The Periodic Table of Evolving Spiritual Elements

Posted on March 15, 2015

Received on February 18, 2014

Soon the lights and breath of infinity will suffuse into physical matter.

What will happen to something like money, which is an abstraction, a step removed from the physical?

Money depersonalizes transactions.  Money clears a space for light to criss-cross between people. If ten true and complete units of spiritual energy passed through you, this would equal a million dollars in what is called money.

What is an angel?  

An angel is a capacity to hold light.  Angels pass images to humans, as their language cannot communicate with yours.  Angels sing and thereby sustain some invisible vibrational frequencies of human reality.

Received March 22, 2014

planetary nebula

Describe the mechanical forces amongst the Hebrew letters Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey.

The letters are evolving pattern partners, and their structure is similar to that of elements in the periodic table.  The orientation of the letters and linkage moments between them are always in motion. The letters spiral and slide in relation to one another, and re-configure throughout creation. While the patterns vary enormously, there is an underlying program, vast but with limits, that determines possible patterns.  This is one way to understand the concept of god contracting from creation while still being involved in it.

Here is a snapshot of a moment in the inter-relation between Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey:

There is a Yud broadcasting through the heart, and it pierces time.  It casts a horizontal trajectory. The Hey is a spiral around the concept of love of structure, and it surrounds the Vav with expansion of heart derived from the Yud. The Vav holds order, stacking multidimensional holographic reality in stable sequence — it is the pin or pivot that everything revolves around. The final letter Hey is expanded wisdom, it is the morning dew on a new era.  The new world is embedded in the final Hey, and that letter, with the help of the other three, now carries the potential for what is coming next.

Received May 11, 2014

A metaphysical screen is a set of concepts that works like a strainer. It blocks aspects of the light of infinity, to make the spiritual discernable and physical reality possible. Remember that it is impossible for humans to perceive infinite light except through a screen.

Varied screens filter in and out different frequencies of light so that, for example, a spiritually aware person can perceive distinctions between levels of holiness, between holy and holy.  To others, holy and holy are either a single indistinguishable state or a repetitive double. One way to understand refined spiritual awareness is that it involves perceiving through a delicately articulated screen-concept.

When you look through the new screens, the evolving concept-fabrications we are collaboratively weaving, you will feel as if you have new eyes — eyes that see light.

The capacity of human awareness has expanded beyond the earth’s atmosphere.  There is a scaffolded structure, a step by step progression, from the inner space of human consciousness to the outer space of formlessness.

Received May 24, 2014

Tune in to the vectors of perception coming from your eyes. They see equations of light, the equations that create surfaces and insert pauses where light slows to become physical.

red aura in space

This math does not mirror the Kabbalistic tree, and that system should be discarded now.  It is an outdated concept-screen. The energy structure of the Kabbalistic tree does not activate creation — it is an approximation of what is. Source energy is broadcasting outward, with accuracy, and so, the Kabbalsitic system is like clothing that does not exactly fit.

What you can see and sense now is an upgraded god formed version of itself.

In the same way that when you are hungry you eat food, be hungry for light and eat light, be hungry for emotions and eat them too–digest everything fully that the universe has to offer, do not limit your menu.

Trust your receptors and imbibe all of what you receive.  Activate the desire, the passionate desire, to process everything, to love and to live, breathe in and out, and accept the fullness in and release it out, All of time passes in and out, all of the seeing passes in and out.

Jerusalem holds the heartbeat of reality.  It pulses with light.

Nebula Image Creative Commons
Red Aura in Space Creative Commons

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