your mind from the process, the higher self within you now chooses more light, and here it comes, and chooses more light and here it comes…and so on.

Souls need to be empowered to receive the new light; discard rituals that block the process and embrace those that amplify it. 

The practice of Judaism should change in the following ways:

  • Open your hearts to all people; the Jewish soul is scattered throughout humanity.
  • Affirm the presence of the soul.
  • Relationships amongst underlying concepts, like those between the Faces, pairings that have been pinned in place for thousands of years, have shifted. What was central is now tangential;  a new center emerges. The aware mind chooses to receive light, and the human vessel (body-straw) is transformed when the neo-configured strands of light pass through it.

For example:

A Lamed-Mem combination light passes through the kidneys, and the kidneys turn, their orientation moves a fraction of a degree, and so the internal organ antennae turn toward and discern different frequencies and patterns of spiritual building block organization.

Judaism is wide and deep in contrast to the new; those few who have crossed it see that the new footbed is quite tentative, unmade, unexplored, and uncovered. The new terrain is unstable, but its configuration archetypes are part of the primordial pool. Let us stabilize them and make them manifest.

Can you help me develop confidence, to know when I am on the path? I want to lay down tracks in the very center of the new lighted truth-way.

Do not lose the line of this arrow of light. It is straight and true; for thousands of years, it was hidden but has just reemerged.  Follow it as it rises from the fabric of the human experience and blazes a path, as, after a time, it will then be again submerged.  

The Kabbalistic tree is inaccurate. It is as close as a model has come, but it is also flawed, in this way: the Kabbalistic relationships are set elements of a system, whereas, in reality, fundamental components are more roiling and can be radical.

Know this though: to itself and in the unified eye above, the Tree of Life model is perfect, a perfect transmission.  As a tree is natural and eccentric, so is the actual system of inter-relationships between genetic spirit elements.

To be born into the new is to be a main soul from birth; that has not yet happened.

The rainbow of light was recycled and recycled to make up the complexion of thousands of lives over thousands of years.  The learning point now should be through collaboration, on the membranes between unlike elements.

Is there just one new world being created, and what is beyond it?  Are there other new iterations, with different orientations and elements?

This is the only world where compassion is built in, and it is therefore very dear to us.  Compassion has been achieved, compassion for the system itself, compassion for god. God is the complete and infinite combination unification of all spiritual impulses and matter.  So, now there is a sense of love that rushes through the system, in addition to the other inclinations or tendencies.

Capacities unfold through the flickering back and forth between absence and presence, through loss and love.

Are there words to stabilize the new?

The new does not yet exist; it only exists when it is lived.  But, like an unrolling carpet, it offers depth in directions and configurations not yet explored in time.  The letter string and new tangent combinations create the potential, and then living expands the potential into being.

Establish your tent.  Select a place; this is the time to do it. Lock onto your place by allowing the higher self to choose.  See now that Judaism was founded on such a moment, where a complex of concepts became the bedrock area for an exploration.

Where is the nexus point of an evolving flow?

And now see that Eden is where four rivers come together, four infinite but separate themes, and the mixing point has created the scope and scale of human life.

Now, the new nexus, is it four more, four different flows. The Angel Michael, in combination with the other angel channels, together with the impulse beyond them, in a flash, see-set the place and the range. And it is impossible to give this words, it is a complex of relationships and concepts, all of which need to be touched and loved and lived and upgraded.  

Take your place in the new, and lead. Ground yourself to the new configuration and, with courage, loosen the connection to what has been the structure you used to articulate spiritual texture for thousands of years.

The revelation will precede the work; do not go directly into the new work, but rather, enjoy and expand in the open time, as it too is a time for growth. And remember this principle: you are communicating this to yourself. And you are the only light that exists. It is impossible for spiritual matter to be divided; your entire lived perspective is just one diamond angle of the infinite light of being. The experiences and people you encounter are programmed for you to live fully in that angle of light.

There is not a rational, discernible continuum between old and new. The configurations do not follow logically, one to the next.

Agree to the new. “I agree to the new.”  Agree that the river of new life runs through you and accept it in your cells and organs and experience.  Agree not to control or circumscribe this process with your mind, but to use the cells of your being to inhabit the new in as many dimensions as you can.

The knowledge in the Torah will be slightly rotated in a spiral, and recast.  What will be revealed is a new math for a higher level of living, with more focus on consciousness in steady increments, and less on isolated special days with accelerating scaffolding between them.

Everything that will evolve will do so because of the needs of those living it.  It is impossible to say, for example, if Yom Kippur will continue in a different formulation in the new.

The higher self wants to inhabit the body and to subsume the mind and the material-spirit dynamics are such that it is possible now.  

Agree to be who you are.  “I agree to be who I am.”   Yud Hay Vav Hay spirals through humans and onward; they are the codes of creation.  

Photo: Light Lines in Water  Creative Commons

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