The Nexus Light

Posted on February 7, 2015

Received on February 1, 2014

Do memories from other lifetimes stay imprinted on a soul?

Every human experience leaves an imprint on the soul.  A soul is an infinite backup system; it is a repository for its entire experience before and through human history.

What is the present?

From the soul’s perspective, the present is a complete and perfect collation of its self  — experienced and unexperienced, resolved and unresolved.

Through, between, and amongst lifetimes, we are building the inter-relationship between material and spirit.  Strengths and weaknesses, light and dark, present and hidden —  all are used to structure a life and to guide toward manifestation of purpose.

How can we create harmony for the soul using material aspects of this world?

The harp formerly matched the frequecy of angels.  When angels heard the harp music, they were fed, nurtured, loved.

Every word you say that is not in harmony with the master creation sends out rings of disturbance. These words, like pebbles, break the clear surface plane of essential creation water and the effects reverberate throughout the system.

Reel your self back, and live chest to chest with immediate feedback and communication with the spirit beyond, so that you are whole. Remember to choose to live through spirit to material, and not just within material.

Look for opportunities to knit heaven and earth together in the everyday.

Do you have to see and feel light to be able to work with it?

Light is the word you use to describe spirit.  Visible light.  A better way to access light and to describe it is to use metaphors of peeled and peeling.  Shells are peeled away to reveal an inner vibrational engine. Light is covered in shells, in exhibit crust, so it can be seen and touched.

“Home to souls”, in a geological sense, means that the place vibrates in wave lengths  harmonic with souls in a baseline humming way. Some areas of the Judean Hills are a home for souls.

A repetitive soul song, a niggun or a chant, can elevate a body to the frequency of the soul. It can bring the body in harmony with the frequency of the Judean Hills or the Negev Desert.

You do not age when you are fully connected to your soul,  Intentionally choosing life from within your soul changes the rate of time lived.  Eventually, a person with a complete soul will live longer than someone with a fragment.

Can you describe what would be required master life, at this moment in our spiritual evolution?

You master life by living with awareness.  When you live with awareness, horizontal and vertical light crosses, and the meeting moment — the nexus light — the product of the crossing — cycles back to the essence water, to be born.  And reborn. This is one way to see the inner working of the partnership between spirit and material, between infinite light, earth, and humans. This is the circle of life.

Image: Horizontal and Vertical Meet Creative Commons

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